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Stopping partway through and resuming later

Guest ValerieD

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Guest ValerieD

What happens if you have to abort LHR after a few treatments (let's say 4) and resume later due to life circumstances like unemployment? I'm looking at that situation right now since I just lost my job. My next session is in December, which I'm keeping because the rate more than doubles next year at the place I'm going to when the current discount ends, but after that I don't know when I'll be able to continue.

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  • Admin

What's dead and gone is dead and gone, no return, end of its life. Stuff that was only stunned and left for dead and was not, or that happened at the wrong part of its life cycle will be back to haunt you at its regular timing, which is about four to five months from last zap date, when you would have gone in for cleanup anyway. Some people string their LHR out over several years just for your reason, no money for it, and have very good results eventually if they are young enough or have the right hair color. You have to do what you have to do.

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Guest Astrosmurf

Argh, I'm in the same situation kind of, Valerie. I'm loving laser, apart from the pain. I managed to pay for the four first sessions at a discounted rate, so I got one session free, and I've just had the second. My problem is I work freelance so there's no regular, fixed amount I earn. This month has been awful, I've had so little work. Unless December picks up I'll just have to save what I can and it'll take me a couple of months at least to pay for another session after I've used up with I've already paid for.

However, I think it's still all good, isn't it? What I mean is, for one thing, I've had some pleasing results so far already - nothing miraculous but a noticeable difference.

Also, the clinic fact sheet explained that a hair folicle only has a limited number of 'lives' - so if it falls out but comes back again later, it's still that bit closer to being permanently fried, right?

AND, I think the laser is actually good for the skin too. So I might be wrong but I think the only thing we're possibly losing if we have to postpone is time? Frustrating yes, but like Vicky says we can only do what we can.

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Guest Melissa~

Dead hairs are gone usually, the "life support" system of the follicle is beyond repair. Hairs that were in an unaffected phase will continues growing just fine. In general I don't think there is any harm in skipping laser treatments, only squeezing them too close together with out enough time for skin to heal and dead hairs to shed. However, MtF HT, if you are on it, will continue to mitigate hair in size and lighten it. That -is- detrimental to future laser treatment, but positive to having the appearance of less hair anyhow. I concluded facial laser treatment at 9 treatments, I expect there wouldn't have been much difference curtailing at six treatments. Plenty of electrolysis is left for light hairs that are unaffected by laser, I have had a total of maybe 40 hours( 20 DIY, 20 professional) Not sure how much there is to go.

PS. My significant portion of light hairs are from a combination of age, HT, and damage to hair from laser without the kill effect. It's similar to the type of damage caused by branding livestock with freeze brands. They damage the hair enough to produce white hair, but not kill it.

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