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Eclectic paganism is a form of paganism that draws on many different ideas from different paths. For example, some people might draw a circle in a Wiccan way and worship Norse gods and goddesses like asatru.  Yet it is also personally tailored to the individual. For example, I believe all gods and goddesses that have ever been worshiped exist as thought forms, and that they can take physical form when sent enough energy by their followers. That isn't exactly taught by any religion, but it is part of my worldview. Eclectic paganism's main doctrine isn't that what you believe is the most important and that it has to be the correct way to believe, it is that the journey you take to find your beliefs is the most important and there are many different ways to find the divine, even if yours is that you don't believe in an higher power at all. For a good book on eclectic paganism, I recommend "Paganism, an introduction to earth centered religions" so are there any eclectic paganists here? If so, would you like to share one or two of your beliefs? 

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Well, I am certainly very Pagan, and well versed in many styles of ritual.  I mostly claim to be Universalist Heathen, and a "lore head" at that, but some of my cosmology is influenced by Wiccan concepts derived from sources that are far more ancient than the New Forest Coven.  Some call me a Witch, some call me a Norse Shaman, some use the Old Norse term Volva.  I will admit to being all of those things.



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On October 27, 2016 at 6:37 PM, StephanieVikingGirl said:

Well, I am certainly very Pagan, and well versed in many styles of ritual.  I mostly claim to be Universalist Heathen, and a "lore head" at that, but some of my cosmology is influenced by Wiccan concepts derived from sources that are far more ancient than the New Forest Coven.  Some call me a Witch, some call me a Norse Shaman, some use the Old Norse term Volva.  I will admit to being all of those things.



My roots draw my interest farther back than the New Forest Coven as well.  ;) Ive traced my ancestry (loosely) to Alpin mac Echdach (Dal Riata). Deep interest in Celtic Ulster-Scottish belief systems that existed during the Roman occupation and as well as how they incorporated and blended with the Christian tenets that came with it. Beliefs not too different than the old Nordic ways.

Have also traced lineage to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation as my grandmother was a Cherokee seer. 

The magic of the Creator is all around. Life in every breath. 

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I know where I fit in the Multi-verse, but in the paganistic belief system, that is another question.

I follow Norse, Visa-Goth, Egyptian. As well as both Fey courts, Draconic and Demonic realms. Let's say that I am a well rounded individual. I really don't wish to explain what I can't explain at this point in time. Think of this. I am a Triad. Male-Female-Both. Where the Female side is the strongest. Am both Creator and Destroyer.

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I consider myself pagan and a witch. My path is the path of Chaos. Ominous as that may sound, it's not a malicious or destructive practice. On the contrary, it's about tapping into the primal chaotic energy to improve the world (or your perception of it).

As far as deities, I believe any and all may or may not exist. They may be individual facets, ormultiple interpretations of one several Prime Beings. Maybe they're simply psychological constructs we invented to understand the world around us. It doesn't matter. It's so far beyond my understanding, I try to allow all possibilities without limitation. What's important is the results. Does it work? Can I use it to better myself and the world around me? Is it compatible with Nature? If yes, proceed. If no, modify my practice.


On occasion I consult the tarot of read runes, or most commonly create sigils. This is what works for me. I love hearing or reading about all types of theology or spirituality. I believe the more a learn, the more tiles are revealed of the mosaic.

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    • Heather Shay
    • Mmindy
      Continued prayers for you and your wife.    This is the Stanley Thermos I bought when I started working construction in 1977. It still keeps coffee hot, longer than the ones you can purchase today. The travel mug is a 20oz Walmart Bubba brand. We’re heading out for our annual trout fishing trip in Flippin, AR. I’ve gone from being the organizer of the trip, to sitting in the back seat with no responsibility other than overwatch of my family. Siblings, son, nieces and nephews.    Hugs from them all,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • Ashley0616
      Thank you for the update.
    • Ashley0616
      Well something is better than nothing. 859 for Federal I don't get why I don't get the full 2000? I'll take what I can get. 
    • Willow
      @Mmindy looks like you had too much this morning 
    • Willow
      We arrived at the hospital at 5:30. Took her to prep about 6:10. I got just a few minutes with her about 7:30 between the surgical nurse and the nurse anesthetist. I asked about how long and was told she’d but out of surgery between 1:30 and 2:30. I fell asleep in a chair in the waiting area. Had lunch and here I sit.   Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. 
    • Ashley0616
      Well bad news is that if you don't have any taxable income you don't get child tax credit. I'm going to keep doing my research.
    • VickySGV
      I am going to be a downer on this one since I am very wary of the "Hate Crimes Enhancement" features laws.  All crimes that are committed must have an intent proven for the First Degree (highest level), it is often referred to as "malice aforethought".  In law schools the whole concept takes a full semester to fully develop and be understood. (Been there, done that.) As a result, "Hate Crimes" are pretty confusing to juries since it is an amplifier to the already necessary malice of the base crime and there has been historic confusion that if they do not find the evidence of the Hate has been shown, they will then decide the person did not have the intent for the major crime -- I was on such a jury* -- and thus the conviction will not be even for the higher basic crime.    I would much rather the major crime of First Degree Murder in this case be found, and him being given the greatest sentence the prosecutor is looking for on that alone.   *The jury was deadlocked on the whole thing, but while we were deliberating the defendant plead out to the basic major crime which made several of us very relieved. 
    • VickySGV
      You need to consult a different doctor, or maybe more than one to see if there are techniques to preserve the nerve tissue.  Breast reduction surgery has and does keep coming along since there are people seeking it beyond the Trans community for a variety of health reasons.  In any major surgery though there will be some sensation loss during the healing process, but even nerves do try to heal although they take longer than other tissue and if a nerve is cut, other nerves will try to "cover the area" but it will take a while for them to register with your brain as to what part they are covering which is a problem that other gender related surgeries also bring on. 
    • Ivy
      I remember hearing about this when it happened. It's sad when someone feels it's necessary to commit murder to cover up a relationship that they entered into freely, and apparently enjoyed on some level.
    • MaeBe
      @Willow, I hope all goes well with your wife's surgery!   Coffee #1 almost down, there will be more. I slept poorly last night. My Apple Watch sleep tracker for last night is more spiky than a porcupine; supposedly I was "awake" for over two hours last night.
    • MaeBe
      I'll bet that was a weight of your mind!   I think it would be endearing on your next date, when you get up to excuse yourself to "use the potty". 😁   I hope you have a great day! 💜Mae
    • Ashley0616
      Congratulations on your big step through transition. Just think about if you want any more kids than freeze your sperm to use at a later date. Usually after 6 months of HRT your chances of getting someone pregnant is slim to none. 
    • Ashley0616
      Mental pain I believe takes longer to heal but I guess if it depends if it completely disables them. Mental pain could take years to trust again.
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