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Last Friday night I decided to kill off a gift card I got for Christmas by getting an Easter outfit at one of my favorite women's stores which is Trans* accepting. I went into the store where my eldest daughter "outed" me a few years ago (the D word) , and where the manager put her in her place and assured me that I was fully welcome. The employees who do not know the details about me are super nice and a couple remember my name even though it is a couple of months between visits.

On Friday when I went in there, I picked out a couple of dresses, and took two sizes of each dress to the Fitting Room where they put your name on the door on a little white board. Big smile as I reminded the girl is was V I C K Y and not Vicki, with grins from both of us. It did not matter which size of one dress I tried on, it emphasized my tummy without any help to my bustline!! As I was back in the room from checking things out in the three way, behind you view mirror I heard a conversation between the sales woman who knows me, and a customer who seemed to have a concern about her having heard that TG women were welcome there. Her version of it was "letting MEN try on garments there". The conversation was taking place in front of my cubicle door, so I could hear the whole convo. The sales woman told her that the store did have Transgender Women who were wonderful customers and "who could be in the room beside you and you would never know it". I heard the door to the next cubical open and shut and then the sales woman knocked on door and asked how I was doing. Yes she knows me as Trans*!!! OMG. Regrettably the dress I was trying on just that minute did not look good either, and the sales woman suggested a skirt and top outfit which she went out and got me. The inquisitive other customer came out of her cubicle and did not even look at me and decided the dress looked good on her (she was delusional there) and went back in to her spot. The saleswoman brought the skirt and blouse to me right then, and while I was changing, I heard the door next to me shut. The skirt and blouse looked great on me!! Right sizes the first time.

I got two more tops, and by that time the Trans*Policy questioning person had paid and left. The manager who was first to know me was at the register, and the sales woman had told her about the fitting room exchange. The manager was about to die from holding a laugh in. She explained that the woman who they had in the cubicle next to me had been asking that question about letting MEN try on clothes a few times before and were tired of it. I told her that if the individual did it again it was fine with me to tell her there had been a Trans*woman in the room beside her last time. The manager was not afraid of losing THAT customer.

(I ended up with three tops and a beautiful floral skirt.)

P.S. It was a Dress Barn store.

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Guest Ladyinker

Some people are just hung up on the stupidest things. This argument reminds me of when people were having a problem with gay people, mostly gay men, in the locker rooms. I remember one gay man telling another man " What's the difference, we've been in the locker rooms with you for decades and you've never known. " Dress barn has nice cloths!!!


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Great store, and they know how to make their customers happy. Good for them, and for you, Vicky. :thumbsup:


Carolyn Marie

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The dress looks great on you Marcie, but I have too much tummy for it to look good on me. That is why I need top and skirt fashions.

It is the fact that our uninformed one did not know I was Trans* that was actually funny. She did not know she was near what she feared.

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Very nice Marcie :)

I find fitting room organisation strange as it is so variable. A store I went in the other day had mixed rooms and there was no attendant but others have an attendant with tags to log in / out. Maybe it's a case of shoplifters and security? In my male only days I seldom used these facillities but now it is more essential (I tried on a nice top in two different sizes last week but neither fitted well :( - trouble with a male based frame is broader shoulders :unsure: ).

I'm glad you got clothes you liked Vicky. I find it is easier to got the top / skirt route too!


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That's a great story Vicky ( notice the "y" not "i"). I'm surprised you didn't start laughing but then again i always feel a bit awkward regardless.

I only have a few dresses as my tummy seems to be on a growth spurt. Skirts and tops which aren't tucked in seem to work better at this point for me. Just better to hide the flaws under some loose fabric.

Marcie you look great.



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Thanks for the compliments! It took effort, and a lot shopping to put that outfit together. I love it, and want to take it out again, but it will have to be for a different event.



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Guest KerryUK

I loved the story VickYYYYYYYY :harhar:.

Marcie, you really do look lovely and the dress simply finishes off the look - good for you girl. Oh, and the tights - well, I might build up the courage to wear some like them soon I think (they look great too).


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That's an awesome story, so glad they're supportive. I'll be sure to shop there next time I need something.

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Kuddos to you and Kuddos to the store. People need to be more aware of Trans rights and that they like to shop and look good in these fashions as well. 

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