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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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i have friends that are cis women, transgender women and transgender men. I am closest to one transgender woman and one transgender man other than my wife of course.


Bri it dos sound like you over did it just a bit.


that’s for the compliments on the necklace.  A sales girl did a good job of convincing me.  I was trying on a number of things and she added it to the pile.  It went really well with what I was interested in and I have found other times that it looked good too.  Yes I too had a good time and came home happy, all 150 feet.  Not everything is perfect here, but I’m glad we moved here.


our daughter and one granddaughter will be here for thanksgiving.  They will be arriving about midnight tomorrow.


we are excited for them to come.  Now if we could just get our son and his wife to come.  Holidays are out for our son, he always ends up having to work. 


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It would be nice to have friends period, other than my wife. Yet, she doesn't support me. OH, well. Life goes on. just as we went to bed. She tells me, I don't understand but I love you.


@Bri2020 , girl you over did it. Did your hang over move south from your head?



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Good Wednesday morning.  Our family got here about 12:30 last night.  An extra family member came too.  Teddy!  Our daughters Teddy bear dog.  That’s fine, it gives our dog Sweetie company.  Teddy is maybe 15 lbs Sweeties is 57 lbs. but since they are used to each other Sweetie doesn’t get all over excited and rough with him and he doesn’t run away.


looking forward to doing some baking this afternoon.  And making my stuffing.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.






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Hi everyone 


You can never know when this could be come true.  We know about all the shootings in the last week or so.


Well, I honestly thought I was a goner tonight.  I’ve been having serious issues swallowing for a while now.  My ENT specialist is trying to figure it out. Usually, it’s like swallowing a sip of water and it “going down the wrong way.  Well, tonight I was eating a roll I’d made and it got stuck.  Really stuck!  I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t swallow and I couldn’t hack it up. I was getting quite concerned.  Tried taking a drink, had to spit that out.  Obviously, I got it unstuck but it took some work.


My point is live your life to the fullest.  Live how you want and need to be.  Don’t think about tomorrow, it may not come.  Love your friends and.family and don’t hold grudges.  



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2 hours ago, Willow said:

You can never know when this could be come true. 


Indeed.  I was nearly murdered in August.  I'm still recovering, as my brain injury has made me have to relearn a lot of how to work with my hands.  It hasn't exactly been a transformative experience, but I've done some thinking about my life. 


This Thanksgiving, I'm extra thankful for my family and friends.  We'll have a big feast tomorrow, but I'd be thankful even if I was homeless and hungry.  Life is about people, and our relationships are the only thing of true value.  With family and friends, life is full.  Those relationships are the only thing that we retain in the afterlife, after all possessions pass away. 

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10 hours ago, Willow said:

I couldn’t swallow and I couldn’t hack it up. I was getting quite concerned.  Tried taking a drink, had to spit that out.  Obviously, I got it unstuck but it took some work.


Do you know how to do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself?  https://www.mayoclinic.org/first-aid/first-aid-choking/basics/art-20056637

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12 hours ago, Willow said:

 Well, tonight I was eating a roll I’d made and it got stuck.  Really stuck!  I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t swallow and I couldn’t hack it up. I was getting quite concerned.  Tried taking a drink, had to spit that out.  Obviously, I got it unstuck but it took some work.

Glad you're okay.  I have had trouble swallowing at times.  Throat just won't work.  But it has never blocked my airways.  That would be frightening.

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Happy Thansgiving everyone! This is my first anniversary after srs. I am thankful for the team at KUMedical that did such a wonderful job to make me the total woman that I am today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Yesterday I had BUNS IN THE OVEN




Today The turkey has been stuffed and Turkeys in the oven.


let’s see, we will be having home made cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, pumpkin pie and cherry pie!


natural foods yams, asparagus and mashed potatoes 


nothing canned or made outside our kitchen.  And all made with love and joy!!!!!  Even some happy tearing.


Best thanksgiving in years for certain.


hugs and love to all.  Very happy to have family for the holiday.


Willow 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩🏻‍🦳😙🥰



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This Thanksgiving, I'm extra thankful for my family and friends.  We'll have a big feast tomorrow, but I'd be thankful even if I was homeless and hungry.  Life is about people, and our relationships are the only thing of true value.  With family and friends, life is full.  Those relationships are the only thing that we retain in the afterlife, after all possessions pass away.  So very true @awkward-yet-sweet

@KathyLauren yes, I do know how, but I had no air in my lungs.  Plus my daughter is here who is a highly skilled RN.  I got it out by getting my head below my waste and bouncing my upper body.  I used to be a scuba instructor and taught first aid among other things including oxygen administration and AED use. And diving classes from basic scuba to master divers.


thank you @Ivy 


congratulations @BrandiBri  you do have a lot to be thankful for. Me, I’m getting frequent hot flashes right now.



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@Willow Aren't you a little too old to have a bun in the oven. (sorry couldn't help it. Luv ya hon)


I am thankful for both my families, especially the one right here on TP.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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Good afternoon everyone:coffee:


Since our son is a firefighter on duty today, we’ve moved our Thanksgiving Day Dinner to Saturday. Like @KymmieL I’m thankful for everyone here on TransPulseForums. 

Here’s how my music 🎶 and coffee ☕️ work together. 


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From part of my family to everyone here, happy thanksgiving.  Missing are my son, who is flying somewhere.  His wife who is taking care of their new puppy and her mother.  And our oldest granddaughter who has to work and had dinner with her boyfriends family back in Virginia 


im glad I can have so many friends to share with and be thankful for.



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We had a happy Thanksgiving today, in spite of the rain.  Most of the time the weather is good this time of year, if a bit chilly.  We ended up having most of our festivities indoors, which was a bit crowded but still a good time.  I ate way too much, and probably gained 5lbs just from one meal. 


It was amusing to notice how much crazier GF's kids are compared to the rest of our family and community.  So hyper!  I help raise them and I try to have a calming influence, but there's only so much I can do.  The oldest isn't even in kindergarten and she's already dominating her peers.  🙄😆 

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Good morning Everyone


Coffee is hot but interesting this morning ,,

amazing how the change of your cup can change the flavor of your favorite brew ,,

sad morning to start the day braking my  favorite betty boop coffee mug ,,😭


on a happy note , its been 5 weeks on hrt already ,much calmer , and all the anger is gone from my life,

point , sad my cup got broken , but no anger or rage to ruin my day like there once was ,,never before experienced such calm and peace in my life ,,,


hope all had a wonderful thanksgiving full of family , friends and good times ,,


Peace, Love N Hugs

     Betty B

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Good morning


My coffee is black but my Friday is not.  It’s a rainy day and there is nothing I need to get today except prescriptions.  

that’s the thing when you get older, the prescriptions.  I was never one to take regular medication now I have 4 everyday, plus 3 over the counter, plus one bi-weekly and two prn.  Could be worse I suppose.  

I hope everyone had a safe and happy thanksgiving.  We did.  Last night we went to the boardwalk and saw the holiday lights.    We were a little disappointed that the skywheel wasn’t lit, they change the colors to go with a recent news event or holiday.  UVA orange and blue, Ukraine yellow and blue, CO Springs. Rainbow, etc.  it was about 50/50 for places that were open. A few large hotels were VERY busy right near the middle of the beach.


it’s been really great having our daughter and granddaughter here.  

@KymmieL I was just making a bad joke out of some old things. I don’t think I could have a bun in my oven.  They haven’t perfected that surgery yet!  And I can take a joke back.  

lots of hugs everyone 



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I just just got an appointment with Dr. Schechter, May 3rd, consultation for zero depth vaginoplasty. Hoping I'm not pushing the timeline too much, but the genital dysphoria is getting a bit too much to deal with.

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It’s Sunday morning.  I’ve had my black coffee and a Sandy beach. No I didn’t go to the ocean this morning, we have a donut place that makes fancy donuts.  A Sandy beach is one of their creations.


Our daughter and granddaughter left this morning.  We had a very good visit.  So glad they came.


I think everyone had a nice time.  Now they have a long drive back to Virginia. They can’t go much further north and still be in Virginia.  The local Chamber of Commerce calls it the top of Virginia.  They are surrounded on three sides by West Virginia and loosely speaking mountains.  Allegheny to the west and Blue Ridge east and south.


Anyway, they went what we refer to as the back way to go home.  The hope is less traffic.  The main way involves I95 and that gets backed up on a normal day.  Today, they’ll have the parking meters out.


I hope everyone was able to have a nice thanksgiving with family and friends 

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Good Sunday morning. Yesterday evening my father in law passed. My wife seems OK. Still not sure if she is going back to MI or not. Don't think so, but you never know.


On a better note, the first Thanksgiving in our own home was nice. Just the 3 of us and the fur kids.


Have a great rest of the weekend.




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1 hour ago, Willow said:

The main way involves I95 and that gets backed up on a normal day.

My son lives up there near Gainesville.  I prefer to drive 29 when I go up there.  I used to visit my sister in Charlottesville when she was still living.  

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Wow got my first set of breast forms yesterday; all I can say is why did I wait so long to get them. I put them on and what a self esteem boost it brought tears to my eyes to see breast where I have wanted them for so many years. All the tops and bras that I have tried on fit so much better. I can’t believe how a little amount of flesh can bring so much joy and happiness to a girl, just goes to show that I’m on the right path and the future look great. I'll be posting some pics in a few days.


Kymmie, sorry for the loss of your father in-law sending best wishes and prayers to you and your family.


Hope everyone had a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

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Good afternoon 


watching football and YouTube.  I tend to multitask.  Honestly, they don’t televise any team I’m interested in watching.  Well, if I’m honest, there isn’t any team I’m all that interested in these days.


@KymmieL I’m glad you were able to have a nice thanksgiving in your new home. We did likewise.  Honestly it’s been years since we were together for thanksgiving.  Even when we lived only a mile or two apart in Virginia we were often left on our own.  We would make reservations at an Inn or Hotel.


I am sorry for your loss of your FIL.


@Ivy we are well acquainted with Gainesville and route 29.  We moved to Centreville in 1984  and to Stephens City in 2005.  Personally I hate I95.  It’s because of the traffic and particularly the trucks.  Even there we would always get off 95 at Falmouth and take 17 to 28 through Manassas to Centreville now we take 17 all the way from Falmouth.


our alternative (back way) is to go west from here to pick up I73/74 I. The middle of NC and pickup 29 at Greensboro.  One time we had to take 85 from Greensboro to Charlotte NC because of road closures east of 85 in NC.  That was a long mess.



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@KymmieLI'm sorry for your family loss, and hope your wife finds comfort during this tough time.


Good afternoon everyone, :coffee:

We hosted Thanksgiving at our home, with both of our children, their spouses, and children. We also included a new boyfriend that my oldest granddaughter is courting. Also included were two college friends of our other granddaughter's who didn't travel to their homes for Thanksgiving. It was a total success, with everyone (17 total) crowding around our makeshift extended dining room table. Everyone was included in the conversation, and games. We used a whiteboard easel to play, group Pictionary, and Family Feud. At the end of the evening, the non family guests couldn't believe how much fun they had, and wished their families got along this well.


Best wishes,





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    • Trans22
      I'm not sure if this qualifies as a thought for the day, but I wish it could be advertised to the wider community (I avoid using female restrooms/showers/... because of the wrong that exists between my legs). The trans woman in the public restroom is not saying, "I’m here to invade your space!" - she’s saying, "please take me in, I have no other place to go." We’re not conquerors or invaders, we’re refugees.
    • Trans22
      I never understood (tobacco) addiction, until I overheard a conversation my Dad had with a smoking friend of his.   Dad had gone cold turkey on cigarettes after a close friend died of lung cancer at 40yo.  About 25 years later, he told his friend that he craved a cigarette every time someone lit up near him - so scary.  Kudos to every person who managed to kick an addiction.
    • Trans22
      I was going to throw away my two pair of barely used "breasts".  I'm not aware of an LGBTQI center where I live but will take them with me on my ~1350km drive to Brisbane (nearest capital city) soon - should be something there.
    • Trans22
      I think this is true for all mental aspects of HRT.  I've always been emotional so neither my wife or I expected much of a change on this front but there was - the emotions are stronger on both ends of the spectrum and I can swing fairly quickly.  The way I feel and sense interactions with other people has also changed.  I enjoy and desire conversations with women and I tend to get disinterested during conversations with men. On a slightly negative front, I have started experiencing a "loss of power" - I have been a team leader for many years and have recently started noticing that people (men) outside my team sort of ignore me and start decision making conversations with male team members who work under me.  My being less assertive since HRT may be one of the reasons for my perceived loss  of power.
    • Davie
      I see. I get it, Heather. I was there, too.  Up all hours, I also sleep all hours. @Heather Shay
    • Trans22
      I'm sure that others have probably mentioned these before, but in my pre-HRT research I never saw taste/diet change or body odour change listed, so these both came as a pleasant surprise for me. The impossible to miss diet/taste change for me has been that I'm eating salads on a plate, with dressing, for the first time in my life.  It's not just that I'm eating them, I'm really enjoying them - having meals with plated salad at least 4 times a week now.
    • Charlize
      It was many years before the shame of my addiction lessened.  I had heard the statement : "i'm grateful to be an alcoholic" and thought the speaker nuts!  Today i can echo those words as i accept my alcoholism and gender as well.   I have found that i when i share my journey it shows another there is a path.  It is always up to them wether they want to take it.   It took me time to fully understand " To thine own self be true" .  Yet another reason to be grateful.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Lydia_R
      I've been inspired to count clean and sober days.  I got a 24 hour coin and triangle necklace.  I've been listening to Elton John lately.  I started counting days from my 30 year Navy anniversary.  I like the idea of celebrating 50 years since joining the Navy and 20 years fully clean and sober on the same day.  It's good to have goals, right?   Whether I'm truly an addict is an issue I struggle with.  My lifelong best friend definitely is an addict.  I come from a long line of alcoholic gamblers on my father's side.  Thankfully, my father started recovery through AA before I was born and then gave me a good education in it while I was doing drugs in high school.  That definitely slowed down my alcohol and drug use.   My friend has struggled with AA for decades and he is still in active addiction.  I think it is critical to have a good home environment to get clean and sober.  I don't think the people he is living with are using much, but it certainly is not a functional household.  I've been very protective of my home environment.  I guess I'm writing you about all this because I might feel like a bit of an AA imposter being around him.  I do credit AA with the successes I've had over addiction and I'm starting to show a little pride in that.   OK, I've got a real question in this post...  Do you think there is value in hiding my AA pride from my friend?  I certainly don't want to cram it down his throat.  But after actively coming out as transgender, I have a clearer picture of what it is like to hide.  Hide/pride.  There is both a positive and negative side to pride.   When I got my 24 hour coin, I looked at it and said "spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection."  I love the To Thine Own Self Be True and the serenity prayer on them.  It really is a good token.   On a side note, my father stayed clean and sober for the rest of his life, but he continued his gambling addiction.  It was a real turn off for me, so I've stayed away from gambling.  In a few years here, I'll be in the position of having money to invest and I'm realizing that the gambling aspect of investing is a total turn off for me.  I think I'd rather work another year or two to cover the interest I might have gained by investing.   -Lydia
    • VickySGV
      Baseline audits are a normal thing for charities and the ones I was involved with as an auditor usually came up with nothing worse than that a former signatory for bank checks had not been removed from the account after the signatory had died in office or that bank receipts were not being turned into bookkeeper although the funds were showing on the bank statement, thus the statement showing too much money (the minutes of the organization were also quiet on the transactions because of that too.)  Nothing evil or felonious just carelessness corrected by a thorough review and admonishment.       A case where some POTENTIAL for harm exists, and a demand for ZERO potential for it by depriving ALL beneficiaries.  😵 😵  Even on these forums we know that some forms of binding carry the possibility of harm and we have done our best to recommend against those actions.  This is a matter between the Trans Man and their supportive medical team and NOT some busybody in the neighborhood who read The Daily Mail's scare piece on it. 
    • Heather Shay
      @Davie actually it is early. My sleep pattern is way off and I get up around 4 A.M.  
    • Willow
      Hi y’all   Some time back my wife and I were in a fabric store together.  She is making a baby quilt for a friend of ours and was looking for backing fabric.  Any way I asked if she would help me pick a fabric and pattern and teach me to sew.  I thought it fell of death ears.  Then last night she shows me a pattern, what do you think of these?  Then we talked about the cost of making versing buying ready made.  The only savings would be a nicer fabric and multiple pairs off the same pattern.  Today she found where she could get the pattern.  Sounds like she is really making an effort for me.   😀willow
    • Charlize
      Perhaps walking into the edge of the door will never be as painless as before but the sensitivity has its pleasant aspects as well.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Katie23
      The problem for some healthcare providers is that there have not been many studies clearly demonstrating superiority, however, it can be very useful. I have been on progesterone in addition to injections starting 1 month after I started estrogen. The key is the micronized progesterone. I had put out a few references regarding progesterone. The reality is that cisgender women have both during their developmental years and through middle adulthood. It makes sense to just mimic nature.  I will try to dig up those research articles. I found the same elevation in estrogen levels and reduced testosterone with progesterone. Progesterone suppresses gonadal androgen production.
    • Davie
      @Heather ShayWhat are you doing up so late, dear? Me too. Great trio of tunes you selected to post, Most people know Simone as a great singer, but listen to that piano—whew! And those three must be proofs of God's existance—it's about 30 billion light years to the next trio that good.  Hugs, Davie
    • Heather Shay
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