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Do You Go Out In Public

Guest anna123

out in public  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. do you go out in public dressed as a woman?

    • of course
    • what are you, crazy. never
    • sometimes

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Amanda L Richards

Hi Anna,

I don't do it very often, usually because of fear more than anything. I sure would like to do it more often though 'cause this is who I really am.

I did once go out all the way. At that time I had my hair down to my shoulders naturally and it pulled up into a nice little boucny ponytail.

It took me a year to get up the nerve, and then being new to my city, the only place I knew to go to was a local lounge that catered to all, lgbt.

I so enjoyed that evening so much that I did it a couple of more times. The more Idid it, the more confident I got. I was able to even pay more attention to clothing detail rather than worry about being discovered.

I have also done it on Halloween nights, which has helped relieve the stress also quite a bit. Anytime I get to go out as myself, I am in my element and know inside this is who I am.


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Guest Kelly Ann

and the only reason I don't...the last vestige...my little moustache that took me 40+ years to grow...never has so little taken so doggone lone to present itself...OOPS except perhaps me...LOL...and I'm thinkin' it comes off after the first of the year. After that I believe my confidence and demeanor will get me through anything.

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I am at a point with my job (and bills) that I can't very much, but I dress for my therapy sessions which are in another town. So I drive to the office building and walk through the lobby. I have to say, it feels wonderful - so liberating! I'm really me! Until I get back home and have to change for appointments.


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Guest Kristin318

I voted sometimes. Basically the only place I go to is to a mall the next town over. Mostly I go to the next town over because I am still a bit in the closet and I still need a bit help in passing.

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Guest Christine-Louise

I feel sorry for those that can't for various reasons it's a sad fact that there are very many in that situation, I on the other hand have lived for ten years now as a Woman only, and what a wonderful life I am having, I just wish that I had done it so very many years ago, I could have had this happiness so much longer.

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Guest jemanda

Sadly, where I live, even in male mode its dangerous to go out, its even more dangerous to venture forth as a female. Personally I admire the GG's who have to go out there every day of their lives and risk our society which is becoming even more dangerous by the day.

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I now do get to go out in public but stick to the night time as where i live theres not a lot of people around or driving in the car in the day.

I am lucky that my new girlfreind has also driven me around in the car

Hope to go out more next year


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  • 3 weeks later...

I dont know really if this qualifies... most of the time I go out or go to work on womens shoes, pants and womens shirts or tops but ive never worn a skirt ever nor do i think i would. I only started doing this a few months ago so.. I think its more on the financial aspect of things huuhuhhumm. Dont have enough womens clothes ohohhohoho. When I run out I end up just wearing my usual mens. Well, in time Ill have enough I guess.

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I go out in public quite a bit. I was out today in my ankle length denim skit. I go out 2- 4 times per week. I love being out in public just being myself. I've shopped, eaten in restuarants, gone to movies, and gone to church dressed. If I could, I wold dress 24/7.



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  • 4 years later...

When I go out wearing womens clothing, which is not all that often. I wear a blouse, pants, (dont have enough courage for a dress or skirt, but I will wear one while Iam driving) and heals along with jewelery. Amber L.

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Guest kimberly c

I only go out dressed when shopping at my favorite lingerie store and to DressBarn for clothes. I wear nice feminine jeans,pretty top and heels.

I also underdress in bra breast forms nice panties and pantyhose.

Love Kim

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Guest leopron


I have only dressed, under in public and that was very nerve racking enough especially when I did it back in the 70's and early 80's. Today I went to Salvation Army store, and bought my first skirt in almost 30 years. I am going to bring this skirt I bought and blouse to my first ever meeting of a support group, I just recently joined. I am still scared even though it is a support group for us. This is first time ever being true of who I am to not only myself but to a group in a public place, (big step for me I have always Known who I am just have never ever displayed it). Let me tell you this if anonymity was not part of the deal, I would not be doing this I take a big risk doing this, I could loose everything precious to me. About the only thing I feel I do not think I would loose is my wife (as she knows but she doesn't really accept, she is of Latin decent Macho-ism and all that stuff from her culture even today is a big part of influence of who she is), but the family, career, and friends I really think I would loose, and that is the scary part of all of this. My wife has told me, whatever makes me happy, that's cool, (she is how the rest of the world should be), which is one of the reasns I love her so much.

I am rambling

Love all of you just writing about this helps.

Talk to you all soon

:wub: All of you!!!



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Guest ~Phoebe~

Answered of course. I have been going out in female attire for a few years in public. Have been called "mam" on occasion. I have my hair grown down to my shoulders and have my hair permed. Mostly wear women's jeans and women's tops. On occasion have gone grocery shopping and errands wearing a skirt and one inch heel women's shoes. Have never had any negative remarks made. Have been a voulenteer in a mostly male envoroment for over ten years and went with makeup, dressed in skirt, woman's top, nylons, one and half inch women's heel shoes this past Halloween. The other males had great humor about my hidden side. One male said I looked better as a female than male ;)

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I picked the "what are you, crazy never" option BUT! I do not feel this questionnaire is a good one as none of the answers give an accurate picture of who I am. I am yet to enter out in public as a Women but that is just because I am not yet ready, not emotionally but physically. I look to TS women who don’t care how believable they look or if they can “pass” and just get dressed up however want to and get out there, POWER TO THOSE GIRLS I admire you all! but to me it’s a big deal weather I pass or not. As soon as I feel that I can pass I’m GOING TO BE out and about in an outfit that makes the prettiest of good looking natal girls look average! LOL

Removal of my permanent 3 O'clock shadow

a decent wig

women’s shoes that fit me! I live in a town of 30,000 people and there is not a single shop that sells women’s shoes even close to fitting my foot.

All this on top of travelling 1300km round trip for psychologist, TS friendly doctor and endocrinologist, two boys who attend a private school and a rental property I own that costs me at the moment a lot more than it earns me, some bad debts from a business venture that did not end well, like a lot of people here online my biggest problem is MONEY!

You need a fourth answer that people like me can tick which is;

"do you plan / intend to dress in public a LOT as a woman but are not yet for whatever reason?" My reason being money!

I feel the answer I picked does not at all represent me. I am relatively new to this world of TS but in my defense for not going out in public yet my psychiatrist said that in comparison to his other TS patients I am moving extremely fast!

The day I do venture out in public as a girl I will proudly be changing my picture to a new one that is actually of me regarding my Laura’s playground pic.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Eve Caillard

I under-dress 90% of the time and feel very happy. But outside and outdoors - no. My wife has asked me not to and I will honour that. And I don't have the courage to do it anyway! I do hope to go to one of the UK Transliving club nights some time which are advertsied safe CD environments, (when I pluck up the courage) but not yet. I'm too new to this CD life. What I'd love to do is wander out in the garden dressed at night but I need the whole family out the house to do that! Small steps!

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Guest Wendae

I dress more frequently at home but do get out at least every three weeks to my therapist and spend time shopping after the session. I try to wear clothing that will not attract attention. No bright colors or high heels. All of my excursions have been wonderful and I look forward to every trip.

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Guest Lori Brady

I go out every chance I get,which unfortunately hasn't been too frequent as of late....but I cherish the moments when I do,,,,and of course preserve with piccies...lol :lol:

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Guest Emma Leigh

I sorta go out..but I most definetely avoid the public.....I rarely do it..but I have been known to go for a drive to somewhere quiet in the early hours of the morning when no one is about and then take a stroll...so I dont know how that counts in your poll

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Guest Lori Brady

I know you go out 'cause me and Nat were hiding in the bushes on the side of your house! B) Yeah Emma! :) I'm so happy to see you here!....good God girl do something with your profile pic already...lol :lol: :doh1:

I sorta go out..but I most definetely avoid the public.....I rarely do it..but I have been known to go for a drive to somewhere quiet in the early hours of the morning when no one is about and then take a stroll...so I dont know how that counts in your poll

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest virginiaJ

I voted sometimes because Im still concerned with being outed or getting pulled over while driving but I do go out on occasion. My most public excursion was going to buy womens jeans while wearing fem jeans, t-shirt, and womens tennis shoes. Mostly I just drive while wearing dresses at night when visiting returning home from family out of town. Though the last time i did that my van s headlight was out and while stopped at a light the guy in front of me got out and ran back to me to tell me about it. Trying to find a way out all I could do was just open the small triangle window and tell him my other window doesnt work. If he noticed he didnt say anything though it looked like he was laughing on his way back to his car. Remind me to get that light fixed dont want to go through that again. LOL

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I didn't vote because the poll needs a "not yet, but plan to" option. Then I would immediately vote that one.

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    • KatieSC
      Good luck with the laser! I remember my first session. I had this salt and pepper stuff, and it was unclear that it would work. After a couple of sessions, I had to switch to electrolysis. Over 220 hours, and I am coming close to the end. Hair removal, no matter the method, is not what I would call fun, but is sure gratifying when you cannot see any hair and you feel smooth soft skin on your face.
    • KatieSC
      I think all of us have a lot of stuff that accumulates over the decades. Whether parents were old or young, being poor has created big barriers for our folks to engage with us when we were growing up. I can sense a lot of hurt in your words Willow. My folks were much younger, and I was fortunate that my folks gave me a lot of support. I still got yelled at, and still got some beatings now and again. I was still to scared to ever tell my folks that I was trans back then. Years later, my mother said to me, "I know more than you think I know."   I was floored. I think back to the how hard they worked for so little. Yet, I know a lot of others had to face much worse. I hope that you and your wife are doing okay. How is she recuperating?     
    • Lorelei
      College.    Engineering school was so difficult and time consuming that I rarely thought of gender. As a result I was a lot less depressed and was suicidal only a couple of times, with no attempts. It was commute-class-commute-homework-study-work repeat. I didn’t sleep much. My father got sober so my home life drastically improved. I only asked one girl and I did get rejected. Apparently she was in a group that forbid dating people from other ethnicity’s and had I got involved with her I could have been killed. I was told about getting killed by someone in that group much later, but I don’t know if that was true or exaggerated.    I nearly flunked out and lost my scholarship freshman year which was a real big stressor. But I hit sophomore year running and kept getting A’s throughout my college years. I did get the scholarship back. I studied so much that I was able to complete 15+ credits of graduate school while still undergrad. I graduated with honors.    My closest friend was in computer engineering (I am civil/environmental engineering) and he was gay. The rest of my friends were women. I definitely felt right with that. My class was like 75% female. I connected with the women much better than men. Although I was definitely presenting as male at that time I felt like I was one of the women. I still didn’t know about the concept of being transgender, all I thought of that was they were cross dressing. But at this point I knew I was a woman inside of a man’s body and men’s clothing.    After graduating, I got a job at the sewer department and took night classes to complete my masters degree in two years. I was able to complete it so quickly because of all the masters credits from when I was undergrad. So it was now work-commute-homework-studying-commute with little time to think about gender. So I was actually pretty happy and not depressed. The summer of graduation I started caving which led to a lot. 
    • Willow
      Good morning    @awkward-yet-sweet you didn’t need to grow up poor or in a bad family to need to get away.   by most standards, my parents should have been my grandparents, my father was 5G when I was born. He never did much with me and if he couldn’t fix it with money he didn’t bother.    My mother was 40 but that was still old to have a baby back then.  I was sick a lot.  Weak compared to others my age.  Mostly mentally abused, not physically but still abused.  I could never get any praise. Got a lot of static about my first year of college. I dropped out and joined the Air Force.  This was at the heights of Vietnam.  Girls joined to get away from abuse with the hope of learning a skill they could use to support themselves when they got out.  Sorry to say a lot of their abuse continued in the service back then.   nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will.
    • Lorelei
      High school   In high school I hung out with the average people so life at school was pretty easy. None of the elementary and middle school craziness I had been suffering. The guys I usually hung out with really weren’t really into crude talk about women which was a breath of fresh air compared to middle school. The jocks left me alone and I avoided them. Just movies and hanging out at the local pizza place. I barely passed in Latin but did very well in the other classes. We, mostly nerdy girls, would hang out in the biology lab with a freshly graduated lab teacher. She barely looked like she was older than us and probably knew we were cutting another class. I guess administration figured hanging out and talking about college to a teacher was low priority to enforce compared to the kids cutting class to smoke pot, tobacco or drinking alcohol in the restrooms. Gym was ok, but I did earn the nickname of hyper changer since I would change so fast that nobody saw me changing.  I felt wrong though even though I was doing good socially. I definitely knew I was in the wrong body and hated my penis. Needless to say, I was very depressed in high school and had tried to kill myself a couple of times. It is amazing that my liver survived the Tylenol overdose I took before bed one day. My parents knew that I was depressed and had me on antidepressants but they did not know that I had attempted suicide until I told them a couple of years ago. The meds really didn’t help. I still didn’t tell my doctor that I was in the wrong gender. It didn’t help that my father was alcoholic and was verbally abused sometimes. He did get sober and my relationship with him drastically improved.     I also huffed basically anything volatile to escape my life. I had some fierce hangovers from that. Nobody knew that I had been doing that either. Ultimately I quit that freshman year of college after face planting into a toolbox full of sharp tools. Outwardly I seemed happy to everyone.    Like every boy I was expected to ask girls out, but the concept felt unnatural. It felt like that the girls should be asking me out. No surprise that I went to next to no dances, and the only one I ended up dancing was a goth girl, like the polar opposite of my lifestyle. I ended up hanging out with her and her friends pretty regularly. when prom came, we made plans to hang out at the mall, but those plans fell through. I still talked to them on Facebook up until I ended up marrying someone. I was definitely one of the girls with them, but I didn’t realize that. High school would have been a bad to have started transitioning as I would have likely been expelled. Catholic school.    Later post for that. I initially did meet my wife in high school but it amounted to me saying “hi” and running off. I was very shy. I also thought she was with someone else, but now know that guy is gay and they were inseparably close friends. She was only one class with me.   My high school was a catholic school so everyone was expected to attend college. We had three West Point cadets come from my class, but one of them ended up deciding to go to Harvard medical instead (it was an Ivy League medical school, I am not entirely sure it was Harvard). I graduated in 2000 with honors and got accepted to an engineering school in New York City with a partial scholarship. Currently the only people from high school that I am in touch with are my wife and her gay best friend. 
    • Tiffany 838
      Good morning all. A brisk clear morning, however beautiful to sit outside with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the birds chirping.  Have a great day.   
    • KatieSC
      As I keep reading all of the news articles chronicling the attempts to eradicate our very existence, I do wish that the Biden administration would let us do something to reduce the trail for those who want to out us, denigrate us, humiliate us, and eliminate us. If they would allow us to change our social security number, then erase the record of doing so, it would prevent people like Paxton from zeroing in on us. I read an article this morning that there are 13 Red states that are planning to initiate legislation based on birth gender. This could mean they try to reverse our licenses, and public records. Imagine the damage. Unfortunately, in so many of these states, there is an R super-majority, and reasoning with these (expletive deleted) individuals will not happen. These super-majority politicians ignore every medical professional and their associated professional organization with glee in their eyes. Even if the courts try to intervene, it is like playing bingo. Sooner or later, these proposed laws will go to the super-majority R-led/appointed Supreme Court, and we know where that will lead.   I plan on enjoying my last year or so of having a license and social security records that reflect the brain I was born with (female), rather than my male genitalia at birth. I wish I could get a rosier vision in my head. Even if we get out to vote in the national election in November, these super-majority R-led states will still make our lives hell.
    • Charlize
      These folks sure have an unhealthy fascination and irrational hatred for those both giving and receiving medical help for established medical help.   Unfortunately it is hurting so many who need help.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KymmieL
      Working on my cars, being in the wind
    • RaeOfSunshine
      Good morning all! I have my BA scheduled in May (yay!) and as the date gets closer, I wanted to get some opinions on what questions I should be asking during my pre-op appointment. I've already had a consult, and I got good vibes and my questions at the time were all answered, but I suppose I'm in that mindset of "you don't know what you don't know." First question I have are what questions should I be asking at the pre-op appointment?   Secondly-what was recovery like? TImeframes for going back to work, pain levels, tips and tricks, all are welcome. Thank you all!
    • Heather Shay
      What is your favorite pastime?
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      My social world is now expanding.
    • Heather Shay
      e·la·tion /əˈlāSH(ə)n/ noun   great happiness and exhilaration. "Richard's elation at regaining his health was short-lived"
    • Heather Shay
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