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My E3000 Journey

Guest LizMarie

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Guest LizMarie

December 19th, 2014 session

This was my 8th session at E3000. As a correction, my prior session was just a bit over five hours, not under. This session, on December 19th (a year and a day since I started) was four hours and fifty five minutes - $525.

Additionally, Denise was remarking how she's noticing how sparse the lip and cheek hair is getting finally.

The jawline and lower chin continues to be somewhat thicker though it too is thinning. The center of the neck remains almost as thick as always, not quite, with the added caveat that there are small spots that are showing and staying completely cleared.

I once again used the aspirin therapy starting the night before and continuing on into today and the swelling has been much less than times past. It's still swollen though.

My next session will be February 6th, 2015. We'll see where we stand after that but I'm sure there will be yet more sessions to go, the only question being how many more?

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Guest LizMarie

Below is a side by side comparison of before my first facial hair removal session in December 2013 to today (my 9th session will be February 6th). The difference in just over a year is huge and dramatic for someone who had very dense facial hair. I am confident that I will complete this process this year.


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Guest LizMarie

The latest session was $565, about 5 hours and 20 minutes total. However, Denise remarked that there was noticeably less hair and that she was taking more and more care with each remaining hair now, occasionally zapping the same hair twice when she wasn't certain about it. I'm expecting 3-6 more sessions at this rate but who knows? Facial hair can be rather unpredictable. :)

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Guest Billi_G

I have been doing electrolysis for about 4 months in The Woodlands, Texas with Maureen Lynch. I am amazed at your results so far. After a clearing it is obviously more feminine in appearance. I am glad you documented the regrowth though. It eases my concerns. I have about 30 hours of blend under my belt and have seen the growth come back. It was so discouraging and I felt I was getting nowhere. I can see that what I am going through is normal. The E3000 place sounds like a great choice for those in the Dallas area and their approach will definitely cut your time.

Our approach here is to attack sections of the face in total clearing each session...then work outwards. It is obviously slower, but I put in about 3 hours a week. She does a great job, but the regrowth thing was really making me doubt. I can see now from your pictures (which are similar to my results, only in smaller section on my face) that regrowth will occur through several cycles. Since I only have about 30 hours, I know it's a long road.

Keep posting. I like to see your progress. It really looks great after each clearing! very female.

Oh...one last thing: Does anyone have any recommendations for something other than lidocaine products for pain? I seem to be having a reaction where my heart rate goes up after application of the cream. I am basically doing the Electrolysis with no anesthesia. It's tolerable but I am looking for something that is natural. I tried Capsacin and menthol, but they dont really do anything.

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Guest LizMarie

I live south of Houston so have a 5 hour drive to Dallas for each session and find it to be totally worthwhile. They use lidocaine injections in the face, for total, complete numbness. I have literally fallen asleep in the chair sometimes.

Using "normal" electrolysis, most trans women seem to require 100-200 hours of total electrolysis time to clear the face. A few require well over 400 hours. And a rare, rare few require just a few hours.

Due to differences in technology (E3000 uses their own machines, designed by the owner as I understand it), E3000 patients tend to see full clears done in 70-90 hours total time.

I had a session in March and after that session we have turned a definite corner. It is now 6 weeks later and the right jawline and right side of the chin remain largely hair free. The left jawline and left and center of the chin continue to show regrowth.

The session on March 12th was about 4.5 hours, $471 total. Hair reduction continues, slowly but steadily yet there remains a lot of annoying hair especially on the jawline and lower chin. The throat continues to thin out nicely and the cheeks now just have a few stray hairs per session. The upper lip continues to be stubborn, with probably 75-100 total hairs removed during the last 3 sessions each. It's obviously very thin yet just as obviously hairy enough to be bothersome.
My next session will have to wait until July. I was told I should wait at least two months after FFS, which I am doing in late April, so late June or early July made sense. Since I will be going to Thailand in mid-July, I chose to get it done in the first week of July. The next session after that will likely be sometime in September, if it's still needed (which I suspect it will).
As a note, according to my own notes about this, I am at about 66 hours into total hair removal with E3000. I fully expect at least 3 more sessions, in July, then likely September, then early November or late October. I may be done then or may need a few more beyond that. Regardless, my surgeries this year will stretch out my time for finishing facial hair removal but I won't stop at this point, that's for sure! I'm too close now to being totally done. :)
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