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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Thankyou @Shay, @ElizabethStar and @Jacqui for your kind words. I felt really good today ... having one of those "I know I dont cis-pass but feel pretty anyway"  kind of days. Besides, I think some men are just stupid.


Elizabeth, the double-think involved in what you are going through sounds like hard work. Hopefully things will settle down soon.


And Shay, you too are such a gorgeous person. Take care.

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4 hours ago, Erikka said:

After explaining she didn't respond.

It takes a modicum of intelligence to rise above stupidity....

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Heather Nicole
3 hours ago, Berni said:

Besides, I think some men are just stupid.


If either my adult OR high school experience is anything to go by, a LOT of men are just stupid! ;) (No offense intended to our F2M brothers, If you're even at the point of questioning, you're clearly highly evolved and enlightened if you ask me. And hey, it goes for just as many women, too.)


Seriously, from both an insider AND outsider point of view, I think masculinity is in desperate need of a similar "refresh" and "reawakening" as femininity got a few decades ago. In far too many cases, masculinity is still stuck in the same cro-magnon swamp that femininity was stuck in up until the 1960's.

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Yippee!!  Sixty-six years ago, a girl named Kathleen Lauren ______ was born.  Officially.  My new birth certificate arrived in the mail!  Woo-hoo!  I'm me!! 😄

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My wife letting me go through a pile clothes before she gets rid of them.Cleaned out her closet and lets me pick out what I like in the pile.Picked out a few nice dresses,skirts and tops including  couple pairs of jeans

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12 hours ago, Berni said:

Despite the misgendering

How this that possible looking like you do ?

Glad you could just go on with your day.




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Emily michelle

Hi Willow I actually had a drive sprocket off an excavator fall on my foot past the steel toe. 

Excited for my laser appointment tonight.


My boss told me yesterday I have one week to cut my hair if I don’t he said I will be held down and he is going to cut it himself. I’m really tired of hearing about my hair.


Bernie you look gorgeous.

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@Emily michelle That is terrible on both accounts. I know on my vacation with family I got comments about how long my hair is too and it didn't feel good at all. It's really a shame that your boss is able to get away with that behavior, but I also know that calling harassment on a boss isn't a good thing either in many places.


I decided to try the Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew this morning, and fail to see what all the hype is about. I enjoy cold brew coffee, just the Nitro doesn't taste special to me or any better than what I normally get which is larger and the same price I would have paid (thank you stars). I keep toying around with the idea of doing my makeup before therapy at Noon (Eastern Time), it just feels really intimidating to me. I have thought about maybe just doing my eyes as a starting point (maybe that will be easier).

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@KathyLauren congratulations big smiles girl.


@Emily michelle that sucks...i hope you find a better paying and people place. Sounds like ACLU time.


@QuestioningAmber wonder thought doing make up. I wear ear studs all the time and eye brow make up and Lady shirts to therapist but I still suck on full make up application. If you feel better DO IT GIRL.

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@Emily michelle good morning sorry to hear about your foot.  That can be quite painful now and in the future.  Since when does a boss have the right to dictate the length of your hair?  I know that in restaurants they dictate hair nets for sanitary reasons but unless your hair has gotten a lot longer than your picture it isn’t going to get caught in any machinery.  And if it’s longer there are ways to keep it and you out of danger.  That just doesn’t sound right on any score and if he tried I would think he could be arrested for assault.



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Emily, as long as your hair isn't a hazard and kept by company policy. they have no grounds to bitch about. 


Well to work again. Luckily now working with the new guy today he has it off. The new transfer starts today.


Things have been feeling cold with my wife. Of course asking what is wrong only get nothing as a response . Her almost uncaring attitude is getting to me. Like yesterday, She makes dinner, homemade pizza and salad. She puts both in the fridge and grabs her worms and walks out the door. Not saying a word, to me or my son.

I just wish I could find a position so I could move. Now since the car I planned on taking is laid up. I don't really know what to do.


I need a friend and mentor in the worse way.


ShawnaL were are you LOL


Hugs, Kymmie

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Good morning 


made my coffee. Sun is up, partly cloudy and cool.  IT’s been a really strange year.  Stuck inside due to COVID-19,  hotter and way more humid than I recall.  And now it’s actually cooler than normal. Hurricane season isn’t over yet but that’s been strange too.  We have been fortunate in that we haven’t been hit but we’ve had two come pretty close.


it’s been really wet this year too. I suppose a result of the unusual weather around us.


well, I’ll continue to enjoy my coffee.  Hope you all have a great day.



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@KymmieL my heart goes out to you and I hope counselling is happening. I feel for your son but hope you are understanding and making him know the issues happening are not his fault. I hope the job and wife situations get better. I have the wife issues and understand the egg shells you are walking on. All you can do is accept that she is going through a tough situation for her and keep your cool and keep planting?good seeds. You didn't ask to be trans nor did any of us but we have to deal with what has been given to us. We are special in that way and we have been given the task of teaching others the ability to understand others who are different from them.

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@KendraMLit always nice when you can wear your wife’s clothes, IF she lets you.  My wife and I can share tops but that’s it. I an nearly a foot taller and without a butt, so I’m at least a size smaller and talls verses petites.  

unfortunately, some recent purchases didn’t fit her so I got them. She playfully gets mad when her clothes fit me better or look better on me.



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@KymmieL I know how difficult things must be right now.  Many of us have experienced this or something close.  Another member has left the site and is dealing with nearly the same issues with her wife. 

getting away when it becomes necessary isn’t easy that’s for sure, especially when you’ve built a life together before you realized what you needed.  

hang in there, good luck job hunting.  I hope you find something sooner rather than later.


we are here for you and will all try to help.



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Emily michelle

As far as I know there is no rules saying I can’t have long hair other people have long hair. I’m just sick of hearing about my hair. Apparently we don’t enough to do at work besides worry about my hair. I could only imagine what will happen after I come out to them.

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15 hours ago, Berni said:

"Good morning sir .. "


Honestly, some days this is absolutely exhausting!


Having my morning coffee at the local mall. Despite the misgendering, I refuse to feel anything but radiant today.


Hope everyone has a great one.20200930_100047.thumb.jpg.9ff6394368ec0667e8acfbfd5374dd3f.jpg

OMG- you look FAB!

I need to up my scarf game

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Congrats Kathy!, I just mailed my birth certificate change requests off to NYC.  No documentation needed for gender change so I should have my new name and gender on there soon! Can't wait.

So my big today revolves around my first solo attempt at makeup. It made me late as hell for work but I'm really happy with how I did and I feel wonderful. Of course I have to wear a mask most of the day but whatever, I feel great under it.



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Morna alle sammen,

I can relate Emily michelle. I spent 40 years working in a male dominated,  mysoginistic, industry. The first 20 years they harassed me for being a hippie, commie freak. In the last 20, their pathetic little minds were working overtime to understand my hair that now was tied up in a high pony tail, sometimes in braids on neither side and sometimes (shock) done up in a French braid and when I got both ears pierced, well....there were whispers.  I was tired of hiding. And I got lots of -crap- for that hair, but by that time a few brave women had come to be part of the work force. The company had instituted a hair policy for the women and I just followed those guidelines. I also had the advantage of having a friend in HR who held the company and my fellow workers to the intent of the working contract. Unless your hair is in violation of written company rules, your supervisor is on veeeery thin ice and would be liable to violation of first amendment rights. Be strong.



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6 hours ago, KathyLauren said:

Yippee!!  Sixty-six years ago, a girl named Kathleen Lauren ______ was born.  Officially.  My new birth certificate arrived in the mail!  Woo-hoo!  I'm me!! 😄


Congratulations Kathy!


Hugs, Mike

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@Emily michelle So sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it heals up quickly. That is kind of irritating about your boss, so what if your hair is long. As long as it doesn’t affect your job performance he shouldn’t mention it. 

@KymmieL I am sorry to hear about the strain you and your wife are having. I know it has been such a battle for you during this time, may you have peace soon. 

@Bri2020 You look fabulous!! I am jealous of your hair too! I have curls and ringlets, but yours beats mine in beauty! 

Hope all have a good Wednesday. I am waiting on my counselor to join our virtual session currently. Hoping to unload my worries on her. I couldn’t make it to the office this morning because of some bleeding so I changed to online. 

Be wonderful today!

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Happy Birthday Kathy!   That's a great number!!!


Looking great Bri!!

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      It's pretty clear that Republican state governments don't fear, or even take notice of, the Biden administration's policies. It looks like the Republican State governments feel they have to move quick while they still have a 6-3 scotus conservative majority until the Dems pack the courts (within the next year probably) to even things up a bit.    
    • Ellie Jean
      Totally relate. I was locked up in a psychoward ran by Mormons when I was 12-17 years old...sex was used as currency. ...Feel kinda lucky some days that I didn't really know I was being raped. ...Other days I just feel sick and wanna blow my brains out. ...Most days though, I just want....revenge. I guess I kinda had an epiphany one day: I'm not the one who deserves to die. ...Neither are you.  Hang in there. This too shall pass. *big hugz*
    • Susan R
      Kimber, I agree with Jackie, your parents were very accepting and supportive. Especially given that society was so different and so much less accepting back 25 years ago. Your parents loved the real YOU so much. It is a wonderful story.   Life would’ve been so much easier for many of us here if our parents could embrace our real identities. I am so glad yours embraced and accepted you so unconditionally. It sounds like an amazing experience.   I’m so sorry to hear that you had lost two siblings within a year back then. That must have been such a difficult period of your life. I can’t even imagine experiencing that kind of loss in such a short time period. We all have different crosses to bear. No journey through life is an easy one.   *Hugs* Susan R🌷
    • Jodie
    • Susan R
      This is a one of your colors Linda Marie. Your dress really looks nice with the shoes too. Hard to match outfits that close without a large collection. You can NEVER have too many pairs.😉
    • whatishappening
      I don’t wanna go back to a mental hospital. That place still terrifies me. Even more bad memories.
    • Ellie Jean
      Mostly just the erotic variety that involved a boy being forcibly feminized then diapered and treated like a baby girl lmao. I'm a freak lol. =P 
    • Sally Stone
      Here are a few TG Novels:   Annabel, Kathleen Winter Shero, Jack Wallen Jr. The Original Sex Gates, Darrell Bain She's My Dad, Iolanthe Woulff Port of Departure, Karin Bishop Nevada, Imogen Binnie Transistor Radio, Chris Bohjalian   Enjoy
    • VickySGV
      If you are having this bad a time, it may be necessary for you to go to a hospital or an urgent care provider and see if they can provide you with some medication to help your anxiety about the memories.  You may have to cut your vacation short to deal with this, or maybe it is the vacation environment triggering you.  Please go and get some professional help before you feel compelled to hurt yourself. 
    • Teri Anne
      Looking lovely LM. Kaltia Bras are a constant problem with me too. Lacey bras are so pretty but the lace chaffs my skin. Sport bras I wear a lot just because the seem to hold everything in place just fine. My nice bras I save for special occasions.
    • whatishappening
      I can’t stop remembering. I’m on vacation. I need to relax. I want it to stop. I can’t forget about what he did. I keep trying to make myself forget with things like overdosing, but it doesn’t work anymore. The memories are so loud. I don’t know how to stop this.
    • Kimber M
      My hair appointment went well today.Walked in and treated very well on the spot.The hair stylist that did mine,Lillian was so kind and also listened to me.She did a great job walking out happy.
    • SheenaT
      I loved getting my pierced. I love all the earrings I have especially the dangly ones. I feel just a little more myself.
    • Ellie Jean
      If I remember correctly, I was told trying to diet in a manner where you lose ten pounds then gain ten pounds then lose ten pounds again will help fat redistribution occur much more quickly; been meaning to try this out.  
    • whatishappening
      Something similar happened to me, same ages. I feel the same way, almost all the time. I understand how rough it is. Luckily, I was able to get away from him about a year ago, but what he did still haunts me. I hate it so much.
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