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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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2 hours ago, Timber Wolf said:

Just put my tiny holiday tree up in the window, have my (electric) stove on with a fireplace scented candle burning which smells sooo good, and am watching the snow fall outside my window. 

Wow.  53 here and sunny.

I do have my fire going, but unfortunately can't watch it without opening the stove door.

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I love the gel polishes. I also have an LED light and having my nails instantly dried is just amazing. I can get a whole lot more creative. Currently pink with black and white speckles. I ended up doing acrylic over the nail I broke Sunday and another that was short cause I broke it last week. I didn't do any fill. Can't really tell with the color scheme. I know they'll probably fall off in a week or two but I'm OK with that. I had one of other girls tell me she was jealous of my nails. Her's look quite nice but her thing was that they're overall a lot smaller so you can't really see any designs.


I've been feeling a lot calmer an happier the last couple of days. I think the new E and P are finally starting to do their thing. My girls are a little ouchy so I'm praying it's a precursor to a growth spurt.

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Good Morning Y’all


I just have to throw that in once in a while.  lol.


overcast and cool today.   

yesterday I had a migraine all day. Took the prescription medication for it which helped but didn’t knock it out. Took some ibuprofen which I’m not supposed to take but I have a limited supply of the other,  that knocked it down further.  But it’s back with vigor today.   At least mine are not completely debilitating.  

I hope everyone is going to have a good thanksgiving.  But for sure be safe.  

Seems like the sore loser is giving up.  But I’ll bet hey never congratulates Biden.  Looks like we have an Allie for the next President.  Maybe we will not only get back what Trump took away, but make some progress on our rights.



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Blue clouds and sunshine, but cold and windy. (it is Wyoming) Looks like the truck will cost us a little less. We used the Z plan because her father retired from Ford. She took the number over yesterday. She got a call saying that it saved us more than originally thought. We need to go in and sign some more paperwork.


It is like I am married to Jeckle and Hyde. For months it can be peaches and cream then Mrs. Hyde appears and crashes my scurrility.


Have a great day everyone.



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Coffee keeps flowing, it is the vital "support" to continue with motivation to work before holidays 🙂

More importantly, just had a visit from A/C technician and while finishing the paperwork he was mentioning how he thought the order was wrong because "SHE is not a guy" he was expecting based on the name (I was yet to update from my old name on the account). I had to go full mode into "omg, yes, I know, they made a mistake on the account and I just learned about it and going to update is asap" 🤩

The day just got a lot brighter 🙌😁

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I'm planning to go to my son's house for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I feel a little weird about it with all they're saying about STAY HOME!  But it will just be me and his family.  I have been there a few times since all this started.  I already turned down a trip to northern Virginia to visit my other son.  This one is in another county, but not real far away.  

Some of my family is real strict, but others seem to not care much at all.

Living alone is just depressing these days.  I'm really glad to have y'all even if it's only online.

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1 hour ago, Jandi said:

I'm planning to go to my son's house for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I feel a little weird about it with all they're saying about STAY HOME!  But it will just be me and his family.  I have been there a few times since all this started.  I already turned down a trip to northern Virginia to visit my other son.  This one is in another county, but not real far away.  

Some of my family is real strict, but others seem to not care much at all.

Living alone is just depressing these days.  I'm really glad to have y'all even if it's only online.


Yeah, we're going to visit my Sister-In-Law (in the next town over, technically, it's like five miles). Two families. Less than ten people. As safe as it's going to get but nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving.



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Erica Gabriel

Yesterday's snow is melting here. I'm eagerly awaiting my Covid test results. This is not a great week to be sick. I told the girls that we will not be hosting Thanksgiving now. I'm heartbroken. The coffee is wonderful and I look forward to tea this afternoon.

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@Erica GabrielI had covid in August. It was rough and changed many things for me. I hope that you find out that you don't have it. There is really never a good time to be sick but, at least you found out that you needed to take caution before the whole family got together. That would have certainly made things worse. 

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Erica Gabriel

@AbiI hope I don't have it but this is a weird virus I'm fighting. The symptoms are mild except for a fever that I've had since Friday afternoon. It hit hard and very sudden. As an athlete I've some serious concerns. I hope you have healed from it.

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Hello, I know it seems like a while since I've posted. Still fighting depression, sometimes are better than others. I had an interesting discussion with my psychiatrist about the depression worsening and wanted to say it is the hormones. I talked about it with a support group yesterday, and the therapist leading it said based on their knowledge it can escalate emotions. but they won't trigger a depressive episode.


Motivation to do real work is failing me today, I've dabbled a little bit into doing some training, but can't really focus on it this afternoon so thought I would check in and say hi.


Going to be a quiet day tomorrow, my wife and I will most likely be alone, except for the virtual dinner we are hosting with our mental health support group. I look forward to it being low key, and we are going non-traditional meat and doing a pork shoulder because that sounds like better left overs.

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We three are going to our middle sons place tomorrow.  If I  were going  alone I would  so wear a dress or something feminine.  As him and his wife are my. Only  support in my family. 



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speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, my wife and I will definitely be alone.  I bought a turkey breast, I’m making acorn squash and stuffing.  My wife will roast the turkey, make asparagus and she already made cranberry sauce..


I’ll probably make waffles for breakfast but we’ll have to see about that.


if you are driving, be safe .


happy thanksgiving



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15 hours ago, Erica Gabriel said:

I hope you have healed from it.

Health wise I have been fine since the beginning of September. I never had a fever but I had every other symptom they say goes with it. It's a vicious bug. 


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Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it today. I think cornbread pancakes and sausage patties are going to be breakfast. I get my kids and so the three of us will eat lots of turkey and the fixin's. I made a pineapple upside down cake and deviled eggs today. Starting the turkey in a few hours. I think green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and gravy. My couch will be on standby for the aftermath which will ensue. :stir:  :tv:

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It's midnight, technically it is Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 


I just finished up cutting all the vegetables to put on a platter, uh this year we are not really doing traditional since my dad isn't here so luckily for me most stuff will be heated up tomorrow, we got a bunch of frozen snacks, including edamame :)) 


And I found a pumpkin pie mix can in the closet so I will make pie! :DD

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Today I'm thankful for all the members here at TransPulse...coming together in cyberspace to help each other out.  It's been a strange, wonderful, scary, emotional, and delightful few months since finding a place to speak openly about my gender issues.  It has been so helpful to read and write about the various versions of our experience.


"Mostly I hope to make new friends that I can talk freely with for once in my life, and finally say goodbye to those two losers...Fear and Shame."


That's from the introduction I wrote when I joined.  It's really happening now, and I'm grateful.


I don't usually like pictures of myself, and I've always been too smart (scared) to ever take a picture of myself as female.  Now that I've met you people, I've turned into an exhibitionist with my little outfits...so, definitely feeling more open and less shameful.


Another goal was to get some therapy going.  Now I have a regular weekly appointment with someone I like.


So these little, trivial, insignificant, day to day stories you all tell are helping someone else feel not so alone in the world.


Thank you all for hanging in there, for being brave, being honest, for not killing yourself, for being afraid of something and doing it anyway.  It means a lot to others.


And thanks to the wonderful administrators here that offer so much time and involvement to keep this site the welcoming place that it is.





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Good morning everyone 


Happy American Thanksgiving.


@Ann W That was a very nice post you wrote.  So glad you found us and enjoy everything we share here.  Kymmie started this thread as a place to share anyand it has gone wild with 

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Argh. Something I hate Apple. I was editing and i got too close to the save as I was saying:


this is a place to share anything like you would if you were sitting at the kitchen table with your best friend having a cup of coffee.  Listen, talk, share what you want.  This is safe and totally accepting of everyone.  We must be with over 6400 posts and 256 pages.  There was a time when I thought it was dying.  Boy was I wrong!





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Happy Thanksgiving to all my family here on Transpulse. It has save my life.


@WillowThat is exactly what my vision for this thread was.



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    • Jamie68
      I called my insurance company today and asked about coverage. If I go to an "in network" place they cover pretty well. It sounds like they go by the Harry Benjamin standards. They told me to check out WPATH and GLAAD. With insurance paying, I should be able to get it all done. YAY !!!!! I have Humana choice PPO  insur. I'm really excited now.  It's odd that PP of Illinois, 30 miles from me isn't in their network, but PP of Indiana is. It's in Hammond, Indiana. Probably a 2 hr. drive for me. I'll have to check, there may be someone closer. On the plus side, going on HRT that is monitored by a doctor instead of what I'm currently doing will be safer. I can't imagine what hell people went through before forums and insurance coverage. Thanks for letting me in here. It feels good to have people to talk to about this.
    • Emily michelle
      Oooh that hard hat is gorgeous I wonder if I could get a mine light attachment on it.
    • Jackie C.
      While I do accessorize in pinks, don't forget the power of purple. Lavenders are good too. Don't limit yourself until you've tried all your options. Ooh, do they make hardhats in floral patterns?     Oh hey! Look at that!   Hugs!
    • Emily michelle
      Haha. My boss did give me the option of wearing a plastic bag over my head. I’d really like to get a pink hardhat. That’s what I should do I should show up with a pink hard hat lol.
    • Chloe Cozee
      I bet that I would be one of the "mysteries" in my class. A football player and weight lifter? Now a girly girl!
    • Emily michelle
      Wow congrats! You look great.
    • Piellette
      BTW, I love to hear stories like these, sure I'm jealous but people like your wife make the world a better place for current and future generations.  For me it's too late, my wife is how she is and won't change, I have to wait another few years before I can do anything.
    • Jackie C.
      Any hat? The fool! He may have sown the seeds of his own madness.   There's no reason you can't be a bridesmaid though. I mean find an unmarried friend that is getting married and boom! Probably too late for prom. I didn't go to mine either. Probably for the best, from all reports it was kind of 'meh.' On the other hand, if I'd been AFAB, I'd have torn the place UP.   Well, probably not. Lesbians still weren't cool in 1988. Statistically, there should have been 20 LGBT people in my graduating class. Including myself, I can identify three of them (and we were all, in hindsight, obvious choices). The other 17 remain a mystery.   Anyway, the point being that you're still young. You have lots of experiences ahead of you. Go out and enjoy them!   Hugs!
    • Piellette
      Hi Zooey, I'm SO happy for you and SO jealous at the same time.  I'm 52 and came out to my wife a few months ago and it was NOTHING like your experience.  The first thing she said to me when I told her I was a woman was "are you gay?".  To that I said "no, I'm lesbian".  It didn't make a difference, she wants to have nothing to do with it, refuses to go to couple therapy, refuses to acknowledge it, threatens to leave when/if I start transitioning, accuses me of destroying the family when/if I come out, blames me for deceiving her by not telling her before we got married 23 years ago, and on and on and on.  Notice she said "when/if" because to me it's not an IF it's a WHEN and WHEN it happens I'm pretty sure the kids will be with me and she'll be the one left behind.  Anyway, this is about you, not about me.  Do make the best out of what you have and take extremely good care of your wife, she so totally deserve it and you totally deserve her.   Love
    • Emily michelle
      Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a happy Monday. Nothing exciting happening here. Except I have a laser appointment tomorrow. My hr department sent me the fmla paperwork for my recovery time. I was going to do it but my employer thought I should. Fill it out. My boss told me today if I want to come in his office again I have to wear a hat. He has serious issues about my hair. He will really be shocked when he has a meeting with me and hr. For some reason the idea of getting married is on my mind and it’s kind of sad because I never got to be a bride. Or go to prom or be a bridesmaid. I just feel kind of depressed about the events I missed 
    • Astrid
      I've made it a point to have different products on hand to better meet whatever is needed at the time.  For example, besides the longer lasting gels and base coats, I also keep around Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat for those times I want things more easily removeable.  And for a top coat, I have Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat when I want my nails to be nice and noticeable, and Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat when I want to tone down how noticeable my nail polish is (I particularly like using the matte over CND Ice Bar for a subtle sparkly effect that I feel comfortable wearing anywhere).  All of the above is relatively inexpensive and fun to experiment with.     💅 onward!  Have fun!   Astrid    
    • Jackie C.
      Woah. Well done sir! Congratulations!   Hugs!
    • Carolyn Marie
      Congrats, hon!  Yes, I remember that feeling with my first set of breast forms.  I hope you get much use and much pleasure from them.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • LaurenA
      I tried mine on and discovered I needed two sizes larger than what was available.  I was so disappointed.  I really really wanted it.
    • LaurenA
      I have breasts tonight for the very first time.  I can't describe how comfortable they make me feel.  I do wish they were real.  It's like recognizing that they have always been miising in my life.
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