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Have You Been Diagnosed By A Mental Health Professional?

Guest Zenda

Your Diagnosis  

84 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you see a Gender Therapist

    • diagnosed by self
    • diagnosed by a gender therapist
    • have not seen a gender therapist
    • have seen a gender therapist
    • will see a gender therapist
    • Are seeing a gender therapist
    • will not see a gender therapist
  2. 2. Which is your gender therapist

    • Psychiatrist
    • Psychologist

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I must've just figured Patrick Stewart was saying her name with a British accent or some kind of speech impediment lmao.

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1 hour ago, Nora said:

I must've just figured Patrick Stewart was saying her name with a British accent or some kind of speech impediment lmao.


Well is was spelled Ororo is every X-Men comic I've ever read so... Aurora was a member of Alpha Flight alongside her brother Northstar.


Anyway, one of my clinicians is a LMSW, it's just a letter of recommendation. You get diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The endocrinologist that will be monitoring your blood work is the one that actually prescribes the HRT.



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Whether or not it is a mental illness, the "diagnosis" is necessary to get various treatments.  It is a "gatekeeping" thing.

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I figured I was a transwoman first, then went to a family care physician who is the leading doctor for transgender folk in our area.

I had to fill out a multiple page questionaire on a tablet asking about everything in my past and current life. He confirmed what I already knew and put me on HRT right away and offered to recommend an orchiectomy. I told him to hold off on orchi. for now because my insurance went by WPATH rev.7 standards. He referred me to a psychiatrist who is also a transwoman. She confirmed my being trans. also. She recommended me for evaluation by a liscened social worker who works for the same company. She also confirmed my diagnosis of being trans. All three have written recommendation letters for vaginoplasty for me. I am currently waiting for my insurance to approve surgery. I believe the Goddess is leading me to all the right people for a smoothe transition. I am very thankful for this. I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for help, the way I was rapidly spiralling down a fatal path.

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I can't finish your survey. I am and continue to see a gender therapist. But while she is a licensed therapist, she is not a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

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Honestly, I've been going over stuff with my therapist. I mostly talk to her about other stuff, but she actually gives me resources for LGBT centers or she reads up on information that I've sparked her interest on. She's great.

But mostly figured it out on my own with help from people on this site. 

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