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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Good morning 


I got the early shift today.  Just starting my coffee then I need to go.


could be good advice.







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Good morning, everyone!! I've been finally able to sleep a bit longer in the morning - getting up  now around 5 instead of 3 or 4 AM. I've had my first cup of coffee - I take a cup for my wife and I into the bedroom at 6 each morning and we do Wordle and Quordle together. On to reading the local paper next.


Did some work outside cleaning up for spring yesterday and took our one of our mowers in for service. I am so ready for Spring!


Quiet day today, I think.


And, @Willow, that is excellent advice. We all get caught up in the negativity sometimes. Life is way too short not to find some joy in every day.

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Good morning All.


Everything is going good with my mom. For me, Mostly bored. Looking to head home first of the week. Willing to give up the nice 80s for the 20-30s.


Great picture, @Willow very true.


Hugs to all.



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Good morning everyone,

The coffee is HOT, black and strong. I am 2/3s of a pot into it now.:coffee: Working in the shop building a training prop for Illinois State Police, to be delivered this Friday. So this is my quick morning break to check in with my digital family and friends. 💖





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Big day for me. Off to plastic surgeon for a BA consult. Nervous as hell. I have low expectations of it. But you never know.

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Good morning, all!


I'm smiling –– darn near laughing out loud –– because as I sat at my MacBook with my first cup of coffee (many more to follow!) I had this thought: I can't possibly begin my day's work until I left my greetings on Good morning, All. Coffees on!


(So, there, I've done it! Now I can drink my coffee without feeling too guilty. 😊)


@happyinvermont I wish you well today! Let us know how the consult goes, will you?




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I'm sitting here with my second cup and thinking about how long my to-do list is. I'll try for three or four items today.

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I am all dressed up with nowhere to go! Wednesday is my normal therapy day but my therapist is under the weather. She offered to tough it out since I can't reschedule this week but I told her to just relax and get better. 


I'm wearing a new yellow popover with flowered sleeves over jeans - and couldn't be happier today. 


So, you're stuck with this old grandmother here this afternoon, ladies!!

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Busy morning for me. Got a good 9 1/2 hrs of sleep. Had breakfast and enjoyed 2 cups to get me fully started. Did my bike workout and showered. Heading over to my wife's twin sister to do some handygirl tasks. After that reading and relaxing. I'm training for a few triathlons this summer and am back to working out  7 days a week. It really helps with controlling any insomnia.

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It's been a busy morning for me. I had my therapy session (small world, April), followed by my monthly trip to the salon. Now I'm about to head for a shift at the shelter I volunteer at. I feel like I'm living on coffee today!


Miranda, I'm in awe. Triathlons are tough, and the discipline to train for one is admirable. YOU GO, GIRL!

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Good afternoon y’all


i got through my early shift today. I had to get up at 4:30 @April Marie  so I had time to shower and makeup have some breakfast and most of all my coffee.  Tomorrow I get to sleep later. I don’t start until seven am. I’m actually enjoying working again.  And it’s pretty rare that I get misgendered.  Everyone I work with is very nice.  And having some extra money is nice too.


@Miranda I was never much I’d a runner. I did work out on my treadmill to participate in a 5 mile race with my daughter and son but my doctor told me to stop that my knees wouldn’t hold up.  My son is an Iron man several times and has been in several marathons.  At the end of one, he thought he only had a couple of city blocks to the finish line so he started skipping. By the time he realized it was further than he thought he couldn’t stop as he was getting too many cheers. From the crowd and other runners.


So I admire your work and applaud you.


hugs all



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Big day for me. Off to plastic surgeon for a BA consult. Nervous as hell. I have low expectations of it. But you never know.

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To follow up on my big day with BA consult. It turned out better than I thought. I was thinking I wouldn't have enough breast growth to work with. Once DR looked at me and reported to his scribe I had an A cup. Whole crap. My ex always picked on me because of man boobs. 

So as visit went on he asked if I knew what type I was looking for. Told him silicone. That rules out under arm to big of hole. Then told him under muscle. He said he likes to go on top. The more he looked at my chest and lack of man muscles he said yes below would look good. 


So now I have a surgery date of June 13th. Next big hurdle is insurance. If denied they will help me with the appeal. Was a great day

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5 minutes ago, happyinvermont said:

To follow up on my big day with BA consult. It turned out better than I thought.

Hip hip hurrah, happyinvermont!



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4 hours ago, happyinvermont said:

Was a great day

I'm so happy for you!

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14 hours ago, happyinvermont said:

So now I have a surgery date of June 13th. Next big hurdle is insurance. If denied they will help me with the appeal. Was a great day

Good news, for a morning coffee.

Best wishes, happyinvermont.


Today is the last day of my prop build for ISP. I down to labels, logos, and Thumb-drive PowerPoint set up. Photo inset it what the finished prop will look like. It's to teach first responders about cargo tanks that haul propane, and anhydrous ammonia. aka an MC-331 Cargo Tank.



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What awesome news @happyinvermont!!


That's an impressive training prop @Mmindy - what a skilled craftsperson you are.


3rd cup of coffee is finished. Today is the day to take out our trash and I have some outdoor projects to do...assuming the temps outside get somewhere above freezing. Spring is always a rollercoaster of sub-freezing to 60s and 70s temps here. I prefer the warmer temps.


Life's been good here - despite not having my therapy yesterday I'm feeling good. Happy. Content. Since I'm not able to fully transition - at least not at this point - I've been looking for strategies to keep grounded in my reality while having to portray my male self. It certainly tugs at my dysphoria but it's been manageable. Life is good.


Be safe and happy!!

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1 hour ago, April Marie said:

That's an impressive training prop @Mmindy - what a skilled craftsperson you are.

That sure is an impressive training prop, @Mmindy ! It sure is a far cry from the stage props I'm used to, like rubber daggers and "blood" made from gelatin and red food coloring. 😊


Merry Thursday, everyone!


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Just starting my second cup. The LGBT seniors center here in Queens is doing an event tomorrow for TDOV. They pick me up at 10ish and couldn't change that, but the event runs 2 to 4. I have a problem with fatigue and am worried about holding up that long, but now I'm remembering that when they take me home at 2 on regular days I'm still OK for a few hours. So hopefully I'll still be alert tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. Our trans membership is pretty thin (me plus one woman who recently joined) but there are also a couple trans people on staff there, and tomorrow's event is intergenerational and I've been told more trans people will be coming for it, I guess from another LGBT center. Friday is the only day I'm around trans community in person (that I know of), and it's such a gift.



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3 hours ago, Mmindy said:


Today is the last day of my prop build for ISP. I down to labels, logos, and Thumb-drive PowerPoint set up. Photo inset it what the finished prop will look like.

Wow, Mmindy, that's amazing!

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31 minutes ago, Dillon said:

The LGBT seniors center here in Queens is doing an event tomorrow for TDOV.

Good morning, Dillon


I'm glad you mentioned TDOV Day. I'd forgotten. I haven't heard of any events going on around here in Denver, but I'm sure there are. I'll check. Hang in there tomorrow. I hope your time at the event turns out to be deeply rewarding. (And say hello to Queens for me, will you? It's been a long time!)



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I would love to attend a TDOV event. especially down here in West central FL.  Cannot find one in the area. I guess I will observe it on my own. nothing new there.


Not going to post that I have been enjoying the mid 80 degree weather. compared to the upper 50s at home.  However I'd rather be at home. Ain't gonna lie. Heading home on Monday. Seems to be a possible break in the weather.


Mom is doing much better, I have seen it since I have been here.




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Good evening


i had a pretty good day today.  I was even the senior person, no I don’t mean because of my age, for a couple hours.  A new person started this week and today was his first day on the register.  So with only three weeks under my belt I was senior.  In fact today was the first day I was allowed to be alone.


@Mmindy do you start with a propane tank and modify it or do you make the tank too?  That’s quite a training prop.


@KymmieL, glad your mom is doing better.  I can understand it’s hard to give up the nice temperatures but just like Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.”



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5 hours ago, Willow said:

@KymmieL, glad your mom is doing better.  I can understand it’s hard to give up the nice temperatures but just like Dorothy, “There’s no place like home.”



I just wish I could get a cute pair of ruby red heels, click them three times and be home.



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Good Morning,


I have work, but hopefully an easy day. Hopefully I'll get some time to relax over the weekend. I don't crossdress much as I don't have much opportunity and haven't come out yet. But I bought a new dress, so will be nice to try that on at some point.



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    • MaybeRob
      "Those are many of the same groups, along with Gypsies, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the unhealthy politics targeted".   Looking from a distance that's what I am seeing. The former president's rallies looked eerily similar to the unhealthy politics Rallies, pre war.  It's the same principle - blame them they are different. Hate hate hate! seems to be the policy atm, and not just in the US.    MaybeRob
    • missyjo
      thank you both for your kind n wise words hugs
    • VickySGV
      @Sally Stone  We do actually have some folks out in "The Jungle" doing some fighting in ways that do not leave physical injury to be cleaned up, but rather with good service to our communities and the ones who could be hurt badly in both our Trans and Cis friends.  I and another Staff member  here are members of community service organizations, which are doing effective work in legal assistance and community information and entertainment positions.  Participating at your local level in organizations that work with community leaders is a lot of fun and gives the bullies more opposition than they expect.  I have got three cities to cover this year for Pride Proclamation Presentations that let the citizens of those cities know that their elected leaders consider us to be real and HONORABLE members of the community (not to mention that we VOTE as well.).  There is much we can do that is low stress and just some handshaking and being present to remind leaders of our humanity is often successful.   
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, @Sally Stone.  Even regarding bullies, I have my own similar experience.  In 9th grade I was in Agriculture Class, and a strong, tall bully starting throwing dirt clods at me.  No reason, I was just a small, weak, easy target.  One day I had had enough, and I walked up to him and told him to stop.  He grabbed my shirt and literally lifted me off the ground.  I didn't flinch, didn't back down, looked him in the eye and told him off in colorful language.  I didn't pop him, but I think he knew I would.  He never bothered me again.   Anyway, concerning our trans troubles, the problem isn't just bullies, although that's a big part of it.  it's also the whole political climate, with the far right "base," conspiracy theorists, bloggers, pundits and politicians needing reasons for why things aren't like the mythical "good old days," which they long for.  We are different, easily identifiable (not in just in terms of physical presence, but b/c we also have symbols), and small in numbers.  We, along with Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, even Blacks, are easily "othered."   Those are many of the same groups, along with Gypsies, mentally challenged and physically deformed peoples whom the Nazis targeted.  Things won't turn out the same - America is not the same culture, and the players are not the murderous thugs and fascists of the 1930's & 1940's; but there are similar elements.   That is why we have to fight like hell politically and in the courts to keep the bullies at bay.  We have an uphill climb, but we will succeed in the long run.  I have to believe that.   Sorry for the long rant.   Carolyn Marie
    • Birdie
      Yeah, they are bewildered by us. Strange also how they want to tell us what gender we are. "Excuse me, I'm half and half, I think I get to decide?"
    • Betty K
      Me neither. No more punching walls for me. I default to tears instead. I always cried a lot, but I often had to go through anger to get there. Now it’s the other way round. I’m still angry — I’m absolutely furious at conservative society and how it held us all back and is still trying to do so — but I don’t really feel it till I’ve felt the sadness. I think the anger is useful though. I don’t let it own me like I used to, but I’m not just going to give the bigots a free pass. I think straight society deserves a dose of righteous trans anger.
    • Sally Stone
      I do my best to ignore the rhetoric, hate, and marginalization directed towards us, but there are days when I simply want to crawl into a hole to avoid it all.  To date, I haven't actually descended into a hole and instead, I find myself wondering why we have such a big target on our backs.  It's not like we are bad people.  In fact, most of us just want to go through life being who we want to be, living in the skin that makes us most comfortable.     Maybe it's an epiphany of sorts, maybe I've just climbed out from under my proverbial rock, but it's obvious we are a big target because bullies just love the ones who don't fight back.  They feel empowered when they can direct their vitriol at someone knowing that someone won't fight back.  I remember back when I was in junior high.  I was bullied terribly by a pair of classmates for nearly two years.  They both identified me as an easy target because I wouldn't stand up for myself.  I chose to be nonconfrontational.  But two-years is a long time to be bullied and finally, when I couldn't take it any more, I beat the snot out of one of those two bullies.  I only stood up to one of them but they both got my message and neither ever bothered me again.  It just goes to show that bullies are generally nothing more than blowhards and when they realize you are willing to stand up to them, they back down, or they go find someone weaker to prey on.   What we are dealing with these days is no different.  Our desire to be left alone, to live quietly without having to be confrontational, unfortunately, has sent the wrong message and made us easy targets.  Okay, I am in no way advocating violence here.  I'm not saying the way to take back our lives we have to punch our detractors in the nose.  What I am saying however, is we need a stronger collective voice.  A voice that delivers the message: "Don't f*** with us.  It's all a matter of having a collective voice that drowns out the bullies.    For most of us, I know our trans situation, our intense desire to fly under the radar, often prevents us from speaking out.  Unfortunately, this is not "the way."  I'm pretty certain that if we want the rhetoric, the hate, and the marginalization to stop, we have to be the ones to step up and make it stop.  Waiting for anyone else to do it for us, is going to a very long wait.       
    • Willow
      Hi   so my hours for tomorrow were changed, I start two hours earlier now, at 10 instead of noon, and at a different store.  It’s just a mile or two further away.  Off Friday, the. I work Saturday and Sunday.   @KymmieL I was wondering if you could recommend a good Ford Eddie Bauer Explorer gurl in Myrtle Beach.  I need to open up the heater AC mixer it seems the mixer flap isn’t moving.  Also, the driver side sunroof drain hose is disconnected or rotted.  I need to get into that too.  What do you think 🤔?  Finally, I got some sanding and painting to get done on the roof.  And all to be done with out a garage or a compressor.   let’s see a few spray cans of paint. Some sandpaper A couple feet of 3/8 id hose, and maybe some vacuum hose should handle the supplies.  So, what do you think?  Got any recommendations?  lol 😝    I put a new battery in it a couple weeks ago.  Amazing what all that fixed.  Biggest issue will be replacing the control switches on the steering wheel.  There is a risk of tripping the air bag if I mess up.  Once I’ve done all this it will be like a 20 year old car with 172,000 miles again.   time for bed    Willow    
    • Ivy
      I used to be always just a little bit angry at nothing in particular.  I just suppressed it.  That kinda went away for me when the egg cracked.
    • Ivy
      Seems about right…
    • Tiffany 838
      Hot wings cold beer equals smile
    • EasyE
      This one made me laugh, smile
    • Ashley0616
      According to a book I was reading about transgender is they recommend waiting a year after HRT. I have tried to get information from all over as long as it's credible. 
    • Ashley0616
      I completely can relate to it. I wished I started earlier and I would've already been done through a lot. At the same time it wasn't as accepted. I knew I couldn't tell my parents because I knew they wouldn't help me. I joined the military and couldn't do it then. I then got out and could've done it but was denying myself. I wished I just accepted it.   Now I'm on my third estrogen patch and feel a little better. I don't get angry like I used to. I do seem to get colder easier. I got myself all female clothes and have almost gotten rid of all male clothes. I feel much happier that I can show how I feel inside. I lost a lot of support when coming out but got tired of living in secret.    I still find myself attracted to females so I guess that's just how I feel. I have been talking to what will hopefully be my future partner. She is very understanding and kind. I have even talked to her grandma and she calls me her daughter. Some family members are supportive but not the amount that I would like. Maybe they'll come around, maybe not. 
    • Nicole D
      Oh, I forgot. Heat from fire, fire from heat.😃
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