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So, what's everyone doing?


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It's Friday night. I'm dressed to the hilt. I'm sitting home ALONE having a glass of delicious wine wishing I wasn't alone ? It'd be nice to meet some locals like myself whom are discreet and would just like to hangout with like minded. Seems everyone on CL is trashy or not real. I mean seriously nude or xxx pics on CL are so not classy, disgusting and such a turn off. 

What's everyone else doing on a Friday night? If I looked like i did 20 years ago I'd be heading to the '90's for a night of fun in the big city ?


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Dressed to the nines always feels so good. Tonight my kids and I  are celebrating my original belly button birthday. We are at the park playing basketball. My little hiney was freezing so I'm warming in my truck and posting here. I got cards and a gift,  they made me laugh and cry from pure happiness.

My new girl birthday is in June and my clean and sober birthday is in January. Guess I'll be crying and smiling slot.

Enjoy yourself, thanks for the thread. Hug. JodyAnn

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Well Redjezika, I think we're doing something similar.  I had all these plans tonight to go to the village Christmas tree lighting, and then to Balboa Park for the December Nights.  Instead, my project for the day took wayyyyyy too long and I'm at a point where I'm gonna sit back, warm up, and watch some basketball.  My honey is out of town this weekend and she's so worried that I'm not gonna eat and that I'm gonna sit home all by myself.  I said, "oh no...I got lots of plans."   Nothing to eat and sitting home all by myself.  LOL!!  But I'm happy.  :-)

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Hiney was freezing? Should've been hustling a little more on the court ??? wink wink wink happy birthday babe

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1 hour ago, Redjezika said:

Hiney was freezing? Should've been hustling a little more on the court ??? wink wink wink happy birthday babe

Thank you Kiddo.

With 115deg summers anything below fifty degrees is time for my pink thermals. I  was out there in tights and a blouse. I would have to run like a cheetah to overcome that. Giggle.

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Tonight's update before I  fall out. The kids put up the Christmas tree. I  bought myself a birthday present, Jimmy Stewart in The spirit of St Louis. I'm  a lollipop for old movies. I'll help him build the plane and then fly off to dreamland, probably mid movie.

Geez, I don't have a very  exciting life... just a grateful one.

Well, let's see how many events I can work before the end of the year. I want my Christmas present from me to be new pink Riedell Dart roller skates. No, seriously! It will be the official start of my second childhood. I hope I don't break my hiney, frozen would be better.

Yes Virginia, I will have all the derby gear before I  venture down the sidewalk. I will liven up this old retirement park yet!  Giggle. Nite all... Zzzzzz

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I went to the meeting last night(Friday) where my gender issues and sobriety learned to live together.  The leader didn't show so i picked a topic from a publication called "Glad Day" from the Hazzelton group. (sp).  It was all about change and sharing that change with others to help both them and yourself.  Made me think of Laura's.  What a great group of folks were there.  I was happy to be able to share my story of self acceptance and see others do the same.





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