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Hair Removal at Zukowski Center


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They do light sedation electrolysis at the Zukowski Center in Chicago and do a complete face clearing. They are similar to Electro 3000. My question is, has anyone had electrolysis there and what did it cost per face clearing? They are within driving distance for me (7 hours) and I have somewhere I can stay in Chicago, so they maybe cheaper for me than traveling to Texas.

So I am considering them as a lower cost option for me. Thanks for any information. KathrynJulia

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Guest Nicole B

I called them today to get more information about their services and pricing. They charge $99 an hour for their normal sessions. The cost of the 3 day 30 hour package is $3995 and includes the numbing cream, lidocaine, and twilight sleep sedation. If I end up booking with them, I'll be sure to post more info regarding the experience.


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    • MaeBe
      It's an inherently transphobic utterance, coming from either willful or unconscious bias. Based on this thread and others I've seen you post, it's time to stop all payments and off their schedule. That person is not worth your time, never mind your money.
    • Robin.C
      Woo hoooooooo ... POP ....  thank you
    • MaeBe
      Everything needs to be gendered, no? Trimmers. Shampoo. Warehouses.
    • Thea
      Have you seen those ads for the "man-scape" or the "lawn-mower" or whatever? It think it's funny that masculinity is fragile enough that it needs "manly" names for hygiene products for men to use them.
    • emeraldmountain2
      Calling a trans person "not a biological woman" is practically the same as calling a trans woman "not a real woman."   Thanks for the video @AllieJ.
    • emeraldmountain2
      They sure are. I have yet to meet one after working with some.
    • KymmieL
      Let me add to my disgust. Any Christmas music that is played before Thanksgiving.
    • Ivy
      You're looking pretty good to me.  Nice smile.
    • Willow
      I and I do mean IF I replace any locks it will be with something I can open without a key or with a key. I want something I can open with my phone or iPad should I not be home but have to let someone in or let myself in if I don’t have my keys. I do worry about that happening.    since you haven’t seen me in quite some time:
    • April Marie
      I'm in!!!
    • AllieJ
      I can probably run another zoom Tuesday 12 December (US time) if anyone is interested! Usual start time @ 7pm Central US time and usual super casual conversation with awesome people just like yourself!!!   Hugs,   Allie
    • Ashley0616
      I did talk to my nurse at the VA and unfortunately, they aren't able to get me in any sooner, but they said to try the walk-in clinic.
    • AllieJ
      I would echo Kays comments, I know a Non Binary therapist, but I would not recommend them to anyone as all they can offer is relaxation techniques. Trans and Non Binary people need to understand who they are and find strategies to accept and cope with this, but most psychologists focus on avoidance and distraction. While mindfulness is nice, it doesn't stop the self questioning and feelings of being less than others, or develop strategies to enhance our lives. Therapist that can help with these are rare and invaluable.   Hugs,   Allie
    • AllieJ
      Used by people who simply do not understand the terms! Seriously, watch this video!        Hugs,   Allie
    • Ivy
      Dang, @Ashley0616.   Sorry this happened.  I've had times when I had to question my handiperson skills myself.   I hope you can get things straightened out.  Don't give up, like they say stuff happens.  Sometimes when it rains, it pours.
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