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No way to get removal before college

Guest CattalieChan

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Guest CattalieChan

Or anytime soon for that matter. I'm worried about going to college with only regular shaving. I'm not about to pay for removal yet, and I was wondering what else I can do. I tried nair twice, and nothing seems to happen. I saw epilators, but those supposidly don't work on the face. However this one says it does. http://www.amazon.com/Braun-7681-Silk-Epil-Xpressive-Epilator/dp/B004TL9A7U/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1341806607&sr=1-1&keywords=7681+braun+epilator.

I'm considering it. I know that close shaving and makeup may work, but quite frankly I don't want to do that.

How am I supposed to do this?

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  • Admin

This one would work on a face if your problem was post menopause hair in a natal woman and not testosterone fertilized male hair. Even one of our transmen could not use it after several months of T, The roots and hair texture are not the same. I think we had someone that did use one of these on her face post a thread a while ago, and included pictures that were painful to look at. I am three years on E now, and I could not have electrolysis done until recently due to another health problem, so I do shave daily and use a concealing foundation (DermaBlend) and look fine, and makeup time is under 15 minutes after shaving. Putting on my moisutrizing lotion is 4 minutes of the time. Get started on the morning shave and foundation program, and you will cut the time in half on it in less than two weeks. It never hurts to hope, but trying your hopes out can be expensive and excruciating.

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Guest Waverly

After many years of close and often shaving and without the financial means for electrolysis, I finally decided to do some research on my own and decided to just simply start plucking the hairs out one at a time; Like what would be done for brow hairs. There are a lot of hairs to deal with, but one by one they will be gone for about a month before regrowth happens and that regrowth is a fraction of the size of the original. Skin sensitivity may be an issue, so be sure to talk to your dermatologist or doctor before you start, or at least do a small test area to be aware of the process and allergies, etc.. If you decide to try this approach, please practice the utmost cleanliness and use sharp, well gripping tweezers. It took me almost a month of careful daily tweezing (primarily because of the pain) to get the original growth hair and roots gone. By then the the finer regrowth hairs started coming through again and the process was repeated. Face hair grows as different rates and some hair may take up to 3 months to emerge. The re-emerging hair will be finer and will pull out much easier and with less pain. There will be daily maintenance but at least you will know what may be an alternative to daily shaving. Using an epilator on original growth male face hair is not a good idea, my opinion. There was a thread on this subject not too long ago regarding epilators for face hair removal. Good luck with whatever you decide to do !! ... :-)

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Guest carolynn2fem


bed bath and beyond has them for 1/2 that price. I also find the cordless ones are not as good as the corded ones. they work great from the neck down. I use one on my face too but it is the most painfull and it only thins the forest as apposed to a clear cut.

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Guest Mizati

I tend to find myself in a similar boat as Natalie here. A friend of mine told me about some facial hair waxing stuff, but never really told me much about where to find it or how much it is, you know only the IMPORTANT stuff about it, lol. One issue for me though is sensitive skin(more than normal people I suppose) on my face, and I can't actually shave more than once every 3 or 4 days, because if I shave more often than that my skin freaks out, turns red, gets itchy and just looks overall BAD. Anyone know how good of an option facial waxing would be? if it's a good plan I can worry about finding it later, I just don't wanna go out, spend my money and have it back the next day

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Guest KarenLyn

Before I could afford laser, I used to use a Braun epilator on my face. I was fortunate that my skin rebounds well so I didn't have any lingering redness or soreness. Regardless, the process still hurts more than you can imagine and I ended up manually plucking my upper lip. There are other draw backs besides the pain. It throws off the growth cycles so when you do have the chance to get laser/electrolysis, the process can take longer to get everything.



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Guest LizMarie

For now I'm just being the 5 o'clock shadow guy at work. I'm doing electrolysis so I let mine start to grow out on the area being worked on by not shaving after Tuesday. Come Saturday morning, when I have my appointments, it's long enough for the electrologist to work with. But I get some funny looks at work occasionally. Thankfully the last few weeks have been working from home. Hopefully by December I won't show as much shadow so badly. But for folks trying to go full time before electrolysis, it's going to be rough, I'd guess. This is one reason I started electrolysis well in advance of HRT. Yes, I am stuck presenting male mode but I get the satisfaction of knowing that when I am ready to present female mode, I'll be a large part of the way through electrolysis (next year).

From what I've heard from those who went full time before electrolysis or laser, it's quite a battle with the beard shadow, and for some people required shaving twice a day.

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Fortunately for me, I'm so blond, I show only a hint of shadow but this also kicks me to the curb with laser hair removal. I can walk in to work and my beard is so light, that I don't get a second look which is tomorrow and I havent shaved since Sunday morning. So while I don't show a beard, I'm stuck with many hours of painful electrolysis. I take Percoset to quell the pain.


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Guest CattalieChan

Ok, I've decided too go with the self inflicted pain version of an epelator. Got time on my hands, and pain tolerance in my skill set, so here we go!

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Guest Maria_B

I wanted to add; try a small area on your face first. Give it time to settle, and see if any complications occur. The model says it does faces, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

A rash or swelling is not pleasant!

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Guest CattalieChan

No model for me, I meant just plain old fassioned tweasers! It may take a week or two, but it is free, and will last a while!

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  • 2 months later...
Guest Julie_Mason

No model for me, I meant just plain old fassioned tweasers! It may take a week or two, but it is free, and will last a while!

How did it turn out? Encounter any issues along the way (besides the pain involved - thats a given)? How long did it take? How long did it last?

Sorry for all the questions, Im just contemplating this route for myself and weighing it against other options.


-Julie M.<3

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      Hi i have a question for all of you that taking a long time hrt i see many post on the internet that after 4... 6... months hrt transform the face also to feminine is it true? thanks for advance
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      Hi from Greece Best and right way is to taking hrt for as long we need i am in second month and my breast goes to b from zero and i am very happy! 
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      At the center they know me as intersex AMAB, so using the all-gender restroom will be required of me. On my next trip to the mall, I might try and use the women's room.  9 times out of 10 strangers address me as a woman when out and about. Not that I look very "Barbie" at all, but my breasts are very noticeable. I pass as "tomboyish".  I usually wear much more feminine attire when going to the mall because I shop at Torrid and It's easier if the SA just thinks it's another 60-year-old lady clothes shopping. 
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      New day. New start. Choosing joy.
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      Mildly depressed yesterday. Fought it off.
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      I'm not one for makeup other than foundation blush and lip gloss. Yesterday I tried to go all out, and the results were rather comical. I guess I reminded myself why I don't really do makeup. 
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