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Need some advice with eyebrows...


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Hey girls, wondering what the best method for making my eyebrows feminine, rather than the bushy caterpillars I currently have :(

I've used tweezers and an electric razor with a detail attachment, but the hairs seems to grow back too fast and twice as thick half the time.

Will HRT help with this at all? My eyebrows feel like a dead giveaway but they are so hard to maintain. Is it worth going to a professional place to get them done?

Help a sister out!



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Guest Denise007

Staying and keeping oneself femme is and needs to be a daily & regular routine, hrt will slow and possibly soften hair but don't count on it. The words "high maintenance" ring very true in our case! Which, is why beauty is a multi billion $ busines, yesterday $30 got me 4 light brown brow pencils, a tube of color stay, and a dark brown eyliner pencil.

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  • Forum Moderator

Waxing lasts for a bit longer than most methods but it still requires maintenance.
HRT didn't help me at all. The best thing i've found is a good pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror.



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  • Admin

With practice, its possible to shape ones own brows,, but its difficult and the results aren't always the best. I don't like tweezing my own brows, so I've gone to professionals. I've tried threading and waxing, and much prefer waxing. A good technician can do wonders on even heavy brows, but the first couple of times it might be painful, since you're waxing off a lot of hair. Brows don't have to be thin, either. Lots of attractive women have thick brows; they just need to be neat and shaped nicely.

Most salons will do waxing for $6-8.

Carolyn Marie

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Soory,Denise,I have to get in on this!Carolyn Marie,how long does waxing last?And what about this new thermoal tech.,any opinions?


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Angie, I started having them waxed in 2006 at the salon. She was very conservative at first, by my request. The first time I had them done I could not tell much difference, plus my brows were blond as I had not enhanced them yet with color. I met my daughter's for lunch and they could tell from the parking lot. Over the years she really gave me a great arch. I do them every 4 weeks, hair color 6 weeks. Like Carolyn Marie I don't care for twezzing, but will do in a pinch. Smile's... Sarah

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  • Admin

Soory,Denise,I have to get in on this!Carolyn Marie,how long does waxing last?And what about this new thermoal tech.,any opinions?


I think its an individual thing, regarding how long between waxes. Mine is about every 6 weeks.

Carolyn Marie

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  • Admin

Waxing and Threading are about the same for me. I have done the self tweezing thing and am too much of a sissy to do it to myself by now. By now my brows are white blonde (ok, grey) so I use a MAC red/brown blush powder on them with a small flat brush that I use like a calligraphy pen to get the shape in to them. <I also have some very prominent scars that interrupt my brows, and the blush powder fills that in nicely> My eyebrow hair did get a little finer after 2 years on HRT, but not enough to really erase old age effects on them.

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Yeah my biggest fear with the tweezing is not so much the pain but that I will make my eyebrows look bad and not be able to fix :unsure:

Thanks for advice girls, I need as much as I can get :P

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  • Forum Moderator

I have a small electric eybrow trimmer which I use for length and pluck outside of the defined area. It works for me although results are not as tidy as they would be with a professional job. I must say though that if left to grow my brows would get big and bushy. Before I started trimming they were so long that they curled and irritated my eyelids. It is a genetic trait as all male members in our family have them. When I started I had them almost shaved but they do grow a little more now. I just use a pencil daily.


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I went to a professional, and she was able to give me good advice as far as shaping and trimming. It was a bit of adventure to go, but I was glad I did. If I could afford to go back, I would certainly consider doing so. I the meantime I make do with a tiny mustache comb, trimmers, and tweezers. Sometimes my results are not the best, but they eventually grow back, just take it slow.



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  • 1 year later...

Scissors for me, same effect. Then I like to final trim with those little dollar store razor comb thingies. Remember the old eyebrow addage "sisters, not twins", easier to do and look much more natural.

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I do waxing, and I don't find it painful (personally anyway). Waxing seems to be the longest in-between. And like posted above, various styles come in play. The bigger eyebrows are fashionable. What I did was go to a spa (and still do because I just adore the woman doing it as she helps me with all kinds of tips - makeup, waxing, etc). It's about 15$ Cdn a session and I go once a month (even though she told me I could go a bit longer, but I like the neatness it provides). And honestly, I love the pampering!!!

I can totally relate about fearing to go too far. I did try on my own and botched them (very first time I ever tried to shape them). I mean, it grew back, so no worries. But it was a bit humbling to say the least. :) Anyhoo there's ways to correct your eyebrows with makeup if needed.

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

Going to a professional is definitely the way to go because they'll do it right. I tried doing it myself for the longest time and when I went to a professional, she made me wait until my brows grew back in completely before she would do anything with them because I had done it wrong for such a long time.

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waxing helps and tweezers are a necessary follow up with a good brow comb, shadow and color. It takes practice.


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I tweeze every other day or so. I also use one of those electric eyebrow trimmers as needed. Sometimes the hairs get a little unruly. I did get them waxed once and seem to have been able to keep on top of the regrowth.

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  • Forum Moderator

I'm in the same boat as you Marcie.  I've found they are much easier to deal with when you have a good starting point. 


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  • 4 months later...

Hi ladies, I haven’t paid much attention to my eye brows yet.  I use my nose hair trimmer to chop them down when they start to get bushy.  At this point they are quite white and don’t show much when trimmed.



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    • KathyLauren
      I am no expert.  But my understanding is that it is certainly not a law, and I don't believe it is an official executive order.  It is just an opinion of the governor about how existing law should be interpreted.  There may be a fine line between an opinion and an order, but I haven't heard anyone use the term "executive order".
    • Cynthina
      Has anyone else been, asked to participate in the survey on transition that the VA sent out last week?   I completed the survey and was overly excited about the questions asked and the information that they are seeking from transitioning Vets. There were questions about the types of surgeries and treatments that we would like to have done as well as if the VA should pay the full expense or if we would accept out-of-pocket expenses on our own. If you happen to get the survey in the mail or e-mail, please take the time to fill it out. I believe that this information will help all of us in the future. It only took about 15 min, and they offer a $15 gift card for your time, or you can have the money donated to a VA trans support organization. 
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      Hi Ashleigh, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here.   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
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      @awkward-yet-sweetYou make an excellent point, and one I'm sure applies in all states.    I'm confused about something in the article, though and would appreciate some answers if anyone knows. THe article refers to governor Abbot's "order" as opposed to Texas law. My question is thus: is this actual TX law, or is it an executive order by the governor? Make no mistake, it's wrong either way; I mean who in their right mind would assume that trans children all live in abusive homes that require investigation? The question of law v. executive order raises raises more issues, though. Such as if it's state law, it can be challenged as unconstitutional federally. If it's an executive order, it can be challenged at both state and federal level as the executive branch cannot make laws, merely enforce them.    IMHO, this whole thing stinks to high heaven and the only hero in it is the worker who resigned in protest. What a mess.  
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      People need to know an essential truth:. You don't have to open the door and talk to CPS/DFS or any other flavor if "child police.". I don't believe all people who work for those departments are bad...some do it for the right reasons like the man in this article.  But if in doubt, tell them to get off your property.  In the USA, the 4th Amendment protects against warrantless searches, and the 5th Amendment protects against self-incrimination.     FWIW - in my county, if a state employee shows up to bother, we can call the sheriff for help.  The sheriff is quite proactive about dealing with that sort of stuff.  Hopefully other sheriffs around the nation will do likewise.
    • Jani
      I read that story elsewhere.  He was brave for trying to work within the system but in the end it failed him and all the parents being investigated.    
    • Jani
      Thanks for your service Ashleigh.  The A-6 is a neat jet.     Jani
    • debbie jones
      thank you all for you welcoms xx
    • Mmindy
      That's great Hannah, I hope you find that most of your longtime friends are accepting you for who you truly are.    That's right Lizzy, his loss and our gain.   Good morning everyone,   I've been away on vacation at a Bluegrass Festival, camping with friends and family. It went well and no one questioned my more androgynous presentation. I also played the upright bass, in a jam session at a campsite down the hill from us. I may have found another focus for may ADHD list of hobbies. Oh look! A fire truck!   Hugs for everyone, Coffee or Not.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • MayaXD
      I think I understand, thanks!   Yes, I already have short hair which can really come across as feminine, masculine and androgynous depending on my outfit.   Yeah, I guess you're right... Thanks!   I got it, thank you!   I understood the main ideas of what should I do next, just be natural and do what I feel like doing at the moment and sometimes try to observe it (but without ruining the moment). I won't try and hurry it, because even other parts of myself that I figured out took me some time. Thank you all for answering!
    • KymmieL
      I am keeping watch on Hurricane Ian. As my mom lives north of Tampa. She is far enough inland to not get any storm surge. But I am still worried.   Kymmis
    • Marcie Jensen
      WHat you say makes perfect sense. I think I'm going to do the same.
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, @AshleighMarie.  Welcome!   I am another late bloomer.  I was 62 when I began my transition.  Better late than never.  I am 68 now, and loving being me.   I hope you are able to get the medical issues sorted out so that you are free to take whatever transition steps you choose.   Regards, Kathy
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