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Natural ftm transition.


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Have anyone here tried natural ftm transition (diet, exercise and suplements)? Is it safe for my voice and my fetrility? And is it reversible(in case I ever change my mind)? And does it work?I am seriously thinking about doing it but I need to have these questions answered before I make a decition.

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Diet and exercise are always great and there are lots of exercises that can help bulk up your shoulders, which can help you look more masculine. You could also consider going to voice therapy to learn to use your voice differently which could help you be perceived as male. Supplements, however, can be very dangerous and I do not recommend them. They are not regulated by the FDA and they sometimes contain very dangerous things that can make you sick. My partner is a pharmacist and tells me all sorts of horror stories about his patients who get sick taking supplements. If you're worried about reversibility, I would stick to things like diet, exercise, voice therapy, or trying out different clothing styles and haircuts. These things will not affect your fertility or hurt your voice. And trying new things like this can help you get a better idea of your relationship to your gender. 

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This posted twice. This is what I wrote on other one. 


"You would have to work with a doctor still just like with anything else.


Also generally this is not considered safe. 


And why not T T?"

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The only "Natural" way to transition is with medical advice,  support and monitoring along with Gender Therapy with a licensed therapist where you live.  The therapist will help you resolve issues that might cause you to decide against transitioning before you do take irreversible steps.  Doing healthy things you like in moderation will help Gender Dysphoria be a little kinder though.


@ChickenLittle has given you the advice about non-prescribed medicines and even "foods rich in <chemical or vitamins> that these forums take on those substances in our site rules http://www.transgenderpulse.com/community-rules  for the safety of all our members.  Even as far as your diet, be aware that even some foods may cause trouble with medications.  I have several green vegetables that are normally thought to be extremely healthy that will put me at risk for blood clots due to a rare condition that nevertheless did not prevent my healthy transition.

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6 hours ago, ChickenLittle said:

Supplements, however, can be very dangerous and I do not recommend them.

I double this warning as well...


My neighbors are a wonder pair of lesbians, and one is hard butch even if she does not identify as trans. She got a really nice short haircut 2 days ago and it looks just right! She has also been hitting the gym and the hard work is definitely paying off, she looks better than I ever did!



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There are NO safe supplements for transition. Some guys use DHEA but it only has minuscule effects with big risks. It may grow 3 or 4 facial hairs and roughen your voice slightly like the beginning of a mild cold but not drop it and among other things it affects the results of several kinds of blood tests. Drs are trying to get it made prescription.

All those other male supplements actually work by increasing the hormone your body naturally produces - in our case estrogen. Last thing you want. And they have potentially fatal side effects. Especially since as supplements manufacturing is unregulated and all kinds of garbage ends up in them. I get FDA recall notices and the supplements are frequently pulled when someone is adversely affected and they find them contaminated with other drugs.

Exercise increases uptake of whatever T you have in your system naturally. It's your best bet.

Otherwise work on your body language, how you walk and hold your shoulders, head, hands etc. Men take space. Also your speaking inflections and cadence. If you think about it there are guys with moobs and flat chested girls, men with high soft voices and women with gravel baritone. A lot of people who dress androgynously yet you instantly know gender. Because the most important clues are body language.

Takes a lot of work to change and really perfect but its actually more effective than T. Though I do advocate T for those who really want to transition, for a variety of reasons. But I also understand that it isn't for everyone.

And PLEASE don't overbind. Not only not necessary but it feminized because it lessens the chest to hip ratio. People don't check out a mans moobs but they do register the chest hip ratio unconsciously. Studies are showing binding WILL cause physical damage over time even with care. Without it that time can be very short and the results very serious.

Historically there have been quite a few cases of men who were not found out to have female bodies until death. Its doable.


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I've been trying to do the "male" thing/pass thing without hormones. At least for now. - I don't pass but Feel pretty ok...though surgery would be nice. Always curious about other trans guys who don't take T or haven't started taking T. I may feel the need to take it in the future. 

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I have a fair bit of facial hair even without T.  Probably going to turn into a gorilla when I finally start it ;(

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I haven't decided if I want to do any T yet, mostly because I already have relatively high levels for a female, and can build muscle so easily and already have to shave my face every other day. I wear baggy guy-clothes and have a short haircut, so I can pass pretty well. I've ALWAYS had more masculine walk and presence, so passing is easy for me. I am thinking about T gel when I have better access to medical care, because I want to have a more male appearance, but I have other endocrine health concerns that make medical supervision absolutely necessary! Like everyone else has said, do what you can, but stay away from supplements unless your doctor knows about them. Just my 2 pennies...

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Medical supervision while on any hormone treatment is paramount!   Going alone is dangerous.  Other gains from starting T would be a change in your voice, if that is important to you.  I think downsides include having to shave, which you are doing now, acne and possible weight gain.  All things to consider...



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Add to Jani's downsides depending on how you see it is hair EVERYWHERE except your head. And libido. Like all the teen boy jokes you ever heard. Till you adjust to it the level can be distracting.


Weight gain is often from additional muscle mass if you exercise at all, though the added hunger a lot of guys experience can lead to weight gain. The good news is that like other guys weight also comes off faster with diet and exercise.


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      Knowing for almost 51 years. Just decided time is to short and I’m tired of putting this mask on so everybody but me is comfortable. It’s time for me to be happy.
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      Personally, I have done this, but not on a regular basis.  I'm not too intense when I do it (kinda a dry shave) so it results more in a thinning operation.  So I do have some hair on my arms - just not a lot.  What has grown back is softer and thinner, I suppose due to the E and reduced T.  It's not really noticeable, but there.
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      I have struggled for 68 years - been through a sorts of therapy - suffered and denied - didn't want to accept - was born at a time when transition totally frowned upon - too afraid to admit my root cause problem - finally with the problem ALWAYS roaring back - I told my doctor then my wife - found a gender specialist who recommended a health care LGBTQ+ organization and I went for supervised HRT. I was determined that THIS I go until I found answers and happiness. For me this IS the path I denied far too long but now am happy I took it.   What was your way to finally accepting who you are and do you find you are happy you did?
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      Good morning everyone,   That's great Liz.   I slept in today, and just now sipping coffee as the birds are on their second round of feeding this morning. Redwing Blackbirds are back the two pairs of Bluebirds are still visiting the mealworm feeder. No other new birds have been noticed.    My Suzie is more comfortable talking about my transition with me now that she can also bounce ideas, and heart ache to her sister and brother-in-law.  We're still living like roommates for now and I hope she able to be closer physically as time passes.   Hugs,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
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      I may not have had low T for years, but my body hair is black n thick. When it grows or I see some it sets something off in me, like ants walking over my body and it makes feel dirty and itch.  Arms are weekly, legs weekly, belly and chest is every two days (it is very sparse now though, but black). Face is daily. Eyebrows are getting easier though, as they're going white lol.
    • Jackie C.
      Nah, I've seen cis-women who do that before. usually because their hair is especially dark. I've heard it's a thing in some Eastern cultures as well because, well, sometimes we get hair where we don't want it.   Hugs!
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      Well I got to my shop, figured I’d do a little work but someone decided she needed to be seen. So here I am at work. I bet I’ll get a lot done🥰
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      Ok, I'm inserting a new subject. I just started shaving my arms 2 days ago. I kept looking at my arms and kept thinking that this doesn't look right, so I did something about it. My wife thinks I'm being silly. She said that most girls don't shave their arms. (This coming from someone who hasn't had any hair on her arms for over 20 years). I told her "Well, this girl does".  Am I the only one who feels this way?
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      That gave a me a smile Liz.  That just the sort of thing i would say. I like your supervisor 🙂
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      Sorry, I just broke out laughing. That's awesome Jackie.
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      Getting rid of Mr. Catheter was glorious. Well, not the removal part, that sucked, but afterwards (and not having to navigate the world with a catheter bag) was lovely. May the days pass swiftly until you can kick him out of your life!   Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      Congratulations @ElizabethStar! I'm glad your wife is onboard. Also that the wall gets to be trans-flag colors. I think our flag is pretty too.   Oddly enough, my spouse and I had the same conversation last night. I was bawling at the end of Wandavision. My wife was dry-eyed. Well, somebody had to be the girl.    Hugs!
    • Delcina B
      Wonderful news Elizabeth! The role reversal comment your wife made sounds like some my wife has made.   Delcina
    • Kasumi63
      Thanks, girls! I just got home from the hospital today. More like a smashed up cactus than roses, but we’re getting there! This week’s goal is to become friends with my catheter—my first boyfriend! Well, not really my first, but he’ll be in me all week, and I’m fighting the urge of just yanking him out. I go back to the hospital in a week to have him removed from my life permanently. I’ll have to reread that peeing thread then. Thanks again, everyone! It was nice having a place to moan when the going was tough! Kisses!    
    • CD Rachel
      OMG I love this, thank you for sharing that bit of information it made my day....   Rachel

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