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Why must it hurt?

Guest JazzySmurf

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Guest JazzySmurf

In particular, why must it hurt to be mis-gendered?

This is something that I've been thinking about, off and on, and I want to ask this question to hear your thoughts. This is on the Buddhist forum mostly because of the style of thinking, but it may also be part of the Transsexual forum as well.

(1) Is it because (the-universal-)they are trying to hurt us? Some very well may, and some may just have made a mistake. Even if there was an intention of be hurtful via their words, must we necessarily be hurt?

(2) Is it because we are not really the gender that we wish to present? This may ruffle some feathers, but it may be worth contemplating. Even if it were true, how would being mis-gendered in this context necessarily lead to being hurt?

(3) Are we looking to people for approval of our gender identity? We are women, we are men, etc, yet is there still a little child in us that seeks approval from others? Is the difference between their judgment of us and our identity necessarily hurtful?

(4) Are we feeling the pangs of disappoint for not "passing" in our appearance? If we are, say, women, and did not happen to look like a stereotypical woman at some time, in somebody's mind, does that necessarily lead to being hurt when our "failing" is pointed out to us?

(5) Does it trigger dysphoria? Are we hard-wired to feel dysphoria and hurt when somebody mis-genders us, or is it a result of conditioning, perhaps due to the way we were raised?

(6) Do we feel lesser than people who did "pass" at that particular moment? Do we judge ourselves on based on how well we conform to societal norms of gender expression and then necessarily change it for the worse when some person "fails" us?

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  • Admin

Each of us is striving to know our own identity and to be secure in it. The misgendering shakes our sense of self identity and causes us to have disharmony with the parts of our mind we are still learning to harmonize. It is to us the accidental sharp or flat note that disturbes a musical phrase we are trying to compose in ourselves. We are re writing our own lives, and our composition must be played as we compose it, or it is someone elses work which we can no longer listen to without pain or grief.

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Hi Sam,

I'd leave off #1 for myself. The rest apply in some form or another, in some level of importance depending on the moment.

We always say we were misgendered. But, as an animal with animal instincts, people are not trying to "gender" the other person, but to "sex" them. So, people misinterpret our sex? Not really, just an innocent statement of a painful fact. Hence dysphoria, and all the displeasure that goes with.

We are in the Buddhism Forum... Perhaps that dysphoric reaction could be treated as a koan? Does the dog have Buddha Nature? Does the transperson have sex M, or gender F? Not a really good koan. But, to practice mindfulness in that moment, there is a lot to learn. I like to quote Patrick Swayze, "Pain don't hurt". Misgendering can be painful. It is our reaction to it that allows it to hurt. That's our practice.

Love, Megan

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Guest Jaques

I feel its the attachmentwe have to the body which causes the pain, if we didnt identify with the physical so much, i dont believe it would bother us - but getting to that point isnt always as easy as it might seem

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Guest JazzySmurf

How can we seek to reduce our attachment to our bodies if many of us are seeking to (hormonally/surgically) alter our bodies?

By the way, I'm mostly responding to posts here via koan-ishy type questions, but if you find it tiresome, I'm happy to carry on a usual discussion as well :-)

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Guest Jaques

OK, this is just how i feel about it - when I started to study buddhism, i began to study myself, really look inside to understand why i am as i am, think as I think etc - way way along this line, i began to understand the pain caused by attachment to anything, at that time, my "wrong" body - i learnt by experience that all the time spent agonising over it produced nothing positive and i suffered more. For me, i feel, i brought myself into my present body by way of karma, i felt i had to alter my physical body to "line up" with the way my mind was - to an extent this has helped me.

If id followed what i feel is truth, then having a male or a female body, with or without gender dysphoria, or if i had 10 heads, it would be of no consequence.

ergo - i suffered from gender dysphoria because i couldnt accept this is how it is "this time around" and instead of concentrating my mind on all the things that were hurting me, i could have said "so what" - its not about this, let it go and got on with whats really important.................i try to do this -though its easier said than done - and of course life isnt easy for anyone on this particular path - its that completely letting go thats the hard thing - i keep hanging on to "me". with the big EGO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

and im not saying this is how anyone else should see it! - and no, jazzy smurf, i dont find your question tiresome :lol:

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Guest JazzySmurf

"What things are important, and why is it important?"


"Suffering comes from a belief that our condition is, somehow, eternal. If we think something is good or bad, then we bestow the concept of eternalness in our condition. For example, for behavior we may think "No, don't do that! / Let's do that!" before-hands or "I can't believe I did that! / Let's do that again!" afterwards. Also, for everyday life, we may think "I'm glad I'm young/making money/gorgeous/smart/strong! [perhaps secretly thinking, I don't want it to end!]" if situation is "good" or we may think "I don't want to be this! / How do I change it? / How do I cope with my situation?" if situation is "bad".

If we listen too much to chatter of good or bad, then we can lose sight of the purity of our being. Let's be still through the chatter and just see ourselves as we are; for example, being transgender is simply being :-)"

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Guest Jaques

When i say important things, i mean concentrating my mind on the things of the soul/spirit,so that what ever my external condition,being trans, not having this or having that, i dont suffer because they become less important - and yes i understand what you say "being transgender is simply being" - acceptance is the thing = but as i said before, its often easier said than done, lol!

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Guest JazzySmurf

Yeah, definitely :-) It is often the simple things which can be difficult. With practice, it will come! "At the beginning, nothing comes; at the middle, nothing stays; at the end, nothing goes" ~Milarepa :-)

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      @Elizabeth Star now that you have experience how about doing my and Cyndee's doors ?
    • Elizabeth Star
      I would be so mad if I broke a nail working on this stuff. I could hire someone to do the work but since I know what's involved I have trouble trusting other people's quality.
    • TiredAndScared
      Thank you all of course. I will get over it.  It's just that it's still a pain when it happens. That sounds kinda heartless but well....   to be brutally  honest.... that wasn't my dad anymore the last few years. It's his body of course.  But not him.. It was that, with every visit, he was a little bit more gone... So we already kinda said goodbye to him during the last 5 years or so. He could't recognize anyone anymore and couldn't do anything anymore..  For him it's sort of a good thing i guess....  He wouldn't want to be kept alive like this... Most things are already arranged by now... Cards have been picked and texts have been chosen. Dad is brought home in a coffin and ... what is the English term?...  laid out? (that sounds weird google translate) Just he's now presentable for anyone who wants to say goodbye. But it will be a week before he will get cremated. Mom still has her ankle operation going on tomorrow. So i have to get up early to bring her to the hospital.   Today i remembered something my dad thought me while i was a kid... Forgotten it for the longest time but .... He once told me:   "i don't care what you do with your life, be a president or a garbage collector. Just be happy with what you do" Not sure how old i was... somewhere between 10~12 years or something? I should keep that teaching in my life...  I know he mend it for my work career but i should apply it to my whole life...   Anyways,  for now i'm going to chill a bit. Woke up at 04am and with everything that happend i got a bit tired. 
    • Kris-Boston
      Just a link.  But being informed is best and real sources .  Its not an easy read ,for most . I was a  science major .   nejm.org   The New England Journal of Medicine: Research & Review Articles on Disease & Clinical Practice (nejm.org)
    • Bri2020
      Liz you're a jill of all trades it seems! I'm done with that kinda stuff.  I know how to fix most things, but I started pawning tht out to contractors about 7 years ago.  I used my back issues as the excuse but in reality, I just don't want to do all the "fix it up" stuff anymore. (especially after a manicure haha).  I think people have also started changing their expectations of me as well.  People use to come to me for help with all the "manly trades" but no one in the last year has except to borrow a tool or something.  My neighbor didn't even ask for my help building his deck (I've built 20 by now) even though I offered to help back before my transition.  We used to help each other with things like that. It's not like he isn't comfortable with my transition, he and his wife have been amazingly supportive and his Oklahoma courtesies of "Yes Ma'am" never fail to tickle me but he is definitely not going to ask a woman for help with carpentry. haha I find myself slipping into my feminine stereotypes more and more and I like it . 
    • Kris-Boston
      More of the news had a DR Zoom appointment Friday,  something in the New England Journal of Medicine  and from the research from Israel.  While no vaccine is 100 percent effective , its the non vaccinated who are at risk .   More of sources where to look .  While less of a personal touch I like the DR Zoom as no need to drive or take the T or pay to park near Fenway .  
    • Elizabeth Star
      On yesterday's episode of: A woman's Work is Never Done.   On my way how from work mt partner called to let me know her mother bought us a new back door. The original door was very old, beat up and had almost zero insulation value. We knew it had to be replaced, I just didn't want to do it "right now". I got home just in time to take five-er before there was knock on the door. In walks my MIL, FIL and BIL. Before I knew it, I was tearing out the old door. The door faces West and we're on a hill so I spent the next 5 hours roasting in the afternoon sun. Thankfully I didn't have all the trim that's needed so I was able to call it quits after the door was and frame were mounted. Plan is to get the final trim work done this morning and then back to cutting up the trees I dropped last weekend.   For you amusement I included a picture, my partner took, of me while I was working and of the newly installed door.    
    • Bri2020
      @Niamh looking cute as always! @Emily MicheleAdorable!  I'm glad to hear you're healing well. You must be on top of the world!
    • Bri2020
      Congrats on starting the new chapter with your wife and daughter! I agree with your sentiments. Also, the longer you hide something from significant people in your life, the percentage chance of keeping it all together go down. I understood that when I finally accepted who I was, I couldn't keep that from my wife for long. Don't be surprised if however, things get more challenging for you two.  Talk to each other, opening up about the loss and well as the joy of living your true self.  She might be really supportive right now but then go through the stages of grief like denial, anger, bargaining etc.  GET a couples counselor to help you all navigate the change now instead of waiting for some crisis to develop. Good luck!  
    • Shay
      @LaurenA I agree with @Jackie C. you are doing amazing considering what you've had to deal with and I'm proud of you. Just wanted to let you know that.
    • Davie
      @TiredAndScared So sorry to hear that. Endings are always sad no matter what. Take time to sit with it, let go, and to take care of yourself. The best tribute is to live a life you love and that brings you happiness. That's what has helped me get through similar situations. We're here for you. 🙏 Davie
    • Petra Jane
      Also, top of the page, Live Chat
    • Petra Jane
      The only one I returned was due to it been charged to someone who claimed it was done without their permission and instigated a PayPal chargeback which cost us $20 extra  last year. This was donated this year on 8th July, and refunded on 9th July so as to prevent any further chargebacks.
    • RhondaS
      Went to the beach yesterday ('down the shore' in the local parlance), clearly I need to wear something for my boobs now as the swim shirt rubbing against them in the salt water created some discomfort.    Met up with a college era friend I haven't seen in person for a long time and after accidentally sending a wrong message on the way came out to her.     She's a lesbian who took a fair amount of time coming to terms with that internally and out in the world, so she didn't get into the typical discussion mode I've had with cis people...but she did ask if I was changing my name. I have a name that is kind of unisex-definitely connotes a male name when you hear it, but not always when it's looked at since mother spelled it an odd way. So far I've not come up with anything that really feels right to me, the one I use here and elsewhere just sort of was a default choice a while back.    Deadnaming seems like something I'd like to delay a bit, or forever, but guessing the opposite of deadnaming would feel really good when that happens with people you know and love?
    • Carolyn Marie
      Mia, I think it would be best to be as honest with your dad as you can, but at the same time, assure him that you would be there to help him and support him whether you transition or not.  Point out that help and support is a two way street, and it is also his job to support you; not financially of course, but by accepting your new reality.  How you communicate this is up to you; any method is fine as long as it results in an understanding.   It's hard to offer a lot of specifics because I don't know your circumstances beyond the little you've shared here.  But there are solutions to most problems if you work on them together.  If that doesn't seem feasible, see if you can get help via a social worker, therapist, or even a supportive clergy person.  I wish you both the best of luck.   Carolyn Marie
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