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What book are you currently reading?

Guest Claire-G

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Guest Claire-G

Currently I'm reading The Eragon series written by Christopher Paolini.

Nice fantasy book about heroes and dragons.

I'm a succer for books where the underdog wins.

Well I hope he will busy on second book.

What are you reading atm?

I'm allways on the lookout for new books and writers so tips are very welcome.

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I'm reading Lakebridge Spring by Natasha Troop,

I've had a good laugh so far with it and about half through it, it gets dark however, really warped. It is very interesting reading this book after she (author) posted so much here as a moderator at Laura's. I find her writing very interesting, and part of her life was written about here, that gives a unique background into this story.

Cynthia -

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Guest otter-girl

Hearts in Atlantis - Steven King.

Im not a Steven King fan as generally I find his books over drawn out but I loved the movie, which of course is influencing how I see the book.


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Guest Holly S

Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry

by Marcus Du Sautoy

I'm guessing I'll be the only person to enjoy reading Maths here :P

Still, it's not particularly heavy, and if you're interested in finding out why Maths is fun, a good book to read.

Christopher Paolini's second, third and fourth books in the Inheritance cycle are already out.



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Guest Robin Winter

Nothing currently, much to my horror. If I had them though, I'd either be reading books 2 and 3 of the Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman, or books 2 and 3 of the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix. I've read the first book in both Trilogies repeatedly, but I've never managed to find the rest of them without ordering online, and shipping costs for books are ridiculous :angry:

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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series was rather excellent in my opinion. I recently read the first three books in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series and it was fairly funny in a nerdy way. Some other books I would recommend:

(pardon me if I get titles or authors wrong, I rarely remember either)

House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer (I think that is the correct title and author, it has been years since I've read it)

Supernaturalist, Wishlist, Artemis Fowl series, and several others by Eoin Colfer


The Belgariad series (It has been some years since I last read these)

I have quite a few other ideas, if you are into fiction/fantasy, but these are the handful that I remember at the moment (I have read well over a thousand novels and I rarely remember the names or titles of them).

Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry

by Marcus Du Sautoy

I'm guessing I'll be the only person to enjoy reading Maths here :P

Still, it's not particularly heavy, and if you're interested in finding out why Maths is fun, a good book to read.

Not at all, I would suggest reading the Prime Obsession by Derbyshire which gives an excellent read into the Riemann Hypothesis (it requires some mathematical knowledge, but only a highschool education would be needed to understand it and get a solid grasp of the topic). I personally have a bit of an obsession with math as well :3 If you ever wanna talk about that stuff, feel free to PM me. I don't know too much, but I enjoy learning new things! I also like to share my math quite a bit, but I save that for other places like Facebook and other forums.

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Guest Robin Winter

Read Wheel of Time with the exception of the last book, which unless I'm mistaken isn't out yet. I've read both the Belgariad and the Mallorean by David Eddings (read one of the sapphire rose sets too, but I rarely admit that, they were horrible).

If you liked those, you should definitely read Steven Erikson's "Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen" series. It's a bit more grown up than the others mentioned, but it's by far the best fantasy series I've ever read, bar none.

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Guest Gregg Jameson

Funny you should ask! :D

While I was taking some time to myself after very busy days here with company, etc., I'd decided to read a book.

I had chosen Kay Henderson's Being Kay/A Transgender Journey. This is an ebook.

I had noticed Kay's book mentioned in the signature line of her posts as a member here. Her posts here are always so very articulate, I'd thought I'd find her book interesting! I was right! It's a great read! :D

I do some educational work and some advocacy work, intermittently. I am going to add Kay's book to my list of suggested reading for persons wanting information on Gender Dysphoria and/or anything Transgender. Kay's writing flows so well! I'd quickly found myself feeling her feelings, living her experiences, and better understanding her personal journey.

Nice job, Kay! Thanks again for sharing your own story so candidly! :D

With Love to ALL,


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After a bit of a chill in the air this morning, minus 30 degrees Celcius ( about minus 22 Fahrenheit) and finished thawing the water pipes.

I decided to take up some lite reading.

The Gulag Archipelago by the late Alexsandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn.



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  • Admin

I just finished reading the fourth installment in George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. This one is entitled "A Feast for Crows."

I have to agree with most of the reviewers who said it was more boring than the first three, and several of the main characters, including the dwarf Tyrion Lannister were missing. That was because of a deliberate decision Martin made to divide the story into two separate books.

Still, it was entertaining and kept me going, and the twists at the end (Martin is great for that) were very satisfying and will serve to keep me hungering for the next book. Good stuff, and now the third book will be on T.V. very soon.


Carolyn Marie

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Guest Nicole Thrace

I am reading When all Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin.

It's " Stuff you need to survive when disaster strikes." One of the better " prepper" books I have read.



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Read Wheel of Time with the exception of the last book, which unless I'm mistaken isn't out yet.

Yes, I heard that it is coming out soon, though.

If you liked those, you should definitely read Steven Erikson's "Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen" series. It's a bit more grown up than the others mentioned, but it's by far the best fantasy series I've ever read, bar none.

Cool, I'll have to read it at some point, thanks! o.o
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Guest Chloe518

I'm Currently reading "The Magician", the second book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott. I'm also reading ICO: Castle in the Mist.

Also, for those reading the Eragon Series of books, keep an eye out for the doctor who reference in book 3 :)

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Guest Robin Winter

Read Wheel of Time with the exception of the last book, which unless I'm mistaken isn't out yet.

Yes, I heard that it is coming out soon, though.

If you liked those, you should definitely read Steven Erikson's "Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen" series. It's a bit more grown up than the others mentioned, but it's by far the best fantasy series I've ever read, bar none.

Cool, I'll have to read it at some point, thanks! o.o

Be prepared, it's a 10 book series, and most of them are over 1000 pages. Definitely worth it though. The last book just came out early last year I think, and I've been following the series for almost 10 years. I was always rabid for the next book to be released ^_^ I've read the set a few times.

I actually got started on it by mistake. I bought the second book believing it to be a stand-alone book, I wasn't interested in getting involved with a series at that time. I had gotten a book-store gift card for Christmas, and I just wanted to use it up, so I grabbed that because the cover stood out on the shelf, and I never bothered to look inside to see if it was part of a series. I never even read it for more than a year after buying it, but when I finally did, I was absolutely blown away, and started buying up the rest of the set as I was able.

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Gender outlaws - The next generation by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman.

I really got a laugh out of some of this, funny as all get out, side spliting at times, it's like put the book down and wipe your eyes, you've been laughing so hard.

But really the authors touch on many subjects that we face in daily life, practical in many ways.

C -

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Guest KimberlyF

Just finished Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella and started with A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison.

I find both of the writers very easy to get into the story.

I hate books people tell me are great but you have to work at the first quarter or something. Uh no I don't. I'mlazythankyouverymuch.

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  • Forum Moderator

Currently I'm reading Mike's book. And greatly enjoying it as well. It's well written and one of those books you just slip into and enjoy.

Thanks Bulldog for telling us about it.


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  • Forum Moderator

But I totally forgot to mention the title of the book which I am enjoying so much-The Horse Chronicles.

It's on Amazon and super reasonable too.

And Mike didn't even offer me cookies to endorse it. I genuinely like the book



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Guest amanda_s

I'm reading shadow divers its about some divers that find a german submarine off new jersey its a true story. no one knew there was a sub there either im have way through.

i haven't read 50 shades of gray a friend has read the first but is having alot of truble reading the second book , but then shes in that lifestyle


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Guest SaleneAlexis

you would be surprised who is in that lifestyle. but to me i seems a bit too sex oriented which from what research I have done in the lifestyle, is not all about sex

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  • Posts

    • Delcina B
      Welcome Bo! Glad you're here. I can relate to someone trying to make me feel I was selfish for choosing to transition. My reality was, if I didn't I'd be drunk, dead, or both. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Marcie Jensen
      Given this information, what she was a naked woman. Period. So...why is this even an issue? Which also begs the question, how on earth could the teen have known Ms wood was trans? This looks like an attention grab to me...
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      So, if there was no penis to see.... How exactly did the girl think she saw a naked male? Size of shoulders? Bone structure?  And without seeing genitals, how did she know this individual was naked in the first place?  Or am I a little bit dense?
    • CD Rachel
      Hello, sorry that I have been away for awhile but life sometimes has a way of getting interesting. So I have been seeing someone for the past 4 months now. We have been having a wonderful time together and I almost feel like my past life was a dream. Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family went very well. I feel so much like this is the life that I should have always had. I am totally out as Rachel and though I am not passing being fearless has led to meeting many new and wonderful people that accept me.    I have been surprised that I am also now being seen as the person that I had always wanted to be. Several times over the past 2 month people have  complimented me for being brave, generous, kind, loving, honest and open. Honestly when I started my transition these are the characteristics that I had written down describing the person that I wanted Rachel to be. The one that I was not planning on was brave but apparently that is how I am seen. My transition has truly been a transformative experience.   I hope that it is ok if I share a couple pictures of myself.... one from work and one from home.   Well, I have a lot of reading to do in order to catch up.. Hope everyone is doing well!  
    • Chanelta L.
      Hi Ivy,     It was a different time back 50's, 60's, and even 70's. Trans definitely wasn't a thing back then. Female impersonators, now that was the term. Now that I look back, my parents knew my tendencies, and I remember one conversation they had with me once about a supposed friend of my dad. There was a club near us for a while that had Female Impersonator shows and they told me about how his friend had a son who performed there and they were so proud of him.    I was oblivious at the time, but even if I knew it was a way to out myself I would have been too afraid to do so. I did not want to be different I guess.   Well I am much less afraid now, and am going to explore and embrace this side of me for sure. And you're right, it is never too late.    Chanelta
    • Ivy
      Saw a bit more on this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-a-santee-california-ymca-locker-room-freakout-became-an-anti-trans-crusade?ref=scroll   Thought this part was interesting. "In quick succession, the story traveled from KUSI to the New York Postand Daily Mail. A game of telephone played out in the process, with Mail, OAN, and The Daily Wire reporting that Phillips had seen a penis in the locker room. But Phillips herself had said in her city council comments only that she had seen a “naked male.” On local TV, she got a bit more specific, saying that she “did not see the man’s front side.” In fact, it would have been impossible for the teenager to see a penis, because Wood underwent gender-affirming surgery in 2016."
    • Maddee
      Sorry lame comment. I am surprised and happy to hear your good news Heather! Best to you going forward 🌈🌈
    • Jackie C.
      I know a AFAB NB who had some hormone therapy until their body had more-or-less the appearance that made them comfortable in their own skin. I presume they went through one of the informed consent clinics. I don't see them going cowboy route and just self-medicating though I've never asked.   Hugs!
    • Ivy
    • VickySGV
      Fully agree with @Carolyn Marieon locking this one.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      I grew up Orthodox... church was mostly a ritual.  I joined my current faith community and actually began to believe because of my husband's first wife.    I'm strangely comfortable with my community, even though patriarchy is even more intense than where I grew up.  Sometimes you find out that you belong in a very unexpected place.
    • Mmindy
      Congratulations, that's wonderful @Willow I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist Church, and appreciate the learning it provided me as a young adult. I left the Baptist Church, when I moved from Missouri to Indiana, attending a Missouri Synod - Lutheran Church. I liked their teachings, however I wasn't going to go through the requirements to be confirmed. I've settled in a Friends Church that is Quaker based, because they don't judge people and are more free will. When ask about my Faith? I say I'm from the Church of independent thinkers. I do consider myself to be Christian, and because most of the Christian Based Churches believe in the same basic tenants of Christ. His crucifixion, and rising three days later to pay for our sins. I'm more about my own personal relationship with the Trinity. I don't like how some churches spend more money on things, than people.    Hugs, I know you'll make a difference.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Yeah, I think this thread has about run its course and has detoured onto unintended roads.  Let's move on, shall we?   Carolyn Marie
    • thoustan
      Hi, amab here has anyone who is also amab nb gone down the route of hrt?   I have some questions if you have?   Do you feel more validated as an nb, did you ever feel like it pushed you to far the other way?   How did you acquire the fem&ms or whatever shape you got the oestrogen in, did you have to diy it or were you able to get a prescription? If you got a prescription were you honest abt being nb or did you have to fake being full mtf?   Did you go on a full or reduced course and did you take testosterone blockers or no?   If you did go on a reduced course was there anything you weren't expecting or was it what basically what described with a full course just lessened (this is what I'd expect)?   Is this post more suited for the hrt forum?
    • Astrid
      As you know, the wait times for this in the UK via NHS are years away.  I have UK friends who have have the funds for the private route and were happy they did.  We do NOT recommend over-the-counter HRT, if you're considering that.  There are real health risks that need to be considered and monitored.   I am NB and began low-dose estrogen under the auspices of an excellent gender clinic here in Boston in December, 2019.  Physical changes did occur (at a slower rate), but I found low-dose did not offer me mental improvement of dysphoria, so under supervision we increased the dosage.  I'm very happy now with both the physical and mental changes that HRT affords.   I underscore what @KathyLauren recommended -- seeing a gender therapist was very helpful for me, and for many, many other folks who participate in TransPulse.  Finding an exact label for your identity is something many folks focus on at first, but the label is just a label -- finding the actions, whatever they may be, that make you happy turns out to be more important as we move forward with our journey.   Cheers,   Astrid
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