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Hi,I Have Returned


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Hello.I am reintroducing myself.I am Roberta-Belinda.I was a member of the old site.I have now reactivated my account.For those who do not know me,I am fifty eight and have been dressing as a girl for nearly forty eight years.I did it secretly for years until coming out to my wife in 2004.She could not accept for many years and I continued to dress as Roberta in secret when she was not in the house.Two years ago that all changed.Tired of dressing behind her back I drrssed in my full female garb in front of her.She could not accept it but the following day she had a change of heart and said she would buy all my clothes and tights for me.She quickly became more and more accomodating.Now,she is fully accepting of my need to dress up as a female.She encourages me every step of the way,constantly buying me lovely clothes.As we are both retired I dress up as Roberta nearly everyday.My wife always constantly pays me compliments saying that I look nice as a woman and telling me that I have a nice figure and quite good legs.We are both girly girls who have the same taste in clothes appropriate for our fifty something age group.I keep telling her how much I appreciate her help and acceptance.We have wondeful times together chatting about clothes and browsing and buying from mail order catalogues.We have wonderful girls shopping trips as well.Great fun even though I go dressed in drab.She also does my makeup,she applies powder,eyeshadow and lipstick.Something I was never able to do on my own.I have got to a wonderful stage in my crossdressing journey and it continues to get better by the day.Looking forward to renewing my friendship with old friends and would be so happy to make new ones. Love and hugs. Roberta xxxx

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  • Forum Moderator

Welcome back Roberta!  It seems like your life has taken a nice turn.  Wonderful.  


I'm glad to hear you've rejoined us.  It's a little different than before but with the same caring people!.  I look forward to hearing more from you.


Cheers, Jani 

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Thanks for your kind comments Jani.Yes,life is good these days.I look forward to interacting with you and many others on here.Kind Regards,Robberta.

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Eve Caillard

Hi Roberta


So good to hear from you! By sheer chance, I realised I was long missing from Laura's (or Trans whatever) for a long time too. I signed in today, and how wonderful to come back and see a post from you!

Glad you are well!



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  • Admin
Carolyn Marie

Welcome back, Roberta!  Wow, it's reunion week at TP (LP) and that makes me happy.  It's wonderful to hear that your wife has, at long last, come around and is now supportive.  I'm very happy for you, and wish you much happiness in dressing and in life.  I look forward to continuing to hear about all your doings.




Carolyn Marie

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Many thanks Carolyn Marie and Eve.It is so lovely to be back.Eve,I am glad that like me you have joined the new site.I have been more or less inactive for about three years.

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  • Forum Moderator

It's good to have you back Roberta, and you too Eve. I often wonder where people go and if they will return.



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I Just Joined...I Am Sitting Here Wearing Pink Bra and Panties, Neon Pink Top, Pink Lipstick With My Diamond Clip-On Earrings !

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    • Red_Lauren.
      I've been getting my nails done for a while now. When I started it was plan Jane, and as time moved on. I went from nude color, with square tips. To nude with a oval tip. Then more of a nude pink. Well this time I went super bright pink. I don't know why I did, but I did.   I got a complement from a store clerk. Which didn't surprise me. As they scream look at me, but I was presenting as a male. So it kinda made me feel uncomfortable, but it did open pandoras box, and im already decideding on doing a blue/purple or a red/black ombre in a few weeks.   
    • Andrea Jean
    • Andrea Jean
      Welcome Ellie Jean, with me just couldn't wait to get them took my first dose of estradiol and my brain just calmed down after that also age as with brandi was a motivator also not getting any younger and wanted a few years as the real me...but would listen to the doctors about smoking and stuff I'm a ex smoker myself and know how hard it is to stop you can do it....
    • Abi
      Glad you like it. Nice to meet you btw.
    • Audrey
      This is wonderful to hear, and I hope you'll successfully get reimbursed. Kaiser seems to be one of the most progressive insurance companies when it comes to transgender healthcare. What I have through my employer is more than happy to deem as many things as possible "cosmetic" so as not to pay for anything. I would also gladly pay that price out of pocket. In NYC, electrolysis averages about double that amount. But then, *everything* is expensive here.   I also agree with @Jani, starting hair removal early on in transition is very important, and if you vet your providers carefully, it's quite safe. Electrology is generally a licensed profession so as long as you work with a provider who's licensed to practice in your state, you should be fine. As for laser hair removal, I believe that varies considerably from state to state, so you'll want to check what the requirements are in your state. Also, a good hair removal technician in either modality will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process before getting started, as well as during or after your treatments.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @Ava87Welcome to the group!! Thanks for sharing your story too! ❤️
    • Vanessa Michelle
      @NoCityGurlWelcome to the group!! It's great to have you here and to hear your story!! ❤️
    • Red_Lauren.
      I have redish brown hair, and I can tell laser has at least worked for me after one treatment. I last shaved some time in the past week, maybe last weekend. Its definitely not as dense, there is a few balder spots, and when I do shave. I'm smoother longer. It probably helps. That I couldn't grow a beard to save my life.
    • Vanessa Michelle
      Hi @Zooeyand welcome to the group!! Boy, when I started reading your first paragraph I wondered if someone had copied and pasted mine here. I can really identify with a lot of what you shared. I hope you feel at home here. This is a great place with a lot of awesome people. Thanks for joining us! ❤️
    • Jamie68
      That's not cheap. I hope you get reimbursed.   On a similar subject, has anyone had any success at reversing a bald head? i really don't want to have to wear a wig the rest of my life. I'm trying to let my hair grow out, but the top is pretty sparse.
    • DonkeySocks
      Hi, Fynn! Welcome.   Unless your doctor says otherwise, a low libido is not dangerous. You don't have to worry about it. On the other hand, you could, potentially, be anxious enough that you're artificially lowering your libido. That would be okay, too.   Also, you may be asexual. if you are, that's fine, too. And it doesn't mean you're not trans. Gender and orientation aren't the same thing. You could be ace trans masc, or you could be unlabeled right now and for as long as it takes you to explore your feelings, until you wish to apply a label.   Labels are shorthand, but they're often not helpful at all. For instance, the only people whose business it really is what your orientation might be, is dating partners. And if you say "I'm asexual" it could mean a lot of different things to different people. It's so much easier in the long run to explain everything from where you're at. "I believe I might be asexual but then again I've only been on T for six months and I'm still figuring this out." So much more informative. Labels take less time to use, but if the information is important to share with someone, then it can be shared in detail.
    • Erica Gabriel
      I’d like to add that Kaiser Permanente, at least in Colorado, covers the cost of hair removal after you’ve been on HRT for 6 months. I’m paying out of pocket for Thermolysis but keeping my receipts in the hope I’ll be reimbursed in 6 months. $90 per hour here. It’s a commitment since you have to stay with it for some time. On the bright side I no longer have a needle phobia!
    • Susan R
      Hi Tomi, Welcome to our humble forum. The “life is short” idiom is the reason I moved forward with my transition too. I was 56 and realized if I was ever going to do it...now is the time. I think it’s never too late to try to better yourself. You seem to know exactly what you want. Thanks for sharing some of your story with us. I look forward to reading more as you feel the need.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Audrey
      Hi Tomi, it's nice to meet you and welcome to the forums. I wholeheartedly agree, this is a warm and wonderful place full of many lovely people with diverse experiences and perspectives. I feel very at home here since I joined right around Thanksgiving. I'm happy to hear that you're in a better place especially after your battle with cancer, and it's wonderful you have a doctor who's supportive of your goals with HRT. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.   Love, ~Audrey.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Transgender Pulse, Tomi.  I'm so glad you're doing better after that bout with cancer, and it seems like things are going well for you.  We're glad you're here and hope that we can assist with anything you need, in terms of both advice, experience or just friendship.  I hope to "see" you around the forums.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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