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interview tomorrow


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I have an interview tomorrow for an academic job. I’m not good at interviews at the best of times and this is far from the best time. BUT i answered the selection criteria without much effort and because of the combination of practice and academic experience that they want, in a fairly obscure area, i know the field of applicant won’t be huge. Worried by how much i want it though - hurtling towards disappointment, i fear.


I talked to a senior academic at a different university who has sat on selection committees for decades and asked her about risks vs necessity of disclosing gender. She recommended that I not disclose until/if I get offered the job, and then to call the head of school and say basically, “i know this isn’t relevant to my capacity to perform the role so i didn’t mention it earlier but want to be fully up front with you before I accept the offer”. It’s illegal here to discriminate on the basis of gender identity but she said she’d be very worried about unconscious bias because prejudice in this area is so prevalent. So that was kind of sobering but made me glad i asked, and i trust her judgment and experience.


After i left her though, i thought, what does that mean for the way i present? When I’m suited up in work clothes, strangers tend to read me as M but really i’m in that messy in-between place that just makes most people confused. I had planned to wear what I always wear to formal work events (ie suit and tie) but after talking to her, started questioning if I should change that.Eventually decided  to not actively hide anything at the interview - so wear what i want and don’t lie - because gender really isn’t relevant. But know this is a risk. 


I guess i’m just realising how complicated this can be - even before i get to worrying about name changes and qualifications.


Enough already. 7am flight tomorrow. cheers




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Regardless of how you decide to present best of luck.  It is certainly difficult to know that our gender shouldn't make a difference but know that somehow it does.  

Please let us know how you fare.





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I had pretty much the same dilemma a couple weeks ago.  I am MtF and there's no way in you-know-where that I'd try to pass myself off as my gender assigned at birth but in the intimacy of an interview, for an hour, I'm probably going to leak some unconscious gender tells from my former socialization not the least of which is my voice.  I was freaked out about it during the 24 hours prior to the interview and especially in the lobby waiting but I got through it and don't think I did too bad either.  I AM very well qualified for the position but two mid-west, white privileged males are a tough audience and I couldn't tell for sure if they read me or not.  I haven't heard good or bad news from them but I've prepared myself for disappointment and I'm continuing to look.  One almost has to do that though.  If you think about it, several people apply and only one gets the job.  The odds are stacked against you before you even apply.

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Best of luck!!


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well I’m pretty sure I f*cked it up. Nothing to do with gender though, I guess that’s something. I failed all on my own merits lol


Hope you fare better Lace

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Well even if it didn't go well you have a baseline for what you need or the types of questions asked.



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It could easily be that it simply wasn't the right job for you.  Don't give up hope.  Hopefully

you will ace the next one.





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  • 2 weeks later...

So I found out yesterday that I didn't get the job.  Point for point I was perfectly qualified and the region where I live is desperate for workers so it's hard to imagine why, if you're qualified with a good work history, you wouldn't be hired.  I get gendered both ways, I was interviewed by two white, privileged males and I DIDN'T talk about my gender yet I suspect they may have read me. I'm wondering what the rest of you think about a very polite follow up call to the main person who interviewed me to ask why I was not chosen.  And, again, in a polite way, to ask them if they were fearful that my gender might have been hard for their customers to accept.  In no way would I be accusatory or sound bitter.  Just a professional discussion where we DO talk about the elephant in the room.  I'd like to know to help me decide what to do and say in future interviews. 

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I've hired a lot of people over the years and have never had any problem with people calling me and asking what they may be able to improve upon next time. I've done the same thing myself and in at least one case, that conversation really helped me figure out where I needed to do some additional work and training.


I have had the occasional person call me and word their question poorly so it sounded like an accusation. Not knowing your experience, it very well could be discrimination and I've seen plenty of people come up with what seem to be reasonable reasons for not wanting to hire someone when those reasons were not there for other candidates. But regardless, I suspect you are right that if you just ask


I would ask something like this:

"I really enjoyed meeting with you yesterday (or whatever) and I am still very interested in your company / organization. I would be interested in applying for a position in the future if one comes up. Could you tell me what I could do to improve my chances in the future?"

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I would ask, Lace. I didn't get mine either but when they called to tell me, they offered to give me feedback. I said no thanks because I already knew how I'd screwed up but if you don't, then I would definitely ask. 


As for the gender thing, is it legal to not hire someone because "my gender might have been hard for their customers to accept"? Because if it's not (it's not here) you may not get an honest answer. 


I have an application in now for a poorly paid job in the redneck country town I used to live in. I'm almost certain I'll get it but they're wanting to call me to check I understand what they job entails (I'm way overqualified for it). I'm avoiding picking up when they call because I can't decide whether I should withdraw or not and I'm worried they'll offer it to me and I won't know what to say. Do you hold out for something better or take what you can and make do? I really hate decisions like that.  

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They can't legally discriminate but there's nothing to stop them from naming some other reason for not hiring me.  If they did read me and didn't hire me for that reason, they probably wont admit it which is why I decided not to call them.  There's nothing worse, in my opinion, than looking for a new job.  Job descriptions always look to me, like Jesus himself wouldn't be qualified.  Then, for those who apply (many) only one is chosen.  The cards are stacked against a positive outcome.  It has to be one of the most discouraging thing a person has to do. 


Thanks for the responses @Regn & @Annie

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I agree @DenimAndLace I hate it so much. And thinking back, I don't remember ever getting a job through that method. All the jobs I've had have come about through more informal means initially. If that doesn't change it rules out whole industries though who only employ through formal processes.


I've decided to withdraw my application for the job in bogan-ville. I might end up homeless but I'm going to stay here and get my surgery in December. Then I'll worry about work. Too much stress right now. 


Hope something works out for you soon.

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    • Drayse
      Hi @Vanessa Michelle,   And I'm still not done! I've never been so impatient to get something done as this, but there are so many people I have to update and a mass mailing seems too impersonal. I'm sure you'll do it when you're ready to do it. No sooner, no later.   Cheers, Drayse
    • Drayse
      Hi @Carolyn Marie I appreciate that.   Cheers, Dryase
    • Drayse
      Hi and thanks @Bri2020   Cheers, Drayse  
    • Jamie68
      It's great that you have that kind of support with your coworkers. I don't think any of mine would have been that thoughtful.
    • Mmindy
      Small World Emily, my baby brother is a dispatcher and batch operator for Arnold Readymix. I hope things are going well for you. GirlMechanicsRock and being in the quarry/mining industry you really Rock.    Best wishes, stay positive, and safe   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Aww, @ElizabethStarthat would be so cool! I would have such a hard time waiting to get home to try them all on! Love it!! That was really sweet of her ❤️
    • Sally Stone
      Ann, I love your new boots and the coat, real nice!
    • ElizabethStar
      Congrats @2beBreanna!   I couldn't stop myself and took mine as soon as I got in the car. Why did I park so far away? Stupid street parking.   One of my friends at work gave a bag of clothes today. She came into my office area with it and immediately started  rummaging through it. Pulling stuff out and showing it to me. I think you'll like this...This'll look good on you. I was only slightly mortified this was happening. My office mates are guys and knew me before, made it kinda awkward. I got some nice stuff though and a dress. A sleeveless dress none-the-less. Of course I had to try it on when I got home (I tried it all on). It fits....really good. I just started going out in skirts and now a dress appears in my life. Just need an occasion to wear it. And the wife thing. I think she said no dresses but I'm not sure if that was no buying, wearing or just not in front of her. Oh well, life's a gamble.    
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @Chloé ReiYes!! Love the trans colors!! Those are also my fav colors coincidentally! ⚧️
    • VickySGV
      My basic relationship with them has not really changed.  I let all of them simply use my first name and I guess there are a few more legitimate hugs that are not "creepy hugs" like the males in my family are infamous for.  HRT has smoothed my temper out and I am not claiming dominance as I used to. My hobbies are still the same, because I had some "girl hobbies" in the past as well. My ex-wife is still my kids Mom and it is her right to have it, and she and my Daughter-in-Law's mother are the Grand kids Grandma's.  If the GK's refer to me it is as Grandparent and they leave it there, but they actually LIKE calling me by my first name.  We do have private "dad and grandpa" moments but even there, the big deal is I am a caring adult that holds them up and whom they can trust, and who gives them validity. 
    • Chloé Rei
      Gym outfit.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      That's a great question! I never thought of getting one of those! That would be really nice to have in addition to pajamas. 
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks everyone.  It happened a lot faster than I thought it would.  I wish everyone would be able to start as easily.  To many hoops to jump through for many.    Gotta get to bed early tonight so I can wake up at 4 to shovel before work.  Where can I get a cozy flannel nighty.  Can't seem to find cute comfy pjs.
    • RhondaS
      We knew Joe Manchin (WV) would be a hard sell on this,  but then Krysten Sinema (AZ) says she wants to keep the filibuster and won't even consider changing her mind. 
    • Susan R
      @RobynNYC I have 6 actual grandchildren but 7 if you count a step granddaughter. I realize it’s not the same as your own child but in every instance these children whose ages were at the time 7 through 12 were completely open to the idea of me transitioning to a woman and effectively becoming Nanna Susan. Each of my daughters have 2 children of their own. Each daughter allowed the revelation of my transition to be handled differently. My oldest daughters children were told a few weeks later by my daughter and SIL using some age appropriate children’s books on the subject. The then 7 year old grandson cried (He thought everything was going to go away) but after I visited him as Susan, he became very attached...in a different way than before because of the gender change. My then 11 year old granddaughter and I now have the best possible relationship one could ask for.   My oldest daughter and her new hubby decided to use the same books for my then 7 and 12 year old grandsons and then they came over a month later for a BBQ to meet me as Susan. They weren’t shocked as they had been shown many pictures of me prior to meeting me for the first time.   My youngest daughter and her then fiancé allowed me to talk to my then 8 year old grandson and then 10 year old granddaughter. I spent an hour discussing it at their level and then had them ask me any questions they wanted. They had plenty but it was a nice bonding moment. I did this presenting as male. The next day I went to a park presenting as female with them and the were very happy.   The 7th step granddaughter who was 15 is very accepting and happens to be dating a FtM so it was never going to be an issue with her in any regard.   Over the past two years I have met several other children within my siblings family that had known me as my male persona and none of them have had any difficulty with my transition. In my experience, children at these age ranges seem to be very accepting for the most part.   My Best, Susan R🌷
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