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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Yes passing can be tricky.

I thought my earrings passed as fancy acorns. Then my friend whispered to me ....

they look like fancy scrotum eggs.




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Good afternoon 


today was a busy day.  Lunch at our favorite pizza place.  Then we went to on bank to take care of some business.  Then we went to the bank that will be loaning us funds for our new home to sign some paperwork for the loan officer.  With no internet and no scanner I can’t do it from the boat electronically I have to go to them and deliver or sign papers.  Finally we went to the new condo to see what is happening.  In some regards, I was pleasantly surprised in others, same old excuses.


Siding appears done, The roof is shingled, exterior trim is up.  Doors and windows have been done.  I can’t see it but I’m told all rough in is done, drywall is up. Street is nearly ready to be paved.  They are working on interior trim,  paint after that, cabinets, plumbing and electrical and all the usual finishing touches.  Of course one difficulty is they have to finish 18 units before anyone can be occupied.  The building that was supposed to be done last summer is still being worked on.


so who knows how much longer we’ll be in the boat.  The builder is blaming the county for the most recent delays in that building.


bought a book today.  Written, or consolidated by a friend of mine.  I hope to see her at group tomorrow.



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I guess a busy day (sorta) for me.

Cat made me get up at 04:30 to let her out.  That was mean.  Went back to bed.

Finally did get up, this time because I wanted to.  

Baked some bread that had been rising overnight.

Had some for breakfast.

Had coffee and doom-scrolled for a bit.

Fixed a sandwich.

Looked in the well and saw that the recent rain has brought the watertable up enough so the foot valve is submerged at last.   Went up under the house and got the pump running again.   (sometimes a mysterious process).   Now I can get water without a bucket and rope - nice.

Then, I got so ambitious that I cleaned the ashes out of the heater.

And on top of all this, got a little bit of writing and reading done.

Fixed some dinner and here I am trying to decide whether to waste the rest of the night on YouTube.


Big day here.


Hope y'all had a good one.

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21 hours ago, Jamie68 said:

This has been me since before the holidays. Been down in the dumps. A lot of it is seeing my wife being ill so much this season.I decided last night to just get off my arse and get to work. 

Had to go to Walmart yesterday, 12 degrees plus strong wind. Was wearing workout attire, ankle socks, exposed ankles because I didn't have any womens boots. I bought some while shopping. I love these for $20. A little tight. A half size smaller than normal.

Have a great day everyone.❤️

Muk Luk down.jpg

Muk Luk up.jpg

These are kind of cute. I really need to get a pair of proper fitting winter boots. A friend gave me a pair of UGGS a few months ago but she actually has bigger feet than me, 12w, I wear an 11. Otherwise I just have a pair of beat-up, oversized duck boots for working outside.

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16 hours ago, Teri Anne said:

Jamie I know passing matters to some and others just don't care.

I worried about passing so much it took me over a year to actually walk out the door dressed and that was at night walking to the mailbox.

Went 24/7 and its been my normal for a long time for over 20 years.

Do I pass you might ask?  I get called ma'am 99% of the time so I guess most of the time I do. Worrying about it wouldn't change anything.

I don't worry about it. It would be nice to hear someone actually call me ma'am. It hasn't happened yet.


It's -4 degrees here this morning. woke up to the furnace off and 55 degrees in the house. Condensate drain isn't keeping up. Have to turn off furnace for 5 min. every hour & let it drain. Pipes in laundry room frozen. I must have unplugged it when I installed new washer & dryer. Not exactly how I wanted to start out my day. It'll get better. At least the coffee is fresh and hot.


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15 hours ago, LindaMarie said:

I thought my earrings passed as fancy acorns. Then my friend whispered to me ....

they look like fancy scrotum eggs.

🤣😂❤️ Sorry, but that's hilarius!

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Good Morning, 


Last night I had a very vivid dream in which I was pregnant. I haven’t had coffee yet since I’m not sure how it is safe for my unborn child 😉

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9 minutes ago, Erica Gabriel said:

Good Morning, 


Last night I had a very vivid dream in which I was pregnant. I haven’t had coffee yet since I’m not sure how it is safe for my unborn child 😉

I think I would try to go back to sleep and find out.❤️

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15 hours ago, LindaMarie said:

I thought my earrings passed as fancy acorns. Then my friend whispered to me ....

they look like fancy scrotum eggs.


To be fair, I would ABSOLUTELY wear scrotum egg earrings out to the club. Maybe THAT would keep the jerks off me.



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Good morning 


Thanks for all the chuckles this morning.  

Jamie, I’m sorry life took a left turn when it comes to your heater.  My daughter has a lot of trouble with her condensate pump as well.  But the way hers was installed, it doesn’t shut down the furnace, it just overflows on the floor.  They need to put alarms on those things.


speaking of pumps, Jandi, do you have a hand dug well or a drilled well?  Just curious how you are bucketing water when the pump won’t reach.  Glad the water level has risen enough to use the pump again.


Speaking of vivid dreams, I have the strangest dreams these days.  I never used to and I wonder if it’s a result of my antidepressants or HRT.  Some are recurring.  Anybody else having strange dreams have a clue as to why?


Yes, it is very reassuring to hear someone referring to you with ma’am or ladies when I’m with my wife.  Happens most often in a customer service situation like check out or waitstaff.  It tends to surprise me how frequent it happens here in SC since it tends to be an anti Trans state, so I guess I’m doing something right.  I do still get sir even though I am dressed, carrying a purse, wearing makeup etc.  I’ve learned to ignore it.


I too have a difficult time finding shoes that fit.  No one seems to carry larger than 11 med. we do have a place nearby called Mega Shoe Show that carries up to size 13 in women’s.  I can often find something there and occasionally at Walmart.  Sometimes the other shoe stores that carry off season over stock have the big sizes but you have to keep checking.


Have a great day and if you are where it’s snowing again stay safe.



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21 minutes ago, Willow said:

 I do still get sir even though I am dressed, carrying a purse, wearing makeup etc.  I’ve learned to ignore it.

It's like that here too, especially when you get away from the bigger cities.

When I do get ma'am-ed it kinda makes my day.


The well is old hand-dug type.  Some aspects of my life are from times past.  

Weirdly, I have both an outhouse and internet.

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2 hours ago, Jamie68 said:

Not exactly how I wanted to start out my day. It'll get better. At least the coffee is fresh and hot.

With our temperatures dropping into the single digits last night, I made sure to leave the bathroom vanity doors open, because it's the only outside wall with plumbing in it. I hope your frozen pipes thaw without any leaks.


Winter life,



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I was going to call the earrings ear testicles but the other name popped in my head.

I do have the perfect top to match them. so they really are keepers.






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19 minutes ago, Mmindy said:

With our temperatures dropping into the single digits last night, I made sure to leave the bathroom vanity doors open, because it's the only outside wall with plumbing in it. I hope your frozen pipes thaw without any leaks.


Winter life,




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I had trouble logging in today.




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Cold as all get out outside but the coffee is hot all is well


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12 minutes ago, LindaMarie said:

I had trouble logging in today.

I have that same kind of interference. Our orange tabby want's to cuddle in between my arms and the keyboard.

I'm definitely going to look for a set of "Acorn" earrings to match my western wear.





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I was asked once why I wear women's clothing.

I replied....duh, ever try to find men's clothing in the women's section?


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Erica, is a boy or a girl?


Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days. I have been way under the weather. Don't think it is covid again. Just the flu. Started last Sunday. called in to work on Mom, felt better Tues and Wed so went to work. Wed night had an upset stomach.  Yesterday, runs, deep hacking cough, headache. Slept most of the day. probably do the same today.



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My outdoor thermometer is reading 81!  However, it’s in the sun.  More like low 50s. When I finish my new instrument panel the thermometer will be part of it.  Then it will be in the shade all the time.   I have some new canvas tarps coming from Harbor Freight but they are somewhere in transit. FedEx Ground.  I hope they aren’t in a ditch some where.  Maybe they are stuck on I 95 in Virginia.  Boy do I hate driving that section of the interstate.  Even on a good day it’s all backed up at Fredericksburg.  They have no trucks left lane posted all along there but they don’t enforce it so the truckers use all three lanes and go as fast as they can until one of them does something stupid and blocks the road. What ever you don’t be on that road in the summer at closing time for Kings Dominion.


someone who was stuck there commented about walking on I 95 like it never happens.  We were stuck one time and the kids were out of there cars playing with a basketball.  Nothing unusual there.


@Jandi it does sound like you are well off the beaten path.  Outhouse, hand dug well but modern conveniences inside.  I’d say not my cup of tea but then I’m living on a boat and have to pump out my black water tank every other day into a portable camper tank. Then every other time I have to take that to a state park to dump it.  That can get pretty messy and smelly too.  At least I have fresh water.  Piped in or out of an onboard tank through a pressure pump.



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Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of me living in a house I own! As for negatives, it is terribly cold here compared to the rest of the state, where it's generally warmer, and the house is on the older side. Until signing the contract, I had NEVER lived in a house before, and it was so hard spending time in apartments all my life. It's one of those cute houses where you go in from the backdoor and it has so much character, dating back to the 1700s, although part of it was added on in the 1900s.

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@Willow When I lived on the gulf coast, Texas City, I had auto mechanics during senior year of high school.

I also worked at the car wash. When I graduated high school for a brief time(2 months) I worked

at a boat boat repair shop, mechanics and fiber glass and such, as an Apprentice. 

Then the military.

I've been on a lot of boats when I returned from over seas, but never really wanted to

work on them again. I took a new coastal path, go for the ride, get off the boat, and let someone else

do the hard work.

I'm reading all your posts on your boat project. Just don't know how to reply to them.

Good luck and best wishes on your project.



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23 minutes ago, Artpetal said:

 It's one of those cute houses where you go in from the backdoor and it has so much character, dating back to the 1700s, although part of it was added on in the 1900s.

Artpetal, isn't life so much more relaxing when your neighbors are separated by a property line and not a couple inches of drywall. Congratulations on being a home owner.


Best wishes, stay positive, and safe



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    • Sally Stone
      I am quite proud of being trans and I think this pride has a positive impact on my self confidence.  Despite knowing that others can usually tell I wasn't born female, I am proud to identified as trans.     I have a dear friend who transitioned approximately six-years ago.  She, unlike me, possesses real stealth, which means she is never perceived as trans.  Unless she reveals her birth gender, no one would know she wasn't born female.  But just like me, she is also proud of being trans.  She wears her transition struggles as a badge of honor despite the ability to disappear into the world as a real woman.  She once told me that her journey from man to woman is what defines her as a human being, so why would she hide such an important part of her life.  I am so impressed that she chooses to continue siding with her trans brothers and sisters, despite being able to distance herself from us.   I'm so honored to have her as a friend even though I hate her (only kidding) for the way she can rock a skirt or a pair of spandex bike shorts.
    • Davie
      Not true for me. Mom's dad had no hair. I have lots, like my dad. Genetics are complicated. I have better hair than my stylist—I style my own!
    • Mmindy
      G'day Trans22,   Welcome to TransPulseForums, I'm sure you'll find this forum to be helpful, and the people caring enough to listen, and respond to your postings. Look around and join in on the conversations that peak you attention. Like you, I'm doing the late-n-life transition, although I've know that I wanted to be a girl from my preteen age. Since there wasn't an easy way to learn about people like us way back in the 1960s, I just became the over compensating male figure. I came out to my wife in 2020, and we've moved through several troubling stages in our relationship. I'm taking a slow road through transition, and we talk openly about how to move forward.   Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Davie
      Senate to vote on landmark bill to protect same-sex marriage.    The expected passage of the legislation with support from both parties is an extraordinary sign of the shifting politics on the issue and a measure of relief for the hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples who have married since the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide. Senate Democrats are moving quickly, while the party still holds the majority in both chambers of Congress, to send the bill to the House and eventually President Joe Biden's desk.  
    • Astrid
      I'll echo what @VickySGV said -- each person's schedule varies.  For me, who will be at the 3-year HRT mark in a week, it's been beneficial to be more chill about the changes.  I definitely used to dwell on every small detail; now I've learned to take a more long-range view.  I'm not the only HRT person here who has remarked that HRT changes do not proceed at a constant pace -- breast buds can appear, then take a rest and disappear for a few months.  Right now my nipples are especially sensitive, but earlier this year they were less so.  Like many cis women, the breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical.  All this while I remained on the same dosage level (I'm on estradiol patches).     Keep in mind that in most cases, a baggy shirt will succeed in hiding the existence of A-cup boobs, should you feel the need to do so.  Another option is to work with your HRT doctor to consider reducing your dosage.  This will lengthen the time over which changes occur, but they will continue, just at a different pace.  However, for me it has always been important to maintain HRT levels high enough to maintain the mental advantages that HRT brings.  Were I to stop it entirely, those benefits would disappear -- and likely with it a return of the depression and dysphoria that HRT has, thankfully, banished.   With best wishes,   Astrid
    • VickySGV
      For me, all of that was 13 years ago, but the experience is "written in stone" in my memories.  We use the acronym YMMV for Your Mileage May Vary as far as the onset and completion of our new body features.  You are not alone, I experienced all of what you are talking about on MY schedule which was different, but it was a boulder rolling down the highway that would not stop, although I am now familiar with my body today and hormone effects are NOT NEW to me.  Welcome to the Forums, prior posts here cover the bases and little surprises the Admin/Moderators in regard to the questions you are asking.
    • geekyalex
      Trying to get as much information as possible, went to the gender clinic and we were talking about bottom surgery, I have dysphoria about down there. I have done some research on meta but it's hard to tell what is truth and what is just scaremongering and thought it would be better asking people that have went through it  I just want to know how many surgeries is there for meta? Has anyone experienced side effects, issues and or not happy with the outcome?  Is it worth all the risks etc?   
    • Trans22
      I learned that I was born with a female mind at the age of 52 - the word "transgender" didn't exist in my vocabulary at the time.  It took me about 2 months to accept that my psychologist's conclusion seemed to be correct.  The before and after story for me is like night and day and some of the changes happened almost overnight.  I'll summarize my situation by just saying that my mind really loved seeing me appear as a woman.  The more time I spent as a woman, the harder it was for me to continue my pretense of being the man that my biology suggested I should be.  For me, I didn't see living authentically as a choice because there was no acceptable alternative for me.  I'd lived in a world of confusion and depression for almost 40 years (the dark) and after experiencing "the light" I saw only one survival option - live authentically.   I started coming out in mid-late May 2022 with a few unplanned oversharing moments at work.  I was reborn on 1-Jun-2022, the day that I presented as a woman in public for the first time. My transition story is both embarrassing and amazing.   The embarrassing is because very few people were surprised by my coming out (long story) - in hindsight it's easy to see that my past existence was troubled because I could never hide my femininity.  The amazing because almost everyone has accepted me as a woman, in what most people describe as a very redneck or backwards town.  I am so glad that I never acted on my almost daily thoughts and dreams about ending my life, because I've finally experienced how great living can be. The biggest challenge facing me now is to heal my numerous open psychological wounds - I really hope that one day I can think or talk about my past without breaking down almost immediately.  This post has taken almost an hour to write because of my strong emotional response to even the briefest mention of my years of existence.
    • Trans22
      Hi.  I was so happy to be starting HRT on 16-Sep-2022 (52yo) that I cried on the drive to the clinic.  I'm now a little worried that changes are happening too quickly.  Most of the research I read said physical changes start between 3-6 months, my body started changing about 3 weeks after starting HRT with nipple tenderness/pain.    I'm now about 2.5 months in and have breasts bordering on A-cup already - my end goal was to have no bigger than A-cup breasts.  I never read any article that describe how much discomfort was associated with breast/nipple development.  I've had difficulty sleeping and wake up with back pain every morning - twisting my back to be comfortable, maybe.  I've made the mistake of starting to run, without a bra, a few times.  But the worst part is that I am always aware of the extra weight on my chest and that I seem to knock or irritate my breasts/nipples all the time, sometimes just with the clothes I wear.  Have other people experienced changes happening way ahead of "schedule" or am I a freak?
    • Mmindy
    • Mmindy
      @KymmieLI'm sorry for your family loss, and hope your wife finds comfort during this tough time.   Good afternoon everyone, We hosted Thanksgiving at our home, with both of our children, their spouses, and children. We also included a new boyfriend that my oldest granddaughter is courting. Also included were two college friends of our other granddaughter's who didn't travel to their homes for Thanksgiving. It was a total success, with everyone (17 total) crowding around our makeshift extended dining room table. Everyone was included in the conversation, and games. We used a whiteboard easel to play, group Pictionary, and Family Feud. At the end of the evening, the non family guests couldn't believe how much fun they had, and wished their families got along this well.   Best wishes,   Mindy🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • Mx.Drago
      You're way kinder than most known.
    • Mx.Drago
      I loath paperwork, anxiety through roof.
    • Ivy
      Not an expert, but from what I've heard it's "male pattern baldness" and you inherit it from your mother's side.  Yeah, a result of a hormone imbalance ("testosterone poisoning") in trans-girls). 
    • Abigail Eleanor
      After reading this entire topic I'm really curious about this PHR place in Chicago. It will be tough for me because I'm yet another person with insurance that won't cover any of this. I might be able to scrimp and save and try this. I'm almost at the point of contacting them for more info.    One thing I discovered; it seems they've changed the name of the business. Cirine Hair Removal and Skin Care. I'm pretty sure it's the same people, can anyone corroborate this?   I've already had about 20 hours of electrolysis in once-a-week sessions with a local electrologist. I'm about to change to a new one because I'm starting to feel the one I've been with is a bit clumsy with her technique 🙃    I noticed that PHR (Cirine?) has two locations, Wilmette and Chicago. Have y'all been going to Wilmette...has anyone used the Chicago one?   
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