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Blue toe nails


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The other day i was in the salon. I had only planned on getting a new gel coat on my fingers but it was raining and i decided to get my toes done as well. As i settled back in my chair and turned on the message i noticed the young woman next to me had a lovely robin's egg blue color on her toes. Mmmm, i had picked my usual red but maybe i could handle a change? "Might i please have blue". I spent some time wondering if i did the right thing. To me my toes stood out more than ever and maybe in not the right way.

Last night i wore sandals to a meeting and got compliments from one of the women there as well as a gay hairdresser who i just love. What fun.

If the chance comes to play with toe color give it a try! Maybe next time i'll do green and disappear into the grass.



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Now the summer is well on its way the time is here :) . Last year I just had pink which was good because it wasn't too obvious and minor chips were not readily visible so Ok for days. It is time to be more bold :blush:

It's good to hear things went well Charlize :) x


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Guest Alicia Rose

I've never put much thought in the colors I use, and never considered if I would. Right now they are maroon, but I love the brighter colors like pink and red. I'll have to find a bright blue. Sounds nice!

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I just got back from the bank and the wonderful teller there mentioned that she loved the color. I'm a bit old to manage it or she would have had my foot appear in her window.

I'm growing to really like this color!



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I just got a pedi with the works last weekend and went with a metallic eggplant purple. Before that it was a lilac purple and before that it was a metallic green. I love switching the colors up!

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Guest Caren_J

For the last year my toes have had a wide variety of colors. As I'm not out at work I wear sneakers most of the time but it still feels great to see them painted everyday.

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Still in man-mode most of the time, but I can do my toenails! Currently metallic cherry red, but I like blue, orange and green too! Darker colors with maybe a sprinkle of gold and silver.

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I just recently painted my toes. I could not decide on the color so I went with red (big toe) then yellow, then blue, red, then yellow/blue on small toe. I am only in girlie mode at home. But I do like having them painted.

Does anyone wear toe rings? I have three on each foot. Would have more but I am out of room.

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Guest JaneShannon

Mine are a very cool blue color called Typhoon.

How can you go wrong with a color called Typhoon.

I was at Sephora the other day, and I got tons of complements on the color.

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I've been painting mine a metallic, sky blue-like color for a while now. It's fun being able to accessorize with a bit of color!

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

A while back, I was getting a pedicure and decided on a blue-ish color for my toes. As they were drying an older lady asked if I was going to be wearing a dress soon of that same color. I looked down and paused for a second (I was actually thinking if I ever own a dress in that color). Then I looked up and said "No, no, I just thought it would be a fun color to wear for summer."

She agreed "Well it is a fun color."

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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/wireStory/lgbtq-groups-denounce-florida-plan-limit-transgender-care-88295779     I surely hope Lambda Legal is successful in fighting this.  It's all just junk science driven by political ideology.  Low income Floridian trans folk are going to be in a world of hurt.   Carolyn Marie
    • Elizabeth Star
      I got all dressed up just to visit a GF at work. Well ok, she works at a gaming lounge so I stayed for a bit. I'm really liking my look with the blue.
    • Bobbi-BI
      Very nicely written a interesting way to place yourself vulnerable and also describe a loving soul mate.
    • Bobbi-BI
      Excellent- I like the way your rows mirror, the way you became entranced and the repetition of "in you" for your success at finding love.          
    • Hannah Renee
      Very well said
    • Bobbi-BI
      well done!
    • Willow
      @Jackie C.  I guess the point I was trying to make got lost.  Like @Davie and @Hannah Renee talking about not having friends or friends that fully knew or understood their being transgender.  I know I went through a period of being conflicted.  Some people and my family knew, but I hide being transgender from others.  I had two groups.  Those that knew and those that didn’t.  I was trying to let everyone know but that wasn’t working.  Now I am fully out.  If someone asks I’ll tell them honestly but everyone sees me as a woman now. Only a few know, but everyone sees me as I am.   until you come out to yourself and everyone full time, you won’t feel good about yourself.   Right or wrong, that’s what I was trying to say.   Willow
    • Bobbi-BI
      I have a question pertaining to HRT. I'm now into the 30th month of the 36 month regime and my mind is almost exploding with the desire to write Poetry of both slightly humerus and serious in content for the past 6 months. This has resulted in my having to release my first book shortly.  My question is has anyone else had an almost compulsive need to wright and to want to acquire friends?  
    • Justsam
      How long have you been on T? When I first started T it's basically a second puberty and I suffered badly with acne the first time. The second time was no different. But it did settle down after a while. As for the scares, I use bio oil. It's great for reducing scaring 
    • Justsam
      When I used to bind I used to pull my beats up and apart. This gave a more realistic chest definition. I never had any trouble slipping but I purchased a binder that was super tight and just learned to breath from my stomach limiting the amount I had to raise my chest. I got used to it after a while and used to exercise and hike with minimal issues. Looking back though as really tight binder did have its down sides. Once I had top surgery I had to learn how to breath using my chest again. Also an extra tight binder can be pretty sore after wearing it all day.    As for the bottom of you binder being too big. I went to a tailors and asked them to shorten it for me. This made such a difference. Hope this helps a little. 
    • Justsam
      Can I ask, are you currently taking T? 
    • Justsam
      My experience is a little different than yours. I put myself on T so by the time I went for my first Dr appointment I already had a full beard and was also 26 years old. I had one assessment and then was booked in for surgery about 3 months later if I remember correctly. If I were you I'd ask your doctor at your next appointment and hopefully they can give you a rough eta.    If you want to discuss the actual surgery then don't hesitate to message me. 
    • Justsam
      I've used both. I used to prefer gel but as you mentioned, it can transfer to others and it's way slower acting. Once I moved to injections I was much happier. I personally hate needles but over the years I've got used to doing them. Also with the gel it takes time to dry which is annoying if you're in a rush and if you sweat then you can loose more of the gel. It's your personal choice but for me I find injections the best. And yes, get ready for your sex drive to go through the roof haha. It does settle down after a while though 
    • Justsam
      I spent 6 weeks in Nepal and had to bind for the entire time. It was horrible. Especially as I stupidly decided to go when it was the hottest and most humid time of the year. I found that breathing from my stomach and diaphragm helped because I didn't have to expand my chest quite as much. Do you self bind or do you have a proper binder? 
    • Hannah Renee
      Other than the subject of not having friends, my reference was mostly in reference to my previous life. I was basically a people pleaser, not specifically looking for friends. I couldn't acknowledge or accept my own self, my value. Once I finally recovered from a chronic case of cranialrectumitis a few years ago, well, my world changed. I am not willing to be anything/anyone but MYSELF, Hannah Renee. I have to make certain small concessions, on an occasional basis, regarding how I dress when I'm with our youngest (special needs, limited capability to understand).  My wife was extremely PO'd when she found out I was changing my name before the divorce was final - not intentional on my part, BTW. Well, she wanted the divorce, "go live your own life," and, dammit, that's what I'm doing. She doesn't have to like it, nor does anyone else.   I've posted updates and a couple of recent photos on a website that allows connections with high school classmates from half a century ago. Getting a lot more visits in the last month than in all the previous 18 months. My father was a prominent member of the community, and though he is long gone, and would be very much against what I'm doing, I'm damn proud of who I am - Hannah, day in and day out - and I'm proclaiming it to my world.
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