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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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@KymmieL I must say, I’m jealous you’re getting snow. Last winter here in NC we didn’t get much, so hoping this winter we get more! Have been watching weather here, possible getting a tropical storm/hurricane  this weekend in my area..so we will see what happens.

@Bri2020 I remember those days with Spiro! I’ve been off of it a month now since srs and I can tell my intake/output have changed!


Hope everyone has a good day!

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Kylie, I take it you are in Western NC as eastern doesn't get snow.  I used to visit my grandparents in Western NC yearly. I love it down there.



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I live in Central NC. I used to live in Western. We still get some good bit of snow my way. I’m about an hour from the Virginia mountains. So some winters we will get 1 or 2 nice snow storms here with pretty snow. It just differs year to year. Some of my friends on the coast got more snow last year than I got here! Not fair!

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Now tagging on to the hormones and affects seen.  My hips are unchanged, no fat redistribution to them.  My figure has become more hourglass, and I am finally seeing a tiny bit of breast growth from 41 to 42 ½ with a consistent 38-39 below my breasts.  I always use the same tailors tape measure.  Also my left nipple is tender these days.



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Good afternoon everyone! So came out to my last team member this morning and have now updated my signature. We'll see how many people catch on and are brave enough to inquire. LOL  Work can't fully change my name in the systems until it's legally changed, so where they can't, they are going to include A. (my first initial of my legal name) and then Sara and my last name. Hopefully have all of that changed this week. 


So far everyone at work has been super accepting, we'll see once it gets around more outside of my direct team.


Dug my old birth certificate out of my safe to include along with my name change form, as required. I will be mailing it on Wednesday. they 6-8 weeks to get my name change certificate and new birth certificate. Then I begin changing over all of my other ID. Might try to do the sex change designation first, so I don't have to redo all of my ID 2x.


Had a lovely tea on Saturday, socially distancing on a patio, with a friend I met online a few months ago. It was great to meet her in person finally. 


Was supposed to get my first feminine haircut, but the stylist was not feeling well and rescheduled for tomorrow. So looking forward to it.

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41 minutes ago, SaraAW said:

So far everyone at work has been super accepting, we'll see once it gets around more outside of my direct team.

A big congrats on your workplace coming out. You cruised through that like it was nothing. I’m happy everything went smoothly for you and hope the rest of the name change stuff goes smoothly as well.


My Best,

Susan R?

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I'm so happy this forum is back up. During the time I realized how much I need you ladies in my life. Being here has really help normalize the fact I'm trans and I just think of myself as a woman. We talk about so many different things, most of which are probably not "socially acceptable" but are a normal part of our processes.  I don't feel isolated and alone anymore. From the bottom of heart, thank you everyone for being here, thank you Trans Pulse for existing, and thank you Petra and your team for keeping this place together.

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Well.. if you guys are just waking up, you may find your threads for the last couple of days might not be here.  When I tried to sign in yesterday (would've been probably Wed morning US time) the site was down for the count.
That was scary 😱
But looks like its back up and running.... whew! 

Have a great morning, Everyone, and enjoy the coffee☕

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On Wednesday I hit the 9 months on HRT. It's surreal at times. I never had thought I would be happy or even accept my authentic self but here I am. If you had asked me a year ago I would have called you a liar.

I also got my hair done. It dyed red-ish brown and cut to a shoulder length asymmetrical bob. I got all the fried stuff cut off.

Yesterday marks 1 year in therapy. We did a "year in review" and it made me think about how things have changed and how thankful I am.


I'm still waiting for my employer to update my name. I'm going to be patient and give them until next week before I ask what's the hold-up. By then it will have been 2 weeks since I asked.


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1 hour ago, ElizabethStar said:

On Wednesday I hit the 9 months on HRT. It's surreal at times.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!  those are some significant milestones you have reached.   Very happy for you❣️


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Waking up and drinking my iced coffee. Already went through my work email, it feels like another slow day for me as I am about to be off for the next week on vacation, which isn't a terrible thing to be slow given the being out thing. Glad to forums were down, but luckily I recently joined the live chat, so I was able to chat with a few people yesterday about different things.


@ElizabethStar Those are wonderful milestones and congratulations.

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Congrats Elizabeth! I’m sure your hair is lovely.


Thank you Petra for your hard work getting the forum up and going.


These past couple days made me realize how much I rely on this forum and how grateful I am for it. I use this instead of therapy. I really wish I had a therapist but insurance doesn’t pay for it and my work schedule is to out of whack. Looking back I realized that if I didn’t admit it to myself that I was transgender I probably wouldn’t be alive. I have recently started reminding myself that I have come a long way since January and even the 4.5 months on hrt. I went back and started reading the blog that made me realize I was transgender the other day, which became a real tear jerker even more so now then before since I have emotions now. I have my days but I think I’m in a much better place now. I’ve been struggling lately between the dysphoria and some of my coming out hasn’t gone well at all. I really cried the other night because I started thinking of the holidays and how I probably won’t join my family because of what they have done. I used to say that I don’t need them but now it really saddens me. I feel bad for my wife she didn’t ask for this. Then I look at it I have some amazing friends and an amazing wife that have stuck by me and continue to do so. Things take time I guess.

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Glad to see the site is back up! Might enjoy some left over Mexican food for breakfast and just lay in bed. I noticed this morning when I got up to walk it felt a little easier to walk. Slow progress had me a little discouraged but I see it all works out!

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1 hour ago, Kylie said:

Glad to see the site is back up! Might enjoy some left over Mexican food for breakfast and just lay in bed. I noticed this morning when I got up to walk it felt a little easier to walk. Slow progress had me a little discouraged but I see it all works out!


It took me about eight weeks to get completely back in the groove and it was still painful to sit for most of that. Don't rush things and stop if you get tired or you feel things pull. Take care of yourself and listen to your body.


Also, leftover Mexican food sounds really good. I want a quesadilla now. Maybe with steak. Ooh, or queso. Gosh darnit. Now I'm all hungry. 😜



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@Kylie you're doing fine and every day will get better - as a nurse you know healing after a major jolt to the body does take some time and you know you are getting better when your want Mexican food for breakfast K - Sa - D - a

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My bed rest has been rough. But I’ve tried to rest as much as possible. I’m going on week 6 now..so hopefully soon I’ll be slowly returning to normal! Just reminding myself one day at a time!


The leftovers were excellent!

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Congrats Sara and Elizabeth!  Kylie I know bed rest sucks, I've been through some back surgeries and being laid up sucks. You will get there. And damn you for the leftovers thread- I'm starving right now lol.

I echo everyone's thoughts on this forum. I missed you ladies :(💜

Emily I am sorry you are going through such family challenges.  I can't even imagine 😢   Know that all of here are there for you through the holidays at least.


I had my first voice therapy session at an ungoddessly time of 7:30am and she encouraged me to cut out caffeine.  I'm not sure I can go back to her hahaha.  On a positive side, while I think of my voice as this deep manly thing, I'm not far off from a "gender neutral" pitch. She thinks I can do this pretty easily if I do my homework.

Has anybody else gotten totally overwhelmed with all the changes, appointments, etc etc their first year transitioning?  I'm just toast right now.  I know that I started hard and fast but with all the support and encouragement I've had I wanted to jam. (plus, 53 years old so time's a ticking). 


In other news, I don't think I posted this yet but if I did forgive me please: I (sort of) finally came out to my father and he accepted me unconditionally. Was a shock to the whole family.  I didn't mean to do it then but it was planned for sometime this week. I wrote a letter (based on some here) because he's got hearing issues and some mental deterioration so I didn't want there to be any confusion about what I was saying. I sent the draft to my sister who lives with him to see what she thought and to plan out how to give it to him and who should be there.  She decided it was fine and that she was there then to support him if needed so she just gave it to him!  Bam, done, painless.

So that's it- I'm fully out to everyone!!!!!  Very liberating.

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@Bri2020 unconditional acceptance from your father. THAT is ultra Fantastic. I bet you are radiating smiles ear to ear.


What a great day.

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That’s awesome your father was very accepting congrats. My dad never even said a word when I told him. That’s been like 2 months he has yet to contact me or even ask.

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@Emily michelle keep planting good seeds and don't give up. I hope he comes around and shows his love. My dad passed long ago and I sense he wouldn't be the type to give me acceptance - because he didn't give me acceptance when I was a kid - before he passed and I was his child.

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    • AgnesBardsie
      That was hysterical!
    • Carolyn Marie
      This is a very interesting article, and I learned a lot.  Thank you for posting it, Chrissie.  NB issues are under-reported and need to be better understood.  Our Non-Binary Forum is under-utilized, too.  It is important, and becoming more so.   Carolyn Marie
    • Nora
      Indeed; I'm particularly self-conscious here in the Flathead surrounded by full-on "traditional" right-wing cowboy types lol. Ran into a few "bullies" walking the streets at night, (I'm nocturnal lol), but for some baffling reason, whenever I brush my coat back to flash my gun at them, they decide they wanna be friendly all of a sudden and we respectfully head our separate ways. Funny how that works! Hehehe. XD An armed society is a polite society! I'd probably have gotten my ass whooped and murdered ten times over by now if I wasn't armed and dangerous lol. It's like a big ol' flashing neon sign to ne'er-do-wells everywhere: CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE!  😈 Never understood the push to outlaw guns; if guns were outlawed, then only outlaws would have guns, leaving the rest of us law-abiding folk to be dependent on a prejudiced government for safety and security, and I don't trust them for a second lmao.     ...Whatever could have possibly given you the idea that we live in a civilized world? 😜 Sadly, we don't. We never have, and we never will. Human beings are little different than any other animal. We all eat, sleep, pee, poop, hunt, kill, fight and mark our territories like primal dogs, and when we die, our flesh rots into the Earth the same way as cattle. We aren't nearly as superior as most humans would like to think we are. We aren't special. ...Making the mistake of thinking we are can get you killed by a wolf...the four-legged kind, or the two-legged-kind.  ...ALL the world is a farm; think of it that way LOL. XD So-called-civilized society has always followed the Laws of the Jungle; we've just dressed it up and pretend we won't throw the book out the window just as soon as the chips are down and the primates start throwing their feces everywhere lmao. 🤣 I'll say it again: Human beings are animals lol. NEVER forget that! XD
    • Heather Nicole
      I'm ADD, so my mind just ping-pongs around anywhere and everwhere. 😁   Although sometimes it'll fixate on old experience-based frustratuons of trying and failing to get my point across to someone not willing to listen, or otherwise dealing with difficult people. Or any other frustration I may have.
    • Sometimes Chrissie
      https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/neither-male-nor-female-why-some-nonbinary-people-are-microdosing-n1028766   Your thoughts?
    • Nora
      I read a good chunk of it before deciding to scroll down to so how much further it would go on...then I gave up because I just don't have that kinda time LOL. Thanks for sharing though! Looks like an interesting read; I'll probably get to it in the future at some point.  From what I read though, it seemed to basically be saying the same thing I was saying, but with slightly more smarty-pantsy biologery sounding words thrown into the mix lol. Seems they were saying that the differences in the brain were the result of hormonal, environmental and cultural factors. The relative sizes between a male and female brain seems negligible because I'm pretty sure I heard that the size of a brain doesn't necessarily determine how it functions. Not to mention all the crap that can happen that can radically alter various regions of the brain, particularly trauma and abuse. Some ciswomen have a large amygdala, some ciswomen have a small amygdala. Twenty bucks says that either way...it was their parents fault. 🤣
    • Mmindy
      This is the dream I have for some day.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Jandi
      One of my sisters said she would come back as a butterfly.   I have had them land on me when I've been working outside.   It is always something special.   Lovely pix.
    • Mmindy
      That’s a good first day on the road. ❤️   I hope you have a wonderful trip and fine a real connection as a loving couple.   ❤️❤️   Miny🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • miz miranda
      @Shay Harry was a fantastic songwriter        
    • Elizabeth Star
    • Jandi
      I had a rooster once that makes me believe it.
    • miz miranda
      @Shay   @Vidanjali   Kind Wishes and Blessings, good beginnings
    • miz miranda
      In 1912, a law passed in Nebraska where drivers in the country at night were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket, and wait eight minutes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing their horn and shooting off flares.   Somali pirates have such a hatred for Western culture, that the British Navy uses music from Britney Spears to scare them off.   Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch.   The chicken and the ostrich are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex.
    • Red_Lauren.
      Yea she's nosy. She could probably tell you everything going on in the neighborhood.    Yea my grandma asked why I went through planned parent hood. I told her way to munch gatekeeping, and cost at a regular dr. I told her my labs are like 100 bucks, and she was like I pay around 300 after insurance. 
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