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Wear a big hat


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A few months ago my cardiologist mentioned i should see a dermatologist about a mark on my forehead. I just went this week. It appears i have lots of precancerous spots all over my head and arms as well as one spot that requires surgery. She was good about my being trans* which made the visit easier to bare. Liquid nitrogen froze many on my head(now covered by my wig) as well as a greta many on my arms. Those now are going through a healing process similar to one after getting a bad burn. I have to put a cream on my face twice a day which it seems will do the same thing to my face. Yuck. Lots of scabs and sores doesn't make one feel pretty. I'm also somewhat worried that i won't be able to shave shortly so that after two weeks i'll really be unfit for human consumption.

Anyway from now on as i work the farm i'll be wearing a big SPF 50 hat and long sleeve SPF 50 shirts regardless of the temperature. Be careful my friends. The sun is a friend but can cause some major damage.



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Guest Clair Dufour

Its even worse here at 5000 feet and at 10000 feet you can get a sunburn skiing. Go out to the ranches and some of the women look like transmen. That's a big reason why women wear makeup as it blocks the sun and helps keep that girly look. A good reason (excuse) to wear makeup and don't forget that tinted chapstick. The wind is also brutal on skin. It use to be that women never went out without gloves for the same reasons.

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I have to be so careful as I burn easy. My excuse for makeup daily.

Hopefully all is now sorted Charlize

Tracy x

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Guest LesleyAnne

Charlize is so, so correct in telling you to take every precaution.

Another thing to remember is that sun exposure is cumulative over a lifetime.

I grew up in New Mexico, and now I'm suffering thru having to see a Dermatologist every three months. I've had two nasty Mohs surgeries(not fun..). One of those surgeries was from the tip of my nose, all the way into the corner of my eye. And the other was just below the eye. There are several types of cancer, and the one you don't ever want to hear is melanoma. I've had Bowens, Basal, and Squamous cell carcinoma. And it isn't always evident that you've got one of the ones I just mentioned. I discovered Squamous cell several times just by washing my face. I caught it by noticing that just the action of wiping off my face with a washcloth drew a trickle of blood in an area that didn't even have a bump or brownish spot. Just a flat area that easily bled. So keep track of the area if you discover it, and let your dermatologist know. She or he can get a close look with their magnifier, and then take a small sample. It turned out positive for Squamous cell on me, and those two areas were where I had to have Mohs surgery(done by a Dermatologist that specializes in Mohs).

Not all clothing is the same as far as protecting you from the sun, so it's wise to put sunscreen on even under clothing, and sun screen is an absolute must if you venture outside at all. It's a pain in the cabeesh, but it beats Mohs surgery....


This has been a public service announcement :)

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I have had several spots burned off, one on my hand and one on my arm cut out and Mohs surgery on the top of my ear. Being fair skinned I am learning to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun but I also do my annual check ups with my dermatologist.

I usually just see the PA but when I had to have Mohs surgery I got to meet the big Doc, Dr. Olansky. This was during my RLE time so I was obviously trans based on my legal name but he was awesome. He asked me if I knew so and so, a good friend of his who was transgender. He knew her well enough to give me her phone number without having to look it up. He had known her for many years as a man and she was still a good friend. That made me feel so good about my choice of doctors.

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