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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Liz, like many before me my thoughts are with you as you navigate this. It's got to be hard to watch her health go down hill the last years but it's got to be even doubly hard to NOT watch while she is in isolation in an ICU. My heart breaks for you. Even if people are fighting, it doesn't mean they don't care or love each other, it just means there are things that are challenging each of you as a couple. Try not to worry about the fights, or feel guilty about them. It certainly seems like those were not at all you doing anyways. From a former kids ICU RN- call in to the nurses station for a report around 6am. The night nurses are usually just doing some last paperwork before the day shift comes in. Ask what the plan is for the day.  Then call back around 9-10am. They should have had the medical team rounds by then and the nurses typically have a little lull in the med schedule around then so you have a better chance of catching your nurse for a report on what the doctors said and planned during rounds. The RNs are used to this with Covis over the last 2 years. If possible, you can usually go to a 'meeting room" or waiting area outside of the ICU  and a nurse or doctor can fill you in there. Ask for zoom meetings, sometimes a nurse can do that so you can listen in on rounds and ask questions. 


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One of the nurses called me a few minutes ago and I have an update on my partner. She was moved a few hours ago to ICU, is sedated and still on a ventilator. Apparently her potassium levels are extremely high and her kidneys are not functioning properly so for now she's on a sodium bicarb drip. The nurse told me he will call if anything changes overnight and will give me an update again in the early morning.

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4 minutes ago, Elizabeth Star said:

One of the nurses called me a few minutes ago and I have an update on my partner. She was moved a few hours ago to ICU, is sedated and still on a ventilator. Apparently her potassium levels are extremely high and her kidneys are not functioning properly so for now she's on a sodium bicarb drip. The nurse told me he will call if anything changes overnight and will give me an update again in the early morning.

Thanks for the update. There's always hope. My son had pneumonia and was put into a coma for 11 days and came out of it. Stay safe, and try to get some rest 💜 

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4 hours ago, LindaMarie said:

Sorry to butt in again. Liz, I wish you and your partner the best.

I nearly lost my wife 2 times do to her physical being. 


So I did this vid on bottled lives.

I really have not much to do but practice, 

and I do plan an Asheville trip. 





It's all good Linda. I need the distractions.

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Liz, I hope your wife is at least resting comfortably and that they are getting her potassium under control.  One step at a time and keep in touch with the nurses.  Know that we are here for you and will continue to pray for you.




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I saw this in a FB post. Thought you would like it. ❤️

Coffee bad day warning.jpg

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I hope your spouse pulls through @Elizabeth Star. It looks like I missed a lot yesterday. I'll light a candle for you.



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@Elizabeth Starbe sure to take notes on what the doctors and nurses are telling you. It helps to keep the facts in line when you’re under so much emotional stress. Please take care of yourself because she’ll need you to be 100% when she comes through this. This is all made harder since you can’t be there with her. I’m sorry your going through this but know that we all love you and believe in you.

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Another windy night and start to the day. 

Lizzy still praying for you and your wife.


Nothing else is worth saying today.





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14 minutes ago, Willow said:

Another windy night and start to the day.

Y'all are having an adventure out there.

The wind during the storm was rough here - lots (for us) of snow and ice.

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Thought I'd share this. My cat Ginger watching my video wondering how her

human got in there.



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@Elizabeth Star Thank you for taking the time to update us.  We care about you and hope you are able to get through this as well as your partner.  Not being able to go visit is hard.  You are in my thoughts.  


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FFS is a GO!!!!  Caveat was they will do it as a "same day" and discharge me in the evening.  I'm just going to spend the weekend at a hotel right next to his office in case I need anything then come home Monday. (I'm an hour away so driving home that night seems challenging)


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Surgery. gosh. My last hopes was in the beginning of covid.

I found my doctor for what I was after. And the fact that I wasn't after intercourse, things got really easy.

First no need for bottom part electrolysis, no vaginal canal for the hair to grow in....

Second, no stints, etc.. long follow ups, 

Third I have a maintenance free  vagina.

Sadly, when things were looking good, my health was the big issue.

My wife wasn't against me having the surgery, just the doctors.



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2 hours ago, Bri2020 said:

FFS is a GO!!!!  Caveat was they will do it as a "same day" and discharge me in the evening.  I'm just going to spend the weekend at a hotel right next to his office in case I need anything then come home Monday. (I'm an hour away so driving home that night seems challenging)



Congratulations! That's how my revision surgery went too. They didn't want to keep me overnight, but my doctor knows that I'll do what I'm told so she didn't feel bad about turning me out into the world. May you have a swift recovery with results so sublime that the bards will sing songs about you for generations to come!



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17 hours ago, Elizabeth Star said:

One of the nurses called me a few minutes ago and I have an update on my partner. She was moved a few hours ago to ICU, is sedated and still on a ventilator. Apparently her potassium levels are extremely high and her kidneys are not functioning properly so for now she's on a sodium bicarb drip. The nurse told me he will call if anything changes overnight and will give me an update again in the early morning.

You can do this. Stay strong!

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I really don't have anything, but another video.

I've been practicing presentation, Going back out to the clubs.

Coffee shop clubs!!

I mean if I have to sit there on stage with all looking at me, why not say something?

30 minutes on stage, 3 tunes will take 1.5 minutes each, that's 4.5 of guitar, and 25.5 minutes of banter.

The clubs are cooking in Asheville, and coffee is always to your liking, along with some neat stuff going

on at the griddle. 





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After being windy all day, it has died down to 10 from 19.  Now the weather models are confused for next weekend .  One is calling for rain here and the other says the Grand Strand Coast is going to get snow.  Now this area does occasionally get snow, we had three inches the first year I was here.  But it is extremely rare.  Either way they are calling for a colder than average week and weekend.

@LindaMarie your areas weather made the Myrtle Beach news.  Showed the roads are still snow covered.


good night





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Liz my prayers are with you and your partner.

Got more snow mid afternoon on Sunday. Oh joy.

All in all not bad just really cold.

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Morning. No significant updates on my partner since yesterday.  I'm at a point where I don't want to think about things going one way or another so I'm sitting here feeling numb. It's hard because I know the world won't stop turning and I still have to get things done. Work was a good distraction yesterday although my heart's not in it.


I did notice that the health care field doesn't seem to fully understand/accept lesbian/gay relationships. When I called for an update I had to identify myself, give the password and my relationship to her. I tell them I'm her wife but they feel it's necessary to ask if we're legally married. I feel that since we have the same last name that should even be a question. Just a fluke? It's happened every time I called. It still really sucks That I can't see her.

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I think it's due to HIPPA regulations. It's still frustrating and disrespectful.

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Good morning 


got really cold last night. We had a partially frozen water line.  I let the water run this morning and it opened up.  I forgot to drain them last night.  I’ll have to fill the internal tank and disconnect and drain the outside lines tonight for certain today.  At least they are standard hoses so the only real concern would be the water heater. If that freezes it would likely pop an internal pip and that would be the end of it.  I am supplementing our electric heater with the gas this morning.  I can’t run the gas full time, I am afraid it could catch something on fire.


Liz, while I agree with Erica about HIPPA, I understand how frustrating it can be.  Since your wife was unresponsive they probably don’t have a signed release allowing them to tell you everything.


The odd thing about that here, SC is a pretty negative place for transgender people.  Yet, all the health care I’ve had has been very accommodating and uses my chosen name, except LabCorp.  Of course the billing people have to continue to use my legal name.  The best I can get out of LabCorp is to call me by my last name.


Well the wind finally died completely over night.  No banging and rocking and rolling. 


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    • Jackie C.
      Welcome Mattie! Lovely to meet you!   Hugs!
    • Mattie Michele
      Hello everyone, my name is Mattie Michele. I am a current active duty soldier that is transitioning from male to female. I came the this discovery back in 2020 during the lockdown. I was deployed away from home during that time frame and had plenty of time to think and reflect on self.  Im my early 20s i was bisexual and experimenting with both male and females. I was attracted to females but enjoyed the physical intercourse from males. During this time period i was still really trying to figure myself out. I was very shy and timid during these years and had issues with relationships. I was content with the little bit of interaction i was able to get. As the years went on i realized i was getting more envious of females with the outfits they could wear and the attention they were receiving. I was jealous and envious of them and i guess secretly i was really wanting to be them. But all of those thoughts were pushed and buried as i tried to maintain the male presentation while i continued to serve in the military. Majority of the time i was just forcing myself to be the image of the person that everyone wanted me to be.    Years later i finally met my wife and got married. We have two daughters together. It wasnt until a year after my last daughter was born when i was on my latest development during the covid lockdown, that i decided to try wearing womens clothes.  I was envious of the outfits and selections they had whenever i went shopping and would always be checking out the female styles and debating which looked better. During my deployment i dabbled first in the undergarments then everything just went from there. That was about when o discovered that I was Transfemenne.    Now i am slowly going through the process of changing everything and becoming more feminine by the day.  
    • VickySGV
      It was an Opinion Of The (Elected) Attorney General, Ken Paxton, that under Texas Law the elements of care for a Trans child COULD constitute child endangerment and abuse and advised the Governor it was legal to investigate it as child abuse.  The opinion was requested by Abbot.   The Department of Child Protection is an Executive Department of the state, which falls under the Governor's executive authority to direct and give orders to.  I worked for a department of that nature in my State for 30 years where luckily our Governor was bright enough not to interfere in that way, but while the person in this article was  a Civil Service System person who is immune to the Governor's whims on employment, the department head was "owing" (a job to which the governor can appoint people outside the normal Civil Service system) to the governor for their job, and jumped without asking how high.  Under Civil Service, the orders of your department head do rule your life as a State / County employee and you do try to act fairly for the citizens you work for by your own oath of office.  You could be fired for refusing the order of your boss, but it would take a special process and would involve review of your work for more than the single refusal to perform an order.    I was a State supervisor and know the Texas system in general since it follows the Pendleton Act structure of Federal Civil Service Law although even there they could fudge on some parts and make it rougher on the employee.  One of my biggest problems as a Supervisor though was to rein in what some of my people considered to be an order to go out and rough up the citizenry which did more harm than good.  I applaud the decision of the worker here.
    • Heather Shay
    • Heather Shay
      nice tune -   
    • Heather Nicole
      They don't believe trans really exists (just like they believe being gay is a choice), and therefore, in their warped minds, all trans kids must be a matter of the parent forcing them to transition.   With that crowd, it's all about deciding what you want to believe first (ie "trans isn't real"), and then inventing whatever story it takes to explain what they've already decided to believe.
    • KathyLauren
      I am no expert.  But my understanding is that it is certainly not a law, and I don't believe it is an official executive order.  It is just an opinion of the governor about how existing law should be interpreted.  There may be a fine line between an opinion and an order, but I haven't heard anyone use the term "executive order".
    • Cynthina
      Has anyone else been, asked to participate in the survey on transition that the VA sent out last week?   I completed the survey and was overly excited about the questions asked and the information that they are seeking from transitioning Vets. There were questions about the types of surgeries and treatments that we would like to have done as well as if the VA should pay the full expense or if we would accept out-of-pocket expenses on our own. If you happen to get the survey in the mail or e-mail, please take the time to fill it out. I believe that this information will help all of us in the future. It only took about 15 min, and they offer a $15 gift card for your time, or you can have the money donated to a VA trans support organization. 
    • Ivy
    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Ashleigh, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here.   Lots of love and a big welcome hug, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      Good day everyone,❤   Happy birthday AnastasiaTempest!🎂 Happy birthday David.S.C!🎂 Happy birthday Fuzznz!🎂 Happy birthday Natasa!🎂 Happy birthday RosieKhon!🎂 Hope you have a beautiful day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Marcie Jensen
      @awkward-yet-sweetYou make an excellent point, and one I'm sure applies in all states.    I'm confused about something in the article, though and would appreciate some answers if anyone knows. THe article refers to governor Abbot's "order" as opposed to Texas law. My question is thus: is this actual TX law, or is it an executive order by the governor? Make no mistake, it's wrong either way; I mean who in their right mind would assume that trans children all live in abusive homes that require investigation? The question of law v. executive order raises raises more issues, though. Such as if it's state law, it can be challenged as unconstitutional federally. If it's an executive order, it can be challenged at both state and federal level as the executive branch cannot make laws, merely enforce them.    IMHO, this whole thing stinks to high heaven and the only hero in it is the worker who resigned in protest. What a mess.  
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      People need to know an essential truth:. You don't have to open the door and talk to CPS/DFS or any other flavor if "child police.". I don't believe all people who work for those departments are bad...some do it for the right reasons like the man in this article.  But if in doubt, tell them to get off your property.  In the USA, the 4th Amendment protects against warrantless searches, and the 5th Amendment protects against self-incrimination.     FWIW - in my county, if a state employee shows up to bother, we can call the sheriff for help.  The sheriff is quite proactive about dealing with that sort of stuff.  Hopefully other sheriffs around the nation will do likewise.
    • Jani
      I read that story elsewhere.  He was brave for trying to work within the system but in the end it failed him and all the parents being investigated.    
    • Jani
      Thanks for your service Ashleigh.  The A-6 is a neat jet.     Jani
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