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Where do you get your clothes from?

Guest Sandra

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Guest Kaseykiyi

Im always really nervous buying clothes, but fortunately its coming up to christmas time when I usually buy clothes for myself ^-^ as well as things for others in my family so when im looking around I can usually say im looking for something for my mom ect. and grab something for them and browse and pick up some cute things for me :D

But on topic lol I usually get my clothes from H&M, Winners, and local Thrift stores, along with random stores I end up going into looking for gifts for people lol

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Guest MsGsptlsnz

I just stopped in at a Maurices and picked these up!


I told the gal that they were an anniversary gift for my wife! She was very helpful and found them in an 11 for me!

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I just stopped in at a Maurices and picked these up!


I told the gal that they were an anniversary gift for my wife! She was very helpful and found them in an 11 for me!

Mikey likes, oops that's Joann likes.



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Guest Sandra

Hey all, your collective advice worked-I've read all the posts so if you see me say something here, it probably came from you. Anyways I went to Walmart and just dove in. In my head I went with the premise that I was buying it for my "girlfriend" (don't have one) and I was totally at ease. I went late and there weren't a lot of people. There were some men shopping with their wives too, so I looked like I fit in. I have one girl give me a strange look like "what was I doing in their section, but it was quick and she just moved on." I'm pretty sure a few of the female employees there knew what I was doing, but I didn't care.

I bought a bunch of stuff, I think I went a bit overboard. Even got some jewellery and great high heels-without trying them on. I realized my size is 9, cause 1 fit right, the other too large (10) and other too small (8) I thought I checked them but guess not...so I'm going to exchange those. You people were right when you said no one will remember you, few even noticed me, I'm sure nobody really cared what I was doing. It was so liberating because I used to be terrifed to even walk past the female section.

Unfortunately though, while I did pick the right sizes for me-I'm so far from looking feminine right now, mostly cause of my body (though luckily I think my face is very passable/femme). I used to work out and I look fairly masculine-need to lose the weight also. But this was a really great experience. Now that I got over the fear, it'll be easier to buy things...but I think I wasted too much cash at Walmart, their selection of clothes isn't the best. I'm going to Value Village next (it was closed this evening).

Anyways, once again thank you all, I couldn't have had the courage to do it without everyone's advice here.

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Congratulations Sandra!

I'm happy you worked thru it.

I think most of us could use some weight loss.

Value Village can be a great place for clothing.



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Guest Sandra

Congratulations Sandra! I'm happy you worked thru it. I think most of us could use some weight loss. Value Village can be a great place for clothing.

Huggs, Joann

Thanks Joann, so am I. Frankly I was dying to get some clothes-most turned out to be good purchases, a few I'm returning or exchanging. Indeed, I once checked out Value Village and really like the female clothing, but back them I wouldn't dream of buying female clothes from there, now I don't think I'll have much of a problem. Plus I love getting a lot of stuff for a low price.

Indeed I think we all struggle with weight. I was always slim but made the mistake of bodybuilding at around 18 yrs old, which ended up making me gain weight once I stopped working out. Actually that is the main roadblock to being passable. I'd like to start taking hormones too but I don't want anyone (family/friends) to notice the changes to my body. Some TS's manage to pull it off-they wear baggy clothes and no one knows they have breasts underneath. I tend to get close with my friends so they would catch on. I'd have to basically cut everyone off to fully transition but that would be tough to do.


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Guest ~Brenda~

Hi hon,

I have bought clothes from Walmart, Sears, Macy's, JC Penny, VS, even underwear from the grocerie store, etc. The reaction is always the same....none.

You would be very surprised at how buying clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelery does not phase the cashier at all.

Try to buy something small at first if your nervous. You can always say that the purchase is for your sister if anyone asks (which they wont). In time, you will find yourself buying things you never considered before :)



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Guest KatyDesire

I am built with very broad shoulders and a deep chest, so I look about as feminine as an orang-utan! Weight loss is never going to do anything for that - its all bone.

I tend to buy over the web, although sometimes its more expensive to send the stuff back if it doesn't fit than just to turf it. The problem I find is that all the shops seem to have different sizes. However, there is a local store which also has an on-line dept. I have been in there with my wife, and we have worked out what my sizes are in that store. Although they don't have as good a selection as other places, at least I know it will fit!

Also, be vary careful of buying from stores in other countries - each country seems to have a different sizing schedule, and although they post the comparative sizes, they are not always reliable.

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Guest Nicole9

Ha, i remember when i bought my first dress all the cashier was concerned about was up selling me :) But at the end of the day no one cares. I was amazed by how little stick people gave me when i started out shopping. As a note however i recommend actually avoidance the self checkouts (sounds counter intuitive i know but iv its the only place ive had any trouble mainly just dirty looks as they tend to really inspect your bags when you go thorough them). But i fully understand where you are starting out from and the best one i have heard is to get a basket go and find a girly birthday card and then go nuts. There is always the option of buying boy clothes and girl clothes together. But at the end of the day once you start you will be having so much fun you wont give a dam, have fun.

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Guest Gerilynn

I used the Haloween card the other day and tried on dresses for an hour with a wonderful young lady helping me. She was fantastic and I hate to say I did not get anything from the shop. Nothing fit. I did give her a nice tip for being so wonderful though. She really worked hard.

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Guest Sarah1967

I shop online on eBay an bought my high heel boots an my Avia Cross training athletic shoes at Sears online. Here is a pic of the shoes. Sometimes I will shop at Wal Mart an Goodwill. When I shop at Wal Mart I will get what I want an go to the self checkout I scan the items an place them in the bag an I use my debit card an it prints out the receipt an I am on my way.

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Guest kira66662

when i first started shopping for wemon clothing i was extremely nerves, but as time went on i realized i really didn't care what they thought, if you afraid heres a trick, text your self a shopping list, look at your phone here and there they will think you shopping for someone eles if you like to try it

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I've bought 90% of my clothing at thrift shops. I had to give some away because I lost 40 pounds. I always mange to find some thing that I like. I spend more on shoes because I have big feet but it's worth it.


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I think the far tougher thing is when you start using the restroom as the gender you identity.


Yeah Jenny, this is my next hurdle, at work (a senior center) I have begun going in dressed more and more (going to be adding a well padded bra soon, probably after Halloween) they've known me as male and so if I can't use the unisex handicap facility at that moment I will use the men's even when done up with long wig, makeup and jeggings. When I'm out and about it causes a momentary pause to consider. At my regular Wendy's the woman working there recently had to unlock the restrooms and she went to open the Women's for me, She has seen me there many times in various percentages of my dressing M/F and even when I still had a mustache.

The main issue that keeps me worried though is that (in Greenwich Village of all places for this to happen) a man was attacked and severely cut up with a razor blade in McDonald's for defending his trans girlfriend's action of using the Women's. That incident is certain to give a non-passable CD (we'll see where it leads and if I decide, as is my leaning now, to transition in future) real pause in deciding which loo to use.

I've gotten over my initial nervousness at going into any store for buying women's clothes and some of them recognize me as regulars and I have never had a problem. Some times sales people come up to me and make suggestions as well. I usually get shoes at PayLess, though I've found some 12 wides at Goodwill including my latest pair of $100 dollar boots with 2"heels very lightly worn for $10, I bought them along with a couple of skirts. The next time I went there and picked up a belt and a dress I saw another sister there (in male mode but the stance, longer than shoulder length hair, and attitude was obvious) so Goodwill is certainly popular for us girls, and the prices can't be beat if you find the right items.

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Guest fantastictoo

I am a big girl, so now I've discovered Lane Bryant is a great place to shop (when stuff is on sale) The Macys

makeup counter it's a great place for advice and really good foundation... I have even been added as a client in the Clinique database, so they have started calling me for sales and what not... I so should have started sooner...

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Guest danabanana
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Guest Melanie N

I primarily shop online as I find the selection in my size to be better. I like Lands End, LL Bean, Athleta and Eddie Bauer (I'm a classic girl) and I find their size charts to be accurate. I also use Ebay and find that most sellers take fairly good measurements and most are willing to do further measurements if you need them. I recommend getting a cloth tap measure and getting all your measurements (with/without forms etc...). I've also used thrift stores and do shop in regular stores like Walmart, Target, Khols, Macys, JCPenny, Sears and Nordstroms. All of these have men's changing rooms where you can try things on if shopping as a man. I've found that most sales people will actually help you if your brave enough to tell them. The cosmetics counters at major department stores will also help you get colors and shades right and help you with a good skin care routine (be warned...products are not cheap). While i've gotten a few suprise looks, i've never gotten bad service or been discriminated against. (I may have been the joke of the day later...) I've gotten more comfortable with my shopping as I've gotten more comfortable with myself.

Also...a great place for bras and panties is herroom.com They have a huge selection in just about every size you can think of...not only that...they openly help men. herroom.c,,,ie-for men.aspx

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Guest danabanana

Well, got that dress and I should have gotten a medium instead of a large. Kind of hangs on me like a shift dress and doesn't look bad, just not what I expected. Might work around the holidays. I'd say its pretty but not the hotttt I was expecting, and it was way cheap. That's the risk you take shopping online unless you limit yourself to brands you know the sizing of. Ideeli recently had some really good sales but I was hesitant and decided to hold off.

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      Love the mist, even if creepy.
    • Astrid
      I'm now 3 years into HRT and have taken a targeted rather than "everyone must know" approach.  For most people I casually know, for example, I have not hidden my (gradual) changes, but have not made it a point to announce anything.  My philosophy has been "why should the burden be on me to be public, and it be widespread knowledge, about my gender identify?"   There's also a safety aspect to this.   Glad you raised this as a question, @Abigail Eleanor -- it's a good one.   Astrid
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      Welcome Ay-la 
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      Welcome, @Ay-la!  It's a good group of people around here.   I lived in BC for a few years.  Now I am at the other side of the country.  Nice that your partner is supportive!   Regards, Kathy
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      Anecdotally, things morning my daughter used her Snapchat app to see what I would look like with a couple of different hairstyles and makeup. I showed the screenshots to o couple of ladies at work, one of whom knows I'm transgender. Not sure if the other one does (typical at my work). They both said I look prettier the way I am. Other than that, out in public - in stores or other interactions - being addressed as ma'am, men going out of their way to hold a door open for me, any number of little things go a long way towards knowing that I'm passing. Nobody has ever overtly made a reference to whether or not I'm passing.   As has been said, self-confidence in the way you present yourself goes a long way. How you dress, walk, gesture - sure. But like in the movies, act like you belong. Own it.
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      Welcome to the Forums.  We try to keep it a good friendly place, so feel at home and comment on others topics to give or get advice and some friendship.
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      Hi all, 49 and based in BC, Canada, I’m finally pursuing my transition overcoming decades of barriers and minimizing my own needs. Trans feminine and genderqueer, I’m lucky to have a supportive partner and kids at home, but a small social circle otherwise, because, introvert… So, quiet and prone to lurking, but I’m trying to break out of my shell a bit as I am craving some community.    looking forward to meeting folks here.   -A.
    • Abigail Eleanor
      Bumping this old thread because this caught my eye. This is pretty much my strategy and I'm hoping it'll work.   @tesla1026 if you spot this did you try this idea? How did it go?   Would love to hear from anyone who's tried this gradual progression technique rather that make an announcement.
    • Ivy
      Better than nothing 
    • Kasumi63
      Living in Japan, I have a very different experience, so I'm curious how you guys know whether you are "passing" or not. In other words, do people overtly tell you? Or is it something more subtle? Over here, people never say anything, and to be honest, I sometimes find this frustrating because I would like a little bit of feedback about how I'm doing. Or even just tips on where I could improve. Part of the problem is language, I guess. In Japanese, pronouns are rarely used, so it's easy to avoid referring to someone's gender. People also are extremely reluctant to say anything unpleasant or mean to others. So are there any ways to get some objective feedback? (Disclaimer:  I agree that we tend to put too much emphasis on "passing," but I do want to keep improving.)
    • Kasumi63
      As a non-Christian living in a heathen land (the Japanese have a very long history of rejecting Christianity), I thoroughly enjoy smashing these Christmas lights. LOL. Of course, Christmas isn't nearly as depressing now that I'm living here, but even with all the distance, the holidays usually get me down. Now if only I had some lights to smash in person!
    • Kasumi63
      Thank you, guys, for all the positive comments. Japan has a long way to go, especially with updating its backward laws, but it's great to see people changing their attitudes. Over a dozen students and a handful of teachers have come up to me to tell my they saw me on TV and to voice their support. I'm as happy as I look in the video!
    • VickySGV
      I just read an announcement from the Los Angeles LGBT Center that describes the victim as one of their employees, and does mention fears of violence against people.  LALGBT Canter stuff is being circulated to all regional Centers it seems.  The woman was popular and loved.
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