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I'm Going To Shave, But With What?

Guest littlejohn

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Guest littlejohn

Okay everything else is out of the questions for a varitey of reasons.

But I'm going to buy a razor and gel tomorow?

I've heard alot of things.. buy a girls razor for closer shave, buy mens razzor because its meant for courser hair.

What razor should I get?? I need a diffrent one for face and legs? Also will any gels be needed? If so what?

Also my upper legs get irrated and red bumps easly when i shave. (I shaved my legs a week ago, when my parents were out of the house, used my dads electric razor.)

Thanks for any help <3

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Guest Frank67

Hi littlejohn

thats not an easy question, every skin is different.

Do not buy the cheapest razors (they are not sharp enough) and you can use the same type for your face and legs, but for the face a men razor is the better choice. You should use 2 razors,one for your face and one for your legs and do not use the razors too often change them after 3 or 4 times.

Please never shave without a gel or shaving foam, you should use a gel/foam for your skin type, for your first shave you should use a gel for sensitive skin.

wash your face or legs with warm water and soap

use the gel on your face and legs

the hair should be wet or moist (you can do the shave after a bath/shower after that the hair is softer)

please don't shave like Rambo, take your time

try to straighten the skin with one hand, and gently shave it with the other hand (that is not important but it looks better, because the hair is shorter then)

never shave against the direction of your hair

to avoid skin irritations don't go over the same place/spot too often (Idk how to say that )

after the shave wash your face and/or legs with warm water and important "no soap"

important is the aftercare to avoid pimples - for your face you should use a aftershave lotion (i don't like the stuff with alcohol and in my opinion it is not necessary. I use that one "Nivea for Men Extreme Comfort After Shave Balsam" but Idk if you can buy that in America)

for the legs use something with aloe vera or try the the lotion for your face.

thats the way my ex gf did it after i told her (ok not the face) and the pimples were gone

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OK, Frank said it all and very well.

I wish that I wrote in English as well as he does and it's his second or maybe third language.

As to the choice of razors, he was refering to blade type razors - if you have sensitive skin any electric that will shave you close enough to do any good at all will leave bumbs (no matter what the manufacturer says)!

The main reson to avoid disposables is that there is no weight in the handle - balance is important in a razor as in any tool!

The difference between men's razors and women's is mostly appearance - but the extra wide plastic glides attached to the outer edges make women's razors impractical for you face.

That is it for shaving 101, now it is time to purchase your supplies and head to the lab, er bathroom! :lol:

Love ya,


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Well stated Frank.! Little John, keep the razor sharp and keep moist. I always shave in the shower,lotions, gel and liquid soap, and then more lotions and creams after I've towled off...You may get the real desired "dream effect" but it doesn't always last ,sometimes rashes and ingrownhairs will pop up. Don't be discouraged ,wait a day or two and then use the shower method with a bit hotter water, and a lot more lotion....Mia

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Guest Emily_MI

This is good to know because I am about to start shaving my legs and this helps a lot for me and what I need to get and how to do it without with the desired *dream effect* that I am looking for.



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Guest Elizabeth K
This is good to know because I am about to start shaving my legs and this helps a lot for me and what I need to get and how to do it without with the desired *dream effect* that I am looking for.



Look at the pinned TOPIC on this - it is old but is still valid.

All i can add is 'take your time!' Do it slowly and enjoy the luxury of silky smooth legs!


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Lizzy's advice is very important - it will take longer than shaving your face - just look at the area to cover.

Don't get impatient and remember that your first time you are dealing with longer hairs which tend to lie down and hide from the razor, so once over isn't going to get it all the first time.

Go too fast and the nicks are more often and larger and you just don't get the smoothness that you are seeking.

Love ya,


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Guest ~Brenda~

Hi LittleJohn,

I see different people have different experiences with shaving and approaches to it. All I can give you is what I and have done.

The razor I use is a two blade disposable razor (mens or womens, does not matter... they really are the same)

The beginning:

When you first start to shave your legs, arms, etc. you want to make sure that the hair is soft from a hot shower or bath. Some people prefer shaving cream or gels, but never used them. I simply use Ivory soap to lather up my legs and arms. Take your time with shaving (when you are new to it). To not get redness or stuble, you must gently, gently glide the razor up your legs, arms, etc. Pressing too hard is what gives you redness. Rinse the razor frequently!

For legs, you want to work your way up from your feet with up strokes going up your leg. Carefully glide around you knees. This is an area where you can easily nick yourself!

For arms, it is similar to legs. First shave the hair off of each finger, again upstrokes by shaving from your fingers towards your body. I find that the best shave techique for forarms is to first simply shave from your wrist to your shoulder in that direction. Second, you want to shave from your wrist again, but from the outside of your arm to the inside (you are now going across your arm). Work your way up from your wrist to your elbow. Typically the upper arm does not need the cross shaving technique.

Underarms you simply sahve in downstrokes with your arm raised.

Basically you want to feel which direction your hair is growing and shave againist it in the opposite direction. This applies to your chest, back,

Maintaining and experience:

Now that you have shaven your body (first time is the hardest), you are now at the easier stage. First, keep your arms and legs moisturized by using lotion (Jergen's, Aveeno, Vaseline Intensiv, etc) It does not matter which one they all do the trick. I put lotion on at night, but when ever it is convenient works for you is fine.

Every morning, I always give myself a maintenace shave of my legs arms, etc. Using the moisturizers, really will make your arms and legs smooth and the shaving real easy. Right in the shower at the end, I simply drag the razor up my legs and chest.

When I get out of the shower, I lather up my arms (with soap) and have my arms (since there is now very little hair, this all goes quick). At this time I shave my face too :(

I go back into the shower to rinse off.

Basically, if you maintain your shaved legs with moisturizers and a light shave everyday. You will always look your best, and the maintenance is quick and easy.

I hope this helps



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Well, may I ask a shaving question? I'm pretty good at shaving my face, never and redness and almost no nicks. None at all if I concentrate. I use lather and soap, though I can shave with just water (not a lot of fun though, but better than dry by a long shot!) I've found the best technique to to use the length of the handle to achieve better...torque control, and take long strokes with the grain to shave off most of the hair and then GENTLY use medium strokes against the grain to remove the bottom of the hair.

What I end up with is a very smooth feeling face, but never once have I had a face free of beard shadow. I think that's because I'm pasty white with hair about as dark brown as it gets before being black. Nonetheless, I am wondering how much of these techniques can carry over to the body? I occasionally shave my chest, cause the thing keeps getting hairier (until I was 21 I had NO chest hair whatsoever), and achieved very good results thus far. I have heard that while body shaving takes longer, it does not require the finesse of face shaving.

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Guest androgynous
after the shave wash your face and/or legs with warm water and important "no soap"

I always use cold water after shaving, I learned this due to the pain of rising with aftershave. Key is that when you rinse with cold water, the pores will close on your face, that way it won't hurt when you put on after shave or a creme. I like to use day-cream after it, to keep it moist.

Just a trick, not sure if someone else was aware of this.


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Guest androgynous

Btw, I also use Alum as after-shave, this is just a natural salt which men used to use as after shave in ancient times, it works very well and I never have red spots or harsh skin, because Alum shuts the pores of the skin and binds with the skin proteins. :)


Wiki says:

* Alum in block form (usually potassium alum) is used as an aftershave, rubbed over the wet, freshly shaved face.

* Alum was used as a base in skin whiteners and treatments during the late 16th Century. A recipe for one such compound was given thus :

"For the Freckles which one getteth by the heat of the Sun: Take a little Allom beaten small, temper amonst it a well brayed white of an egg, put it on a milde fire, stirring it always about that it wax not hard, and when it casteth up the scum, then it is enough, wherewith anoint the Freckles the space of three dayes: if you will defend your self that you get no Freckles on the face, then anoint your face with the whites of eggs." —Christopher Wirzung, General Practise of Physicke, 1654.

* Alum may be used in depilatory waxes used for the removal of body hair, or applied to freshly waxed skin as a soothing agent.

* In the 1950s, men sporting crewcut or flattop hairstyles sometimes applied alum to their front short hairs as an alternative to pomade[citation needed]. When the hair dried, it would stay up all day.

* Alum's antibacterial properties contribute to its traditional use as an underarm deodorant. It has been used for this purpose in Europe; Mexico; Thailand, where it is called Sarn-Som; throughout Asia; and in the Philippines, where it is called Tawas. Today, potassium alum is sold commercially for this purpose as a "deodorant crystal," often in a protective plastic case.

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