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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Chloe Cozee

Good Morning! Sipping coffee. It snowed here, looks like a blizzard outside. I am thinking of taking the day off. If I do, after I clear the driveway, I am going to dress up!


Have a great day everyone!

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Emily michelle
6 hours ago, Mmindy said:

Small World Emily, my baby brother is a dispatcher and batch operator for Arnold Readymix. I hope things are going well for you. GirlMechanicsRock and being in the quarry/mining industry you really Rock. 


Best wishes, stay positive, and safe



Wow it is a small world. We used to have a sand plant there too. We still load and unload barges in Herculaneum. I don’t make it down that way much there is an underground mine in st. Charles county I usually go to. Haha thanks girl mechanics do rock. Mining is interesting lol. It’s a lot of hours. You always have to watch your back in a mine it doesn’t take much for a situation to turn deadly.


Congratulations on the hrt 2bebreanna. Let the fun begin. I just celebrated 9 months the other day.

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Elizabeth Star

Good morning. I'm enjoying a cup of caramel flavored coffee. Looks like we finally got a little snow last night. I've got hour and a half before I get ready for work. Time to drink down my coffee and pray my snow blower behaves.

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Oh that sucks. At least you had white socks. I would have to use a towel, and it would take a while even to find that. Hope you have a better day.



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Sorry, I was replying to Willows post about getting her foot wet. 


You gals are early risers. A dammed mouse just woke me up. For some reason they've really gotten bad recently. I use a live trap. They seem to come out to eat about 8:30 pm and 4:30 am. I've caught about 10 of them in the last week. I live across from a cemetery so I let them loose over there. Didn't get much snow here. A little freezing rain though. I'll be putting on coffee in about 15 min.  


Enjoy the day .


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Elizabeth Star

That sucked. I got 2 passes done and my snow blower quit. I'm hoping it just needs a new plug. I believe the governor needs adjustment. It never ran right unless it was on choke. Shovel time! Thankfully the snow is light and fluffy. It doesn't look like the streets haven't been plowed yet so I might not get out of neighborhood. I've never lived anywhere so hilly that got snow.

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typically not a governor issue. Sounds like you need to unscrew the fuel mixture screw about 1/4 turn to give it new fuel. As far as why it quit, there could be several reasons for that. Good luck Liz. Be careful.



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CD Rachel

Good morning all,


Working from home and enjoying being able to work in girl mode. No snow here in NEPA but we are expecting sleet and freezing rain within the next couple of hours. Another reason to be happy about working from home.


Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!



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Up early and shoveled driveway.  Then decided to head towards work early.  We were supposed to 6-8 inches.. got 2.  Everyone is driving insanely slow for just a little snow. 


@Willowhope your foot heals just as good as if it had your normal cast. 


 you are so lucky to have such great coworkers.  It must feel amazing to be so accepted at work and getting all the stuff you do. 

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Good morning everyone, hope you all are feeling well this morning.


Sounds like the storm through the Midwest was (mostly) less severe than expected? We're supposed to get some kind of winter weather here today but it hasn't started yet, so I was able to get my usual exercise in. I tell you, I don't miss dealing with snow myself. Here in NYC, building supers and maintenance staff will be outside taking care of it moments after it stops so we're ridiculously spoiled. But then, they use those awful de-icing salts and chemicals that destroy anything they touch. I believe every New Yorker must sacrifice at least one pair of shoes to the winter deities.


Expecting a fairly quiet day otherwise. Lots of client appointments today and one program meeting in the late afternoon. I'm ready with a fresh pot of coffee from Plowshares, it's called "Kanzu" and it's from Rwanda. African coffees are always my favorites.


@ElizabethStar I think that if the world offers you with a dress, it's a sign you're meant to have it! I hope it looks wonderful on you, and that your wife won't argue semantics about the "no dresses" rule.


Enjoy your day everyone!




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It's finally getting cold here...must be down to 40 degrees.  Ok, I'm spoiled here in the west.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a snow blower.  We have had crazy wind though.


I have to bundle up and wait outside at my local DMV today to transfer a car title.  Then I'll spend the rest of the afternoon fussing about how I look for my first transgender group therapy on zoom.  I'm a little nervous about it, but looking forward to meeting some local trans people.


Have a safe and warm day.  ❄


(Cafe Pajaro from Trader Joe's this morning)

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Hi, now I’m having my coffee.  I did manage to get a little more sleep.  

Thanks @2beBreanna and @Jamie68   The air cast or boot I am wearing is exactly what I’ll be wearing for the next 4 weeks anyway, I just started a few days early on my own.  I couldn’t bear to toss my Harley socks. They are so soft and comfortable.  This is actually the first time I’ve worn them in 4 years but I still won’t toss them!

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Surprised that Illinois drivers are reacting to only 2” of snow.  Then again southern drivers start panicking at just the mention of the word.  


Today is our one warm day, the weather people said dress for the seventies.  There are people walking around in paisley and big bell bottoms and doing the hustle.


okay I get one bad joke every so often.


Liz, did you leave gas in your snowthrower for a long time. That could cause varnish or gum things up.  Like Jamie68 said try opening the needle a little.  The other thing is depo you have non-ethanol gas or just what can out of the pump?  Next time add marine fuel saver it keeps the water out of ethanol gas. Water is a huge problem with ethanol gasoline and the longer it sits in a tank the worse it gets.  

Good luck with the snow.  I hope it’s a non-event.





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13 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

Congrats @2beBreanna!   I couldn't stop myself and took mine as soon as I got in the car. Why did I park so far away? Stupid street parking.


One of my friends at work gave a bag of clothes today. She came into my office area with it and immediately started  rummaging through it. Pulling stuff out and showing it to me. I think you'll like this...This'll look good on you. I was only slightly mortified this was happening. My office mates are guys and knew me before, made it kinda awkward. I got some nice stuff though and a dress. A sleeveless dress none-the-less. Of course I had to try it on when I got home (I tried it all on). It fits....really good. I just started going out in skirts and now a dress appears in my life. Just need an occasion to wear it. And the wife thing. I think she said no dresses but I'm not sure if that was no buying, wearing or just not in front of her. Oh well, life's a gamble.



Another fashion show in "what are you wearing today"?

It's so nice when the work crew comes out in such support.  

When I needed a dress for a wedding one of the ladies brought in all her formals for me to try on and borrow!  It was so much fun and a couple of the other ladies got into the trying on process to see if they could borrow them too. lol

I'm so lucky to have an all female staff (or was it just smart hiring on my part lol)

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Good morning all. Coffee is strong with coldstone creamer. Standing in my mom's kitchen. It's a big adjustment for them, but she and her husband have been trying very hard to be supportive since I came out to them and started socially transitioning. I keep getting deadnamed, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. Found these adorable cheapo travel mugs at Walmart. Gotta order some car parts for the replacement vehicle at AutoZone today, and this girl only has femme clothes with her, so as long as nobody blurts out when we all walk in (, going with mom, her husband is a wrench monkey, reason I'm here), it will be an excellent field test of the voice. I wish everyone a good day!


-Smile, folks

Keira ❤️



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Keira, boo hiss, auto zone. O'reilly is much better. JK.


@Willow , I know a good pair of socks is like an old friend.


Well, my Thursday. We got about 2" of white crap. My oldest in Lincoln, NE had 15" on the ground yesterday. And still coming down. The mule express must have gotten lost between here and Cheyenne. Still no E. anxious to get it.


Have a safe day everyone.



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@KymmieLPatience is a virtue.  Keep telling yourself that, patience is a virtue, like hell it is when your waiting on HRT meds.  Makes a girls lose it!

yes good socks that are thick and soft just can’t be parted with.  I have three pair.




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40 degrees? That's a heat wave for us Illinois gals.

Love the coffee cup.

We only got maybe a half inch of snow and a little freezing rain here in Pontiac. 


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I went to the gym with my 23 yr old  grandson this morning. First time since start of transition almost 5 months ago. They say you loose upper body strength. Oh yeah, they weren't wrong. He was doing 260 pounds and I was lucky to do 30 pounds. What a shock! I knew I was getting weaker, but didn't know it was that bad. Time to get serious about working out. Don't want to get ripped, just want to stay healthy.

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6 hours ago, Jamie68 said:

A dammed mouse just woke me up. For some reason they've really gotten bad recently. I use a live trap.

Those little creeps piss me off.  They got into some of my clothes and chewed a hole in one skirt.   They always seem to get my favorites.  I have a kitty, but she seems to prefer to do her hunting outside.  Useless thing.  Well, I still like her.


No snow here, had thunderstorms last night.  They claim it's supposed to be warm today - we'll see.


Spent the weekend at my daughter's house.  That was a nice break.  A friend up there has a teenaged daughter who is saying she is trans now.   Fortunately her mother is quite open to it.  I did tell them about this place if they want to check it out.


I watched Jack Rabbit's latest youtube.  It is pretty good for for an older girl to watch.

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I'm a little short on patience also. I want "B" cup breasts so bad, I get depressed they're not growing faster. Shame on me for complaining. At 5 months I'm probably ahead of schedule with my "A" cups. Mostly want them bigger so that I will HAVE to come out to my family. I want to wear girl stuff SO bad. I have been leaving little clues around the house, but no one has mentioned anything yet. Wearing pretty high cut boy shorts and painting my toenails helps with the dysphoria some. Dressing and living as a woman will be much better. Sorry about the whimpering.



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I think society in general is becoming more accepting with transgender people. I have 2 relatives who just came out recently. The most recent is a 13 yr old niece/nephew starting HRT for FTM transition. Seems awful young, but they've been dealing with dysphoria for years, with therapy. He's lucky to have parents who support him. I couldn't even begin to talk to MY parents about it. They probably would have put me in a mental institution.

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Jackie C.

Finally home for a minute. Decent workout at the gym to start my day. I forgot my towel though so I spent more time than I like wiping the machines down with paper. @Jamie68, I was more worried about losing bone density, but I've got a pretty intense workout going on (well, now). I can't say for sure how much upper body strength I lost because I didn't have much when I started, but, depending on what you're talking about, I can squat 180 pretty easily and leg press 900. My chest press is at about 180. I don't deadlift. Well, my straight-leg deadlift was 230 today, but I don't do a full deadlift. I know it's good for me, but I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself with or without a spot. Probably silly, but there you are. Then again, I'm a giant dork and it's probably a miracle I haven't crippled myself yet.

So yeah, research says that after about 9 months on HRT (Well, MtF HRT obviously) you lost around 30% of your performance capability. At around two years you're where a cis-woman would be. Basically we're like big cars with small engines. I'm at about two-and-a-half years so there's nowhere to go but up. Assuming that I keep exercising and taking care of myself.


I got my wife's wedding ring back from the jeweler today. It was shedding diamonds again. Poor thing. The jeweler decided not to charge us anything because they go to where my spouse works for their vet care. I was wound so tight that about had me bawling right there in the store.


Next up is lunch. Lunch will be boring but if I'm going to lose the rest of this weight I need to stick to my diet. I miss food.


After lunch, I'm going to put on some pants (my leggings do nothing to stop the cold) and start shoveling. The snow is heavy and wet, so it should be an absolute joy.



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2 hours ago, Jamie68 said:

I'm a little short on patience also. I want "B" cup breasts so bad, I get depressed they're not growing faster.


I hear you.  Mine are only "A"s.  Almost.  "B"s would be so much better.  At least they would be bigger than my stomach. 🙃  After four years, I guess they are all I am going to get.

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