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65 hours of Electrolysis, 1/2 way point


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I had my second hour this week after work tonight. I get electrolysis now on Monday and Wednesday evenings for an hour. My electrologist totaled up my hours and tonight is 65 hours completed. She thinks I'm about halfway, Yaaaaay.

It's grueling as can be, but it's worth it. I remodled some rental properly that the lady owned so we exchange work in exchange for half price electrolysis. In a couple weeks, I'm going to tear out her cupboards and install new cupboards and countertops to save money. Just one way to do things and saving a lot of money. Kathryn

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Guest Nikkichick33

Hello, Congrats first off! Second, I am seriously confused,you say you had your second Hour this week. But, your electrologist totaled up your hours is 65 hours completed. Sooo, if you had your second Hour, how have you completed 65? sooo confused.


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Guest meagan

I am guessing, 65 in total, but for the week it is the 2nd. That is how i read it anyway. For me. about to do another laser, which is about 8-ish I think. 5 hours on electro. I put electro on hold for a bit so I can top up the bank account some more. My slow season fast approaches and I need some extra money to make it through the slowness and a 2 week restaurant closure before summer tourist time picks up.

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  • Forum Moderator

Congrats Kathryn, it's a long process, it hurts, it costs ya, it's time consuming, as we know this endevour will test your resolve.

I had one of the nastiest grey beards (very dense growth) to start with. It's looking like I am going to need about 150 hours to clean it all up. I am into year 2 now of my hair removal project (about 80 hours so far), I only do 2 hours per week myself, that's about all I can stand. Above my jaw line is pretty much cleared out now now, it's so nice to touch smooth skin again, nothing better.

Hugs my friend

Cynthia -

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So true Cindy

My cheeks are almost entirely cleared now but still need the hair removed around the goatee area and the lower neck. I decided to do an hour Monday and and one hour on Wednesday because I want to get done with it. I just got in contact with Dr Lazario Cardenas about FFS, and hoping for this summer.

I've got over $50,000.00 in equity in my home and I'm considering a second mortgage to pay for the surgery. Next year I can tap my 403b to pay it off. 2 hours a week is about all I can handle Cindy. My facial hair is either very blond with some white moving in. Laser just doesn't work for us, so we have to just suck it up and suffer the slings and arrow of electrolysis. Kathryn

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Guest angels wings

How long is each session? We went to one and she said it only takes about ten min to do the face and neck ? Glad your getting progress Julia :)

Angel :)

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It takes many hours Angel as the male beard has thousands upon thousands of hair filckles and each hair has to be zapped individually. The probe heats up and the heat destroys the follicle. About 12 to 15 seconds for each hair and you curse each zap at being born in a male body. It's a long process Angel.

I'm halfway there.Angel. Kathryn

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  • Forum Moderator

I almost wish i hand't read this thread. As a blond going white i'm faced (sorry no pun meant) i am not looking forward to the procedure but i'm afraid it is one of the things i'll be talking to my GT about this week.

I'm such a sissy. I guess i'll have to man up to be more female. What a thought.



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Guest Melissa~

I almost wish i hand't read this thread. As a blond going white i'm faced (sorry no pun meant) i am not looking forward to the procedure but i'm afraid it is one of the things i'll be talking to my GT about this week.

I'm such a sissy. I guess i'll have to man up to be more female. What a thought.



Individual hairs aren't as bad as a series of laser blasts, but the laser covers my whole face in about 45 blast areas(typically 25 laser shots per blast area, timed 3/10 of a second apart) some of the time for whatever reason I'm just about blown out of the chair on the laser.

Electrolysis is what it is, a small mosquito sized needle, with electricity :poster_oops: , not much fun either, but rather isolated in it's scope of 1 hair at a time.

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My doctor came up with a cocktail for me of Hydrocodone one tablet lowers the pain threshold, 2 advil to reduce the swelling and one Lorazepam to cut down on the anxiety. It really helps if you takem them about an hour or so before your appointment. I also take a freeze pak that I put in a zip lock bag to reduce the swelling when you are done. It helps me to heal better. When I forget the freezer pak, my face swells more.

A lot of folks use EMLA, a precription med of 4% lidocaine in a cream to numb the face up. Another thing, limit caffeine on your lectrolysis day. The less caffeine the better because it increases anxiety. And that adds to the pain from the electrolysis. I hope these tips help those who read my little suggestions.


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    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks.  I will look into these. Not sure how many places we are looking for yet but it will probably be 4.. one for each week in june.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hey, this news (long time coming) made me smile. Sounds like you are in a good place emotionally and physically.
    • DonkeySocks
      Sounds like a great day. Thanks for sharing.
    • DonkeySocks
      Oh, and I think a loose, long skirt looks more gender-neutral than a form-hugging knee-length skirt, when you have thigh/hip curves. Kinda draw the eye down to the lower leg instead of sticking at the curves.
    • DonkeySocks
      Plaid flannels in a size or two larger than your usual shirt size. Lace-up boots or ankle-high shoes, even if you're in a skirt. A masculine hat over the short haircut. Turtleneck shirt or sweater. Leather bracelets/wristlets or a masculine watch. So many people associate skirts with females that they will gender based on the skirt without looking at anything else, but if you're in pants, a hat can really help. Also, straight-cut jeans look more generically masculine than sweatpants do, I think. You will have to experiment with size because of the men's jeans not being made for your hips. If you live in an area with a farm store that sells Carhartt brand jeans you might try those.   When you want to look twink and still make people do a double-take, you might try a hat, a button-down shirt that's more dressy than flannel, but still a size or two larger so it won't fit your curves too closely, and high-top shoes. All that with a skirt. Also, plaid skirts might make people think more masculine, depending on the color.
    • VickySGV
      The Scots and Irish, and gay men I know wear a Kilt which is a skirt of sorts.  I have a couple used for various statements I like to make. Mine are not tartan plaid, one is black and another is a pinstriped fabric, but definitely male attire to most people.  For me they are gender neutral.  Utilikilt and Stump Town Kilts are where I have gotten mine.
    • VickySGV
      National Center for Transgender Equality (HQ in New York, but active nation wide) Transgender Law Center (San Francisco based, but active nationwide.) Trans Life Line which is listed on our page in Suicide prevention   Local LGBTQ Centers have Trans Programs, and can be found here: https://www.lgbtcenters.org/LGBTCenters Donations can be earmarked for Trans Programs.   Equality Texas is working to help Trans and Families in the current legislative maelstrom.   I will quit there, because there are many groups that will be happy to receive donations.    
    • 2beBreanna
      Hey all.  My company has started a business resource group for LBGTQ+.  I somehow managed to get picked for a chair position on the board.  We are just starting things up and will be discussing plans for pride month this week.  Part of what the company is looking to do is make a donation to a LBGTQ group that supports the community in a positive way.  Something that is nationwide or west of the Mississippi River would be preferred.  So far we have suggested PFLAG and Pride Sports USA.  What other groups would you all suggest. I would like to find something more trans related to suggest to the group.  Even if it's something local we can look into it.     I am sure I will be looking for more help as I go through this journey as I am newer to the group.  Thanks in advance for all you all do.
    • Susan R
      What used to work for me early in transition before ‘something’ shrunk into obscurity, was a medium absorbency pad along with a moderately tight pair of panties. I would wear that to the gym and I had no issues with bulges. You again look great as usual.   Susan R🌷
    • Elizabeth Star
      Thanks everyone. I do like this outfit but the downside is keeping the parts in place all day. I know I could wear a pair of two of tight undies to get the same effect but I’m weird and don’t like panty lines in leggings. I just remembered I have some cutoffs I could try this with when I get rid of these pasty-white winter legs.    I love this thread. Everyone has great looks. 
    • Davie
      A Believing Sonnet  Numbness is close to godliness when I miss you.  Feeling is believing when you speak to me.  At lunch my hands keep busy spooning miso soup,  as I count noses, yours and mine don’t equal three.  What women wear means nothing to my poetry,  but I remember all the dresses you wore this fall,  as if outside visions of cotton mattered to me— 
 as if a fitbit counted important feelings for all.  Do brown leather boots with black heels mean  anything to a small wallet and a phone poem?  I count the times you smile infinity beams 
in disgust at my hope to dispatch all wrongs.  My feet don’t remember bread gave them power.  My words don’t know how I can love the hour.   —— Davie     
    • Beatriz
      Wow, that sounds great! Congratulations! I'm very happy for you.
    • whatishappening
      Thank you!
    • Jackie C.
      While I'm not an expert (Hey, I went the other way), I can say that it takes a LOT of weight training to build big muscles on E. You'd want to focus on your upper body (Arms, chest, shoulders) and core work (Waist, obliques). Fun fact: If you do your obliques (those are the muscles on either side of your waist) with a weight, the muscle swells and you'll have a more boyish appearance. The thing is, that if your body is only producing female levels of T, it's going to take a pretty major lifestyle change. I spend two hours in the gym every morning and I pass pretty easily as female. If you want to build muscle mass, it's gonna be work.   Otherwise, you seem pretty on-point. Binder. Short hair, etc... I'm sure some of our other FtMs can chime in with better advice, but Welcome to Transpulse! We're glad you're here!   Hugs!
    • Jandi
      @Red_Lauren.Sounds like things are going well for you.
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