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at the end of my rope...

Guest yuki

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I have a small issue with my body/facial hair...... (I cant shave....ever due to the fact that I have a skin issue that causes it 2 come thru like fiery needles) I'm kinda low on money (look homeless sort of cant really get a job till the hair is at least removed or limited enough I'm hopefully transitioning around the summer I was wondering if anyone knew about how much it costs to get it all removed or a good home hair removal that will work (don't really have all that much money atm but would like to see if I'm anywhere near close to being able to remove this giant nuisance

tys in advance =)

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Guest ~Brenda~

Hi Yuki,

It all depends on the amount of hair you need to remove.

Although not permanent, but shaving one's hair is definitely the cheapest.

I am not clear as to why getting employment is tied to removing unwanted hair.



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I haven't been able 2 shave in like 6 months or so meaning that I cant get a job cause its not anywhere near job applicable (my facial hairs are like......3-4 inches long on the smaller pieces....)

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I haven't been able 2 shave in like 6 months or so meaning that I cant get a job cause its not anywhere near job applicable (my facial hairs are like......3-4 inches long on the smaller pieces....)

Can't you trim your hair to make it look neat? All you would need are scissors and a mirror. You won't have to touch your skin at all, and a neat looking beard shouldn't cost you a chance at finding most jobs.


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I think I remember trying that b4 but I could try again I guess thanks =)

jus gotta hope the problem doesn't rearise and still need 2 do the hair removal in the future sooner rather then later preferably so if you could tell me if you know any good methods for it that are relatively inexpensive or if its like laser/electrolysis how much that would help me for later on

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  • Admin

Yuki, there are several home hair removal devices on the market. Some use intense pulsed light, some use a laser or laser-type device, and some are the more traditional epilators. You can Google "home hair removal devices" and get lots of hits. There is one I've recently heard of called the "No No Hair Removal" that Target and other stores sell.

Before buying any such device, please check the Internet for product reviews, because some of these products are probably of little value, and you won't want to waste your money. We (Laura's) do not endorse any products, and I haven't personally heard of how effective they are.

Professional laser hair removal can cost from $1,500 to $2,500 for the entire face. It is effective on dark hair, and works very well, but it is not considered permanent. I used it, and found it very satisfactory, although I continue to have to shave my fine white hairs. Nevertheless, I can go more than 24 hours without any noticeable hair on my face.

Carolyn Marie

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  • Forum Moderator

It is really a bit of an expensive and somewhat painful procedure to do complete removal that lasts. When i had a beard i simply put a comb on the razor that kept the razor a consistent distance from my face. Now i shave with an electric razor in the am and i'm in some ways lucky as my hairs are very light. I plan to wait until HRT has had it full effect before doing permanent removal. I fear you may need to have a job first to get the necessary $.



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