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I'm starting to think to think that maybe I'm intersexed

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I recently began to accept myself as transgendered. I have had gender identity issues since age 4. They never went away, but got more severe for the most part. I was assigned male at birth. I have always sort of thought I may have too much estrogen in my body. I've always sort of felt feminine. I knew I was different than the other boys growing up.

So here are some of the reasons why I think I may be intersexed. There are also some other interesting things which may or may not be applicable. Before being born my parents were told I would be female. Then when I was born I came out male and weighed 5 lbs. I was always very small throughout childhood. I began to enter puberty at age 11. I had a moustache at age 10. The rest of my facial hair came in at age 20, but it only grows below the chin and I have side burns. I had all of my adult teeth including wisdom teeth at age 12. I stopped growing at age 13.

I am about 5"8 150 lbs. I didn't have male body hair until I was about 18 and suddenly had a few chest hairs at age 24. I'm now 25. My male parts are perfectly normal. Also I have a female pelvis and female carrying ratio and an androgynous chin. It really does not have the male or female shape and my mandible is smaller like a female. I am also smaller than all of my male relatives and many of my female relatives including my mother. As a child and even now to some degree people think I am sort of feminine. In school up until age thirteen I use to get in arguments with students because they insisted I was a girl and that I was lying about being a boy. So am I intersexed or just transgendered?


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talk to your doctor about a blood test this will tell u a lot that said what u feel in your heart will tell u more about what u feel more than a blood test only u know what this is no mater u pick be happy

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Guest Kayla Grace

I'd agree with Kim. You could be XY ... Or whatever that's called. Soliloque knows more about the chromosomes then I do.

We can't really tell you of you're trans or intersexed unfortunately. Its something you have to figure out for yourself.

I'm told one will know almost immediately if they're trans when they start hormones. I personally didn't feel different when I started them ... But I think I "began hrt" before o even started hormones. Its really difficult to explain ... I can only speculate that my brain began producing its own hormones after I accepted that I was born to be a girl.

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Thanks for the answers. They have been helpful. I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what I am. I really wish I had tried this sooner, but then I guess we all do. For some reason or another I've always sort of thought I might be intersexed for quite sometime. Not exactly sure why. I always sort of thought that maybe I had female impulses because I had too much estrogen in my body. I know for certain I am not cisgendered. I can tell you that. I really don't want to be labeled male. I am starting to get more annoyed when people refer to me as being male. I have always sort of liked being called female pronouns. Also at the same time I don't want to be labeled female. I really don't like the binary two gender system. I'm some other gender. I was thinking a lot about this today of course. When I'm in my male identity I definitely don't feel male. I think I feel agendered. I have never really put forth any energy in presenting myself as male. When I'm in my female identity I feel absolutely feminine and am having a really hard time going back to my male identity when I do so. I feel that if I had the opportunity to dress female all the time I would. Also at the same time my female identity is bit of a gender rebel too. In that identity, I don't really want to be labeled just female. But I really love that identity. Maybe I'm a gender queer or something. I don't feel that I'm bigendered really. I really like being female, but I don't want SRS or HRT because I feel that they would get in the way of me properly expressing my gender identity. So my first step was saying to myself that it's okay to be different. All these years I thought I was some sort of monster for not wanting to be a cisgendered male. Now I'm experimenting like I should have a long time ago.

Thanks again!

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Here's a list of bodily characteristics that are collectively known as "eunuchoid habitus".

* long, slender arms and legs

* a leg length that's significantly greater than the height of your upper body (the two should be about equal in men)

* an armspan 3cm or more greater than your height.

* sparse or very fine body hair

* a female "escutcheon" or pubic hair pattern (like an upside down triangle and confined to the pubic region)

* difficulty building upper body muscle

* feminine facial features and a generally feminine appearance (soft chubby features rather than hard muscular ones; gracile bone structure etc).

* gynecomastica

* other things such as female digit ratio (index finger equal to or longer than ring finger); absence of acne as a teenager; long, luxuriant eyelashes and comparatively small, high arched feet (in my case anyway).

This type of body structure is caused by having below normal male testosterone levels during childhood and puberty, and is something that's usually associated with intersex conditions. Although it doesn't seem to get talked about very much, my impression has been that way more MTF trans people have this type of body structure than do the cis male population. There's also a number of studies showing the reverse thing, that FTMs have a very high incidence of PCOS and hyperandrogenism (conditions associated with above normal female T production).

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Laura, welcome to the self discovery journey! The self acceptance is just lovely, life changing stuff. Like Kayla alluded to, mentally I had a great start to transition prior to hrt.

I understand about not feeling male in "male mode", it was generally not an easy place for me. Agendered or angered. Not at all Comfortable In Skin (what cis really means :)

And the Dr's visit is great advice, but my first move was a good therapist.

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Thanks for the answers. I did some measurements and so forth. I put a yes or no next to each item signifying whether it applies to me.

*Long, slender arms and legs-YES

*Arm span 3 CM or greater than your height-YES

*Leg length significantly longer than length of upper body-YES

*Sparse or very fine body hair-NO

*Female pubic pattern-NO

*Difficulty building upper body muscle-YES

*Feminine features etc.-To some degree


*Female digit ratio-No

*Absence of acne-No

*Long luxuriant eyelashes-Yes

*Small feet-NO


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Guest Kayla Grace

Technically the traits you have doesn't matter. You can really pick and choose which gender you want to be, and cater your body to your liking. If you feel like both genders... Well, I'm not an expert at that XD

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I agree with you on that. At this point I identify as a transgender woman, but I feel I can be any gender(s) I want to be. It was a month ago today that I admitted it to myself after many years of secretly knowing.

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    • Jani
      This is good news Kathy. 
    • KathyLauren
      A while back, I submitted an application to Veterans Affairs for support for hearing loss.  My audiologist figured I had a good case, having been around jet engines for several years. Today, the benefits package brochure arrived in the mail.   I now have coverage for hearing services and devices.  I will be ordering a pair of hearing aids soon.   It also covers prescription drugs.  I had been claiming my HRT under my wife's civil service pension plan.  It covered about 75% of the generic patches, but only about 30% of the brand name patches that I prefer.  The Veterans Affairs package covers 100%, including for the brand name patches - I already checked!   And there could also be a small pension on the way for the hearing loss.  I hope to hear about that soon.  And there are various other benefits I could become entitled to in future.   The requirements to be considered a veteran are pretty simple.  You have to have completed Basic Training and have an houourable discharge.   I had heard that Veterans Affairs was pretty generous (my wife used to work for them, so she gave me the scoop), and I am happy to find out that it is true.  I need the hearing aids, and the full ride on my HRT is a nice bonus.
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      Being of southern descent I use the Southern Woman Variant. I just smile sweetly and say, "Bless your heart" int that Steel Magnolia tone. Works like a charm.
    • Red_Lauren.
      I had to get new wipers for my car, so that meant going to one of the big auto parts stores. I only go to them for fluids, car cleaning stuff, and wipers. Even before my transition. Because they don't carry real parts for my car.   So I walk in after work. I'm looking nice, have makeup on, the whole works. I'm sitting there looking at the wipers. I know what size I need. I'm just comparing the hundreds of wipers.   this 20 some thing man. Asked if I needed help. I'm like nope im just looking for what I want. He asked if I knew what I was looking for. I'm like ysa just wipers. He then asked if I knew what size. At this point I'm getting a little testy. im like a 16 or 18in wiper and a 22in wiper. I can't recall the little one size right now.    He then asked me year, make, and model of my car. I'm thinking this dude doesn't get it. I know what I'm looking for. I told him im know the sizes I need. He wouldn't shut up, so I gave him the stupid info. Hes like you are correct ma'am thats the sizes you need. I must have given him that look every man knows. When a woman is annoyed with them. He didn't speak to me after. Even checking me out.   
    • Trans22
      This sort of statement is true about everything related to my transition. 
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      Well, well well… I never knew.  They're still fun to bust - just not as much.
    • KathyLauren
      I normally keep my headphones level set at 16.  At that level, I don't hear the bulbs breaking.  When I cranked the level up to 90, I heard them.
    • StephieGurl
      I had the connection thing with girls/women as far as I recall which is about 5. Lot's of things I didn't notice because of life events. It is all mostly spelled out in three sequential blog posts, you can start here if your interested - https://stephiegurl.home.blog/2021/07/26/trying-to-look-back-through-the-gender-fog-part-1/.   Good luck. 
    • Marcie Jensen
      @awkward-yet-sweet. Yes, you're correct about transmission wires, they are mostly aluminum; particularly residential service mains (ie: from the power pole to the house). The vandalism was directed at the transformers, though. Electricity is transmitted at about 50000 volts A/C if I recall correctly. Residential power is delivered at 220 volts A/C. The transformers' function is to "step down," or reduce the voltage, the service main wires' function is to deliver the stepped down power. The internal wiring of the transformers can be either copper or aluminum. Copper is more common in transformers because it's more efficient as a conductor.
    • Mmindy
      Welcome Miss Robin,   I'm sure you will find that there are a lot of people here who have the same feelings, and experiences as you. I too, AMAB always thought I should have been a girl, and now a woman. I however took the male over compensation route, doing everything I could to prove to myself, and others that I was a Man. Well I'm done with that, and now I'm transitioning to be the woman I know myself to be. There will be others chiming in to welcome you. Look around, jump in on some conversations, you're among like people here at TransPuluseForums. This is a family friendly site.   Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon everyone,    Here’s a video of my breaking of the lights. I found that I only have sound when I’ve clicked on the page first.  IMG_9073.MOV
    • Miss Robin
      Hi im a 27 year old male or at least thats what they decided to brand me as at birth.   But im not sure about that , i have always for as long as i can remember been very different from other boys . When i was little I always wanted to play with the girls , we played with dolls and dressed up as princesses. When i got older i always had a easier time connecting with girls and spending time with them was much better then hanging out with boys my age.    This continues to this day and i have started thinking that i might feel more connected with them because I somewhere inside always wanted to be a girl. When i was younger i always dreamed at night about turning into a girl and i never missed a chance to have makeup or dress up in my moms clothes.    a few years ago i came out as Bi and i have found that I prefer to be the bottom with men that would pass as straight cis men.   I haven’t thought about this for several years but recently I broke up with my ex and since then i have started to explore with wearing womens clothes again. I bought myself a pair of high rise jeans and panties , i even bought myself a bra .  I also had a girlfriend put makeup on me.   And it just feels right , i feel comfortable in the clothes and i feel complete.   I know you people aren’t therapists but i want to see if somebody have the same experience or can relate.
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon Stella, (only guessing)   I didn't comment on your September posting, and I love all the responses you received. My original coming out to my wife was much like yours, and the folks here were great help. I'm glad you are working through the issues that come with being in a relationship, and transgender. Suzie and I are two years into my coming out and slow transition. We have more open and honest conversations, even inside jokes now that she knows.   Happy Holidays to you and yours,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋 
    • Abigail Eleanor
      Wowie! Well...a bunch of the 80 somethings I've known had great hearing (don't even think of getting away with gossip if they were anywhere near 😷)  
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      😂 Here I was wondering if I was the only one who did that... its like I have a compulsion to do it every time the page refreshes.    I'm going to trot off now, chew on the furniture, shriek a bit, and maybe knock something off a shelf.  I don't belong in the house. 
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