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Hi,I just joined this group. Really would like to attend  aa meetings. Been in aa for 25 years. Thanks 


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24 minutes ago, Bobbie Scott said:

Hi,I just joined this group. Really would like to attend  aa meetings. Been in aa for 25 years. Thanks 



Hey Bobbie! If you look to the right of the page and scroll all the way down, you'll see when our next substance abuse meeting is! Hint: August 30th at 9pm.



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On 8/25/2020 at 1:00 PM, Jackie C. said:

you'll see when our next substance abuse meeting is! Hint: August 30th at 9pm.

Hi Jackie

Yes, yes, yes, I wanna' come to that meeting. Great to know Bill's been here, too. My problem is, I don't know how to log into Discord. It's too discordant to me. I guess at some point, I "registered"[?] my email, so now it won't let me set up a new account, but I don't see anywhere to log into an existing account.

I think I mentioned, I'm 76 The buttons I learned to push were dark red on a Royal secretary model that weighed about 100 #, with paper which instantly disappeared under any sort of eraser. My tech education hasn't advanced much beyond that point. So, my sweet Sister, could you guide me through the maze, or am I lost so far in the swamp that I'll vote for .... [bleep, bleep, censored for peace].

~~Leah, who's lost in digital swampland

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Sweetie, I'm 50 but sure, easy enough.


Step #1: Launch the Discord app on your computer. If you don't have the app, download and install it. The web-based version of Discord is... not great...


Step #2: In the left-hand pane, click on the Transpulse channel. It looks like North America backed by the transgender flag.


Step #3: Substance abuse meetings are in the #Meeting-Room. @Charlize and @VickySGV are the moderators.



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We are discussing two meetings here.

   The Trans Pulse meeting takes place in chat in the meeting room.  Any with a substance abuse problem are welcome to join us there.  Jackie has given good advice above to get to that meeting.  There is more on that meeting on a separate thread.

    TGAA takes place on a Zoom platform as well as using a list serve(email chat).  To access that group use this link:


Just fill out your email and the name you wish to use.  Hit the submit button and sit back. At this point you need to ask Ravin to join the Zoom meetings.  You can do that on the list serve.

  You must join the list serve prior to joining in at Zoom.  We do that as an added layer of security to protect our members whose anonymity is often very important to them.






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Last night's Thursday TGAA meeting was wonderful.  It struck me that in the group of 30 trans* folks we had many attending who were finding sobriety in the midst of the covid epidemic.  We had day counts of sobriety ranging from 8 days to 95 days along with those with over 40 years.  For years i heard folks in real time AA meetings saying that AA couldn't work on line.  In fact it does.  For the trans community simply finding a place where others understood my addiction as well as my gender issues is magical.  I have often heard that is is beautiful to see a person grow in sobriety.  Seeing them embrace themselves as well brings additional joy.  I feel the same seeing the beautiful people here at Trans Pulse.

If you have an issue with substance addiction please join us.  





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Yes, Ma'am, it is wonderful. I think the tgAA meeting is one of the best groups I've ever attended. Literally international, "local" members from all over the US, ages from 18 to ... um ... me and maybe a few others, different takes on their Programs. I'm lovin' it, and I'm sitting here dressed for goin' online in company, j ust killin' time waiting for the 3pm PST/6pm where it's already getting dark. See ya' soon, I hope. 

~~Hugs comin' right back at'cha, from Lee~~

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  • 1 year later...
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Unfortunately i need to post that this wonderful person, Lee H has died.  We who got to know her and saw her lead meetings with wisdom and love miss her deeply.  





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We miss Lee as we miss all our brothers and sisters who have passed. Lee's no nonsense take on AA was so enlightening and fresh, I miss her.


For me Lee will be looking down upon us and will help us find strength when we are feeling we don't have the strength ourselves.




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    • Charlize
      Thoughts and prayers are indeed not enough when other options exist. My father was part of a well regulated militia ie the National Guard after serving in the pacific theater during WW2.  We have always had job specific firearms on the farm.  Automatic weapons legislation is certainly more reasonable and useful than shallow thoughts and prayers.  Unfortunately this has become such a political issue.  Hyper feelings rage one way or the other and all we get are thoughts and prayers.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KathyLauren
      No, I don't.    I don't believe in blessings or curses.  Like everything, there are parts of the journey that we like and parts that we don't like.    I like just being myself, being able to wear nice clothes and have people see me as my real self.  I don't like that my friends in the USA are targeted for hatred and murder, and it scares the crap out of me that that stuff could happen here some day.  I like that it hasn't happened here yet.   I don't really give a fig about society's norms.  They are something that emerges from the collective behaviour of everyone.  Being out and free and happy contributes to those norms just as much as other people being mean and nasty and uptight.
    • Heather Shay
      amazing guitarist - Hendrix praised him...  
    • Heather Shay
      I've heard of L& now I will have a reason to check them out....................... thx @Betty K
    • Heather Shay
      Now for some calming music....Phil |Keaggy's first band out of Cleveland...  
    • Betty K
      Hey @Heather Shay the Ramones provide a neat segue to L7, an all-girl grunge-era punk band I've been listening to a lot lately. Their big hit was "Pretend We're Dead", but I've only just discovered the earlier album, Smell the Magic, produced by Jack Endino of early-Nirvana, Green River and Screaming Trees fame. L7 rock!    
    • Diana Stone
      Many people I know in the UK have gone down the private medicine route to transition and that's fine if they can afford it. But many others simply cannot. A few have basically put themselves in a position where they will be working until they drop to pay for GRS.  I started work at 15. The first job I had that paid a decent wage, I only got when I was in my mid 40s, then due to health issues I had to quit that which is how I got into making a living in music but that's been pretty much hand to mouth.  So my only route would have been via the NHS and that's usually a long wait.
    • Lydia_R
      Destinations not guaranteed.  Enjoy the journey.
    • Mx.Drago
      There are definitely pros and cons, but my particular conformity is neither a blessing or curse, it's just me. Not my fault people in society have low tolerance for my existence. I feel I'm cursed with allergies, and a fate to be stuck on a planet full of overly big headed animals that are destructive, complain a lot, and are fickle.
    • Marcie Jensen
      I think it's a bit of both, actually. The blessing part comes from being one's self, being given greater insight into how different people think and see themselves as well as having a greater understanding of who we are as individuals. The curse part, well, it comes from being marginalized and the frustrations associated with a general lack of acceptance by society at large.   It's funny @Heather Shay. This thread brought an old Kris Kristofferson song to mind. It's called "The Pilgrim: CHapter 33." There's a line in it that says: "...Never knowing if believing is a blessing or a curse, or if the goin' up is worth the coming down."  For some reason, not sure why, this seems apt with regard to your question. Mostly, I believe the going up (transition) is more than worth the coming down (prejudice, fear, hate, etc) that we all experience.
    • Heather Shay
      Currently the waters are very calm.
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      Do you think being different from society's norms in regard to gender or sexual orientation is a blessing or a curse?
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2022/11/south-korea-supreme-court-ruling-on-legal-gender-recognition-an-important-step-forward-for-transgender-rights/     Carolyn Marie
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