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2 weeks after first laser... questions

Guest Kaili

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Guest shadowghost21

Okay so I got laser about 2 weeks ago. last Saturday I was able to get a really nice shave since the hairs that got zapped fell out. Cool. Now my problem? Acne all over my cheecks, splotchy gross looking patches of hair on the sides of my chin under my chin and around my jaw line. Did anyone else look like crap 2 weeks after thirty first session? I was hoping to go out this weekend again but I feel bad enough showing my face in boy mode. I have stopped using lotion or any product but witch hazel to remove the grease and dirt from my face. I never had acne like this growing up. Some on my jaw line and when I touched my face. It never as bad as it is now.

I'm worried my face is going to end up pot marked and with crappy patchy hair at least before my beard had good coverage!

Fyi sorry for formatting and grammar and spelling on my phone and it freaks out when I type on forums.

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Guest Krisina

From what I remember I was fine after a couple weeks, no acne or the hair growing out as described. Perhaps the hair growing out could be from spots not zapped properly? Are they dark or lighter colored hair that came out?


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Guest shadowghost21

Dark... my regular beard. Its very apparent what was zapped and what wasn't. I just emailed to see if they can fix this for free before my next appointment. I look terrible and I need it fixed. Ill keep y'all posted on what they say.

I didn't think I was suppose to look like that awkward kid in high-school that tried to grow a beard but it came in worse than a corn patch in Arizona!

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  • Admin

Kaili, I went through something similar. It is called folliculitis, and is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Not everyone gets it, but we "lucky" few have to contend with several weeks of looking like pimply 14 year olds. :mellow:

My laser center sold me a cream to use several times a day for the first few days after a session, and that helped. As you progress, and the hair gets less dense, the folliculitiis will lessen, too.


Carolyn Marie

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Guest shadowghost21

Well then that explains why my chest looks like I have the small pox a day after I shave, same with my thighs too. Guess it's hydrogen peroxide/alcohol and witch hazel. I know alcohol can cause scaring but I need to get the bacteria out and I'd rather not have it spread. Still waiting to hear back if they will fix up the spots I missed. Here is hoping HRT thins or removes my chest hair because I'd rather not have to keep shaving it either. Man and the spots the laser got did such a great job too!

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Guest shadowghost21

Quick update, got a reply back from the laser clinic, they did say free fixes for spots that they missed if you are in between treatments. But they were closed when I went to call -.- so I'll call before my therapy appointment tomorrow morning.

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Guest shadowghost21

Yay triple post! Anyway, went in for a touch up and the nurse said she was just going to do the entire thing over on a higher setting to make sure all the hairs got burned. She thought that the last nurse had gone easy on me. Holy wow... I hurt this time but I think that means it's working. My redness died after about 30 minutes last time. I still look like I have a rash lol. So hopefully my skin heals in time to shave for this weekends outting with some friends in girl mode.

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Contact your doctor and talk to them about your folliculitis. He may prescribe for you Doxycyclene to cut down on the the cellulitis and folliculitis. Kathryn

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Guest Krisina

Thanks for the updates.

Glad to hear the name from Carolyn for what's affecting your face "folliculitis" and you can get it treated.

Good to hear you are getting your whole face zapped at a higher setting for the dark hairs and for free too. Like Lizzie said the results are worth the pain.


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Guest Krisina

Okay so I got laser about 2 weeks ago. last Saturday I was able to get a really nice shave since the hairs that got zapped fell out. Cool. Now my problem? Acne all over my cheecks, splotchy gross looking patches of hair on the sides of my chin under my chin and around my jaw line. Did anyone else look like crap 2 weeks after thirty first session?

Side affects after your 31st session. I guess I missed that part.

I haven't had that many laser treatments, that's a lot. How long have you been going for laser treatments and how often do you go? Is it actually laser or IPL (intensive pulse light treatment) that is another form of treatment people some times call laser.

PS I have had little white dots now that I remember, not sure if you would call it acne like conditions occur soon after treatment. I used what the person doing my laser treatment recommended Polysporin. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.


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Guest shadowghost21

Oh no I haven't been in for 31 treatments lol I went in for my second on thursday. Once I started cleaning my face really good that folliculituis went away. I still have a few red marks from it but they should be better in a few weeks.

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Guest Krisina

Oh no I haven't been in for 31 treatments lol I went in for my second on thursday. Once I started cleaning my face really good that folliculituis went away. I still have a few red marks from it but they should be better in a few weeks.

Lol oh okay. I thought it must have been a typo auto correct thing in the original post. Good to hear about the folliculituis going away! Yes the red marks should go away soon enough too!


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      I think males can care about having things they want to conceal now these days.    My experience at makeup stores has all come after I started transitioning, but even when there were hardly any changes happening yet it was clear that you don't need to explain anything to anyone except what you want to do with their products so they can help you buy their stuff.    I'm sure there are a bazillion youtubes on makeup that will show you what to do with concealer, almost all of them better at instructions than me.
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      Lol italia. 
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      Hi,   I was wondering if anyone had any advice on using concealer. I have a lot of blemishes around my eyes and a few moles that I would like to conceal, but I've never used concealer before.   I'm not entirely out yet and still experimenting with makeup, but thought about going to a store and talk to someone about what shade etc to use. I'll be going as male, so wondered if there was any advice for that too? What have your experience been?   Kira x
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      Oh wow, this cheered me up. People like Judge Robert Hinkle give me hope.
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      Two double batteries and a metronome.   Carolyn Marie
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      My daughter would have a field day getting me ready to Cosplay or attend one of her Medieval Fairs. My thoughts are at best, I would be an old hag, under a dark bridge.    Maybe in the future,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon and welcome to Transgender Pulse Forums,   There are several threads here that you'll be interested in. You're in a safe space to vent, and be who you know yourself to be. I was born and raised in the St. Louis, MO area, and lived there until 1994 when a company promotion brought me to the Indianapolis, IN metro area.   Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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