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new era in intersex rights


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Hopefully this link will get you to this excellent article easier. If not the site's search engine works well. Just look for intersex rights. I got a great cartoon with a mouse using GPS when i first tried.


One thing i noticed was an unfortunate fact that since the article was written in 2013 it mentions NJ had just passed a law making gender change possible on a birth certificate without surgery. They didn't realize Christe would pocket veto the bill.



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Yeah, I caught the New Jersey and I knew that Christy was dead set against it. So, if they're going to print this they need to clean it up. Thankks for putting up a better link.

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    • KymmieL
      That remains to be seen? LOL   @Willow Looking good, sis.   Well the youngest grandson is visiting last two days. Been good with out his brothers to get all of them going. Today I may g\do something in the garage. First would need to run the heater for a bit official temp is 19 degrees.   Kymmie
    • Mmindy
      Happy Saturday    Wow @Willow that’s a lovely picture of you. I also love the necklace.    @Ashley0616I’m sorry your day started off so poorly.   The bird and squirrel feeders are fairly busy today. We have strong winds coming through so they have to keep up with the swaying feeders.    Our house is quiet, she’s in the living room watching some slow moving drama 🎭 with her earbuds in scrolling TicTok. I’m in the home office watching two squirrels play tag in the yard. Listening to the local news and catching up on socials. The coffee is almost gone, so it’s almost time to take care of a few outside chores. I have a TV deadline today because it Army vs Navy game day. While I didn’t serve in the military, however my two best friends did and their West Point graduates class of 1980 & 1981. I’m out to them as non binary androgynous, so we’re able to watch the game judgement free. GO Army beat Navy!                               🦅 Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋🏈    
    • KatieSC
      It is sad that some folks are so incapable of distinguishing the broader range of life. Not everything is easily divided into either or propositions. While the concept of xx and xy as determinates of biological sexual differences, reality clearly shows that there are many variations on a theme. If I had a therapist that tried to denigrate me with saying I am not a biologic woman, I would simply not go to them.   The fact that we exist, is proof that this is just not a fetish. There are too many of us with similar thoughts, and experiences to chalk up being transgender as a conscious choice. As much as genitalia can be deemed intersex, what is to say that as an organ, the brain can be intersex just as much as genitalia.    I have met many Christians over the years that will talk about how the body is just a shell at death, and how the soul goes to heaven. If the concept of a soul is true, and our bodies truly are just a shell or vessel, it is quite possible that a female soul was tucked into a male appearing body. Of course, when I have mentioned this to some of these same Christians, they will frequently say that this just could not happen as God does not make mistakes. My reply to that is to say, perhaps you are right, and yes, I am sure God intended me to be transgender. Then I see that reddening face.   I am not sure what can get these folks to give up the opposition and hate. The only thing I have found is to just be the best person I can be, control what I can control, and show them the real me. So far, it has been working. I do not tell a soul that I am transgender. Many of the people I know in everyday life in a conservative town know that I am, however, over a two year period, it has never been an issue. After a while, nobody says anything. Now, it is a non-event where I work and live.    Make no mistake, in many parts of the country and world, there is a significant amount of hate, and risk. I still think that the tide will turn back, but it is going to be a struggle. 
    • Hannah Renee
      I had a job 18 months ago (for a short period of time) at which I was told I was to use either a single stall bathroom or ladies room. Worked for me. I don't remember the last time I used a men's room, other than a single stall when the ladies room was closed for repair. 
    • Timi
      One of my dear supportive friends trotted out the term "manscapping" when I shared with her about how, impulsively and desperately, I'd shaved my arms and legs for the first time (this was about a month ago. I can't see ever going back to the hairy limbs.)   I'm like, "Hmmm. Actually I read a Wirecutter article on the best women's razors and per their recommendation, I went with the classic Venus 3 blade. And also found some useful articles in "Mens Health" (of all places) on the best ways for men to remove hair from various parts of the body. 
    • Hannah Renee
      Right now it would be simply knowing who I am, and the resulting confidence I have in who I am. As an additional result, I now have a number of close friends who will give me a boost when I need one.
    • Hannah Renee
      My ex- wife and i have four adopted children, and have maintained relationships with their respective biological families. Sixteen years ago, my youngest child's first Christmas, and his grandparents came over Christmas Eve. Grandpa was dressed as Santa, and when he rang the doorbell, we had had our oldest, 5 years old, answer the door. Two 5 year olds and one 3 year old just about lost their minds.    It's a good thing I can remember that. I have no memories whatsoever of my Christmases growing up. Good thing. Don't need any of that piled onto my ancient memories. 
    • Charlize
      I've come to the conclusion that normal is a concept best left as a control on the washing machine.  It seemingly rarely truly exists in this world.   I do my best to simply let the fact that i wasn't born with a woman's body simply slide away.  I am what i am and accept it.  My wife once complained that i had never had a period or given birth.  I looked cat her with a smile and mentioned how cute and perky my breasts were in my 70's.   I don't have to be biological to be real.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Timi
      Thank you so much for sharing this, Allie!   My favorite quote: "People are under no obligation to make sense to you."   @MaeBe I started to tear up when he said that these poor kids are being treated like perverts and freaks just because they're trying to exist.    -Timi
    • emeraldmountain2
      Exactly. Seems a common theme. Cis people just have so much difficulty wrapping their heads around how all-consuming gender dysphoria can be and how it affects practically every aspect of our lives.
    • Rishaya
      GraceH   I’m option #1, I had no idea what was going on with me until 30
    • Timi
      YES!!!    I'm trying to grapple with a conversation a very dear and supportive cis woman had earlier this week where she felt it necessary to "educate" my on what natal cis women experience in this world, as I if I had never thought about it and was drifting in some sort of pink cotton candy fantasy.    It just hit home to me days later that she just doesn't know or can't imagine what it's like to be me. That I've thought of my unwanted dilemma from every angle possible for every day of my life, including those long stretches of life where my sustaining practices were denial, avoidance, conformance, and when all else failed, some sort of mind-numbing substance use or abuse.    Sorry for the overflow of words and emotions. What you wrote. Yes. I don't need to be "reminded" either.    Thank you @awkward-yet-sweet   -Timi
    • Davie
      Hi @Rishaya. Thanks for writing on this thread--it's been a long time since. It's good to take stock and see the progress I've made these last three years. It's not so much as to "figure out" my past or even to "understand" it, but merely to accept it and move ahead. Just to read all the stories of folks here tells me that Transgender is a very wide tent and that I'm glad to be under it. My father's family lived in Utica and then Rochester, so I know a bit of that country, I accept it anyway. —Davie 
    • Birdie
      T shirts that are marketed as unisex or men's don't fit me. They ride up my hips!  I can avoid the problem in two ways. Buying a couple sizes too big, or simply buying women's T's (I'm wearing one now).    My T's from Torrid are cut different and of different material. They just don't ride up my curves. 
    • Davie
      I'm battling another UTI, but I'll come if I have enough energy. Thanks. —Davie
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