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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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2 hours ago, HollyNoel said:

Yeah he wants to make sure that nothing bad will happen by moving ahead in stages. I kinda like that but also hate it because I want the HRT like yesterday.. lol.

I get this.  But bad stuff really can happen.  Spiro nearly did me in.  Apparently this is unusual, but it was for real.  I am on HRT now and It is fine.  But things can be tricky.

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Heather Nicole
21 hours ago, KendraML said:

Began the starting after lunch,took her for bra and panty shopping.Luckily I had my old breast forms I don't wear anymore worn once that fit her,gave them to her.Had a smile on her face trying on bras picking out a soft blue,pink,black and dark blue bra.Allison picked out the panties.She wanted to try on a pair of 2 inch hoop earrings,let her try on a pair of mine and loved it.Even tried on a pair of my 3 inch heels.Luckily I did sterilize them 2 weeks ago.My neighbor Nicole was a good help too,went to see her and Allison had a fun trying on clothes.Nicole decided to donate them to her,she gets clothes in as donations to resell.She loves to help out transgender kids.All skirts,jeans,tops,dresses she loved.Looks like she is living with me for the moment,ex doesn't want her back home yet.Going to the school tommorrow informing them on this and I know they will work things out with Allison and I.Plus her principal is great on taking care of the problems the transgender kids go through,it is not a slap on the wrist saying not to do it again.


That is so fantastic for her! I would totally be on cloud nine! She's really lucky to have someone like you in her life.

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My wife and I blessed to have full support from her family.Her family sees us like any normal couple and I am happy as a feminine male that enjoys life dressing and living as female

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Morning everyone! Well, more like noon here actually. I'm feeling proud of myself for having managed to awkwardly schedule an appointment over the phone yesterday with my local GP to talk about GIC referral. My heart was racing afterwards, and I feel a bit daunted by everything that's yet to come, but I can't go on feeling this dysphoric all the time. I've done my grocery shop for the week, so I plan on making something nice for dinner and having a much-needed unwind. Have a great day folks ^^

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Good morning,

My mood is a lot better today. It's also my 10 month HRT anniversary. Where has the time gone?


I'm still a little bummed about my therapist and I know I will find another. Even if that practice decided to reverse their decision I don't feel I could trust anything from them again, which really defeats the purpose. Gender therapist just seen so rare around me. I don't have a lot time to travel to go see one. I know most things are now done through tele-health these days but that won't be forever and I really like real face-to-face sessions.


In the meantime, I'm going to spend time on myself and get caught up on things around here while I search for a GT.


Have a great day everyone,




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My morning cuppa in front of the topic.  Managed a peek at myself as well.  The cup is made by a dear friend who is a well known local potter. She was one of the first to embrace me as I transitioned.  Have a great day.

yesterday I managed to get some welding done on the dump truck before fixing a hydronic leak on the backhoe.  Such lady like pursuits💁





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Good morning! Have the day off to take my wife to the dentist and get some errands done.  

Happy 10 months Liz! You’re a couple days ahead of me, mines the 15th. 

Will have my cup of tea in a few, picked up a nice licorice spice herbal tea and a spiced apple one. Not sure which to try first. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Hugs!

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Good morning everyone 


drinking my coffee right now black dark roast as always.  

we have some errands to run this morning then I’ve got some sewing to repair my Bimini and start designing and making my boom sail bag.  My wife wants to go to the sewing store to get some thread and cloth to line a purse she is making.  Well I’d better go get my shower and get dressed.  

have a great day everyone.



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Not much fun for me this morning.  I messed my back up fooling with firewood yesterday.    It really hit me this morning.   
it’ll be a lay-around-day for me. 

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@ElizabethStarhappy 10th month - I'm having 3 month check up thursday and am finally start to see noticeable changes physically , the mental changes of peace of mind and contenetment started very early on and I'm happy about that. Glad you are feeling better.


@Jandi-hope your back heals quickly - stay away from the firewood for a while.


@Willow- ok Willow is it Bikini or Bimini - if bimini - what is that?

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On 10/1/2020 at 9:47 PM, ElizabethStar said:

I think it more due to the possibility of trans people losing  their basic rights and by diagnosing them then they're basically on a list of people who can be discriminated against. Also without a diagnosis I can't get treatment. I have fear that GCS may be of the table. This  is assuming things go completely wrong.


Late to the responses here but find a new therapist. They're plenty that work online right now and with two sessions can "diagnose you" then it's part of your medical record.  If you need general therapy keep seeing the one you have for those things but see one that will work with your dysphoria one a month or two so that you can get a letter by the time you need it for GCS.  Surgeries will always be available although maybe out of pocket :(  Kaiser Permanente made a commitment to not change their Transgender care no matter what happens in the political arena so switching to them (and relocation) as a last resort might be an option if it came down to it.  

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Bobbie Scott

Hi ladies , I ,like Elizabeth was seeing a therapist.  I went to counseling because I was tired of being a cross dresser. I wanted my body to be more in line with how I felt. It was there I  found out about signed consent. I went through planned parenthood the first time. It really was pretty easy. Having to deal with the anxiety and fallout from my girlfriend, I quit. This time I'm seeing therapist, group gender counseling, tgaa and I have you wonderful ladies to talk to. My new pcp works with transgender patients. She's also helped me a lot.  I think we more than anyone, know what we want. When I started hrt1st time I was thrilled, after changes started. Reality of what I was doing set in. I realized I wouldn't be able to hide it,like I did cross dressing. Dealing with people is my biggest cause of anxiety and depression. Can't say enough about getting a good pcp,therapist  and support groups. I worked in the auto collision industry all my life Emily. I  cant even imagine trying to come out in front of them, it was hard enough trying to be a (real man) around them. I was good at what I did. Glad I'm retired, so I don't have that on my plate. I'm getting ready for what feels like round 2of my life, and finding out who I really am on the inside. Glag you girls are here.🥰

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On 10/3/2020 at 9:58 AM, Jackie C. said:


I have this without enough potassium. Drinking water flushes it out of your system pretty quick. Water pills (like spiro) can flush it out of your system even faster. I've got naturally low-ish potassium anyway. Add some more sources of dietary potassium to your diet and see if the cramps go down, otherwise talk to your doctor in case it's something worse.



Spiro actually has the opposite effect, it a "potassium sparing " diuretic. K+ can actually get too high.   Too little K+ leads to muscle weakness vs cramps. However, too little magnesium can lead to cramps.  Stay hydrated,  eat plenty of green leafy veggies help regulate most of the electrolytes.  Epson salt baths with a little oil in the bath to help transport the magnesium in the salts through the skin are great for muscle cramps as well.

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4 hours ago, Charlize said:

yesterday I managed to get some welding done on the dump truck before fixing a hydronic leak on the backhoe.  Such lady like pursuits💁

I know several ladies who went to work in the trades, one being my cousin Vic. She was the first in our family to embrace coming out as lesbian. The elders in the family never admitted that Vicki and Nancy were a couple, but they always proclaimed their love for both. Vic and Nancy are celebrating their 44th Anniversary this fall, and they're considered family elders now. My how times have changed, and I can't wait to see their reaction when I can no longer hide my transition. Oh and I will never give up my shop or tools.





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On 10/4/2020 at 12:35 PM, KymmieL said:

Hey, my friends I have a question? In either communication or  interview I have told my perspective employer exactly why i am looking to move. Should I  continue doing  so. Or should I  hold back being informing them that  I am  transgender?


Currently looking at a position at the Harley dealer in Eugene. OR.



Two thoughts:

1: Don't give an employer any reason to reject or discriminate against you.  Get the job on merits.   If you're not presenting as a woman FT, don't bring it up.  Once employed if you then start presenting they can't fire you legally.  Turn the question of why your moving to "I've always wanted to live in Oregon and highlight the beauty/weather of the state.  Never bring up personal issues in an interview. Always turn it positive.  They want someone to lift the rest of the team up so positivity pays. All employers discriminate (i own a biz so I try to dig deep into people's motivations and lives without technically crossing a legal line. I'm looking to see if this person will "fit" my team and it's culture). Let's say the hiring person could care less you're transgender but has a bunch of bigots on the team, does he/she want to create problems by bringing you into contact with them? It will lead to an HR problem and they know it so they don't hire you. Which leads me to #2

2. I know you have always been in the auto industry and feel comfortable with it, but a part manager has skills that translate into any warehouse management, inventory control or other related jobs. Historically and stereotyping here, auto/harley dealerships are not trans friendly.  Why put yourself through that challenge if you could work for a more liberal industry like healthcare, Amazon, Starbucks(not in the coffeehouse but distribution) etc.  This is an opportunity for you to start fresh in relationships, work and location. Why not "transition" in other areas as well.

Just my thoughts

Hugs and good luck

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1 hour ago, Mmindy said:

I know several ladies who went to work in the trades

One of my daughters is a mechanic.

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Wow, it took me an hour to get caught up here. I need to check things on the weekends apparently ;). My thoughts are with you all even when I'm not here.

My life was/is a rollercoaster this last 5 days.  

The good first:  I got my first electrolysis reimbursement from Kaiser yesterday!  Was concerned because they authorized 10 thirty minute sessions but I submitted my 60 and 90 minute ones combined. for a total of the 5 hours. They only charged me the $15 copays for the 4 sessions and reimbursed the rest. Boom.  Now if I can just get the reauthorizations more quickly. Still waiting after 2 weeks.   It's my 13th wedding anniversary and my wife gave me a "temporary" engagement ring until we can go the Gem and Jewelry show to have a custom one made! 

The bad.  My 82 year old father was admitted to the hospital with a "minor" pulmonary embolism. Not good for someone with emphysema/COPD. Stable but it's nerve racking.

My 22 year old daughter who moved in with us after deciding not to go back to school went missing for 4 days and was on a bender. She just got back from having to quarantine for almost a month after getting sick while partying in FL.  So- hard decision was made but we kicked her out of the house until she gets drug treatment and can make better choices.  I can't risk being exposed to Covid. It would shut my biz down and a dozen people would be out of work while I isolated. SHe knows that but refuses to play by our rules so... now she won't talk with me. Gonna be a rocky year or so with her probably.


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@Bri2020love your rings - I've been buying and (mostly) not liking the thumb, index and toe rings I've been getting but I found some narrow rainbow colored ones I'm liking - but I love those. I love my wife and my Claddagh gold rings we got in Ireland although mine is now a little too big but they can't resize it.....

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2 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

Spiro actually has the opposite effect


Not on me it didn't. My potassium levels cratered and my doctor put me on K-Tabs to make up for it.



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1 hour ago, Bri2020 said:

SHe knows that but refuses to play by our rules so... now she won't talk with me. Gonna be a rocky year or so with her probably.

@Bri2020you pass on so much good advice here, and like you I don't check in often enough to keep up with some of the conversations. My wife and I also had a troubled daughter who moved back home after a university transfer brought her to a local college. The "Our House Our Rules" situation caused us to kick her to the curb. It's tough love, but you have to do it. I told her the same thing I told her brother when he decided college or trade school wasn't in his future. "Go to the end of the driveway and make a left. Be the adult you claim to be. That was way back in 1997 for my son, and 2005 for my daughter. He's now a Battalion Chief with the City Fire Department, father of three teenagers, and still married to his high school sweetheart. My daughter never got her degree, however she married well, has two boys of her own, and I love my Son-In-Law. Today I couldn't be prouder of my family and the outlook for their future.


You can Love a family member and not like them.


Hugs, don't give up hope.



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2 hours ago, Mmindy said:



Hugs, don't give up hope.



Thanks Mindy,

I haven't given up hope by any means, took me until 26 or so to get my s#*$ together.  

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Hello All,


Another slow day at work, so I thought I would actually keep up with what is going on. I do have a trans peer support meeting this afternoon, which is kind of nice. Decided to do my makeup this morning along with dressing up. This might slowly become part of my routine eventually, start with a couple of days a week and build up from there.


@Bri2020 I like the new ring, it's beautiful. I have an Amber ring and a more neutral male ring now. My wife and I have talked about eventually replacing the Amber ring with real gems,but cubic zircon works for now, so I totally understand that sentiment. I am sorry you are having issues with your daughter, but it might just take some time for her to find her way.

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Good Afternoon (late to the party)


Things continue to improve with healing since surgery. I’m 9 weeks post-op tomorrow and almost all swelling is gone. Was informed by my surgeons office I will need a revision in May unfortunately to fix my labia minora, but at least it is a quick surgery. 

About to prepare for my gynecologist appointment for another round of silver nitrate, bleeding has actually improved a good bit. So hoping one or two more treatments resolves it. 

Hope everyone has a great day. 🙂

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1 hour ago, Kylie said:

Good Afternoon (late to the party)


Things continue to improve with healing since surgery. I’m 9 weeks post-op tomorrow and almost all swelling is gone. Was informed by my surgeons office I will need a revision in May unfortunately to fix my labia minora, but at least it is a quick surgery. 

About to prepare for my gynecologist appointment for another round of silver nitrate, bleeding has actually improved a good bit. So hoping one or two more treatments resolves it. 

Hope everyone has a great day. 🙂


Oh hey! That's great news! I mean not the revision, but I'm glad you're feeling better and the swelling's gone at 9 weeks. Mine persisted for a bit longer than that, but I bruise like a peach.


Speaking of morning chores, I have to go exercise mine. It's past time I actually started my day.



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    • Harlyqynn
      Hello, I am unsure where to start really, I guess I want to say out loud to the world that I am proud to be bisexual and finally open up that I am genderfluid. It has taken me a couple of decades to finally be able understand my gender, I feel like the world had finally given me a word that defines how I have felt for a long time. It was strange growing up, having feeling and thoughts without a label to make sense of myself or anyone to talk to about it. Some people consider the lack of a label a positive thing which I understand in many ways but it has been so hard to put into words to describe myself. I never understood why one day I would like my body as I was born (female) to then find I wanted nothing more than to be the total opposite. I was like two different people growing up, fluctuating from being happy as I represent one way to the complete opposite where I felt empty and a fraud, never opening up to one side of myself. I buried so many feelings and would make myself numb on the days where I felt 'wrong'. My sexuality on the other hand was something I came to terms with quite early on and although I never shouted it out, I was not ashamed privately of it from being a late teen. I confess even now, I am more nervous about telling my family and friends about being genderfluid as the world is still learning about it. I have finally admitted to myself who I am which has brought me so much relief and happiness. I feel like I am learning my life again, it's a wonderful taste of freedom. It is very early stages, I still fear being laughed at or told I am 'confused'. I have suffered with depression and bad mental healthe over the years- my greatest fear is having my past illnesses used against me when I try to explain who I am as a person. I truly believe my sadness in the past was partly due to the suppression and lies I carried for so long. After years of heartache, numbness, confusion, secrecy, traumas and insecurities I am emerging as a beautiful person. I understand so much more and I am able represent my true self. I would love to chat with others that understand, this is my first time of opening up to the wider world and I fear strangers less than those close to me. So far I have only told 2 people about being genderfluid; my partner and one friend. They were incredibly supportive. Love to them both XXX       
    • Sylvia Feng
      I got my MSW the end of 2019, which was before I came out to my parents and friends and started HRT, and during this time I've been unsuccessfully looking for/applying to as many positions I can find that meet my post-grad licensure requirements. I mean, the whole reason I chose an MSW over an MFT or MHC is because I wanted the other "helping" options social work offers.   While I could go on about how ridiculous it feels getting licensed to practice clinical social work is (do individual counseling without supervision), I'm just curious how other people have managed to find the work they needed to get licensed.   Thanks for your help!
    • Willow Farmer
      I'm proud of you!  That is one more hurdle you can check off.  That leaves you more energy for tomorrow's goals.    I just got back from electrolysis.   My upper lip hurts.   When I try to stop transitioning,  I always hurt more.  
    • Pumela
      Thanks for the replay. Hopes and dreams. I just want him to be happy and feel loved. It’s ripping me apart seeing him like this. He is so angry dosen’t want to talk to his counseler anymore and is sick of all the dr calls. 
    • HollyNoel
      Well I did it. I turned it into the news paper today this morning. Lol. I’m so excited that I know that in about a month I will be Holly legally. Omg it seems like a dream. 
    • Willow Farmer
      I have 3 seriously Christian customers that know what I am doing, -trans-.   They don't preach , they live by example.   They have always liked me and support me now.  
    • Shay
      OMG - same is tryue here and I never remembered much about my dad and my wife notices I am remembering more in those areas - the almost continuous life of hints and clues and smacks in the sub-conscious - my sub-conscious now says .... duh .... what did you think was going on?   @claire1000 - I forgot to mention numbing the pain with pot (gave it up but it didn't help) and drinking heavy (gave it up but that didn't help either) - the only solution has been "quit denying yourself and find the resources you need." the current society acceptance and with more and more folks coming out - it is getting easier - and I can't deny the frustrations of the past and wished I lived in an era of acceptance back then - I choose to be BETTER not BITTER about the past - that was my journey and only I could go on the journey.
    • claire1000
      There doesn't have to be a HAHA moment as I said before it was constant hints through childhood that made me feel different from other boys, and my teenage years were a nightmare as I tried the hyper masculine {playing football}way of trying to hide how I really felt which in the sixties would have been looked on with disdain or even thought to be a mental illness. When I was sixteen or so I found a copy of DR Harrry Bengamin's The Transexual Phenomenon  when I read it I cried thinking there was a solution but cried realizing that the chances of me being able to do this was slim and none. Forty  plus years of frustration, and 20 years of drinking alcoholiclly left me little hope for real happiness. What happened when I started HRT wasn't any physical change{they were relatively slow} but just the general feeling of well being of feeling this must be what being a female is, not sure if it was the estrogen finally in me, or the Knowledge that I was on my way but it was if I was walking on a type of cloud nine that the weight of the male world was finally beginning to lift that for me was my HAHA moment.
    • Shay
      I gave up hiding - after 50 years of depression, anxiety , panic attacks, anorexia, multiple therapists and gray market self-HRT - I finally said I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I TRY SUPERVISED HRT AND A GOOD GENDER THERAPIST. And that is what I did - I knew I was trans but denied it all my life asnd the previous therapist knew depression and anxiety but never went to gender dysphoria even when I was caught by my wife using gray market HRT. 
    • Teri Anne
      Sounds awesome Myles97  Post a pic if you want but if you choose not to thats OK too. How the clothes make you feel is the important thing. Went out yesterday looking for a few clothing items and didn't find anything I was looking for but it was nice getting out .
    • Jandi
      While I do look at a certain chain of events, really I find that I am still constantly processing it all.  As time goes by I remember more things in my past.  Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had made different choices.  But there's no point in that, since the past is past. And I wonder how much do I break from my past?  How much is just a continuing story?   Sometimes I feel as if I'm still in a holding pattern.  I suspect the covid pandemic has something to do with that. I'm not young, but I don't know where to go from here - it probably won't be far, LOL. Guess I'm just rambling now.
    • Linda Marie
      No turning back. All the dreams come out, now you can't turn back. Now you are face to face with yourself, you think to yourself, what have I done. Where do I go from here?   My no turning back was when I came out. What was yours?  
    • Linda Marie
      Well, when did I know I was in DEEP.... When my sister moved out, she left a lot of clothes. I hit the gold mine! Dresses, panties, hose, the whole nine yards, That is when I knew, I was in DEEP.  
    • Linda Marie
      Gosh, when did I realize I was in deep. Was it the time I dressed upped in my sisters clothes? We shared a bed room back then. Or was it when all I could of think was, I want to wear what's she's wearing?   What woke you up to that  Deep inner person you are today? I gave my hints up there ♥️
    • Dee Jolly
      Hi all! My name is Dee Jolly and I'm a nonbinary researcher at Boston Children's Hospital's Center for Gender Surgery. We're doing an interview study to understand transfeminine people's experiences with needing to discontinue their gender-affirming hormones (particularly estrogen) before a planned surgery and wanted to pass along our information. We are interested in understanding both what it's physically and emotionally like as well as how information is communicated about this process.   We are asking people to participate in a 45-60 minute 1-on-1 interview over Zoom with a member of the research team. People can be located anywhere in the United States or Canada to participate. The audio will be recorded. Participants will only be identified by a pseudonym of their choice to protect anonymity.   To participate, people must be: - Aged 18 years or older - Have been asked to discontinue their gender-affirming hormones (i.e., estrogen) before a planned surgery at a time when they were taking estrogen for a minimum of 12 continuous months (Surgery does not need to be gender-related). - Able to reliably access the internet - Comfortable with having audio recorded (for research purposes only).   For more info and next steps, please email [email protected] or visit cgsresearch.org/estrogen  
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