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Facial hair removal 101: Where do I begin...

Guest Jamie61

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You might find going the electrolysis route to be easier financially as you can pay by the session. Every post I've read about laser seems to indicate it is very expensive. And remember that laser is not always permanent. YRMV. Electrolysis isn't cheap either if you have a heavy beard, and you have to have hair showing for the technician to pull out. Some hair may grow back if it was in the "resting phase" when it was zapped but the next time in the growth phase it will be gone. Find a good shop and start having them thin your beard at first rather than clear an area. You'll feel good as you see the results.


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You might want to ask if you can pay per session. $4,500 might be the total in the end but you might just have to pay $300 or something per session. Also, from what I've heard, starting HRT might make the body hair become a non issue. I've also heard of some places that charging tranwomen the womens price for facial hair removal if they are starting HRT.

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Guest Alicia Rose

So after some checking around I found a place called 'Ideal Image' in CT where I could go for laser treatment, went for a consultation...I did not realize how much money this can cost! They are having a 50% off sale for valantines day, it came out to around $4,500 for my face and neck, I do not have the means to afford that right now :unsure: and that's at half off! and from what I've seen after looking into it more that is a good price...

Now I feel like I'm stuck, my plan was originally to get this horrible beard gotten rid of before moving on to HRT, I don't know if I have the fortitude to go through transition with my facial hair still being a constant issue :(

Anyone know of a better way? I have the dark, thick hair that's good for laser, but extremely hard to hide with shaving and foundation...

Seems pricey.

Yesterday was my first Electrolysis experience. I scheduled an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation and she did a test on my chin so I could see how it felt. She tried two methods ('Galvanic Method' and 'Thermolysis' is what my paper says). I'm not sure how much their packages are total but she said it would be approx. six one hour monthly visits for my chin area and their price for an hour is $98. Which seems like it would be much cheaper than what I hear for average prices..

I've already had four Laser sessions on my entire face, but they're only charging me $100 +tip (half off) for I believe as many treatments as I need. Heck, she told me it would be $3,600 six month package deal (or $700 per visit) for my entire legs. So, I'm a little confused on why the prices vary so much. Are there no other places you could visit for better deals?

The places I visit are these:

Laser Hair Removal - "Simply Skin Med Spa", Fishers, IN (Website)

Electrolysis - Noblesville Athletics Center, Noblesville, IN (Website)

My advice, would be to look around and see what else there is and keep saving all the money possible. I used Google Maps to see what was close to me. As for other options.. I've never used them myself but there are at home laser hair removal machines available online. Some members here have used them.

I would suggest going with Laser Hair Removal before Electrolysis as it seems to help a lot. Laser has killed off a lot of my issues (upper lip shadow) so I continue to shave often and eventually will go for Electrolysis when I can afford it. I'm sorry you're having trouble finding a solution but hope you can figure something out!!

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Guest Alicia Rose

Just wanted to say this too:

As for pain.. in my opinion Laser Hair Removal is worse. Because it suddenly zaps you but doesn't really hurt.. I just hate getting zapped a lot. For my entire face it only takes about 10 minutes per session. The Electrolysis was mostly just some heat and hair pulling but she noticed my entire right arm is tattooed so she said my pain tolerance is likely high enough to not be bothered. But, she said it would take about an hour each month for my chin. So Laser is quicker but is not permanent.

Laser - Permanent hair reduction..

Electrolysis - Permanent hair removal..

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Yeah they had a monthly credit card I could take out, would make it ~187 a month, for 2 years, which is too much for me right now. The package included touch ups for life, they were very emphatic that it was permanent, and that made me a little suspicious to be honest...

There are a few more places I am going to look into, but considering this one was 50% off I kind of doubt there will be any affordable places near me.

Still waiting for my epilator to come in for the rest of my body hair, I might even be desperate enough to try using that on my face QQ

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Guest Jamie61

My experience with laser has been really good. A package of 6 treatments of my face and neck was $850.00. I will need a few additional treatments of my upper lip ( which was mostly darker hair ). These treatments cost $125.00 each unless you buy a six pack. I have one session remaining and the results have been very good. I don't see any dark hair remaining except my upper lip.

Perhaps my cost was low because only about 1/3 of my hair was dark enough to treat. I also keep my skin very pale, especially in winter and that helps as laser relies on the contrast between the darkness of the hair versus the surrounding tissue.

For me HRT has deminshed my body hair. If I shave it now, it doesn't grow back!!!! As far as facial hair, that has slowed, but not stopped. I would guess if has slowed the growth by almost half.

Electrolysis for me is a challenge. I can only tolerate 30 minutes, oh well, I'm accepting it.... If I had to endure electrolysis on my upper lip on all the dark hair prior to laser.... Well that would be bad. The cost is $45 for 30 minutes of electrolysis. This is going to take a long time but we are getting the fastest growing, coursest hairs first, so at some point there should be turning point where it should be easier.

Best of luck!


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So as an update I did end up using this place, Ideal Image, after much research it is the most recommended treatment facility that's within reasonable distance and they let me keep the 50% valentines day price reduction, but I ended up just doing my chin and face for now, I'm going to need to save up some more money before I can tackle my neck hairs. Had my first treatment last week, the hair follicles have died but haven't completely fallen out yet, it went smoothly though and the 'technician' was very confident that it would work with my hairs.

One nice thing about this place is that by buying this package I have a lifetime membership with greatly reduced touchups, and the first 2 years after finishing treatment any spot touchups are free so that seems like a decent deal.

But yeah....that laser hurts :wacko: and the lady casually said "since your skin reacted so well we can increase the frequency next time!" which in my mind means its only going to hurt more <_<

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I can't afford any of that.. so i let to grow a bit if i wait a week it will be 6 in long rrr but anyhow tweezers are my friend pluck the areas of heavy thick growth chin area and jawline and what grows slow takes long time to show up after shaving , but teweezing the heavy areas has stopped some regrowth completly, but it hurts...and it works

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Guest Jamie61

Regarding the cost of electrolysis, yes this is very expensive.  I shopped around quite a bit and found a really good person who has a great work ethic.  Her rates are fair and her work is very deliberate.  She has worked with me to find optimum technique for various area of my face.  Mostly we use a 'blend' technique which balances speed and comfort.  Because she works so fast she can easily out perform other electrogists with less pain.  

So after 6 months of laser, 6 weeks of flash, 3 months of thermionic, 3 months of both thermionic and galvanic and about 4 months of the 'blend'....  I have virtually no dark hairs anywhere on my face.  My lower lip, chin and a band around my chin are nearly cleared of all hair.   I have a long way to go.

As many others have advised, hair removal should be started as soon as possible. I also recommend people try the blend, it is very versatile!

take care,


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      I've been looking at immigrating to Canada (as the US is a flaming pothole and Canada seems better on several levels. And yes, I know it's not perfect) so I'll see how many gender clinics are in the area I want to move to.  As for dressing and living as my target gender, that's really what I've been trying to do for the past year on my own. Granted, I'm not moving in any big social circles but college is here and I've been looking at getting a job next year so that'll be good practice.
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      Hi Helen! I started out where you are, and I can only give glowing recommendations for TransPulse.  Questioning your gender identity is pretty overwhelming and scary, but I can offer a bit of advice that helped me.  You don't have to have it all figured out in a short time period. And it's okay to try out multiple different identities to find one (or more!) that you resonate with. And, as always, there's no shame in asking questions!  So, welcome to TransPulse, and I wish you all the best on your gender journey!
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      @RoachSometimes those feelings can come out of nowhere, whether you want them or not. I also find being alone for a little while is a good cure. When I start to get all existential, I need to step back before my brain goes to the same place as David in Space Odyssey 2001. It's a strange feeling...   I'm doing great. Just living life day to day. I do have plans for the next couple of days so I hope all goes well. I was also going to treat myself with the occasional café visit. Even if I don't talk to anyone, I like to soak in the atmosphere and listen to the music over the radio.
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