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Hi Krystal, and any others following my intersex journey of discovery,

Another update: I am having problems with my Medi-Cal so I may have to call, even though I have talked with those folks in Human Services in person twice already. I have had nothing but problems since changing my name, and so it may just be another instance of that. In any case, that is something I have to work out soon.

Alex also found another anomaly in my genitals. He had me look in the mirror to see between my anus, and the scrotal tissue covering my mini-testicles, and sure enough there is a raised line of tissue that looks barely fused, it starts to be less prominent on the scrotal skin, and then it broadens, and darkens on the underside of my phallus. The skin on the underside is very loose, and feels like labia, and acts kinda like a handle for "Gort". Alex, and I call my phallus Gort because it looks alien, and has one eye on the face, not on the end like males, lol. Gort is also small, and cute unless aroused, lol. I am kinda astonished that no one ever told me about any of this. That raised line in the perineum is really weird looking, it looks like I am post op if I cover the scrotum, and Gort. I gotta say, I look good without the other stuff in the way. I really don't know what is inside my pelvis, and I am curious about how GCS surgery might need to be customized for me. My genitals must have been a bit ambiguous at birth methinks, but they chose the wrong sex, oh well.

I really don't think these intersex anomalies make me really any different from other male to female transsexuals except in making it easier to transition with my eunuchoid body habitus giving me feminine bone structure. My journey is otherwise exactly the same, no different.



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Hi Stephanie

Sorry to hear about your trouble with medi cal--hope it gets straightened out. The discoveries you are making are interesting. Upon closer observation, I also have that line on my scrotum with a very slightly raised tissue as well.

I still cant believe that it took me into my 50s to learn about being intersexed, but better late than never! Its a neat journey in a way. I call it the best of both worlds. I really come to embrace and enjoy my "girly" side that finally has been "let out". Enjoy your journey and all the best always.



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Hi Krystal,

Yeah, I also have a phobia with phones, which doesn't help since every bureaucrat seems to want me to call. :( It is kinda shocking to not realize that I was intersex until after I already transitioned on the job, and everything. Yep, I finally found out at the young age of 56. :wacko: I guess I just wasn't very observant. Of course I didn't have a primary doctor until after I moved in with Alex here in Sacramento on March 1, 2015, almost a year ago. It just goes to show, health insurance is important.

I received a letter yesterday from the Genetic Counselor, and it confirmed what she had said in her office, she is submitting the evaluation to insurance for coverage of the chromosomal testing. I am fascinated by this, I will finally know what's up with my genetic blueprint. :)

Thanks for letting me know about your anomalies being somewhat similar to mine, it makes me feel a bit less weird. :)



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Hi Krystal,

I finally got high enough to call, and I got my Medi-Cal reinstated. It was my name change, just as I figured. Now that the health insurance issue is taken care of, I should be having my chromosomes checked soon, yay! :)



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im like you expect my penis went under the knife i remember when i was younger i had retractile testes and like u describe i could push them up into my groin i would like to hear back from u as i am curious about this condition as i have it

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