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Stopped binge eating and compulsive eating!

jae bear

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I’m just back to update this a little bit, I’m still on track, even if I took some time off with my workouts while moving my wife’s apartment for about a week. I am now officially down to 195 pounds! Granted that’s without even so much as my pajamas on but I’m simply proud that I’ve hit a benchmark weight that I know is below my previous low weight of 197 from 17 years ago when I was racing motorcycles...  granted I’m sure my BMI was much lower back then as I was far more muscle than I am now, but the scale I got shows bone density, water content, and fat mass then calculates your BMI and my current BMI is 29.8  so I’m happy to say I am under the 30 BMI limit as of this week !



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Good progress Jackie! 

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Congratulations on your accomplishment, Jackie! I'm very proud of you. It's definitely not an easy thing to accomplish, but you're doing it. Keep it up 


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Fantastic! Keep up the good work. ?

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 I have to laugh, one of the ways I keep myself in check is by simply not putting anything in the refrigerator or the cupboard that would lead me astray!  However it does vastly cut down on my grocery bill! HA!!!

 I went today to the dollar store since they have pickles and jalapeño peppers and minced garlic, plus other things that I like in my salad, so I splurged a little and spend 10 bucks. Not much of a grocery bill, but I’ve got plenty pickles if I feel snacky,  and I‘ve got plenty of things for my salads...  i’ve come to very much enjoy my salad, I look forward to it every day, I’ve been adding regular virgin olive oil since it has a higher Phenol content, and minced garlic, and some balsamic vinegar. When you add in the cherry tomatoes, pickles and green olives it makes for a rather good salad. Sometimes I add in protein  if I don’t have some in the morning for breakfast, and this may not sound appealing to everyone but I absolutely love sardines, and guess what? the dollar store has sardines too! So I’m always well stocked. All of that makes for great omega-3 content as well as anti-blood clot factor from the virgin olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes, I add to that my regular vitamin routine of vitamin A, vitamin E, and a super B complex with biotin to get my hair growing nicely.  I almost forgot about Kiwi fruit, I have two kiwi fruit for breakfast most mornings as it is also great for lowering blood clot risks as well as just being darn tasty!

I’ve been very good on my routine of one hour and 10 minutes of stationary bicycle every evening and often take one break per week or sometimes two breaks per week if I have group meetings or other appointments that would keep me from exercising at a reasonable time.

This has all become part of my daily routine, and that is absolutely key for me, it simply becomes easy when it is just a routine and I am completely invested in the process and looking forward to going below 190 pounds, then I will have a new goal of 180 and so on and so on, I find it’s easy once I’m invested in the goal and have the routine, but I think that’s probably true for most of us.



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    • ElizabethStar
      You do and thank you.  After the last time, something clicked and I'm starting to see the real me in the mirror and in my self image.
    • Jackie C.
      Again, congratulations! Still jealous though. 🥺   Hugs!
    • Ann W
      God, I love being a girl!
    • Jackie C.
      My guess would be a realization of, "Nobody is agreeing with me. Maybe I'm wrong?" Good on her. Good on the nurse and like I keep telling you, you look just like a skinnier version of my sister-in-law. She's never mentioned anybody mis-gendering her so I think you're stuck with being "Liz the woman." Congratulations!   Hugs!
    • Kasumi63
      I’m planning on having these done this summer in Thailand, so I will be following your adventure. Good luck! You must be so excited!
    • Ann W
      Lots of good stuff in that story.  It sounds like your wife's acceptance doesn't run in a straight line...like a graph that ultimately goes upward, but is kinda jagged along the way.
    • RhondaS
      She must have really wanted them to retrieve you, @ElizabethStar . The other 'she/her' talk? That'd make me want to accompany my spouse everywhere!
    • Kasumi63
      I don’t know anything about Mexico, but I just had the surgery in Japan—less than a week ago. I can share more about my own experience, if that’s what you decide to have done. Good luck!
    • Ann W
      I'm smiling with my eyes. 😷 Wearing my favorite denim skirt...just because.
    • tracy_j
      Knowing no trans people whatever locally (at least as far as I know) and just living in the community I don't see any advantage to it. To me it is preferable to live in the general population rather than segregation, which would likely bring as many problems as it solves.   Tracy  
    • AgnesBardsie
      Yay! progress! What a happy story!  I took a check into the bank today to get it cashed and the cashier said she liked the color of my nail polish! So nice!
    • AgnesBardsie
      I find this so true! The girl is fearless whereas the boy is a big chicken! Whenever I feel doubts rising I tell myself, "Agnes, you're in charge. Do what needs to be done," and it gets done! It's amazing! Agnes can talk to complete strangers about anything under the sun! I love this girl!
    • AgnesBardsie
      Great question! Number one. Be true to yourself. It's your inner sense that matters, no one else. When doubts creep in, put them under a light and ask yourself honestly where they're coming from. Is it anticipation of someone's negative opinion that is causing the doubt? If so, remember that they haven't actually responded yet. It's the anticipation that's causing the doubt. You know in yourself better than anyone else who you are. Keep your focus on that. Love who you are. Others will love you for who you are as a result. Two more pieces of advice. (1) Breathe! (2) Smile!  
    • Liam da potato
      To be honest I’m not completely out yet but my parents know and my friends so I can maybe tell you about that feeling, maybe, that’s more on my experience. I told some of my friends and my partner before saying it to my parents and I did not feel really better because I still had to tell it to my parents so I just kept thinking about this. So maybe idk this is based on me but maybe it’s because you’re still stressed about the fact that your sister and mother don’t know yet. And again you might not feel exactly better after they know or maybe yes depending on their reaction but you might feel it off your shoulders, but like I said it’s my experience and we’re all different. So I don’t really know but at least you’ll have a good end to this, and that you’ll be accepted by your mother and sister even if it might take a while ^^ so good luck! I think you can do it!  
    • Liam da potato
      hehe thanks that makes me even more ready lulz xD
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