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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Good morning Coffee drinkers, and Punxsutawney Phil.


 I don’t care if you see your shadow or not. 
My nightstand is getting crowded.



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Don't know what is going with me today.  Went to bed at about 1:30 then couldn't sleep past 7:30. Even though I am tired.  Thankfully its my weekend.





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Happy Thursday. 

Well, maybe not as happy as some would like.  Bad ice storms.  Many people stuck, stranded or hurt.  And it isn’t done yet.

@kymmiel sorry you didn’t sleep.  Lots of that going around.  Seems l8ke the only one sleeping in my home is Sweetie our dog.


My wife read that eggs are as much as seventy cents each in some places.  Pretty soon steak will be cheaper than eggs.  And that makes lots of things more and more expensive.  I get that it’s the avian flu causing growers to kill off their flocks.  Is this the way we are all going to loose?  With no affordable food?  Whose idea was this anyway?  Republicans insist that we can’t continue to support deficit spending.  The Democrats (or at least Biden) claims he won’t cut his spending.  We are in the worst financial mess since WWII.  And once again, both sides are threatening to cut off Social Security.  And that’s not even the government’s money.  We paid our social security tax, into a fund.  That was supposed to be there growing in size to return to us when we were too old to work.  But who is the first group they go after? The old, the infirm, the people they promised would have a retirement.  Do they threaten themselves? No not at all.  Salary and healthcare for life at equal to what they got while in congress.  Is there a way to fix this?  I suspect that there is but they are unwilling to take on the risk of being re-elected if the go against the people with all the money.


besides, they will for certain leave a loophole in what ever law they enact that will allow the mega rich a way to avoid paying, they always do.


I hate to say this but one of my jobs in the 80s was to find a way to avoid providing certain benefits for “part-time laborers” while maintaining those same benefits to the highly compensated group.  Kennedy who wrote the bill was touted as the great savior of the workers.  It took about 6 months to find the loophole and avoid everything Kennedy said he’d done.  That was the big joke of TEFRA86.


In two years Biden has managed to create a bigger deficit than any piece time President or even war time President since Roosevelt.  And, he’s doing little or nothing to protect our rights.


Just saying, we need a different plan or we are going to be in a whole lot of trouble.




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TGIF for most. but me. Its my Sunday. Got the heater going to warm up the garage again. Did some work on the wagon yesterday. Then found I needed other stuff so I ordered it. So that is on hold once again. Today I'm going to continue working on the new stereo for the bike. The original is having issues. So I am going to put a complete system in. New Marine head unit, amp(s) and new speakers. Have to wire up the adapter for retaining the handlebar controls. It will be a pain but I like doing this stuff.


Coffee is drank, big girl panties on. I am ready for the day. I think. LOL


Hugs to all.



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Good morning everyone,


Yesterday, I managed to stay in my Pjs all day, because it was freezing cold. Today it’s going to warm way up into the fourties’.


 I have things I need to do outside in the yard to prepare for Spring. So the coffee is HOT, strong, and black. 

Happy Saturday,




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Today's bad mood is caused by a frozen pipe. Hope it's not a bad one that will defrost soon. I'm doing all the recommended things. Heating under the sink, leaving it on, etc. Called the plumber.  Waiting is not my strong suit. Oh, well. Never had a problem until now. Last night was wicked cold.

Good luck with that, all. Stay warm.

Ooh! Plumber is here! That's good.


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5 minutes ago, Davie said:

Plumber is here!

Whew!  Glad to hear it.  Stay warm and safe.

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Good morning


And a good morning it is, I think!  Still in my jams.  I will have to get dressed. The dog has to go out sometime.


I had a good doctors appointment yesterday.  He changed some of my prescriptions.  The replacements are all free to me. So that’s even better!  He also gave me some samples of an anti-migraine med since I’ve been having frequent headaches.


I didn’t see a notification that the new medications were ready for pickup so I checked my app.  Sure enough they were there.  As well as new ones from Mt endocrinologist.  We discussed changes there as well but via Mychart.  So I was surprised by that.  But I am also confused.  The app said 5 vials but indicated a dosage that was significantly different than I thought.  So I need to talk to my pharmacist.  Maybe it’s just the way they put it in their system.  Anyway, the price was about 1/3 of what I’ve been paying for significantly more E!  Finally on a generic!


I have been doing a Bible study on my own.  I also found a reference to the Talmud.  If you don’t know, it is a Jewish book that predates the editing by the Roman Catholic Church.  Point is the Talmud clearly defines EIGHT (8)! different genders.  The post I read is by another minister who is one of us.  It was on a different site.  The point of her post was that these genders as written clearly define our gender identity and did so long before zero AD!  I haven’t read the Talmud myself but when I can find one I will.


My point is our gender identity, no matter where on the spectrum you may be has been there since things were beginning to be written, not just recently.  We all know we are not an abomination, but having the reference should make doubters among us have some understanding and hope.





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Update on plumbing: kitchen water out til Monday, but that's it. No damage.  Whole new water pipe system going in which will be big upgrade and mean no freezing problem ever again. 


@Willow Thanks.  Very interesting info on "Talmud clearly defines EIGHT (8)! different genders.  The post I read is by another minister who is one of us.  It was on a different site.  The point of her post was that these genders as written clearly define our gender identity and did so long before zero AD!" Not that I'll ever rely on the RC church for support. 

Love to hear more about this.

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7 hours ago, Willow said:

  Point is the Talmud clearly defines EIGHT (8)! different genders. 


Now if we could just get the Catholics to acknowledge and accept it. I'm not holding my breath.


Pretty bad day. Did my opening routine. prepared and put out all 7 cash drawers. We were scheduled to have a large crew today. When I put the till in the back counters drawer. I found something odd. The other assistant manager had written up a new schedule starting tomorrow. My whole week was blank. I figured it out when the store manager came in about 15 min before we opened and needed statements from me.  about me. It seems that some people are stabbing me in the back, at work. One was I told by the manager I could work till 9 two days last month when I was only scheduled till 8. Which would have left no manager in the store.


Another was did I come in late and leave early 2 weeks ago.  I was their early as usual started work at the proper time, I just forgot to clock in until about 10 min late. It slipped my mind to have one of the other managers fix the time. I didn't take lunch and left about 10 min early. TO help control payroll, plus we were dead most of the day anyway.


Last: have I been watching the usage of my laptop. Which I only use it on my personal time, during lunch and breaks.


So it seems like they were preparing for me to be fired. So, I was expecting the manager to come back at anytime to drop the axe. But lasted the day and left on time. I still consider my work a hostile work environment.


But now I'm home.  to hopefully relax. until 11 tomorrow.


Hugs, my friends,



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For anyone following the saga of the balloon from China, it was shot down just off shore right here at Myrtle Beach.  Unfortunately, I missed it it person but I did see all the contrails in the sky.  People who were outside heard first the fighter break the sound barrier and then the balloon explosion.

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@KymmieLI’m sorry that your work relationships are troubling you again. HUGS

@WillowThat balloon should never have reached US Airspace. 



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4 hours ago, Willow said:

For anyone following the saga of the balloon from China, it was shot down just off shore right here at Myrtle Beach.  Unfortunately, I missed it it person but I did see all the contrails in the sky.  People who were outside heard first the fighter break the sound barrier and then the balloon explosion.


I was reminded of the WW2 balloon bombs the Japanese sent our way.  I wonder how long it will be before somebody straps a nuke to a weather balloon to produce an EMP over us.  🙄


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Good Sunday morning 


I am the only one up right now.  My wife had a rough time sleeping, or not sleeping so I shall be quiet and allow her to sleep in as late as she can.  Warmer today but rain likely.  Oh oh, she just got up, but that doesn’t mean she won’t go back.  Ssssshhhh.


No I’m not hiding anything I’m just trying not to wake her up.  Ah,  She went back to bed.  

Someone mentioned only 6 genders in the Talmud.  Yes, that’s what I had heard before too ant the two extra are a small but important variation.  That variation is those who were changed without consent and those who chose to change.  It could be a reference to the boys that worked in the herams being forced to become eunuchs or it could be a more modern reference to medical change to intersexual babies at birth.  Verses those of us who realized that we were transgender at a later time and chose to make changes.  Both forced and self imposed have been around since Biblical times, but perhaps not differentiated.


while I readily admit I did not understand my thoughts when I was young, I don’t think anyone else would have either.  I definitely didn’t dare try to talk to my parents.  My father wouldn’t discuss anything with me and my mother was a homophobe.  I don’t recall going to the doctor alone but my doctors growing up were the grandfather of a classmate in one case and the later one was the father of a different classmate.  And we were all members of the same church growing up.


I am also fairly certain that it would not have been acceptable to the draft board, but probably would have prevented me from enlisting, so between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the military and Vietnam.


Otherwise nothing much going on today, just the rambling thoughts of an older woman 👵 so I’ll just go.


First cup drunk but I see today as a multi-cup day.





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7 minutes ago, Willow said:

First cup drunk but I see today as a multi-cup day.

Good morning everyone,:coffee:


Like Willow, the cats and I keep a quiet low profile while the wife sleeps in. I close her bedroom door, and we sit and watch birds together at the window. Every morning is a multiple cup coffee day for me. Then I eat a small cup of yogurt or rice pudding with my AM medications. We don't eat Brunch until 10:30 or 11:00 after the wife has had a full glass of water, and a decaf coffee. This is what happens when a morning dove marries a night owl. (I know it's Mourning Dove).


When I learned of the eunuchs in the bible, it opened up so many questions in my head. When I asked to about them, my homophobic mother strongly rejected my questions. It was the 1960s by the way.


It's warmer here, so I'll be out in the back yard still cleaning up Winter's mess, getting ready for Spring.





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Growing up my parents would have never accepted that I am a girl. MY mom  a slim maybe. My dad never. He was bigoted. Maybe that is why I kept my feminine side berried for so long. Even now I am not sure about my mom. She will probably pass on not knowing she had two daughters.


Well close today then back in bright and squirrelly at 6:30 am tomorrow. I guess I may leave the laptop at home from now on and be like everyone else and watch youtube. also against policy.



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I did go meet a 13 year old mtf transgender today and she was glad to see me.Luckily both of her parents are supportive and glad I am involved in her life.I have been mentoring transgender youth for 5 years.Told her about my life how I knew and the obstacles I had to go through.Found out she has a twin brother too and told her mine sees me as his sister.Hers is the same.

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Good Monday Morning for some. Up early, I actually get to open today. Made it through so far without getting canned. I don't know if I am on borrowed time or not. I think the former.  Working in a hostile environment doesn't help. 


Have a good day all.



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Good morning everyone,


Yesterday I took down a scrappy maple tree in the back yard, and cut it up and stacked it for next fall's fire wood. Now I know why 66 year old Mr. McMillan hired 17 year old me to take care of his firewood.

This 66 year is working out stiffness this morning with the help of several Jell-coat Aleve.


The coffee is gone,:coffee: and I'm drinking water now.



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I quit trying to keep up with my kids several years ago.  I'm okay with just keeping out of the way these days.

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2 hours ago, Ivy said:

I quit trying to keep up with my kids several years ago

My kids wouldn't know how to fall a tree. My son can cut a ventilation hole in the roof of a building, but he's never dropped a tree of any size. The grandsons are only 17, 11, and 7 years old.

My wife was so worried that she stood in the side yard, ready to call 911 if it didn't go as planned. It did.

You know the saying. Firewood is the fuel that warms you twice. Once while cutting it, second while burning it.


Best wishes,



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Yeah. Good day for pipes.  Cystocpoy Day and Hey! Good news! All clear—no tumors no stones. All clear! Yay!  And the plumbers fixed my burst pipes. Got nice snazzy copper ones that will never freeze. Stress is tiring, tho. Nap time. 


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