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I definitely binge and compulsively eat!

jae bear

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21 hours ago, BrandiBri said:

Sorry about the name, Jackie! I had a brain fart I guess.

 Oh my gosh no worries honey, I didn’t even notice it myself, I just assume everything is about me all the time, I mean isn’t it? Because it’s not it should be !!  Ha ha ha ha !!!


 Besides Julie does look fantastic! Her sense of style far eclipses my own tomboyishness!  my friends keep expecting me to have a small towel hanging from my pocket with my softball glove and wearing some lesbian appropriate flannel  with the sleeves rolled up, ha ha, they have no idea how right they are !



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You must have added something "medicinal" to that tofu!

Any style I have comes from accepting my body shape and finding style icons who are similar that I like and can copy. For me that means finding as many pins of Ines de la Fressange on Pinterest as I can and thinking about which of her styles would work for me and which wouldn't. 

I'm a big fan of comfortable shoes and flannel shirts, too! ?

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Ohh that looks yuuuumy, good job Jackie and also isn't avocado an absolute miracle!? Quick note - there is more protein in things like broccoli and quinoa than any meats. The vitamin we need from meat is b12 which you can get from tuna, sardines, clams or a supplement (I can't do the last two, lol) 


If tofu starts to come out of your ears cauliflower is a great substitute and makes a very close tasting egg salad sandwich.


The absolute #1 healthiest thing you can ingest is fresh cloves. As fresh as is locally available. Even just a pinch on certain meals every now and then few times a week. You may have to be creative if it's not to your taste but there are many recipes online. My personal fav is the apple crumble. 


I'm super glad you're enjoying the new diet. The more you have it the more you'll like it. You'll see Jae Rabbit with increased speed! 


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 Oh Julie you’re too much, no nothing medicinal  in my breakfast other than some yellow curry, ha ha, I just always enjoy seeing your different outfits change with your icon! 

 You really have your information down Lexi, I’ve been looking up some of the things up to make sure that the nutrition levels I’m achieving are optimal, and now I am really just eating rather vegan-ish! I have a pantry full of sardines, it’s my mom‘s fault really, I absolutely adore sardines and often have them with my salad. I didn’t think that I would have any problem cheating here and there while I initialize my vegan routine, but when I went out last night with the girls from our local trans women support group  I had a slice of pizza afterwards when we all went to socialize. I think I even remember mentioning something to one of the girls that I didn’t have a problem cheating now and then but something was bugging me, I wasn’t really certain about it at the time but I remember thinking I was being a bit of a hypocrite after  espousing the benefits of reducing resource demand for things like beef production that out strips so much of the necessities of simply feeding people. I know I shouldn’t have felt bad, but it’s not something I ever thought about before, If I eat a steak I didn’t consider the fact that enourmous amounts of resources were consumed in order to allow me to have that steak where they could’ve been better used to feed many people rather than feed cattle that only fed a few people.  That and I personally have a problem with the way cattle are raised out here in California, I’ve often driven past the cattle factories in Coalinga, it’s absolutely horrific and almost unbearable when you drive through...  and it seems so dirty and unhealthy I can’t imagine that’s where our beef supply comes from! During a trip to Texas I realized the beef was vastly different there, it actually tasted pretty good where everything in California doesn’t have any flavor and sometimes is unappealing.  Even though major factory farming outfits like Tyson chicken have recently changed their methods to allow the legal use of the wording ‘free range’ I find that the practices that have been employed over the years are hideous,  companies like this have done horrible inhumane things in the name of profit and even worse they have tricked, lied to, and bullied the farm producers into a life of poverty and debt while promising them a successful Farming life.  Believe me I love having breakfast and I love having eggs, and as much as I do not like big corporations like Tyson chicken, the reason I have been making tofu scramble every morning is for one simple fact, it tastes amazingly good and rivals my breakfast favorite, traditional Scrambled eggs, but in its own right tofu scramble is it’s own unique deal and I like it every bit as much! now that I’m getting better at it I’m becoming rather partial to a good vegan tofu scramble,  and I’m really looking forward to having one this morning with my cup of coffee, but it’s time to do some shopping as I am out of vegan hotdogs and bags of salad, worse than that I’m down to one jar of pickles so it’s nearly an emergency situation and I need to go to the store inside the next two hours!!!



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Aaaaaahhhh!! Vegan hot dogs are almost pure poison. This is where many ppl derail the diet - packaged foods labelled "vegan".... Yes, I agree with you - we should not be paying into the livestock industry for many many reasons (air pollution, soil contamination, secondary pharmaceutical consumption, animal cruelty, local community disease/illness/death etc) but eating packaged vegan foods is all that without such rampant torture to livestock and its really really bad for you! 


You can make amazingly similar tasting/shaped hotdogs with chickpeas, kidney and navy beans. This recipe gets close to the one we use



You can imitate mozzarella and curd cheese with steamed cauliflower, or fried eggplant (it's great in vegan poutine) when the typical goto tofu starts to lose its charm. 


I have TONS of amazing tasting and healthy recipes if you're list needs expanding. Biggest part of it all is spices. I'm just getting to the point now I can knowingly add spices not listed in a recipe comfortably knowing it'll taste great (so many failed attempts and disheartened children lol) 

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 Hey Lexi,
I feel like I'm getting back to good habits, yesterday and today I got up at 4:30 AM and picked up my little wienerdog from my wife’s apartment then got myself ready and did my one hour workout! Came home and took my vitamins then made breakfast, I had a vegan scramble with one vegan hotdog sliced up ( I know they’re not superhealthy but they’re only 50 cal a piece and I buy the most healthy ones out there ), half an avocado on one piece of potato bread toast which set off my smoke alarm like it does every single morning, I mean come on smoke alarm can I just make one piece of toast for crying out loud? I had my cup of coffee with my vanilla soy creamer and was finished and had all my plates cleaned by 7:30 AM! I'm gonna have this routine nailed flat for the next three or four weeks and Jackie's waist is going to look a lot better by the time we're done! I'll be doing a little bit of shopping before I go to work today I need one more bra and a smaller size marshmallow muffin top control pants... ha ha ha! 
I keep looking at one picture that was taken of me when I was walking around a bay area marina  without a bra, holy Lord that was an obscene sight! Jackie's gonna fix that fast!
 I very much enjoy adding vegan cuisine to my daily routine, it fits my needs very nicely and tastes fantastic, I wondered how other people don’t know about the fantastic flavors available when cooking vegan, I suppose I always thought that most vegan things were just some sort of substitute for the things I was used to, but I realize it has nothing to do with it ,  this is just really great food and I’m enjoying the heck out of it !

 I was exposed to fantastic vegan fair by a couple of good friends of mine, it work for them I would never have enjoyed fantastic benefits of going vegan, so many good reasons,  but mostly I will admit my palate thanks me and my ongoing improving health loves it, and while I know my contribution is small, I am quite satisfied knowing that I am placing less demand on factory cattle farming and unhappy factory  chicken production!

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Aaaaaahhhh!! Weiner dogs are almost pure poison.

(Sorry! couldn't resist ?)

You're totally right about veg and vegan foods and available flavors, Jackie. I've always thought that I would have absolutely zero problem being 100% veg if I lived in India because their cuisine is chock full of interesting flavors and textures, and because so many people there are vegetarian. It's much easier in the states now too, especially in the Bay Area. Sounds like you're quite the Julia Child, Jackie! ?‍?

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@jae bear Haha my smoke alarm goes off when I fry veggies with too much pepper and too little oil.. But it tastes Soooooo good!


Happy food makes happy people, happy people make happy food. 


@SugarMagnolia you're Soo right! Cloves, coriander, cumin, cardamom, curry (wow never noticed how many spices start with C) once you figure out which ones go where being vegan is an absolute pleasure. 


Remembering this has always helped me when choosing my menu - everytime you ingest anything you're either helping or hurting your body. There is no middle. 


I love that there are more of us on this path to healthy eating. I hope others gain some interest from this thread. Hugs all, keep loving yourself! 


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9 hours ago, SugarMagnolia said:

Aaaaaahhhh!! Weiner dogs are almost pure poison.

? Sounds like you're quite the Julia Child, Jackie! ?‍?


Ha Ha Ha! Weiner dogs...  AHHhh Ha Ha Ha!!! Yes, Julie, I agree!


Me? Julia Child? well maybe with a vegan scramble and caprese salad, but I have yet to add any other dish yet, except waffles... Everyone loves waffles! But I don't know if that qualifies, I use waffle mix from a box!

Hmmm... Well I do know how to make some awesome stuff with my Sous Vide stick and a pot of water... Hmmm, Julia Child huh? ?

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  • 2 years later...

There are times I go weeks making dishes that are fine with out the use of chicken or beef.

Oriental and Indian food work well with out meat.

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      This link article won’t expire and should be available to those restricted. https://web.archive.org/web/20200926174719/https://www.tedeytan.com/2017/07/06/22581   Heres the second edition of the Care and Feeding of your New Vagina Guidebook on Medium
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      I've had days like that. I've also had days when the only reason I got dressed is because I needed to wash my pjs. Today is my one hoodie and a pair of boot-cut jeans. I haven't showered since Thursday and I feel gross. Definitely showering before bed tonight.   Hugs! 
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      Darn! Looks like the book as been deleted.
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      Yes, Ma'am, it is wonderful. I think the tgAA meeting is one of the best groups I've ever attended. Literally international, "local" members from all over the US, ages from 18 to ... um ... me and maybe a few others, different takes on their Programs. I'm lovin' it, and I'm sitting here dressed for goin' online in company, j ust killin' time waiting for the 3pm PST/6pm where it's already getting dark. See ya' soon, I hope.  ~~Hugs comin' right back at'cha, from Lee~~
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      Ahh! Hermit crabs are just so CUTE! Squee!   Hugs!
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      Hi,   we went to the beach today.  See below.     We also went to the recycle center.  I spent the morning using my lawn tractor bagging leaves and pine needles then loading them into my utility trailer.  I like @Jandihave overdone it.  I had planned to do more tomorrow and take another load but I’m having second thoughts.   @KymmieL I am tired of living as two people also.  I am trying to work on that, sort of one friend or group of friends at a time.  It’s a slow process but it’s the best I’ve got.  good luck with the transfer.   Willow  
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      Topic locked at the request of the originator.   Carolyn Marie
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      Oh HAPPY DANCE!  I just got invited to go on a ladies weekend to Savannah GA in May!  The group is mostly people I only know through social media, it's a group called Ladies Of Football which I was invited to when I came out on Facebook under my Miami Dolphins Superfan personna.  One of the girls even invited me to be her roommate for the weekend to reduce costs.  They all know my Trans status.  I can't wait. There will be about 20 of us crazy football fans from all over the country so we have a built in conversation starter .here are two ladies that I least have met from my football game days but that was from before coming out. My wife is super supportive and encouraged me to go. SHe does ladies retreats/getaways a couple times a year and knows I've always wanted to go to one.
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      @Jackie C. I hope I get an ally judge, but if I don't, I'm going to look into legal aid for a low income lawyer that will be able to help me. Thank you for the advice.     XOXO Holly!
    • Jackie C.
      Happy St. Patrick's day!   Also happy second birthday. May your treatment be everything you hope it will be and more besides.   Hugs!
    • Shawnster
      I finally have an appointment with a VA endo..... March 17 blood work is in, letter if intent is in.... ready to start HRT!!!
    • Jackie C.
      The only real reason is that you've encountered a trans-hostile judge who has decided that they have something to prove today. I was fortunate in that my judge is an ally (and a friend of my attorney). While they're uncommon, they do exist. If you encounter one, you appeal the decision and try to get it overturned. For that, I'd get an attorney.   Hugs!
    • HollyNoel
      Thank you @Jackie C.. I'm going to go to that site and have a look around. Thank you so much.   @Charlize I really hope it goes that smooth, Ive no idea what to do if the judge says no. But then again why would they say no. I'm not changing my name for any other reason than to have a name that fits my better.   @LusciousTheLock I mean Tamsyn. I'm glad you got to sign your true name, I bet it felt great. I'm going to have to get new glasses also, I to am looking forward to getting my first female glasses. It's something that I've been thinking about for months. I'm not afraid of getting female glasses, I just have to get the funds together to afford them, that's why I haven't made the move yet.   @Jackie C., @Charlize, and Tamsyn, After I see that you all have done this, I know that I can take that step and legally and publicly be Holly. I know it's scary and not impossible.   Thank you girls XOXO Holly!
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