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An interesting study about regrowing hair and microneedling

Guest LizMarie

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Guest LizMarie

A randomized evaluator blinded study of effect of microneedling in androgenetic alopecia shows interesting promise for those with hair loss but who are seeing some regrowth with minoxidil.

The study appears to suggest that, at least in some patients, weekly microneedling of the scalp, coupled with twice daily applications of 5% minoxidil (the usual strength and application regiment suggested for male pattern baldness) can produce as many as 4 times as many hairs per square centimeter as using minoxidil alone.

Since I've had some success with minoxidil and my HRT regimen thus far, I've decided to get a dermaroller and give this a try. Maybe in 6 months to a year I'll have some interesting results to report.

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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

"Microneedling" eh? Sounds like a cross between what I used to do to aggravate my brother when we were kids, and stitching a tapestry on the head of a pin.


Carolyn Marie

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Guest LizMarie

Dermarollers are also used on facial skin for women to stimulate collagen development and reduce wrinkles. I believe that's where they were first applied.

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Guest DianeATL

Interesting - keep us posted on your results. I am scheduling to get a FUE hair transplant which should help a lot but a little more couldn't hurt.


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  • 10 months later...

I all,

Not mu post, but I do have some results. Definite results. I saw this post, and because I was pretty deficient in the hair department, thought I would give the micro needling a try. It cost me only $22 on amazon. I also use the "nioxin" shampoo and conditioner. not cheap... but it's important to me.

I am only at about the 6 month marker, and for sure, I can see a difference! Surprisingly... a difference in my hairline! Surprise! It's not a mess load of hair as of yet... and it may never be, but for sure... my hair line has moved forwards. (rogain is supposed to be for male pattern balding only, but since everyone is different, I'm trying it everywhere).

Can I say for sure that it is because of the micro needling... no. But with real results that I can finally see... it's soooo... soooooo oooo oooo... worth the money.

As a note, the needling doesn't particularly hurt... but then everyone is different.

Sooo with it!



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Guest LizMarie

As a followup to this, I am seeing slow but steady increases in hair. Before HRT began I was clearly a Norwood 7. If you don't know how bad that is, go look it up. :P

Before I started microneedling I'd been using Minoxidil with minimal results. A recent chat with a hair restoration specialist says I am now "almost" a Norwood 5. He said if I can reach a solid Norwood 5 or even 4, I would become a great candidate for hair transplants. Right now I am still a mediocre candidate but before my hair loss was so bad I was not a candidate at all.

I am going to try to also add a PRP + Matristem ACell scalp treatment (stimulates stem cells in the scalp) at some future point but when will depend on finances.

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Guest ashleynikole


To think I hated being a Norwood Type 3. I know I don't have it bad, but even Dr. Spiegal said what would be best for me is to pull it forward as much as possible and then see about transplanting the difference to fill in the temples. I can't imagine having it worse. Glad you girls are getting results before having to put out "serious" money.

Good luck


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Guest LizMarie

As a general rule, most transwomen are better served with bangs than not. FFS can help greatly with that though and allow pulling the hair back if you have the hair to do so, of course.

As someone with extreme hair loss (most of it occurred within a few months while I was undergoing chemotherapy in 1996), and whose family has no evidence of much hair loss on either side of the family going back at least 4 generations, I suspect that most of my damage was from the chemo. So did one hair restoration specialist with whom I spoke hence the intent to undergo a PRP + Matristem ACell scalp treatment when I can afford it.

My goal, as I said, is not to get all my hair back naturally. I'd love that but it's unrealistic. I know a few former LP posters who have had that occur but most of us with hair loss don't. We have to either wear wigs, hair pieces, or undergo transplants. So my goal is to get enough hair back that it will make transplants viable, and if I still have to wear bangs for that, I certainly will!

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Cyndysub

I have the male pattern baldness thingy and due to my T levels falling I now have hair sprouting in areas that hasn't seen any hair for a long time.

I am using the 5% Minoxidil and unless my glasses are failing me I am starting to see some fine hairs emerging on part of my bald spot. It will be interesting to see how this progresses for my bald area. I read somewhere that Retinol can help the body make more Hyaluronic Acid which makes for a more hydrated and healthy skin. Retinol also helps your skin to absorb Hyaluronic Acid more efficiently when applied topically. Hyaluronic Acid is the main ingredient in the better moisturizers.


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Hail the Gods, I am humbled by their gift of hair to me. I have always been real sensitive about my hair, and it was a huge source of gender dysphoria at various times, but especially when it started showing male pattern baldness. I am thus exceedingly grateful that my bald spot filled in, and my hairline is going forward a bit at a time, but definitely forward. I know that my hair loss wasn't huge compared to many to begin with, but it did eventually make me do something that I am not proud of (and won't ever try again). HRT is the only thing I am using, but I think that I have been lucky to repond really well on it. I will pray that you who need more help growing hair find something that really does the job. :) I seriously empathize with your plight.

loving hugs,


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Guest Cyndysub

Thanks Stephanie, I also use Finasteride 5mg as well as Spironolactone and both of them are helping with my hair but in baby steps but those do add up.


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Hi Cyndi,

I have severe financial constraints, but I had tried minoxidil foam 5% (Rogaine), and also dutasteride (Avodart) in order to regrow hair. Both were effective to some extent, especially the Avodart, but I didn't have the money to continue them. When I could no longer get any Avodart, well, lets just say I kinda wasn't in a happy place. I am so fortunate that I met my friend Jennifer (she is trans, and now fully legally female), and she was able to hook me up with Tri-City Health to put me on MediCal, and HRT. She literally saved my life. I am on Spiro, and Estradiol (sub-lingual), but of course we can't discuss dosages here. ;) However, I do think from research that Dutasteride is twice as effective as Finasteride (both are DHT blockers), but since it is not approved for hair loss by the FDA, it is hard to come by in the U.S. unless you can get a prescription to use it for BPH. I got it online, since I was bad girl. B) Spiro for me seems to be amazingly effective, and I am astonished at how much my hair has come back. I will have to pour a libation to the Gods again tonight in thanks. Good luck, and good hair!



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Guest Cyndysub

Thanks Stephanie,

I will look up Dutasteride and check it out. Like I said I am using Finasteride as well as minoxidil 5% and I now have very short and thicker growth than my current hair is. I am certainly hopeful. Yippee I am finally starting to feel some tenderness behind my nipples. Skip,Jump for Joy,and giddy,Hee Hee.



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Guest LizMarie

My own response to microneedling has been minimal though it's clear there was a response. It's just not enough to matter, at least not yet.

Please remember that male pattern baldness comes from testosterone via a testosterone by-product called DHT. Remove the testosterone and the DHT levels collapse.

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Guest LizMarie

You also have the option of hair transplants if your hair loss is not extreme (like mine). If yours is simply a receding hairline, some thinning, or a smaller bald patch in back, all of that can be repaired with hair transplants to yield a completely natural looking and acceptable head of hair.

That is my own goal - to regrow enough that the remainder can be repaired by a hair restoration specialist. I'm not there yet but I'm in better shape than I was two years ago.

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Hi all,

It's been interesting reading the posts here, and where it works well for some... it does not for others. Truely... everyone IS different. While I have not been seen by a hair restoration specialist, I'd say I was certainty a class 5, very thin on the top, with a tuft in the front. While the pattern still bothers me... I'm growing instead of losing.

My question at this point is the effects of T. At day 64 on Estradiol, I have seen minimal changes. My Endo decided not to start me with an androgen blocker... and I wonder how much difference that would make in the Battle for Hair. I won't be resigned to a wig. I sweat like a farm animal in them unless it's winter time. It's restoration city or bust for me.

Yeah, this is where I'm tempted to write about the good olds days of hair half way down my back. . Ahhh... the good old days ;)

Good luck to all in this venture!


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Guest LizMarie

Kaylee, I would urge you to consider looking into getting a prescription for finasteride (called propecia when prescribed for hair loss). If you can manage it, get a prescription for generic finasteride in the higher dosage (not allowed to list dosages here). The lower dosage of propecia is really intended for males to avoid side effects. The higher finasteride dosage can cause loss of erections and growth of breast tissue. If I could get the higher dosage prescription, I sure would but I can't. At least not yet. I'm going to try this week though when I see my physician about other things.

I also urge combining finasteride with minoxidil applied externally. You can get expensive variants that are easier to apply or you can be cheap like me and get the 5% minoxidil solutions in a glycol solution that you rub into your scalp and hair. I can get 6 months of supply from Amazon for about $30 so I consider that very cheap.

Adding both finasteride and minoxidil, and microneedling your scalp one day a week should maximize whatever regrowth you can get from just drugs.

A reasonable expectation would be to get enough regrowth to make hair transplants viable and largely invisible. An exceptional result would be so much hair regrowth that you don't need transplants at all.

I was Norwood 7 and am more closely approaching Norwood 5 now, maybe still 6. I'd love to get to solidly Norwood 5 or even Norwood 4 if I could then do transplants to finish things. Or I may not and just have to accept what is. We'll see. :)

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    • Kelli321
      Your eyes and brows are out of this world! I’m a ginger that went completely white by 35 (a brain issue triggered it, my redhead father is 86 and still is mostly red) I can only pray I look that good when my physical changes happen. 
    • LusciousTheLock
      Well, its been nearly a month, but I finally got round to posting a six page letter through his letterbox this morning at 1am (I was on my way to a callout, it wasn't a special visit). The reason was that he wanted me to go and see him, along with the kids to a family BBQ as soon as Covid restrictions allow, since we haven't met for nearly two years now.   I told him some home truths and left him with the option to make contact or not. Its up to him. To celebrate this being that last bit of coming out, I started a fresh Facebook account and invited all my friends and extended family that may not have known too that with a quick explanation of where I've been for the last few years- A change of management!  Feels like I got some freedom back today  
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Liz, You are coming on a treat. Looking good there. Loving the fact you smile more to. You no longer give the impression your parrot has just fallen off its perch for the last time.   However I cannot help but wonder what it was you noticed as you walked past the mirror! A new curve?  The ghost of Jesse james? Do tell!
    • Maid In Bedlam
      @[email protected] WolfThats the one with Steven Mackintosh? Diffrent for girls!   This one?   It was made in 1996. I think if they tried to make it now there would be an outcry, A non trans actor playing a trans woman.   I must say he did play the part really well. I loved that film.
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Yes it is pretty grainy. But when you do get it back to its glory then take a few for me. isnt it funny how they all came in that colour   Also:   Ill be your security guard if you fancy if you going to be giving away a Mexi!   I have a passion for shall we say older cars. Always fancied an XR3i.   Rag top of course and if i ever do win the lottery then ill be on the lookout for one. You can take the girl out of Essex and all that.     Thunder Force springs to mind. Ironically I just watched that film. Melissa McCarthy, I absolutly adore.   But thats not why you posted.   Women i think you find look deeper than what wrapping you have. I do personally. I dont really give a monkeys if a guy looks like some greek god. If he has the empathy and is as deep as a small puddle then i would steer well clear. As far as my freinds go. Fat, thin black, white or green with yellow spots I judge them on how they conduct themselves. I dont have a quatity of freinds. I go for quality. As im sure your freinds do to. So i would take there feelings on you and most certainly run with it as they will be the ones who are still there when your old and grey and not fly by nights. There was a saying if i recall Martin Luther King once said he longed for the day when a man would be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.   The same rules apply even if the wording maybe diffrent a little. You are being judged by your thoughts and deeds and not the wrapping.   Wouldnt it be nice if the world really did this and not base everything on how aesthetically pleasing it may be.        
    • Kelli321
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t! I walked down that road, I attempted suicide 12 years ago. I am soooooo grateful that it didn’t work and my Goddess pulled me back. I can’t even describe the insane instant regret I felt in that moment. We all carry intense burdens, all different but all heavy especially in our community. Things around covid ARE getting better, don’t let the news fool you, they push all the doom and gloom because it sells. Please let people in to be there for you, there are so many wonderful amazing folks here who want to be here for you. I thought the same things you are thinking .. that there’s nothing to be done, I didn’t  want to try ideas because I thought it wouldn’t help me,   I was living in the principal of “contempt prior to investigation.” But sometimes it takes a few tries at something before you know if that something is going to be helpful. Every single person in this group wants you to find your happiness, I promise you it’s not far away, sometimes we just have to work a lot harder. No matter how hard we have to try though, IT’S ALWAYS WORTH THE EFFORT. Maybe I’m alive today   just so I could tell you to please don’t go down that horrific road. There is always help available, you just need ask. Whatever the you need there is someone here who can help point you in the right direction to get it. There is so much love here!!! 
    • MelanieTamara
      Katie, I'm so glad you replied.   Hey, you know what. You're not wrong in your feelings of isolation and helplessness. These government forced lockdowns have affected all our kids too. Suicides are up, depressions are up, and learning over that useless zoom is all but a failure.   Not to mention all the people in recovery programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Overeating where peer support is so important and critical to recovery. It's so bad, people have reverted back to their old behaviors. Overdoses are up, everyone is gaining weight, and alcohol abuse is way up too.....all because of these stupid government lockdowns.   It's almost as if the government would rather have us die from our demons rather than having to adjust their stupid covid statistics.   Everybody who replies to you will probably say don't harm yourself, you have so much to offer the world etc. And they would all be incredibly sincere and right. But I suggest something in addition.   You owe it to yourself to complete your transition. You need the empowerment, the joy that completion will bring. You sensed an anomaly with yourself, you went about finding a solution, and you were successful. Transition is no small thing as it takes bravery, guts, and smarts to achieve.  A huge personal kudos from yourself to you is well deserved. Victory always requires celebration.   So hang in there. Keep the faith. Beat the system. Achieve your goals. We're all on this journey together. hugs.          
    • Linda Marie
      So now that we are enjoying that fresh brew, what do you carry in your purse? LM♥️ 
    • Transgirlkatie
      Yeah that's what I think or at least public officials won't ever lift restrictions because of that. Yeah a zoom call will do nothing for me.
    • Teri Anne
      That is the key be patient.
    • KymmieL
      I just watched different for girls. It was good.   Kymmie
    • Linda Marie
      Late night again. Just want to relay to all that listen. Please remember this only what I have gone through, and still do. I have lost everyone but my wife and daughter. My sister is finally accepting me only because I said good-by to her after all her b-s to me. My so called friends I told all of them to just f off and grow up. I went through all the screaming at home from wife and daughter, but for them I continued to do what I do, and gave them a chance to chill out and reflect on all I had done for them.  This life HAS NEVER BEEN A BED OF TRIMMED ROSES FOR ME.  Still I survive and will continue to fight for our right to be who we were, and who we are. WE HAVE A VOICE!! LM♥️   1294642650_Comingout.mp4
    • JustineM
      Also not a clubber but I react like this whenever I do my makeup. I feel great with it on but when it has to come off it’s just gut wrenching for me.    
    • Linda Marie
      Clubbing is how I got my start coming out. I had no where to turn. I came out first, then took it to the clubs to escape from the chaos I started at home.    
    • Jandi
      Can't really say… I've never been a clubbing kind of person.   I don't mean this in a bad way, it's just never been me.
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