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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Hi,  home, I’ve have coffee yum! Lunch, Ramen and a Kings Hawaiian roll with butter.  I used to be a barfer.  Couldn’t eat anything for hours after anistesia.  What ever they use now I’m good to go.  

@KymmieL this sounds good for you. Praying that you get good news.  I won’t jinx you not happy dance until you say it’s ok.


@Petra Jane that’s a beautiful garden and the light snow adds too it’s beauty.  However, it doesn’t make me want to move north again.  I’ll keep my beach and palm trees thank you.  Our season are chilly, spring, hot as !!!! And fall.  Chilly doesn’t last very long! Hot lasts too long.  

well, time to annoy my wife (ok not really) and ask for my scooter.  It’s just out of reach.








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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Willow said:

Kings Hawaiian roll with butter.


Aha! We were talking about this over Thanksgiving. Empirical evidence that other people don't only bring these out on special occasions. My nephew's thesis has been defeated.


More seriously, I'm glad your surgery went well. Going under the knife is always scary.



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Great news Kymmie, heal well Willow.

@Petra Jane that is so lovely, do you have any wildlife that visits. I have to admit I've been watching Mr and Mrs Lumpy ☺️

On i side note I've never touched snow or seen it other than in photos or on TV. Living in one of the warmer Australian states does that. Went to New Zealand a couple of times and I felt the mountain was laughing at me or had something else in mind. Perhaps it wanted to be me before I got to see its snowy glory ?


Jackie I hope your nephew gets a second chance.




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I really need to make sure I check in more often, it took me an hour to catch up.  Wow, a lot has happened. 

Not much to report.  I've decided to try and really learn to sew.  Been a bit of a struggle. It seems like something I should be good at with all my other crafty type skills but so far I've been frustrated by all the mistakes.  I will get it eventually.  

Happy belated Bday @ElizabethStar

Congrats on getting on E soon @KymmieL

@WillowI'm happy surgery went well.  Good luck with recovery.

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Just got my first makeup from the Lip Bar.  How in the world do you open their lipstick?  The pictures look like there;s little dimples on the base holding the top on but when I try to pull the top off using my full strength it doesn't come off.  Is the a trick?

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Morning (rough typical tired voice)


omg this hurts a lot more than my left foot did.  I ve had joint surgery when I didn’t take any pain meds.  This time I’m all is it time yet?   More gruel please (gruel, aka pain meds). Cant hardly see either. So grammatical and spelling errors forgiven please.


no hugs please, can’t risk an accidental stepping on my foot. 

Willow 😢

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Good morning,

@WillowHope you foot heals quickly. Although I've never had surgery on a foot I can only imagine how hard it is to get around. It's probably similar to a broken ankle.


@KymmieLI'm praying for you to get your meds soon. I would have lost it by now.


I only have enough coffee for one cup left. I took today off in observance on of my birthday. I had plans for myself  today but they were superseded by "More important" things.

I did it. I spent the entire gift card on much needed clothing. I'll do a mini fashion show and post pictures in the what are you wearing today thread when I get them in a couple/few of weeks. @AudreyDo I want to wear a dress? that's really a good question. I don't know for sure. I know I've never been able to stomach wearing a suit and tie but will need something for special occasions. When the time comes I'll see how it goes.


The new plans I had for today got thrown in the trash. We bought (on line) a whole house water filter system to remove the sulfur smell. I came home yesterday to the filter tank part waiting in our driveway but no pump or hoses. I was very disappointed having parts missing. I ended up spending about 45 minutes on the phone trying to get it resolved. My wife and I were very proud of me, I never got upset or raised my voice while on the phone. I was able to express my frustration without hurting anyone in the process. We eventually reached a resolution. I was refunded 30% and should have my missing parts next weeks.


As late as it was I made chicken tempura with rice for dinner. Since I found the recipe it's the only one we use for fried foods. It's a bit of a process but always so good.


Time to get dressed and get stuff done. Have a great day everyone.




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@ElizabethStarI hate when that happens. you order something and comes missing parts. The spend an eternity on the phone to resolve the problem that they(the company) made. yet it is never there fault.


Better yet. Years ago I ordered a performance exhaust for my 95 Explorer. It came in all the pieces were there. I go to put it on. Muffler and mid pipe go on like nothing. go to put on the tail pipe. Hook it to the mount above the rear axle. couldn't the manufacturer positioned the mount in the wrong place.  So I call the national online shop I got it from one of the places in Ohio. They tell me to send it back for a replacement kit. Of course on my dime.

I marked where the mount should be, took it to a local welding shop. Cost me $5.


Still waiting on that phone call I was waiting on yesterday. On pins and needles. Have my appointments this afternoon.


TTFN all



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Good morning everyone,


The coffee was quite, the bird feeders busy, and Suzie spent a little extra time fixing up her hair, as well as putting on some makeup to work at home. She did get some sad news from one of her coworkers who had an uncle pass away from COVID, and the son (her cousin) is now in the hospital with COVID.


Hugs for all,   (@Willow they're digital hugs, so you're toes are safe.)



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Hi everyone 


if I start slurring my speargun, it’s the drugs.  OMG what a mess Siri can make.  Or did I slur that.  Hmm we’ll never know. 

@Mmindy thanks for the digital hug.  Here is a hug back.


I know I’m not thinking strate. No strite. Oh gee wiz straight.  Lol just having a little fun.  

My wife is being very good to me.  Tried to make a secret breakfast for me but unfortunately I was awake and needed meds and coffee.  I ruined her surprise.  But it was very good.  Pillsbury cinnamon rolls mixed with scrambled eggs and cook it in a crockpot. Add apple slices to taste. When done serve with maple or other syrup to your liking.







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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Willow said:

if I start slurring my speargun, it’s the drugs.


You should absolutely not operate your spear gun in your current state. 🦊


That breakfast sounds delicious though. WAY too much sugar for my diet right now, but I want some.



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5 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

I know I've never been able to stomach wearing a suit and tie


I had to wear those for years at work. It was absolute torture. I still have almost all of them and they're in the closet I wanted to clean out last weekend. I feel like purging them is going to be a powerfully healing experience and will help me find the motivation I need to risk kicking up dust and finding years-old dead bugs or live spiders (or worse!) in the process.


1 hour ago, Willow said:

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls mixed with scrambled eggs and cook it in a crockpot. Add apple slices to taste. When done serve with maple or other syrup to your liking.

Is it too late for breakfast? I'll bring coffee, I think I need some of that. Glad to hear you're home and on the path to recovery from your surgery yesterday. So sweet of your wife to try to surprise you!


I'm so glad it's Friday. This has felt like an excruciating long week and I need a weekend. I have to finish the grant application today, and not to mention, I've been thrown headlong into the disaster of a vaccine rollout here in NYC. The system is buckling from the extreme demand and yet the powers-that-be expect I have a magic wand to make appointments appear. It's been nonstop expectations management, and besides, if I had a magic wand, that's not what I'd use it to do.


Hoping everyone has a lovely day. @KymmieL I hope you get that call!




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2 hours ago, Audrey said:

besides, if I had a magic wand, that's not what I'd use it to do.

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Well my Endo got my message and was going to see about getting a hold of my Pharmacist. NO word yet. Hurry up and wait is the thing.


Still no word on the job front. No call back on the evidence specialist and no call for an interview for the analyst position. I am starting to get disheartened. I know I can't. I guess I will keep plugging along. On day at a time.


I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. I know half way though my shift my back will be killing me. Anyone know a way I can have  my brain put in the body of a 23yr old female but she has to be hot.



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1 hour ago, KymmieL said:

Anyone know a way I can have  my brain put in the body of a 23yr old female but she has to be hot.


 I think Audrey might have a magic wand.

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It's too late for coffee but.......


For some reason I was compelled to check the mail today. Not surprising there was a birthday card from my mother. I just figured it was the normal everyday card but it wasn't. The first word I read, in a big scripted font was "Daughter". Right there in front of me, a card from my mother, to her daughter. Honestly I didn't really know if my mother would ever truly accept me. Now...I do. I really wanted to cry (not in front of the wife) but I will cherish that card forever.


Before dinner I found myself out getting lottery tickets. The jackpot is somewhere around 6-700mil. The ATM is broken at the first store I went to (closest to my house) and won't let you pay for 'em with a debt card. A random customer piped-up and suggested where I could go. I headed out. The cashier there was extremely friendly, very helpful and kind of cute. When I was checking out he looked at me, in a sweet little voice, said "I know *****'s no your name, what is it? I just replied "Elizabeth". He then tells me what beautiful name I have. After he said that I did hear anything else. Holy crap! Did I just get hit on? or was he just flirting with me? When I told my wife she used what is becoming her standard reply, "This is what you asked for". What I asked for? Yeah...well, we'll talk about that at a later time. If it's what she has to do to settle with my transition so be it.


After dinner I got another happy surprise. For kicks I checked my work email. There was a message from HR. He asked me if I wanted my new insurance and benefits cards to have Elizabeth on them. We can do that? I'd love that.

There have been a few things getting to me lately and I needed some love.

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Heather Nicole
3 hours ago, KymmieL said:

Anyone know a way I can have  my brain put in the body of a 23yr old female but she has to be hot.


(I know I'm nerding myself out with this answer, and most won't get the reference, but...) Major Kusonagi has a way via advanced prosthetic shell, but you have to live in a futuristic cyberpunk fiction. Upside though, is you also get invisibility. I'm on the waiting list.


In other news...I've now joined the trans-ranks and decided that face masks are seriously awesome :) ...I was just at the grocery store earlier this evening, I wasn't even trying to pass, but I still got accidentally correctly-gendered!!! I guess my long wavy hair (definitely my favorite feature right now by far...heeehee), zircon earrings, overweight "moobs", and face mask covering up most of my beard must've been enough to tip the scales. Considering I've been feeling rather self-doubty/impostor syndrome this week, that surprise just absolutely made my day!


I was in the checkout line, nobody behind me, just one guy ahead of me but he had already paid and was putting his bags in his cart. As the cashier (a really adorable college-aged young gal) was scanning my items, another employee came by to start bagging my items. I guess the bagger must've gotten confused and started trying to hand my bags to the previous customer because as I was going through my wallet, I heard the cashier girl say "Oh, those are his"...but then she quickly stopped and corrected herself..."Er, I mean hers".




There was nobody else around she could've been talking about except me. My heart just about leapt out of my chest and I was just on cloud nine all the way out to the car, like I'd just won the lottery or something. Of course, all of a sudden I couldn't bring myself to use my voice any more than absolutely necessary. Instant voice dysphoria, but you know what, in this case, I'll take it!


@ElizabethStar OMG, congrats so much on all that validation!!! 🎉  And also on your birthday, too! 🍰


I may be technically "out" to my mom, but I still haven't felt like I'm at a point yet where I'd feel right asking her to switch pronouns for me. So I can imagine just how special getting a card like must be. So happy for you!!!


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Those are both great stories to read.  I'm sharing in your happiness.


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It's great to hear those uplifting stories. Thank you for sharing :) 


@KymmieL You're in a rough place, but these pass too. Keep going and you'll get where you want to be.


My tea is delicious this morning. It must be the whack I gave yesterday to my insidious self-doubt. Feeling good today.

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"This is what you asked for"


I get a version of that..."this is what you wanted". If the mood is right I reply that it's what I needed. 

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Good Monday morning. well my Monday anyway. Up 20 min before my alarm was set. don't know why. Waiting on the coffee to brew.  hope today is fairly slow at the store.



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8 hours ago, Heather Nicole said:

(I know I'm nerding myself out with this answer, and most won't get the reference, but...) Major Kusonagi has a way via advanced prosthetic shell, but you have to live in a futuristic cyberpunk fiction. Upside though, is you also get invisibility. I'm on the waiting list.

So what you're saying is that I can look like Scarlett Johansson.


8 hours ago, Heather Nicole said:

In other news...I've now joined the trans-ranks and decided that face masks are seriously awesome :)

*chorus "One of us....One of us". Movie references pop in my head to often.

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Good morning ladies,

I think it's the because it's the depths of winter but I've been needing twice the coffee volume to get my day going lately.

Well, gotta get ready for a busy day at work.

Have a lovely day


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Good morning 


well hopefully you are having a better start to your day than I have.  My foot decided that 4am was a good time to wake me up, and wake me up it did!  It really did.  I slept through the time I should have taken it so my pain took an hour to react and during that hour it was easily a 10 out of 10.  Coming up on 8 am so time for the next dose.  

I will say my gray matter isn’t reacting well. Cant even read for any length of time.  So, I am going to sign out 



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    • Carolyn Marie
      Shawnster, I totally understand how you feel.  There is no easy answer.  The harder answer is that neither you nor she asked for this, it is just who you are, and no amount of pretending otherwise will change that.  She may, like many of our spouses, come to accept it over time, and perhaps even embrace it once she sees how happy you are.  But then again, she may not, and that is just the reality.   Do you have a therapist, a G.T?  If not, I strongly urge you to find one, both to help you deal with the guilt, and also to help prepare you for all the changes to come in your life.  It helped me a great deal.  Good luck!   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Confused1
      Congratulations Myles. So glad you found support from your family!   Hugs, Mike
    • Shawnster
      guilt.... what a topic.... I feel a combination of guilt and shame. my wife is my world to me... but she is denying the fact that i want to feminize. She expects me to be the "Alpha male" the manly man I have always pretended to be.... she treats the issue by ignoring it. To the point I haven't even told her I'm going on HRT.... I feel guilty for not telling her... but i don't want to upset her anymore at this stage? I want to be open and honest... but everytime I start, she throws up a wall!?!?!?! I feel my only option is to start the hormones, and see how i feel.... I wish she would walk with me on my journey,but she's in denial... I can't help but feel the shame and guilt of disappointment and deception.... but I truely long to feel softer, more emotional, but the guilt is eating me alive!!! What's a wannabe girl supposed to do?!?!?  Any and all input is welcome!!!  Thanks, Luv Shawn
    • SheenaT
    • Myles97
      @AgnesBardsiethank you!!! I’m trying to breathe and enjoy the moment without worrying about anything that is ahead! 
    • KymmieL
      Nope, I figure their loss. I have contacted the District manager for the stores in Spokane. He said he might just have a place for me. He is going to talk to that stores manager on Monday.   My first bike was an 2007 Harley Sportster 1200L. That was the one I got into my accident with. Broke 4 ribs and damaged my spleen. Wound up trading that on an 08 Fatboy. then in 2015 I traded up again to my Street Glide. I think the only time I didn't ride a Harley was when I went through the safety course. Everything else has been Harley. Not counting my 84 Honda ATC 200x three wheeler. now that was a blast.     Got Ma'amed today. it was great.   Kymmie  
    • Kasumi63
      Hi, Tracy! I like your poem, and thanks for joining in the fun! You got the idea of having some aspect of nature in there, but you have even more syllables left. Your lines have 4-3-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5.    I usually try to think of a specific moment in time and then try to recreate the scene, with a little twist in the final line. Relating one’s feelings to nature is part of it.    For your poem, I’m imagining (maybe incorrectly, so sorry if I’m wrong) you going on a walk in the woods, maybe dressed for the first time (or not).   Stern oaks on both sides A winding path through the woods In my flower dress   Not so good, but that’s my attempt. Sorry I couldn’t do better.    Haiku is so much fun but takes a bit of patience in arranging the syllables. But if you have a clear image in your mind, it really helps a lot.   I hope some other folks will join in. Haiku is so fun!!
    • AgnesBardsie
      They should put this in the dictionary under the definition of courage!    After you breathe remember to smile!
    • Shay
      Joy comes from some unexpected places.
    • Shay
      You would be amazed - just how many in your own community who would.... sadly .... I am so glad you are not one of them.
    • Jackie C.
      I'm confused. Who has that kind of time for unkind thoughts?   Hugs!
    • Shay
    • Shay
      Some day I'd love to have this song be about me........ (although my eyes are hazel)..............    
    • Bri2020
      My first bike which I got as pieces that had to reassembled when I was a teenager was a 70s GT750 water buffalo!  I got it running, took one ride on it and realized it was way too much for a first real bike. lol. Wow those old 2 stokes were torquey. The one I just recently gave up about 5 years ago was a Suzuki Volusia 750. Loved it.
    • David K.
      Well put. "This needs to end."  Thanks for speaking up.
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