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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Elizabeth Star

The rest of the clothes I ordered came in. I had slightly better luck with a few of the tops. The sweater I posted in the what are you wearing thread is one of them. It's mostly the arms that are too small. Lesson learned and returns are free. There is also a mini-skirt. It's black, pleated and shorter than I anticipated. It'll be good as long as I don't bend over. What a shame I have to up my "act and move like a lady" skills. My wife asked about what I bought, she's only seen the sweater at this point (I can tell she's jealous). Before I could answer she asked if there were any dresses. No, no dresses. Skirts? Yea, I replied in a matter-of-fact kind of tone. I quickly reiterated one of her previous statements that I could wear skirts as long as she didn't see it. The problem is she would see me leave and/or come home. I mentioned this fact and agreed that I wouldn't parade around or rub it in face in any way.


So again it appears she is becoming more accepting. We'll see how it goes when she sees me leave for coffee tomorrow morning in a mini-skirt and knee high boots.


night everyone



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7 hours ago, Willow said:

and 4 hours later I quit.

Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I'm with @Mmindy... curious what happened?


@ElizabethStar I have *exactly* the same problem with many women's tops about the sleeve length and width. They are often cut shorter, designed for a woman's smaller body compared to a man's. Sleeves usually hit in a weird place on the arm too, being neither truly long-sleeve or short-sleeve - i worry about this with the suit I ordered, which isn't here yet BTW. I also feel like the taller a person is, the harder it is to find pieces that truly fit (I'm 5'11"). I'm picking up on your wife's jealousy too from how you describe her reactions to the clothes you're buying. It feels sort of similar to my partner's response, which is like I'm taking away from her femininity by being feminine myself. She's accepting it more over time, but the feelings are still there that it's somehow wrong. You are braver than me though - I have never worn any dress or skirt shorter than knee-length. I wish you the best with your coffee trip this morning!


Middle of the night here in NYC (4am). Slept well until a bit ago, and then someone decided it might be kind to the neighborhood to blast hip hop from their car with the volume turned up to 11. Gotta love New Yorkers. Hoping to sleep a few more hours, I know my body needs it.




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Chloe Cozee
8 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

Before I could answer she asked if there were any dresses. No, no dresses


My wife is same way! I never asked, but she has a whole extra room with all her clothes & dresses hanging up. I think she is afraid that I will be like that and we will run out of room. Lately around the house I wear black leggings and a woman's running shirt. 


Good Morning, coffee tastes heavenly this morning. Cold here, outside thermometer is reading 16.

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Good morning ladies!  5:45 and I'm already on my second cup of delicious ambrosia. AKA coffee.  This early in the morning in refer to my coffee as the nectar of the gods because of how glorious that first cup tastes.

So many things I need to know from these latest posts:

@Willow you can't tease us like that- details!

@ElizabethStarI'm expecting a full fashion show in the what are you wearing thread of all the new things. Mini Skirt-OMG I'm too scared to go there.  It's not the femininity side of it, I'm just too old to feel comfortable going there.  Best I've done is about 2" above the knee.  Liz, I think you need to just wear what you want and not apologize. Your spouse is trying to control your transition through fashion. Maybe "include" her in your fashion choices by asking for advice instead of permission.  I always ask my wife if my choice for the day "looks OK" from a fashion sense or ask, "what top works better with this skirt" kind of questions.  Women have those kinds of discussions naturally and all the time.  

@AudreyI understand your dilemma, I'm 5'11"ish too.  Women's sleeves are all over the place but if you look at other women more closely you will see they have the same issue. Men are used to sleeves having a "standard". Long walls perfectly at the wrist and short is is just below the deltoids.  Womens vary.  I'm lucky that my wife's jealousy of how I look sometimes just motivated her to "up" her look.  She works from home so got very lazy from a fashion standpoint so I inspired her to dress nicer for her work days. Plus, a lot of my clothes fit her so she steals them.  lol


Well, I've got to start getting my day together, I have to work early this morning. What's a lady to wear today..............

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1 hour ago, Chloe Cozee said:


My wife is same way! I never asked, but she has a whole extra room with all her clothes & dresses hanging up. I think she is afraid that I will be like that and we will run out of room. Lately around the house I wear black leggings and a woman's running shirt. 


Good Morning, coffee tastes heavenly this morning. Cold here, outside thermometer is reading 16.

Haha- the struggle is real.  We have an old townhouse from the 60s and the closets are small!    My wardrobe quickly exceeded my wife's in capacity so now we took over the guest room closet for off season fashion.  I dream of a modern house with walk in closets- maybe a whole walk in shoe closet.......

My sister (a Vp in an environmental clean up company) has a 7000 sq foot home which I can't stand for it's excessiveness but her master bedroom has two walk in closets attached to a "dressing" chamber that is larger than my whole master bedroom.  I am super jealous of that part of her house. lol

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Chloe Cozee
1 hour ago, Bri2021 said:

My sister (a Vp in an environmental clean up company) has a 7000 sq foot home


Wow! That's like four and a half of our house! 

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I'm jealous. I've only come out to my wife of 50 yrs so far. She accepts me. We have our son, his wife, and 3 adult kids living with us who don't know yet. Youngest is 17. I've been secretly leaving clues around the house. They may actually know, but aren't saying anything. My wife is afraid to let them know because of what they might feel about her. She says it's  not fair to her that I'm changing. I apologize to her profusely for putting her in that position, but say at 68 yrs old, I have to do this before it's too late.  I can only wear things that aren't obvious so far, like high cut boy shorts, and painted toenails. I am getting my ears pierced real soon, as soon as I find a place. I can't wait to have diamond studs. My wife never wants me to go out in public dressed up, but I told her I wanted to do it incognito. Oh, I just ordered a in home laser hair remover from amazon. Hope it works. 

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3 hours ago, Bri2021 said:

. Mini Skirt-OMG I'm too scared to go there.  It's not the femininity side of it, I'm just too old to feel comfortable going there

Yeah, me too.    My daughter (early 20’s) tried to get me to do this.   I told her I need to act my age.

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Sally Stone

I have a denim mini-skirt that wear around the house on occasion, but I've never considered it particularly appropriate to wear out of the house.  I'd have no problem at all wearing it if I was 20 or 30.  Still, I do have quite a few other above the knee skirts that still look fashionable and they are great for showing off my legs.  It's super cold here this weekend, however, so my outing tomorrow is probably going to include a longer skirt and tall boots.

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CD Rachel


Good morning all,

#ElizabethStar –  I am seconding Bri2021 on the full fashion show!

Finishing up my second cup of coffee now. I had to run down and get some blood work done this morning. I hate needles!

My first therapy session with the new therapist went well yesterday. Working on filling her in on a lot of my back story concerning my marriage and separation. I will be able to slip another session in next week so I will not have to wait two weeks to see her again.

I have to go down to the wife's house today. She needs a light fixture replaced and some plumbing work done so her contractor can close up the walls. Apparently her plumber had a hissy fit when she questioned him on some iffy work that he had done and he stormed out of the house. Why is it so hard to find a good reliable contractor that shows up when he says he will and does quality work without trying to rip people off?

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday!



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I'm back, at a more reasonable hour now. Managed to get another hour and a half or so of sleep, then gave up and just got my day started. I went out for my morning exercise routine in the park - and was greeted by the wall of below-freezing air that seems to be gripping much of the Northeast and Midwest this weekend. I summoned the Minnesota girl inside of me and managed to work up enough body heat to do my usual 45 minutes. I can't even tell you how fast I made hot tea the instant I got home.


No big plans for the weekend other than enjoy the brief respite from working. My partner and I talked about going on another hike outside the City, but the cold is proving very de-motivating for that, so we'll probably just be home. There is a Moroccan lentil stew in a cookbook we hope to make, will be perfect with this weather. I'm also looking forward to my virtual girls night tonight though with my West Coast girlfriends! ❤️ 


@Bri2021 Your sister's home has probably has more square footage than *every* apartment in the six story building I'm living in!




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Good morning everyone 


sorry about that last night.  The initial search on the company looked good, so I went forward with their process of applying for a part-time job. Three hours spent answering questions and waiting for the person on the other end to move on gave me time to search further.  Both Indeed and Glass  Ceiling had poor employee reviews and mentioned high turn over.  That made me skeptical.  The last straw was the HR guy telling me to hold on he’d get back to me after I’d accepted their job offer.  I finally had had enough and sent a message back that I rescinded their offer.  Now all of a sudden they were back to me and all but you are set up to start tomorrow blah blah.  Even emailed me more paperwork.  At this point I am skeptical that I was even talking to the real company and not a scammer.  Unfortunately they did get some info out of me that if they are a scammer could be a problem.  

So if it was a tease, I’m sorry but I don’t need a job and there were signs in the end the it wasn’t legit.




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Fashion discussion:


if I want a short sleeve T I try 3/4. The are a little long but not bad.  Mini skirts?  Not for me. I’ll go above the knee but just barely.   Next problem is finding full length dresses or skirts that are long enough.  Even long pants often end up Capri length.  My wife is jealous of my feminine appearance.  She is very short, 4’ 10”.   After years of joint compression I am now only 5’ 8”. (Guess I need to hang upside down.). She has mentioned my legs are nicer than hers.  Also my upper body is better proportioned since I have a smaller chest. She is a DD I am a B.  We wear similar sizes so things that were bought on line for her sometimes become hand me downs to me.  She really wants to lose weight before buying clothes (I lost 30 pounds) but then complains I bought clothes.  But I started from zero.  Our closet got too full and collapsed so when I physically can, I have to rebuild our closet. I hate wiremold. It’s quick and relatively inexpensive but eventually the supports tear out of the wall.



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Willow,  that job does sound  a little fishy to me.  

My wife does  complain when I get something new to wear. Why didn't I get her something.  99% of the time she may wear it once. She  surprised me last week.  She bought me a nice flannel shirt.  Quote "not to manly not to feminine."  So I looked at the tag. Size 20 womans.  




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Good morning all. Coffee is hot, apartment is cold, even with heat. My laundry is in a state of limbo, as I have so much men's clothing, a growing wardrobe of comfortable clothing, and no real solution for doing away with the old since I'm only part-time right now. I know what my heart tells me, to just take the men's clothes and just toss them out, because this girl has no desire to wear them. But, my brain goes "That's impractical, Keira. What if you need them?". It's something I'm going to bring up next therapy session, because I feel like I'm could between what is my true life, and a stage performance I've been playing on most circuit productions for 20-some theater seasons. It's vexing.

(A note of positive feedback, I am 6' 2", so I feel your pain on skirt and dress length.)

-warmest regards,

Keira ❤️

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@KymmieL boy that’s a bit of a conundrum.  As bad as she treats you then she does something kind.  I consider buying you a woman’s flannel shirt as an attempt to move towards acceptance.  A tiny step, but none the less, a step.


Like we’ve been talking about here this that morning, women’s clothes fit different.  Does it fit ok?  I’d take that as a win.






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3 hours ago, Audrey said:



@Bri2021 Your sister's home has probably has more square footage than *every* apartment in the six story building I'm living in!




It's obscene and totally goes against my minimalist low environmental impact beliefs.  However, she worked her ass off with this company from when it was small and she was drilling core samples to running their government contracts division so she deserves her lifestyle. Plus, her husband was the first person in their family to go to college and he became a CPA and now is a comptroller of a mid sized biz so they are both living the American dream of hard work pays off.

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Heather Nicole



Can't seem to get enough of it this morning. Can very much relate to the "ambrosia" description. Even if I were fully off caffeine, I would still need that first heavenly cup o' decaf to start the day off right.


I can relate to not understanding how people can take their coffee black. I was that way for a looong time. Heck, my introduction to coffee was as a kid, when I noticed "Hey, this coffee stuff is really good if you load it up with cream and sugar!" I don't know what happened though, but over the last decade my tastes drifted more and more away from "sweet". And then the thick creaminess became less and less appealing, too. Now, I can't take it any way other than black.


A house with obscene square footage sounds pretty nice to me! But then, I hail from the 80's and I'm unapologetically a natural born material girl :D (Still very pro-sustainability and environmentalism though.) Also, I feel couped up easily, so that could help stave off cabin fever!


Congrats to the gal with the new home laser on the way! Coincidentally, mine just arrived this week, and I just did my first session with it last night. I was kind of intimidated at first, but it turned out not to be so bad. The hardest part is knowing what parts you have and haven't already gone over, since the results aren't at all immediate. I don't know how mine compares to the pro lasers, but I found the discomfort to be entirely tolerable. Even at max setting it still hurts WAY less than plucking or waxing. Plus, psychologically, it's kinda nice to have that physical proof that "yup, finally taking care of this dreadful stuff once and for all!"


I loooove a lot of the sleeves on women's wear. In guy mode, I never go near long sleeves, even in the winter. Any time sleeves reach my wrists they always just feel so very "in the way". But the latest dress I got has 3/4 sleeves, and I absolutely love them. For the first time in my life, sleeves that don't bother me! I also love how women's short sleeves are often even shorter than men's short sleeves. Of course, my favorite is sleeveless. Never was much of a sleeves fan, at least until I discovered 3/4.

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I'm back on my original account! YEA to Petra for fixing the glitch.  Probably means my posts under the temporary profile will disappear when she deletes that account though.

My feeling on people that can't to coffee black is they are just drinking bad coffee.  Freshly roasted medium roast single origin beans.....ummmmm so good!  Starbucks and other places tends to burn their roasts and the beans are roasted in MASSIVE roasters which doesn't roast evenly so you get some that scorch and ruin the flavor.  Yes, I'm a coffee snob.  lol


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Heather Nicole

Minor bit of family news: My grandmother is 95 today! 🎂


These Polish women are human energizer bunnies, they just don't go down! Hoping I got some of those good genes!


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@Heather Nicole congratulations to your grandmother people from the time of and before seem to have better eating habits.  Less meat more vegetables things like that.


well this potential job/scam is being pretty persistent.  Hard to tell which.


I like at a minimum cap sleeves.  Lacy is especially good.



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@Heather Nicole Happy 95th to your grandmother! I love hearing happy news like this! I have Polish heritage too, on my mother's side.


@Willow I feel like their persistence in this case is probably not a good sign. Hoping they will take the hint and leave you alone at this point. About food - I think once companies started to heavily process and modify food with chemicals, things took a wrong turn. The rule here is, if you can't recognize an ingredient, you probably shouldn't eat it.


It's been a mellow Saturday around here, just what I needed. I managed to find a little ambition to give the kitchen a good cleaning, the fridge really needed it. Whenever I do this, it never fails to amaze me how I can accumulate so many bottles of salad dressing with like a half inch left in each one. And none of them were the same.


Hoping everyone is doing well, and have a wonderful evening!




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9 hours ago, Willow said:

Like we’ve been talking about here this that morning, women’s clothes fit different.  Does it fit ok?  I’d take that as a win.



It fits great.


This is not the first ladies shirt she has purchased for me. She bought me a REO Speedwagon concert shirt, and a couple of ladies Harley T-shirts.



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@Audreyi agree this continues to look suspicious.  My response is arrange for me to go to the closest office and meet with someone.  If they can do that I’m wrong.  If they drop it now, we were right.  I figure the person talking to me, who was the first to make contact, gets paid based on good candidates they hire, IF it’s not a scam.  

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@Willow That's an excellent plan to defeat them if they were indeed scammers. Also - forgot to ask - how is your foot healing from the surgery the other day?




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    • Jackie C.
      Not impossible, but it takes a LOT of work to build man-legs without T. For example, I can press 11 plates (that's 990 pounds plus another 110 for the carriage) and my legs still look girly. It'll take a lot of calf and leg work to thicken them up without T.   Hugs!
    • AwesomeClaire
      Well, she probably won't be supportive then or use your name/pronouns, unfortunately. That's a tough one. You have to think about the possibility/eventuality tho that she will find out. How would you want her to find out?
    • AwesomeClaire
      Ok, have you tried strength training? For example, exercising regularly and including weightlifting, to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass?
    • Bri2020
      I have butt envy Liz I'm in casual mode around the house today and repping my Dolphins. (and I have no butt to show. lol)  
    • Kakileli
      I know that my sister is INCREDIBLY homophobic, so I assume she is transphobic too. Not much else. I don’t live with her btw 
    • Chiefsrule58
      Shame and fear of how others would react and not wanting to disappoint my parents.  Growing up from the time I started kindergarten to when I graduated I was always subject to violence and bullying.  My parents knew of the bullying as well as the  teachers and principles. My mother just kept telling me that if I didn't just act the way I did the other kids would leave me be. My father took a different stance, he thought I should learn to stand up for myself so his approach was either you fight back or I will beat you myself.   It took me a very long time for me to change my believes about myself.  Overtime I got really good at hiding and avoiding others primarily for my own safety. In high school I had the opportunity to join NJROTC which I did because I did not want to deal with the gym locker room.        I enjoyed the experience but still wasn't sure what I wanted to do. My Junior year of high school I took a severe beating by a group of guys so I convinced my mom to let me sign up for the Navy and told the recruiter I wanted to go to Navy boot camp ASAP so I left three days after I graduated high school the next year.        I struggled in my first couple of years in the Navy.  I got better at fitting in and I made friends with a female Sailor and we started hanging out all the time eventually she introduced to me wife. The dysphoria got worse after I married and eventually I came out to her a couple years into our marriage. Eventually our marriage came apart a divorce was eminent then by the grace of God things changed  and we worked things out. At that point I was choosing the Navy; a job that I loved and was good at over authenticity, I had convinced myself that I could tolerate and live with the dysphoria. At this point my wife and I had endured four more deployments and the birth and death of our daughter.      By 2015 we had two more children  both had been diagnosed with ASD.  It was at that point that it just became extremely difficult for me to function and deal with everything on top of the dysphoria. My wife encouraged me and made arrangements for me to see a therapist, so I did and started to attend group as well.  Meeting other transgender people for the first time really changed my life because it gave me hope.       I was at 18 years in the Navy at that point and was very torn on what I wanted to do. I choose to stay Navy and endure.  I kept going to group and therapy when i could and  once the DOD changed the policy I started taking HRT.  Things never really worked out with coming out in the Navy or with medical just to many road blocks. I enjoyed being a Navy Chief so I continued on in my career.  The thing that caused me to move beyond the state of limbo was the two suicide attempts, barley surviving the second one. I held things together after that because I was so grateful just to be alive.        I retired from the Navy in 2020 and things didn't get better so I reached out to the VA for help.  They have been very helpful with the transition out of the Navy.  Along the way I stopped fighting with myself and made the decision to transition and start living full time.  For me it has made all the difference in my life.            Jamie
    • Kakileli
      Kind of. I always feel like my legs are the wrong shape, they look too feminine, they stop me from passing, they make me look like a girl, etc. Etc. 
    • Maddee
      Money.   And fear of making the wrong choices (which Drs, which types and order of procedures, etc)
    • KymmieL
      When I carry my purse. I usually just have my wallet, some makeup, my keys, and maybe some protection. That is about all I can fit in my purse.    
    • Linda Marie
      Out of the blue I get a call. I'm retired and have to go to a business meeting. Do not know what this about, all I know is I text back and told them, I'm wearing polka dots. They said please come as you are. LM♥️  
    • AwesomeClaire
      I was never an alpha male either.  A couple things stopped me from transitioning. Mostly fear and shame. Fear of what people would do to me when they found out, and shame of failing as a man and not living up to others' expectations. Also, I had started losing my hair at some point in my 20s and then I was just like "oh, this is it then, there is no way I can do this." So, another main thing holding me back was lack of knowledge. As far as I knew, "transsexuals" were these weird people that got their stuff removed. Nobody even knew one. I didn't even know about ftm. I didn't know about good wigs even or hormone therapy. It was just me all alone, trying to figure out how to look like a girl, failing at it, and then sadly giving up. I didn't have the words or ability to express what was going on with me. I just knew I wanted to look like a girl, and for a while I tried to make myself look like the very feminine male characters from some video games, especially Dynasty Warriors. I really started experimenting more after coming out to family and some close friends as bi, I tried on a dress and heels for the first time with some friends and just loved it. But then the dark thoughts and fear started crowding in again and I felt what I was doing was ridiculous and wrong, so I quit. It would resurface many times over the years, especially if I got drunk or there was another guy around that I liked. November 2019, a year after my divorce, is when I got a very strong urge to pursue this again - I decided to do it right, I did the research, learned quite a lot, and made the decision to be the real me.
    • AwesomeClaire
      I hadn't had a Facebook account in over a decade. But, my friends in my gaming group were using Facebook groups and I felt I was missing out. A few months into my transition I had decided on Claire, so I started up an FB account. Part of this was intentional. I spent a lot of time and energy talking to my closest friends, family, and coworkers about my transition, explaining why I was doing it, my history, etc. So, rather than surprise more people and have to explain a bunch of stuff, I just put myself out there on FB and let people react as they may. I got an overwhelming amount of support, and it just felt good to get it out of the way and have everyone know about it. 
    • Teri Anne
      You look fab in polka dots Linda Marie. You always look so put together.
    • Willow
      Trying this again, the worry is alway lack of acceptance but it’s never as bad as you imagine.  My wife was my worst and she has given her concerns to God.  We are doing a whole lot better.   Purses, I don’t carry all that in my purse, but I will say after carrying one, I don’t understand why the MURSE never caught on.  I wear glasses in case you hadn’t noticed so a glasses case with my prescription sun glasses, or vice versa, lipstick, hair brush, keys, phone, a compact, I try to carry tissues but use them and don’t think to replace them, a face mask, and my wallet.  It matches the purse.  My wife makes purses and matching wallets out of different materials.  The one I’ve been using is cork.  But she makes quilted, foleather, and others and she usually manages a matching wallet. Sometime my wife and I want the same one and have to share.  Ok, I give in to her most of the time but I have a couple she made specifically for me.
    • Niamh
      While I fully understand that some of us may wish to limit who we "come out" to, I was getting frustrated that I had to work out everytime I posted on facebook who knew what. So on 31 March (transgender day of visibility) I decided to post my transgender status to all those who I had not up to that point informed.  I had feared a bit of a backlash from some of the right-wing family members who were my fb friends, but in fact all the responses I had to my post were entirely positive. One of my fb friends obviously decided to unfriend me (I had made a note of how many fb friends I had before the post), but as I've been unable to work out who that person was - it's clearly no big deal.  But the big plus is that I now know that I don't have to tiptoe around what I post in FB. I have maintained two separate FB identities as I am genderfluid, and I'll post appropriate updates in my male and female FB pages accordingly. I did however invite my male FB friends to "friend" Niamh if they wished and a significant number did.   So I fully understand your desire to not have to hide your identity from anyone - it lifts a big weight from your shoulders and I hope that going forward that your family accept how you are even if they are not supportive.
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