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Is my cost typical?

Guest ValerieD

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Guest ValerieD

My current, pre-discount (the current discount, expiring at the end of the year, lowers the cost to $200) cost for laser is around $500/session. Is this typical? My top choice for a new job likely pays significantly less and is in an area with much higher rents ($900-1200/month being typical rather than $600-750), so I'm concerned about next year's budget.

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It depends on the area on the body you are going to have lasered, and where you live. $500 seems steep for a session anywhere on the body. I received a discount for 6 sessions in a specific area, mainly the area for GRS. The average cost was $1200 total. But I could pay off the treatment with 4 payments without any interest. Afterwards I only pay half price for the same area. It's about $120. I've had 8 sessions, and know I will need at least one more. Although much of the hair is gone, and what is left is thin light brown hair. That still doesn't do anything about the gray hair though. I will need electrolysis for that.


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I've seen it that high, but also heard of much better deals and apparently that has been the case with the discount you have been getting. I am wondering why the discount ending.

I am also curious why take a job that pays significantly less located where rents are higher, but that's off topic I know? I am usually of a mindset of willing to accept less if it keeps me from having to pay higher living expenses.

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Guest KimberlyF

I always had luck with groupons but I live in a huge metro area. I can compare and check out a place's reputation prior to purchase.

Since the tech knew I came in with a groupon, I witnessed her offering another woman a much higher rate to re-up the same time it was my time to renew. Most of the prices are not etched in stone as there is so much competition.

I paid $150 for three treatments that each lasted about 20 minutes of actual laser time aside from the set up and clean up time.

If they offer packages, those are usually cheaper too.

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Guest ValerieD

Note: this is for face and neck, which my place counts as separate areas (the full cost for the face is $350/session, and neck is $145).

The discount was a summer discount originally set to expire at the end of September. Since then, it was extended to October, and then finally to the end of the year. It seemed like that was the final extension at my last appointment.

In my case, it's moving for a dream job in a totally different field from computer programming. It's worth noting that the area the apartment I want for that job is in is mountains with a 45 minute commute to civilization.

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Guest Melissa~

I'm paying $125 per session on my face(actual cost is lower since there are five paid sessions then a free session.) I have heard of cheaper, but not in my region.

The one thing I learned when shopping is run far away from anyplace that makes their living on laser hair treatment. The place I go is actually a plastic surgery center that typically uses their laser concurrent with other treatment. They aren't out to make a living on their laser. An interesting side note is the performed SRS there in the past.

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Guest ValerieD

What's a good way to find places that will do laser hair removal but don't make a living off of it? Google's very unhelpful... in fact, when I search for laser hair removal, I have to filter out all the electrolysis results it includes!

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  • Admin

What's a good way to find places that will do laser hair removal but don't make a living off of it? Google's very unhelpful... in fact, when I search for laser hair removal, I have to filter out all the electrolysis results it includes!

I'm afraid I don't understand your question, Valerie. Are you talking about a non-profit? Or someone doing it as a sideline? The equipment would be extremely expensive, I should think, making it prohibitively expensive for anyone except a corporation or large business.


Carolyn Marie

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Guest ValerieD

As Melissa mentioned - a place that does laser but primarily makes money another way. Advice in general is good too, because Google doesn't give very many results, so I can't shop around (don't live in a big city and likely never will) and am stuck with whatever I find.

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  • Forum Moderator

While i am waiting for HRT to work whatever magic it can i hope to start working on my beard in around a year. I will shop around and while doing so i will tell the folks that i'm doing that. As an old flea market seller and buyer i do my best to bargain with people. Specials can be continued for favorite clients i have found. If this holds true with one service i'm sure it applies elsewhere. Haggling over price is rare in the US but it still is amazingly affective if you give it a try. There is nothing to loose and they do want your business or they wouldn't have had a discount to start.



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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

I went to a lady who owns her own laser/electrolysis/permanent makeup business who is well established in the transgender community as a good place to go. With her transgender discount, I was paying about $250 per laser session.

While I found her on my own, it turns out my gender therapist also had her own list of recommended places for laser/electrolysis and she was on the list.

Now I'm going to the top recommended lady for electrolysis. My GD therapist asked me "Do you want to go to someone who's close or do you want to go to the best?" Being the perfectionist I am I said "the best!" So it's an hour drive to see her but she's doing a really good job.

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Guest Melissa~

I was chatting with my primary doctor about treatments and venues to access them, when he brought up the plastic surgery center(again it was a former SRS place.) He was under the impression they would be highly sympathetic, as it turned out they were, and happened to have their own YAG laser for hair removal. Ultimately this was was found by talking with my primary doctor even though he had no idea they had a laser.

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Guest CassieX

I go through a Dermatologist for my laser needs on my face which is not too much these days as I mostly do electrolysis and can almost see the end of that in sight (will be 2 years in April). The price is significantly lower than what has been quoted by other people per session but my dermatologist uses an IPL which is not as powerful as other lasers. That being said, the life cycle of hair follicles pretty much means you will be going back a bunch of times one way or another so for me the IPL is definitely budget friendly and I will probably finish up with electrolysis anyway. But, as Charlie said, negotiating can get a good discount. I was lucky in that my electrologist recommended me to the dermatologist for the laser and that worked out very well.


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      Thanks to all my family here on TP. You are the best. @Mmindythat would be great for all of us to have coffee, together. we would have to warn were ever we went to make sure they had enough coffee for us.   @Willow Happy Birthday, my girlfriend.   Hugs to you all.   Kymmie
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      I've been devoting time lately to my late-in-life hobby: an on-line radio station. I spent 13 years in the industry back in the 80s and early 90s, both out on the air and in copywriting and production. In terms of audience, I'm pretty much targeting people close to or in my age group. I think the scientific term is "fossils".   I'm getting positive feedback from this toy of mine. It turns out that when you do something just for fun it can impact people in a positive way. Who knew?
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      Hello,   One of my best friends has an autistic 11-year-old. I have known them for about seven years. When I transitioned 18 months ago, the child had questions about the new situation. I explained things as best as I could and answered every question. They have had no problem adjusting to my new name or my new pronouns.   But they have repeatedly made comments in my presence like "when is she going to sound like a woman?"   I have had two conversations about this topic previously with her. I tried "well, I have been speaking this way for fifty years and it has been very hard to change." Then I tried "not all women have to sound a certain way in order to be women." Neither has been effective. Is there another line I am not thinking of that will be clearer? Or is this just going to be an eternal thing?   I do not feel my attempts at voice feminization have been very successful, so when I am among friends I often don't try very hard. I am not angry when they make these comments, but it does hurt a little when I am reminded of the fact that I am 'different' than other woman in their eyes.   I intend to discuss this more with their parents, but I wanted to get any tips from y'all before I do so.   thanks in advance!    
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      Coffees for all. I wish we could really have coffee together. I would even make a coffee pot for the occasion.    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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      That was a great read.    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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      Wonderful news!  
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      Kymmie I am sorry to read of your family's loss.  Hold on to your family.   Jani 
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      Kymmie- sorry for your loss.  It must have been a shock to you all.
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      @KymmieLSorry to read about your Brother in law Kymmie, how tragic, thoughts be with you and your family.    @WillowHappy birthday young lady   Cyndee 
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      Good afternoon everyone,    @KymmieL I’m sorry for your family loss, and hold you and yours up in prayer.    Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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      While the Los Angeles area is much safer than many areas, even we have our problems from time to time.  No direct evidence in this case, and maybe none ever, but the Holiday Season with parties in many welcoming and supposedly safe places have a problem with  "Date Rape" drugging/  A Trans friend of mine whom @Carolyn Marie may know or at least know of was the victim of that a year ago. The person is a survivor but is still dealing with the physical and psychological aspects of the experience.  I am there for the person, but they are having a tough time still.  Please be careful about who you are with and what is happening to you.  Make sure there are several people with you and that all of you have each other's backs.  
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      @KymmieL oh my!  What a terrible week for your wife.  I am so sorry.  My sincere condolences for your you, your wife and sons.   Hugs   Willow
    • Delcina B
      Welcome Jennie! Glad you're here! Happy for you being accepted by family & work! As for bad decisions & consequences, hmmm, me too. There are posts on the forum here with tips on solving some of the problems you mention. I hope you find the wonderful support, advice & acceptance here as I have.   Hugs! Delcina 
    • Marcie Jensen
      @KymmieL, I'm sorry for your loss. It's sad to lose a family member; so sad that mere words aren't adequate. It's especially hard during this time of year. You and your family will be in my prayers. May you all find the comfort and healing you need during your tie of grief.
    • Diana Stone
      I am not on any HRT so my body is the one I was born with pretty much though it creaks and pops rather more in recent years. I am fairly well accepted in most places in the sense that people don't seem confused about how I present with regard to gender so that's OK. With regard to behaviour, I can't say I have adopted a different walk or way of moving so if that draws attention maybe I am to thick skinned to notice now to be honest. My speaking voice is different depending on if its people I know or not, so it tends to vary quite a bit. I would say if anything gives me away it might be my hands which are not huge but fairly long. I don't really think about being trans 90% of the time. I have to be a bit more careful in regard to presentation to try and look right   but practice makes perfect they say. I have two different modes really, if I am out playing music on a gig I tend to go for a more showbizzy look.  At other times I am a bit mumsey or grandma ish.  
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