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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Scene from the park where I go for my morning exercise. It was like powdered sugar on everything, so pretty - the camera doesn't do it justice. Now I want a powdered sugar donut for some reason...


@ElizabethStar Melissa? Where did that name come from? Sorry to hear that the clothes aren't fitting how you hoped - always a challenge when ordering online, and especially from somewhere you've never worn anything of theirs.


@Willow Good luck getting your vaccine this morning. Sorry to hear that acceptance at home is so elusive. I feel it's common when coming out is defined exclusively by how it impacts who you're coming out to, rather than what it means to you. No doubt a hard place to be emotionally. I wonder, how would your wife respond to something like, "I feel this is hard for you, but it's also hard for me too"?





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1 hour ago, Audrey said:

I wonder, how would your wife respond to something like, "I feel this is hard for you, but it's also hard for me too"?


Good morning everyone,


@Willow good luck with your vaccine today, I hope your body reacts well with it, and you have a minimal response to building antibodies. Some of my Fire Department friends have had only slight injection site discomfort and others have had slight chills later in the evening, and no further responses. I also your foot is doing better. 


@Audrey It is hard for the spouse to realize that we are truly struggling with coming out to them and we understand and accept their feelings of being blindsided. We try to give them space and time to absorb and process the information, however from my experience it's tougher on the older generations, because they have preconceived feelings about the issue, and in  any cases it's based on daytime talk shows presenting false or incomplete information. My Suzie, thinks I should move out and become the woman I feel I am, and doesn't want any part of it. She doesn't believe or trust that, my coming out to her was so she could understand the full parameters of my therapy and honesty with her. I was hoping that we could talk our way through this privately, using therapy to figure out a since of direction. She has now outed me to our grown children, their spouse, and her sister. I'm so happy for those in transition with supportive partners, those who have a semi-supportive response, and just don't want to see it just yet.


The Coffee was very early so I could be first in line at the dealership service department to have the company truck serviced. Dealership Coffee Sucks by the way.


Hugs for all, 



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@Mmindy So true. I'm hopeful that I didn't come across the wrong way with my suggestion. I guess my thought is that finding the common emotional ground with a partner is the most fertile place to have the conversations to grow together. I feel extremely blessed that I have as supportive a partner as I do, but it wasn't that way at all at first. When I first came out, the feeling was something like, "Well, you're the one who made me feel (insert uncomfortable feeling here), so therefore you're the only one who can make me not feel that way." At the time, I felt my partner was trying to use her emotions to control me and the relationship, and in turn it helped her cope with her own feelings. I think it certainly did work that way for a while, and it was physically and emotionally exhausting to soothe my partner's feelings while always masking my own. I remember saying at one point, "if our relationship is going to work, I really need you to take a step towards me, because right now I feel I'm only taking steps towards you." That was early last fall. Since then, the communication has become much better, and while we still have a lot of growing to do together, we have found a place of understanding and (at least some) acceptance. I know that place can be elusive, and please know that for any of you who are struggling with your partners, you have all my love and support. 🤗




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Vanessa Michelle

Good morning ladies! I hope you’re all having a great start to your day! I’m sipping away at my coffee ☕️ while attempting to make a paleo frittata for breakfast. 🍳🤞🏼


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3 hours ago, Willow said:

 Sorry!  I wish I could come out and be welcomed like is happening but I’m not exactly being welcomed at home and “you coming out is embarrassing to me. “.

I am actually surprised that my wife hasn't said that to me. That is yet. I am not that out to the public yet.


2 hours ago, Mmindy said:

My Suzie, thinks I should move out and become the woman I feel I am, and doesn't want any part of it. She doesn't believe or trust that, my coming out to her was so she could understand the full parameters of my therapy and honesty with her.

Yep, my wife as well. As I have said. I could never live here and not be with my wife. It would be to hard on my fragile mental state. probably just give it up a beg to come back. It will be hard enough when I have to come back to get anything I left when I move.


Waiting on the coffee to warm up. At times the auto off is a pain. Today is my Friday. Nothing planned for the weekend no appointments just me time. between 2 and 3. my son is working swings and leaves around 2 and my wife gets off at 3.





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Good morning.  Hot chocolate for me.


I consider myself so very lucky having a partner that is not only understanding but also taking an active role in my explorations.  I don't think I could do this if she wasn't

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Hi, back from getting my first Pfizer vaccine.  It took an hour from walking in to walking out.  No pain or reaction at least not yet.


@Audrey @Mmindy

First I want to assure everyone that nothing was said that I found to be anything but concern and suggestions of help.  Mindy is correct the older you are the harder it is to accept any of this even for the person who is transgender.  We were brought up mocking homosexuality, knowing nothing about transgenders or any of the other members of the “alphabet”  we began to be accepting as we learned about life and differences in all kinds of people.  

I still question myself at times.  Now this is when it’s going to get really difficult.  Something I have not shared.  I suggest if you have any feelings that could be upsetting for you, please skip the rest of this post.  I’m serious this is not for people who are deeply troubled!


I know this will get lengthy but it has to be.  I felt for many years that I had a mental issue.  A fetish about being or dressing as a woman.  I wanted breasts from about the time I knew girls had breasts. But I hide that from everyone.  I thought if I didn’t stop, God would punish me some way.  

so getting help was something I refused to do for many years, it was embarrassing until it got so bad I was desperate.  Desperation is a terrible thing to deal with and while I have never been or felt suicidal, I know many are and my medical team has been concerned about me.  I am frequently asked and get on therapist calendars with priority because of it.  

now to my wife, she was angry and lashed out at me when I first told her.  Unfortunately it was a huge relief for me that was a similarly a huge slap in the face to her.  I had tricked her into marrying me and all the other things that so many of us have expressed or experienced.


Now comes the most serious concern for me.  My wife has expressed that she believes she has to die to allow Willow to come forth.  She wants me to pray and ask God about that.  She hasn’t mentioned suicide but some form of “natural causes”. For example since I am able to get my vaccine but she is not eligible in South Carolina yet that she will get infected.  She has factors that could make fighting it off very difficult.  And I’m afraid she wouldn’t try.  I feel that God has called on me to help others struggling with being transgender.  But because of that and her emotions and inability to be fully accepting of me, she feels that she has to pass away.  We both know it would be virtually impossible for her to live with either of our children.  Frankly I don’t know that I could either but for different reasons.  That’s for another time.  

Yes, it is for my wife, my love for the past 49 years, that I don’t come out fully.  I am mentally ready and coming out is a mental need, not a physical need.  But knowing how hard this would be for her I am doing what I can to not fully come out.  To not be who I need to be, not even within the walls of my home.  She is very good to me in spite of her feelings not about me but about all LGBTQI+.  I know she still loves me, perhaps more now than she has for years.  

Everything said here about trying to help acceptance by a spouse is true.  I practice it all and then some.  But this latest revelation about needing to die so Willow can become Willow has really rocked me.  I am trying to get her to see a therapist but part of her depression is our financial difficulties, and seeing a therapist is yet another expense.  I’ve got to get her past that somehow.  I’ll find the money somewhere.  But I’ve got to convince her that God doesn’t want her to die so that I can flourish or do his work that he wants me to do.


So, I will gladly listen to suggestions of how to proceed.  But I feel that I must get her into therapy as a first step.


love to all



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I feel like weirdo.  I made fettuccine with red sauce and vegan meatballs for breakfast. 

My wife’s having a really bad day, medically, so I took it off from work. 

I stared working on my exoskeleton armor costume project again. I’ve already invested hundreds of brain melting hours on designing and printing parts but watching a 3D printer is about as exciting as watching golf. It’s been idle for over a year and last month I got some really pretty colored filament. My followers on Thingiverse are in for a surprise when my next update on it takes a hard turn towards femininity. 


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@ElizabethStar  What's the name of your Thingverse channel?  I'm part of a very successful Makerspace in Milwaukee and we have a bunch of 3D printers.  Are you part of any Maker spaces in your area?

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Well everyone, This girl is doing the happy girl dance.💃💃:score: I just got a call from my Pharmacist. My meds are on the way. should be here Fri or Sat. He had a good chat with both my Dr's in Denver. 


I am so happy, finally after all the up hill battle. I am finally getting my E.


Now to keep it from my wife. I will just tell her it is for blood clot maintenance. She won't know. It is the truth ( :) )



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1 hour ago, KymmieL said:

Well everyone, This girl is doing the happy girl dance.💃💃:score: I just got a call from my Pharmacist. My meds are on the way. should be here Fri or Sat. He had a good chat with both my Dr's in Denver. 


I am so happy, finally after all the up hill battle. I am finally getting my E.


Now to keep it from my wife. I will just tell her it is for blood clot maintenance. She won't know. It is the truth ( :) )



Kymmie! This is such wonderful news to read! I'm sharing in your happy dance, I know this has been a long time coming. I look forward to hearing about your HRT experience, get ready... the ride will be a memorable but hopefully joyous one. 🤗


@Willow That is absolutely a lot for you both. My mind and heart are taking some time to reflect on everything you've shared, and if my thoughts as a younger, in-a-committed-but-unmarried-relationship person are helpful to you, I will be happy to give what support I can.




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@Audrey thanks for your offering of help and support.  That is what we all need.  

I do think it is important for younger people to understand how much more difficult it is for us that are older.  We went through the civil rights riots and killings.  We had Woodstock, and peace and love.  Many things became known during the 60s, my teen years.  But it was a very difficult time to live through as well, we had a real threat of total nuclear warfare.  We had Vietnam.  We had the early drug issues, most were not illegal until the late 60s.  You have the results of all that.  We lived it.  As a young person you were either still ultra conservative, unenlightened or you were part of the change.  This is very difficult for us to understand and accept.


by all means, I invite you to offer and share your thoughts.  That goes for everyone here.



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@KymmieL I understand your desire for secrecy about your new medications. But what are you going to say when she sees them or changes brought about by them?  What if things begin to work out, how are you going to explain without destroying your relationship progress?  

it’s none of my business how you choose to proceed but I suggest you consider the possibility of your wife mellowing and where this could go should you practice deception now.


Good luck with your choice and with the medications.



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@WillowI am sorry to hear of your situation.   Although my wife and I split before I accepted that I was trans myself, I still love her, and I'm sure I always will.  I don't think that connection will ever be broken.

It must be heartbreaking to hear her talking like this.

I so wish that we could all get past these issues and just love each other for who we are.  There is always hope, I have to believe this.


@KymmieL Like Willow has said, eventually this will come out, as I'm sure you are aware.

I hope things will work out for you.

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Good afternoon everyone,


@Audreyyour comments, insight, and perspective are always welcome. I take no offense. @Willow is the better orator to explain things from our generational view and long marriages. @Jandiis also someone who's experiences I hope to lean on as my transition progresses.


@ElizabethStarit has always been my view that if you're not the one cooking. Don't judge, this ain't Chopped and Martha Stewart isn't coming over. You're the caregiver today and the menu is your choice.


@KymmieLCongratulations on getting your medication issues worked out.


I really do look forward to reading this thread, Thanks again @KymmieLfor starting it.





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Jackie C.
10 hours ago, Willow said:

I wish I could come out and be welcomed like is happening but I’m not exactly being welcomed at home and “you coming out is embarrassing to me. “.


I can be pretty flamboyant and spontaneous. I'm pretty sure my spouse is WELL beyond being embarrassed by anything I do. Well, anything I'm likely to do that won't get me arrested.


5 hours ago, KymmieL said:

Pharmacist. My meds are on the way. should be here Fri or Sat. He had a good chat with both my Dr's in Denver. 


Huzzah! I'm glad your doctors have their issues worked out. Probably a good idea to keep it quiet from your spouse though. I can TOTALLY see her tossing your E out of spite.



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Well it's a no go on the analyst position.  I didn't have the qualifications they where looking for. I am thinking more BLM than LGBTQ.  Even though that is what they advertised for. 


Not sure that my wife wouldn't throw it away. Jackie. She has done it before. There is a position with V.S. that I may apply for.  And there is a service dispatcher for a  Cat dealer also. 



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Dear Willow, Mindy, and all... thank you for your compassion and inclusion. I am a Gen X'er myself. I constantly strive to understand the experiences of those both older and younger than me. My job challenges me to do this on a daily basis. I consider cross-generational understanding essential to my coming out and journey forward, because people like my parents and coworkers are will see me and the concept of being transgender and transitioning through a different generational lens.


So I needed to understand why what was shared today affected me so much. Had a good long cry if I'm being truthful... 

10 hours ago, Willow said:

I felt for many years that I had a mental issue.  A fetish about being or dressing as a woman.  I wanted breasts from about the time I knew girls had breasts. But I hide that from everyone.  I thought if I didn’t stop, God would punish me some way.

I know this hiding place all too well. I lived in it for most of my life, really forever, until only recently. The idea that what I was feeling could be minimized into a disorder, a paraphilia, or a perversion even, meant that no one could ever know. Punishment did come, quite literally, when I came out of hiding and got caught. Survival meant repressing and denying this to anyone, including myself. This brings an intense pain I believe we all can relate to. As a result, the worst punishment was always in my head. The endless negative self-talk drove me to the darkest depths of depression and to the brink of suicide. Which brings me to...


10 hours ago, Willow said:

Now comes the most serious concern for me.  My wife has expressed that she believes she has to die to allow Willow to come forth.  She wants me to pray and ask God about that.  She hasn’t mentioned suicide but some form of “natural causes”.

I share your deep concern about your wife. This must undoubtedly be weighing heavily on both of your hearts and minds and causing so much anguish. That said, I think it's wonderful that you're so attuned to your wife's needs and adapt yourself to meet them when her need is greatest. I imagine she feels this from you. In a sense I think she is attuned to your own needs too, it's just that her way of expressing that via altruistic suicidal ideation and self-sacrifice is deeply troubling. I'm hopeful that you and she can have open conversations about those feelings, whether with a therapist as you hope, or with other supportive people in your lives, or just the two of you together. I can sense the strength of your love and marriage from your writing!


The other thing that this conversation brought up for me today was my deep-rooted fear that my partner could decide to end our relationship at any point. Whatever the expressed reason, I would assume it was because I'm transgender. I'm working hard to overcome this insecurity but it does overwhelm my emotions at times (like today).


These are pretty heavy thoughts and feelings for the coffee thread. Can I offer everyone a (masked) supportive group hug? 🤗





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Vanessa Michelle

Holy wow I missed a lot by not logging in until now! 😲

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Vanessa Michelle

@AudreyI'll take the 🤗  any day with our without the mask ❤️

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Vanessa Michelle

@WillowWow, I am sorry you battle those feelings. That had got to be super difficult! As you know, God most certainly doe not want your wife to die, and that does not need to happen in order for you to fully live as your authentic self. God made you and her and you are both exactly what he wanted you to be. This situation doesn't change that. I am praying for you both through this, that he will take the pain and feeling that she is what's stopping you away and replace it with his amazing love and acceptance for her. Also, for you to experience his love like never before. I honor you for your bravery in posting those feelings and struggles here today. That must have taken a lot of strength and trust to do so. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for trusting us and allowing yourself to be so vulnerable. God bless you sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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4 hours ago, KymmieL said:

And there is a service dispatcher for a  Cat dealer also

Cat dealer? Intriguing, tell me more.😆


I was beginning think today wasn't going to end. I had to run and pick up a script for my wife. On the way home I stopped off to pick up some spanx. I thought I would give them a try to help conceal things and open up more clothing options for me. They do help quit a bit but I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thong thing. Exposed! That's how I feel wearing a thong. While I was shopping I knew what I was looking for but couldn't find 'em. Luckily there was actually someone working in that department so I asked her for help. I must look better than my mirror says I do. She didn't bat-an-eye, give a second look or anything. Just one of the girls. It felt so nice. The young guy at the resister on the other hand.... He didn't say anything or look at me weird either but did start turning a little red as he was trying to find the bar code to scan. Making things worse for him, that 2 pack of thong spanx was all I bought. I feel like I have a mini-mission now. Embarrass a cashier with my purchase.


When I got home there was more furniture, in boxes, wait to be assembled at the end of my driveway. When I was about halfway done with one piece another package showed up. It was the missing pieces for Our water filter. That causes a home depot run for some supplies to get it installed. I've concluded that if I'm out shopping at a boys-club place and a guy asks to help....take it. It makes guy feel special when you do.


I managed to get the filter installed and working. Wife cannot complain  the water stinks anymore. Then off to assemble flat packed furniture. I got two 5 drawer chest and a night sand. I have more to do on the flat pack Furniture but It's going to wait.


Have a good night everyone.                                                 

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15 hours ago, Willow said:

I wish I could come out and be welcomed like is happening but I’m not exactly being welcomed at home and “you coming out is embarrassing to me. “. Anybody got a got answer for that?  I’ll be back later when I’m awake.

My ex called me an embarrassment to talk about at all. We never even talked about anything relating to coming out. I had worked two jobs and been doing all the housework for years while I helped her get two degrees. My efforts were all to her benefit and whenever I asked for anything at all..." It's not a good time, right now." I had taken years of that kind of stuff and worse before I decided there was no path for us to walk together any longer. I am forever heartbroken and jaded by my experience. I put up with waiting for it to be a good time to be happy and never getting that for so long that I feel like I'll never have anything to offer to a relationship again. I hope none of you with spouse's ever have to feel like I do about relationships. I encourage all attempts to make that work. My loneliness tears me apart daily and the few connections I have with people that care about me as much as I care about them are fading. 


I hope you're able to see better days together. I wouldn't wish the feelings of self doubt or loneliness on anyone. I have no answer that will help. If anything, I would say don't let anyone beat you down for who you are. Sorry for ranting and being no help.

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Vanessa Michelle

Dang @Abi I'm sorry you had such an experience with your ex! It sounds like your commitment to her was great, as it should be, but she wasn't able or wiling to reciprocate. So sorry. You will see better days too girl, don't give up on that. Now may suck, but things won't always ❤️ On a lighter note, it's always great to see another one of us lives in Illinois. It feels good knowing I am not alone here every time I see the state flag under somebody's name. ❤️

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      Me deciding on going in to nails was purely a accident. I got my first set over the summer, and with me being hands on. It intrested me. I don't know what I would have done other wise. Retail, and food bores me. I left the manufacturing world. After being around it my whole life. Because it destroyed me body. I even was going to school for engineering at one point. I was good at it, but it really bored me, and I couldn't see my self sitting at a computer all day. 
    • KymmieL
      I am more girly than my wife. She is a tomboy.   Well my son came into the store and finally seen me in my new shirt. Of course he starts in at home, Kim possible and other BS I just ignored him. Don't know if he told my wife. If he did She hasn't brought it up.   Hope to find some info tomorrow on the transfer. Even news on the possibility of leaving would be something.   Got the bike out today. Felt good to ride again. Even if it was around town.   Kymmie
    • Kasumi63
      I bet you’re excited! Congratulations! Even if there are some painful moments, you’ll get through it! I wish you all the best!
    • Kasumi63
      Hi, myt10,  Valfole, Kay-san, and everyone else on this thread!   I have a very loving relationship with my wife, but we have been struggling with this issue for about ten years now. I just had GCS (a week ago!), and we are very close to finding a pretty happy resolution. However, this has been a long road with lots of struggles along the way, so I hope those of you here can learn from my experience, just as I can surely learn from you.   Without going into too much history, just let me explain that my wife is Japanese and we communicate in the Japanese language. We’ve been married for about twelve years, and for most of this time, I have been struggling with dysphoria and my gender identity. For a couple of years, I kept this hidden—not meaning to deceive but simply because I was struggling to make sense of everything myself. Eventually, however, it became more obvious to her what was going on—and she basically hit the roof. She used to barrage me with questions, and ultimatums, asking about my sexual orientation, gender, motivations, etc. And whenever she did, I completely shut down. I know I am fault here, too, but I simply could not share my deepest, mixed up feelings, knowing that it would mean the end of our relationship. Partly, it was because I honestly couldn’t answer all her blunt questions in the direct way she wanted; partly, it was because I was terrified of being rejected, especially knowing that I would not survive being abandoned, and also because I am extremely fond of her. Sometimes, months would go by and we’d be as happy as can be, and then something would set her off, and she would start lecturing me for hours (and I do mean hours) while I would just listen passively in silence. To be fair, from her perspective, she was struggling to communicate and just wanted answers. But from my perspective, I didn’t feel safe, confident, or secure enough to reply. On those rare occasions when I did reply, the result was more questions that would confuse me even more, leading to another shut down. Sometimes, I would try to stop dressing or transitioning for our relationship, but those efforts would never last long. Basically, she wanted me to choose between transitioning and her, and that was an impossible choice for me, so I kept wavering back and forth. There is no way I will abandon her, but I also can’t stop being my female self.   I think here I need to pause and comment about our sexual relationship. I know this is a difficult subject for everyone—and there is a ton of diverse here—but it’s obviously important for couples, if they want to clarify their relationship. As for me, I’m almost as confused on this topic as I have been about my sexual identity and orientation. Basically, when I was a man, I felt exclusively attracted to women, but what has become very clear to me over many years is that that attraction was more of an identifying with than an attraction to in the normal sense of the word. In other words, I’ve wanted to look and be like the women I’ve been with, if that makes any sense. On the other hand, whenever I was dressed as a woman, I mainly felt attracted to men and nothing excited me more than having a man be attracted to me. These were the times that I most felt like myself. For about ten years now, we haven’t had a sexual relationship at all.   And yet we love each other. Apart from this issue, we get along great. We share many of the same interests, thoroughly enjoy being with other, travel together, etc. I guess you can say we are the closest of friends. Still, there has been this gender issue, and as I’ve very slowly proceeded with my transition, the issue has become more and more difficult to ignore. And then everything came to a head when I started taking hormones—and she found them. Of course, she initially got upset, but I think something broke for her, too, and she started researching and reading up on transgender issues. At the same time, she also made up her mind to support me, instead of resisting. This in turn made it easier for me to open up, and I have gained even more respect for her. The past couple of years we have been moving forward more positively. Last year, I came out to my place of work, and last week I had GCS. I have my own apartment, but spend weekends and other times here with her. We also chat online everyday without fail. I may move back in with her in the future, but I don’t know.    I suppose another important issue in this that many people don’t like to talk about is finances, but this also has a huge impact on relationships. Luckily, I have been blessed with a great job that pays well. My wife has a decent job, but probably not enough to live where we live now. Anyway, I am determined to take care of her to the end, and she has made up her mind to be emotionally supportive and friends with me.   We will probably be getting divorced soon, maybe even this month. If you’ve read this far, you might be surprised to hear that, and I think most people think of divorce as an absolute end, but I don’t, and I don’t think my wife does either. However, this will be a big change. Obviously, she won’t be able to think of me as her husband any more (that’s been slowly changing anyway), and I won’t be able to think of her as my wife. A big reason for our decision (and it’s a negative one) is Japanese law. Here in Japan, same-sex marriage is illegal; consequently, it’s illegal to change one’s gender while being married. In other words, for me to legally become female, we have to get divorced. (I acquired Japanese citizenship many years ago.)   So what will the future bring for us? I honestly don’t know. We’re both in our fifties, and nearing retirement, and we’re both pretty down on the idea of marrying again. However, she might find someone and fall in love, and I might, too. Personally, I would love to have a boyfriend, but I don’t know if I can make any commitments. My wife seems to be the same way. Of course, I want her to be happy more than anything, and I deeply respect her for supporting me, even if it’s taken some time for her to get to this point. I will be moving to an apartment that’s very close by, and she will stay in our condo, and I do not doubt that we will stay as close friends.   Conclusions? Message of the story? I think there are many, but this has gotten way too long, so I’ll leave that for a follow up post. For now, I’ll just say that if you love and respect each other, you have nothing to fear moving foward.    
    • Aurora
      First off, I am getting really excited.  45 days and counting till April 21st for my GCS.   Then also, when I had my major surgery on my stomach area back in early 2009 for cancer.  I found that just holding a pillow over my stomach area really helped out with pain when I sneezed or cough.
    • Myles97
      Thank you so much for that!! ❤️
    • Jamie68
      Well you should have known better than to challenge her womanhood. You probably would have responded the same.   I love that you two can share. I don't know if my wife would be so accommodating.   I normally didn't have to shave for 2 days. Tomorrow I'm going to try out my electrolysis machine. It's been about a week since I pulled all my face hairs. About half of them are 1/4" long now. The instructions say that it only works well on new growth.
    • 2beBreanna
      @ElizabethStar Sounds like you finally have support from your wife. That's great!  I've tried saying I am more girl than my wife once..well.. it did not end good.  That was one of the few times we had negative conversations about me being trans.     Today we went out with her mother to some stores looking for yard decor mostly.  We ended up going to an outlet mall that had a Vera Bradley store. I fell in love with on of their new patterns and so did my wife.  I tried getting a backpack purse. That was shot down but we ended up with a cute regular style purse we will share.     I keep my arms and legs shaved all the time.  My face is my biggest concern.  The hair grows slowly so if I try to shave daily it looks bad cause I can't get a close shave.  So I end up having to wait at least 3 days but then it's a little longer and can't stand stubble for those days.  I decided to wait on laser or anything until hrt has an effect on hair growth.  Hoping it will lessen the amount of sessions needed.
    • Carolyn Marie
      I like the statement; very definitive.  Took 'em long enough.    Carolyn Marie
    • ElizabethStar
      I did what I could to clean up my story.   What started my trigger was a motorcycle accident. I broke my back and fractured my knee. It was just an off-chance I was wearing a helmet. I usually didn't and it saved my life. After that self abuse became my normal. Years later my migraines started to get the best of me. To the point my Dr. swore I had a stroke. They tested me for everything but found nothing except migraines, lots of migraines. I was put on meds for them. Although it didn't do much for my headaches but I did started to feel more feminine. After a couple of months I realized I had been thinking about my gender identity for years. Then one day it hit me. It was like like a computer had been running a calculation for 40 years and finally got an answer. I'm a girl. I didn't know if or what I could do with this new information but I had my answer. I tried to tell myself I was too old and emotionally messed up to transition. It didn't help the girl wanted out. Eventually things came crashing down and I tried to delete myself. It's just by a miracle I'm still here. That night I promised myself I would set aside my fears, be strong and accept my true self. Since then I quit drinking, smoking and have been taking better care of myself. Even my migraines are gone now. I really wish I would've done this sooner but I'm here now and that all that really matters.
    • Mmindy
      Looks great Linda, I'm with @Jackie C.on this, you've out dressed most people at Walmart.    Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Kasumi63
      For many years, I have been going to a Japanese snack bar (a quaint karaoke bar) where I’ve been dressing up for years. I’ve worn Lolita fashion dresses, a sexy kimono dress, and other interesting outfits. Although I was a regular customer, other customers, especially the non-regulars, often mistook me for a hostess and would call me to their tables. Of course, I always played along! Anyway, I think my most popular outfit was my AKB48 (Japanese girl idol group) outfit. (See my photo below.) Whenever I wore this outfit, customers would urge me to sing a AKB48 song, so I learned a couple. That always got people dancing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the outfit anymore. (I wore it so often that it just got too worn out!) By the way, I haven’t been to this great snack for over a year now, because of COVID-19, and I have been transitioning in the meantime, so I think everyone will be quite surprised when they see me again! I can’t wait!  If you’re ever in Okinawa, you absolutely have to come here, so let me know, and I’ll bring you!
    • AgnesBardsie
      You may have had some encouragement on this site but don’t forget who it was who plucked up his courage, faced his deepest fears, and overcame them. You can take immense pride in that!
    • Valfole
      Hi everyone,      My spouse came out as trans very recently and we’re both still trying to process everything in our mind. We are both very happy to stay together (I recently came out as Pan and she is still attracted to women) but we are very anxious about how everything will change. This is mainly because we just don’t know that much. I was wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom from the other side of this journey that they wish they had at the start, either for the person transitioning or their spouse. I wholeheartedly support her in this transition (although I will admit my anxiety and insecurities have been MUCH more present but I gather that is fairly common). I want to make sure I support her without driving her insane and without pushing aside my own feelings in an effort to protect her from extra stress. I know counseling/therapy is a big one and we are working on getting that set up. Is there any other advice you all can think of?
    • Myles97
      Sorry for the double post above. Not sure why update 1 posted twice. Strange. Idk how to delete.    anyways: update 2! same day, but talked with my mom more. She is treating me totally normal! I’m just Myles and that’s okay! I feel so euphoric. Also my girlfriend took me shopping today and I got lots of new clothes and shoes. Again, cue euphoria! My mom also told my “godmother” who is someone I am closest too. I told my mom I was scared that my god-mom wouldn’t love me anymore... well a few hours ago my godmother texted me reassuring me she loves me no matter what!! She said it’ll be a change, but it’s perfectly fine. Y’all, I have been happy crying on and off all day. I can’t express how happy I finally feel. 
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