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body changes finding hard to handle

Guest sally-jane

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Guest sally-jane

hi i have accepted that im not 100% male in mind and body and have stop trying to hide the fact which is good im a lot happier the problem im having is i have also stopped blocking all of the feeling, all the sensation which i have block for a long time and i am also talking about natural hormonal feelings. i am having a hard time processing them all as they are coming all at the same time and i dont know how to stop them now and it seems im starting to lose my mind any advice would be handy as i am also having a hard time convincing my doctor

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  • Forum Moderator

All i can say is that your discomfort is similar to mine during my first tastes of honesty with myself. I didn't want to admit to myself that change was necessary and then when i did i had to convince others who were happy with the status quo. Time made change possible. Give yourself the gift of time as you move forward and it will be easier to find your path and perhaps it will not be as difficult. At the same time remember we are here to share and help as we can.



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Guest chargrl1

Not knowing what sort of feelings you are trying to process I guess I'm a little confused.

Not being 100% male can mean a lot of things also, and I don't want to push you to say something you aren't comfortable with or somethign that might be inappropriate. At the same time though that could have a lot of relevance to what you are trying to say.

I am trying not to be too direct about this and I"m not looking to give you advice, just trying to understand it better and maybe I could offer some ideas.

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Guest sally-jane

the feeling and sensations im having are in places where there is nothing to have these sensations im having monthly cycle symptoms of a true female i know it sound strange it sounds strange to me but by what i have told my doctor and she has said im having them and im not even on hrt yet i know i have blocked alot of them away for a long time and over the pass 6 months i have started to unblock them and they are starting to overload my system and now ive been told i have a over a yr to see anyone at the gender clinch as thats where i have been told i will be tested to see if i am a intersex person i dont think i could handle it

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Guest Carla_Davis

Hi Sally Jane,

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time processing your thoughts and feelings.

Also, that you have to wait a year to see the Gender Clinic.

Until you are accepted at the Clinic, I would recommend that you locate and join a Transgender Support Group so that you can be around others that have similar feelings as you.

I am listing a few that you may want to look into, because I do not know where in England you live.

Beaumont http://www.beaumontsociety.org.uk/

Mermaids. http://www.mermaidsuk.org.uk/

Northern Concord http://www.northernconcord.org.uk/

These are great places to meet Local friends and discuss your feelings.

I hope you feel better soon.

I wish you Success and Happiness on your Journey.



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Guest xterra

What is your age?

Do you have any children?

Are you on medication (hormonal?)

Do you recall any unussual event prior to having these pains?

Would you consider your genitalia to be "normal"?

Did you have any breast growth during puberty?

Do you remember being in hospital in early childhood?

My body is doing similar things. I do not have ambigous genitalia and I did not have any genetic testing done. Yet, I had some lower abdominal pains that returned every 28 days. First time it happened pain was terrible, Pain was bursting from two independent points, on the same level, on felt and right side of abdomen, below navel point and something very narrow, tube connecting these points. Pain was getting stronger with every minute. I went to the bathroom, but pain did not stop, it got even worse. I got up again from my bed and took Tylenol and only after that I was able to get some sleep. Next day I felt discomfort. Pains returned after 28 days, this time there was no stabbing pain, but they lasted about a week, my nipples were hurting too (like burning). These pains returned again 28 days later and they were much weaker than before. However I had single incidents of pain that lasted almost 24 hours and about 3.5 hours (my face started looking different and got alot of stares).

I have various changes that resemble those on HRT. My nipples are soft and responsive to touch, cold and arousal. My body hair is thinning. My facial hair grows slower. My skin is smoother. Fat desposits on my cheeks and my face shape is changing.

I went to see a doctors. First one told me, it's not pissible beacuse intersex is something that is diagnosed when a child is born (!) And she works in LBGT clinic administering HRT. She agreed to do USG but it did not show anything abnormal accorrding to her. I had a hard time getting a print out. Then she told me to see pychiatrist. On print out I found a sentence that "view was obscured and examination was difficult". Idn December I went to see a endocrinologist. He examined me and was surprised that I do not have any form of cancer or brain tumor. I do have some breast tissue and according to him these changes are result of very high level of prolactin. He did all the blood tests and found hormone levels to be within range and at the end offered viagra (Oh my goodness!) I told him about pains and he completely ignored them. He did not want to any testing. These are the type of people you going to have to deal with. To tell the truth I would rather not see any freaking doctor.

My T levels in March 2013 was 371, and in December 2013 was 411. It would seem that there should be no physical changes at all. They are on the low side, but according to doctors pretty normal for my age (48 years old)

I know you are looking for some answers. You lived your whole live thinking that your body is what you think it is, but in reality is not what is seems to be. That certainty of who you are biologically is gone. It's extremely difficult to deal with it. Our bodies supposed to be a boundry, but when that boundry disapears, there is confusion and fear. It takes time to adjust. There is no support group, talking to other people is almost impossible. You feel like you are completely alone,

It's really hard to tell exactly what is going on with you. But if you understand some basics it would help you deal with this issue.

From what you wrote, you are not on HRT and pains started spontaneously. That is very important. You see, female parts are incactive without hormones. Once estradiol is introduced, ovaries start working. And opposite is truth, when FTM's starts taking testosterone, they periods stop after couple months. The bleeding stops, only about 10% of them still feel some pain (no bleeding). Therefore we can conclude that ovaries activity and level of estradiol are strictly correlated. There were cases were people (MTF) found out they have female parts after they started HRT. After hormones reached certain level, bleeding started (anal bleeding) and that person found out she has uterus (USG test).

There were cases where person found out accidentally about ovaries


This case is liitle bit different and requires some explanation. Its is common believe that males and females are so different that their building blocks are like "triangle" (XY) and "oval" (XX). But nature is much more rational. Why build two different systems when it's more efficient to use one and differentiate it through some process. Therefore human gonads can be developed either to testes or ovaries. Same human organ, two diferent functions. The differentiation proces is regulated with hormones. They carry information, what to do. First step takes places around 7 week of human development, this is when human genitals are being developed. Next step is puberty. Nature is not perfect or nature is in constant flactuation, searching and adjusting. So we have situations, when development process is dissrupted and instead fully developed male or female genitals, you could have something in between. You could also have cross mixing, XX with male genitals or XY with female organs. There is whole range of possibilities and errors. In case of that person from article you have male and female organs developed independently from two different gonads. This is possible when two different embryos fuse together and create one human being. In this case we have male and female embryos. However there was a case of a woman gave a birth and blood test revealed that she is not a mother of her children! Children had genetic material from a father, but not from her. Further testing revealed that her uterus had different genetic material than other parts of her body. So in this cased we had two female embryos fused together.

This is very important because in this situation standard genetic testing is most likely not accurate. Different parts of a body have different genetic material.

It's hard to find out how many poeple were born this way since the beginning of XX century. Numbers range from 100 to 400. It's extremely rare and most of the clinics never even came across such a case.

Here is an interesting article about a subject


One more thing. Human hormonal system is regulated by part of our brain. Hormones called gonadotropins (LH and FSH) regulate production of sex hormones. In males LH is being released every hour and it regulates production of testosteron, in females LH and FSH fluctuate during menstual cycle. Each one of them dominates in different parts of that cycle. Again the same hormones and different functions. So basically, pains you are feeling are related to LH and FSH activity.

Feel free to asks questions.

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Guest sally-jane

What is your age? 32

Do you have any children? no

Are you on medication (hormonal?) no

Do you recall any unussual event prior to having these pains?nope ive been having them since i was 18 but due to what i been through with bulling i blocked a lot of it out it was only when i came out that i was female that they came back like a tone of bricks

Would you consider your genitalia to be "normal"? in part the might be but its the scrotum i find odd it starts a inch from my tip and then goes all the way to my bum and when i get a erection it points down and is completely straight and then if i point it up its looks like i dont have a scrotum at all

Did you have any breast growth during puberty? yes i started having breast at 9yr old

Do you remember being in hospital in early childhood? not that i can remember

i have been told my t lvls are low but have been told they are border-ling of being very low and are still dropping i have hips i am also slimmer on one side of my body than the other i know that your body side are different i have less fat and muscle on one side of my body. My nipples are soft and responsive to touch, cold and arousal. i have Fat deposits on my cheeks, hips, thighs, and bum i have very little body hair at all i also have female pubic hair patten not male

i have a pear body shape which is odd for a male ie i have a 36in chest 38in waist 43in hip im a natural d cup already and they are not fully formed

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Guest xterra

There are different medical conditions that you may fall in. It's hard to believe, but doctors seem to find explanation to everything that you may consider abnormal. Gynecomastia or low T is not a problem, everything is within range. They will however take you seriously if your hormonal levels are out of control, or your start bleeding etc otherwise they would insist that you are male.

Yous should find an endocrinologist and tell him about your pains. Most likely he will do some blood tests.

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Guest sally-jane

i have been waiting for a endocrinologist appointment to come through from my doctor which i can happily say i have one now in 4 weeks time so ill let you all know how it went

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Guest chargrl1

It's very difficult dealing with doctors who are not understanding of intersex issues. In the US I think it would be a good idea to see a therapist and get referal from them to a doctor who would take you seriously and not be on their own medical agenda. Unless you are wealthy and can order whatever you want like a fast food drive-thru.

Since you're in another country and have socialized medicine (which is what I can see coming in the US too the way that things are headed with obamacare) I know it is handled differently and you must be very much at their mercy.

Life can be stressful enough under normal circumstances, and these sorts of things greatly complicate what some of us have to cope with daily.

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    • Betty K
      That’s a brilliant analogy! 
    • VickySGV
      Now that you put it that way, I fully agree on its potential for those putting together educational guidelines.  One of my HMO's medical centers, has a garden plot with ONLY our local plants that are poisonous to human beings as part of our diet or skin absorbtion for teaching purposes.  I can easily the document as that sort of display. 
    • Betty K
      I think there is one (and probably only one) way to positively view the Cass Review: it collects all the most powerful weapons of the “gender critical” movement into one convenient repository, at least as regards gender-affirming care. To me, it’s like a crash course in how to fight GC ideology and advocate for trans kids. I am seeing it as my doctorate in the topic.
    • Vidanjali
      That's great. I hope it's a peaceful time of renewal for you.
    • VickySGV
      They have done so already I am afraid.  Nothing new really, but Cass included views of our home brewed bigots to create this. 
    • Adrianna Danielle
      Met up with a teacher I had back in high school and went good.Was 27 years ago I last saw her after I graduated.Walked into her classroom and we hugged calling me Adrianna.Remembered seeing me as male seeing I was holding something in.Told her I am much happier now and said she noticed it now.Even said seen me as an 18 year old and now as a 45 year old transwoman.Did get to walk down the halls bringing back lots of memories too.Ran into another teacher I had too.She said I changed big time.Told her I go as Adrianna now,transgender on the hormones.Also said she noticed I was unhappy at times and I am much happier now.I did take a picture with both of these two
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, Kayla.   Another Bluenoser!  (Actually, I'm not a real one.  I am a CFA.)    I can't answer your question about the effects of spiro alone.  I started on spiro and estrogen at the same time.  I expect that spiro alone might relieve some dysphoria symptoms, but would not start any physical changes.  But that is just a guess.  The big thing with spiro is to drink enough water, since it is a powerful diuretic.   I started out getting my transition care from the Halifax Sexual Health Centre, but once my hormone regime was stable, I asked my GP if she would be comfortable taking over my prescription.  She was, so I no longer have to do the long commute into the city.   Regards, Kathy
    • MirandaB
      I can't answer your question since my doc's plan didn't start that way, but I do love to quote what she said to me when we began HRT when I see a post like this, "Let's get this party started!"
    • Betty K
      Thanks for listening Vidanjali. And don’t worry, I am now planning two weeks off before I try to write a more in-depth response. I am well aware of how much Cass has been hurting me. 
    • Mikayla2024
      Thank you, Mindy! Such a warm welcome!! I’m excited and honoured to be here !! 😊
    • Ivy
      I don't need that "new math."  My brain does it on its own.
    • Willow
      You know the advantages we had using long division and multiplication, slide rules and log table?  We can look at a result and know right away if something is wrong with it. Kids that have grown up using calculators can hit keystrokes on their calculator but they have no clue that the answer is wrong when there is a factor of ten that they messed up.  Also we learned our basic math tables inside out and upside down. They use this new math that mixes everything up.  
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon Kayla,   Welcome to Transgender Pulse Forum, I hope you find this place as helpful and fun as I do. There are so many people from all walks of life, and locations in the World. Look around and join in on any threads you find interesting.   Best wishes, stay positive and motivated,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mikayla2024
      Hi All,   So today, I finally met with my Nurse Practitioner in her office to officially go over HRT for me. A little bit of background about gender affirming care in my province I live in - Doctors and NP’s now have the authority to perform gender affirming care as per a new directive recently. I only know because 6 weeks ago when I met with her and telling her about who I truly am, she said that before our appointment she was in a province wide zoom meeting with the sexual health centre in Halifax about gender affirming care and them explaining to all the PCP’s that if they can handle gender affirming care in the community as it would help save resources to focus on the more sensitive clientele such as children and teens.   At the end, I had to sign a document ensuring I understood everything. I grabbed the document so fast and signed away !!   So, she prescribed XXmg of spiro daily in the morning (Anti-Androgen) to start for 4 weeks and then seeing how I respond to that, she’s going to then start me on Estrogen pills. I already have a follow up appointment booked at the end of June.   I trust my NP wholeheartedly, kinda disappointed that I didn’t get the E, but I totally understand why. I’m a little nervous with the side effects however of Spiro, but regardless of side effects I’m going ahead with the plan and trusting in process and becoming who I’m truly supposed to be.   Question though as I’m curious - I know it’s a low dose of spiro but even then what sort of changes can I see from just the spiro alone without the e for those first 4 weeks?    thanks everyone!!   Kayla
    • April Marie
      Very cute!!!
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