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Study on Play Preferences of Transgender Kids


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Good morning!


I've been contacted by Ms. Melissa Evans, a graduate student in Developmental and Therapeutic Play at Swansea University in the UK.  She's interested in how the play preferences of transgender children - including those who didn't realize they were trans at the time - might differ from the stereotypical expectations.  This survey is open to transgender people over the age of 18 as well as parents, family members, or friends of trans folks who are acquainted with their play habits.


I've taken the survey and found it to be entirely harmless - barring any specific traumatic memories you may have associated with play, I didn't see anything in the questions asked that has the potential to trigger any issues.  The survey is completely anonymous.  Contact information for Ms. Evans and her research supervisor is available within the survey itself.


If you'd like to help with this research, you can do so at the link below.



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I would be incredibly grateful for anyone else willing to take part in this questionnaire, I need a few more responses for my research. This survey will be closing soon so if you can spare 20 minutes it would make a world of difference for my dissertation!




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I just did the survey and it is relatively short and easy.  I certainly conjured up fond memories for me. 



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I fell victim and completed it. 

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I completed it, I actually found it quite nice to reminisce on how the signs truly were there from a very young age. Makes you wonder how much the world could improve if we actually listened to children and observed behavioural patterns before pigeon holing everybody into a certain label

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I completed it, but it seems I was 100% the opposite of what they “believe”. But then again I’m weird. ? Lol 

football captain to prom queen! Haha

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I completed it. Seemed interesting - definately see the signs now that I look back. 

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I also completed it.  Lots of narrative subjective info that would seem hard to sift through for a research project.  It would be interesting to see how it's used. 

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Thats what I thought as well but I'm sure there will be a wealth of data to parse.



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    • HollyNoel
      Thank you Clair.. *hugs*. Ever since my mom said the Holly reminded her of that girl "Holly Madison"  Holly Madison on The Girls Next Door! on the E! network. It's all I think about now When I hear Holly.  lol. Damn it mom.. lol   @Tasha MarieYou have friends here hun. Don't ever think you don't. I see you are in Michigan, that's really close to me. I'm in central Illinois. I would love to be friends with you. I wonder if we do Zoom calls here. If not, then we should. The only thing I think I know that we do is voice.   @Jackie C. Do we have zoom meetings that we do? Now that I've mentioned it, if we don't then maybe we should. I think I'm tech savvy, but I'm finding out I'm not. The other day I did something on my computer and had to take it to the shop to undo what I did. The guy told me what I did and He lost me after he said oh you changed this setting. lol
    • Linda Marie
      Also I have been with the government for over 20 years. You needn't worry.  I'm not here to spy on this group, I am trans, I have used my gov. recourses to protect my job because I'm trans. There is so much more to me than you see here, We will have fun getting to know each other, another day, another journey.  LM❤️
    • AwesomeClaire
      Yeah the only trans people I know are online. I know one local person but she rarely responds. I've developed a pretty close friendship with a transwoman that is 1500 miles away in Canada. After COVID I plan on attending drag shows again and maybe I'll meet someone there. 
    • 2beBreanna
      Community involvement is a big part of everything the company does.  I have been involved with several food and toy drives.  This resource group will have a presence in towns where we have facilities.  We cover  over 2 thirds of the nation.  Getting to know how to make all feel included and comfortable was a big point I drove in my application for the chair position.  I will likely need help from all here to build ties all over if I get a chair spot.
    • Linda Marie
      Also the whole thing is designed to see ones self as others and how to handle different situations, be more than just one person!!! 
    • Linda Marie
      I am at the mercy of the members on this. I was worried about that and had my wife proof read what I was up to. I didn't include no explicit subjects because I feel safe here and felt the need not to. Thanks for having me here.   
    • 2beBreanna
      Thanks for the input..  I put in the application for 2 chair positions.  Hopefully I will get one of them.  Even if not I will be a member of this group.  This will help a lot of people.  The meeting had 75 people involved. I also threw in for a promotion.  If I get that then moving up or around will be easier.
    • Linda Marie
      I will go first. I will be Gina, a patient. Now as Gina I'm only allowed one ailment, but many doctors. I can be a doctor to other patients but not myself.  I can be other new patients, but always the ailment matches the character. I cannot talk to my other characters I created, whether I'm a doctor or patent. Patients can talk to other patents and their doctors, doctors can only talk to other doctors about their. patents. If you chose to talk to yourself, you can create a nurse. Remember, you can be as many people as you like, switch back and forth, and so on but to be a nurse, you can only be one nurse, same name.   Here goes,    WEEEEELLLL WEEEEEEEELLLL....screech......   I crawl in and fill out forms....name....Gina   sex....dah    age....old..... Problem.... Gina, I hurt my leg, will somebody please do their job and fix it...   ( nurse walks by, doctor walks by)   ............this is where the game begins...                        
    • Jackie C.
      Just a reminder: Nothing explicit. PG-13. We're not that kind of site. Carry on.   Hugs!
    • BillieB
      An update! I have expanded my Coming Out list again am halfway through my list with a goal of finishing it before Easter. My wife has taken me on a couple of shopping trips and starting to build my wardrobe. I am doing my nails, although a subtle shade of polish for now. I currently only dress feminine when at home and switch to "boy mode" when I go out, I went out this Sunday in one of my feminine outfits (including bra and breast forms) to lunch with a friend who I have already come out to. Afterwards my wife and I went clothes shopping. Tomorrow is my first visit to the Transgender Clinic and am so excited!   Virtual hugs to All! Billie
    • Tasha Marie
      I too am here to meet friends. I am lonely too. I have no trans friends at all. It is so tough with no one to  really talk to. Yes I have fellow pilots, but can’t discuss anything really about me.
    • ValerieRun
      I have come across an article (which of course I cannot find now lol) that explained how both operations can be done BUT order matters. It was something about moving (or spreading, or something) vocal cords in order to get to the area to be reduced. And so that has to be done first, or shortened cords might get in a way and tear or get damaged. Of course, it could have been that specific operation or surgeon, and might not apply to other methods, but there are definitely more options than just a binary choice 🙂
    • Jandi
      I should point out that I don't have a partner at this time of my life, but… In my experience, there are different kinds of them.  The kind I associate with the guy thing tends to be pretty directed toward one area.  And then there is a more full-body sort, that is more internal, but pretty intense.  At least in my experience this doesn't necessarily require the involvement of "down there" but is quite satisfying.  But, I suspect this is a very individual sort of thing. I find that these days I am less visually stimulated than I used to be.  I'm kind of developing a taste for "steamy romance" paperbacks.  Whoo…   But I'm kinda weird I think.  I suspect I'm more pansexual. At times I think there is a type of spiritual thing involved.   But then, like I said, I'm kinda weird.  
    • William03232019
      Oh that's great to hear because they did 2 rounds of blood tests for me and both times they mentioned my kidneys and liver were perfect! Thank you so much!
    • Jackie C.
      It's going to come down to your blood work. If your liver and kidneys are healthy, you won't have any problem. They just want your to be as healthy as possible before they put additional strain on your body.   You're young enough that you shouldn't have any issues, but being as healthy as possible is a good stance to take while undergoing transition. It puts a lot of stress on the body and it's on you to make sure your body is conditioned to handle it.   Of course you're on T so you'll be lifting more than my little girl arms can handle (I dead-lifted 270 today, it's more than my workout partner can lift for once and I'm excited) before you know it. 😉   Hugs!
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