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Reality... Just our imagination?

Guest abigus

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I seem to be being drawn to this concept... I don't know how else to explain it, but if anyone has read some of Richard Bach's books (like Illusions or Hypnotizing Maria) you'll know what I mean. I just finished "3 Steps to Enlightenment", which had the same basic theme. This really hits home with me, because I remember being a kid (kindergarten) and having a philosophical conversation with my teacher ("how do we know this isn't all just a dream?"). So despite the fact that I was raised Christian, I think I've always believed this sort of thing. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? xD I hope so... I'm so poor at explaining things, but I was hoping someone might know of any other books I could read that are similar. And if not, I definitely recommend reading these books :) If nothing else, it'll give you a new possible perspective on things.

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Guest otter-girl

I like the concept that it is not our imagination, but we do sign up to it, like an agreement. By participating we add modulation to the waveform.

you might like

Far Journeys by Robert A Monroe

Ultimate journey by same author

In that order.



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Actually, my partner seems to believe something similar (she's even talked about "contracts"). It does make sense to a degree... I'll definitely look into those. Thanks for the response :)

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Interesting... I'm pretty much against religion (not spirituality), but time and again I've been told by others I should have been a Buddhist lol. I should probably look into it. Thanks :)

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Guest Syd_UK

hi, well, i have a huge range of spiritual beliefs and i agree with this concept. i think that alot of different things are true on different levels.. and also not true on some levels.. so er..

yes i think its entirely possible that this is some kind of dream.

there are people on twitter who regularly say things along the lines that we are living inside a huge hologram of some type.. i find this very interesting and i can well believe it..

however, i try to focus on physical reality more because i find myself naturally drawn to spirituality, and its a huge part of my life, and i find it doesnt always help me function and do things like the washing up, if you see what i mean.

like if this is a dream i should be able to dream that im cleaning the house and viola its done.. but to my annoyance this seems not to be the case.

but also its interesting because perhaps it ties in with the idea that "the thought is the deed"... that thoughts are real in some senses.. well i believe this also but im not sure how it applies to life in the physical world exactly at the moment...

my thinking on this develops over time. i tend not to have any fixed beliefs as such.

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This is all above my ditzy blonde pay grade. I have wondered though if when I get to Heaven will I find put I was really just an ant in an ant hill???

Please pass the picknik basket... Hug. JodyAnn

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Guest alexaz

Read a story about a world that figured it out and sent out a message.

"Please stop scratching your arm. You are destroying our world."

Another theory I like and believe almost 98 % is

This planet is the insane asylum for all the other planets.

This one does explain a lot.

They aren't visiting us, they are dropping off their unwanted. ummmmm... being US.

Chew on those for a while.


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Alexaz, I think you have found Ockham's razor on this one Baby. Brilliant! Now I understand why I have always felt so shunned from birth. I was. That, and I'm a lunatic that everyone assures me I'm completely sane. What did they know. You cracked the code on this wonderful big blue nuthouse!

Hmmmm... The ones that dropped me off must be a bunch of stuffed shirts! JodyAnn

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Guest alexaz

Yes Jody

Who would want to live around those that thought we were the crazy ones.........Oh wait, thats just crazy talk.

Every time I think about it. This thought answers a lot of questions about us on this planet and why we do what we do.

BUT... Im one of the keepers here not one of the inmates.....Really !!!!!

And by the way, anyone know how to quiet the voices in my head ? They are driving me sane ummm I mean.....


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