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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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The time I spent "on the street" was mostly in the woods.  I dislike cities.  Even now my "bathroom" is out in the back yard, and has been for years.  When you're used to it, it's not so bad.  Helps one keep up with the seasons.

I have no desire to live on the street in a city.

Most of my adult kids live in cities.  It's nice enough for a visit, but I still prefer the country.

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On 5/18/2024 at 5:53 AM, MirandaB said:

Good morning!


Finally got my ears pierced, so up even earlier worrying about how I slept on them last night. 

What? Yay!! I step away for a few days and this happens! I’m so happy for you. 

That’s going to be my birthday present to myself this July.

I. Can’t. Wait!!



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Good morning! Just finishing my delayed coffee after fasting for routine bloodwork.

Just had my annual physical and I came out to my Dr. He was so kind and said if/when I want to start HRT they have a couple endocrinologists who specialize in transition and he could give me a referral. So nice! Not quite ready to jump into that yet, but he was so understanding. Another small step in my social transition. I feel so happy! 😊

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16 hours ago, Adrianna Danielle said:

Also finding out I might be father of a 24 year young lady.

Wow! Hopefully that encounter is amicable! I can only imagine what might be going through your mind right now!


28 minutes ago, Ivy said:

Guess I'm a girl with a past.

I was a bit of a prude, I don't even need a whole hand of fingers to count my sexual partners on. Good old fear-based Catholic "sex ed" did its number on me.


1 hour ago, Birdie said:

I most definitely don't fit in the men's room.

I get nervous walking into men's rooms. I don't look the part for the either restroom these days, I guess. I did use the women's at the convention I volunteered at (the restrooms were temporarily made gender free though), it was nice having a stall to use without waiting.


The whole bathroom debate is so stupid. Genital-based restroom assignments aren't going to stop people intending abuse and there are laws for handling them already. It's the fear the laws strike and the conditions they creates is the problem, fomenting distrust and hate. Who cares who is in the stall next to you? Let them pee in peace!

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4 hours ago, Mmindy said:



Cool pic!

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Just now, Justine76 said:

Cool pic!

Thank you, I find them on a FaceBook Coffee page I follow.

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1 hour ago, MaeBe said:

I was a bit of a prude, I don't even need a whole hand of fingers to count my sexual partners on.


I don't even need half a hand to count mine.  A combination of Protestant prudery, total lack of sex education, and my being the wrong gender.  And, it turns out, asexual, though that may be a product of the other factors.

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2 hours ago, MaeBe said:

Wow! Hopefully that encounter is amicable! I can only imagine what might be going through your mind right now!


Going to have a paternity test done tommorrow.Having someone come up and get a sample from me.I remember having unprotected sex with her.Her daughter,she seen a picture of me going to adjust well her supposed dad is now a woman

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Its after midnight, so... good morning?


Looks like no traveling for me this week.  Some of the expected orders from Houston never materialized, so there are fewer shipments going out.  Instead of having to help out with transport, my husband gets to stay home.  Not that I'll miss Texas, but I was looking forward to some road time.  Oh well. 

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Frustrating day yesterday.....


It seems the centre had used the "lack of enough prep time", and "you must get a full shower to be able to attend" to basically get their way. It is what it is, because I basically have no defence.


I did mention that female participants are scheduled with enough time for their hair and makeup, but their response was of course, "you are not female."


I can either abide by the rules or leave the program. 


I did file a complaint yesterday about years of excruciating pain I endured in my leg that their doctor accused me of "inventing" because I "didn't have anything wrong with it."

And how after vascular surgery the horrible pain has finally departed. 

How it is absolutely absurd that medical professionals can minimise someone's pain like it doesn't exist. 


Their reply, "well, at least your were finally seen by a specialist and taken care of."


The meeting did not go well!


So starting today I have two options. Either cut my hair off or wear it in a ponytail. I shall go with the ponytail. I will also let my hair grow until it reaches my hips, and I told them that as well. As long as it's in a ponytail at will be acceptable. 

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G'morning! Green tea for my morning beverage. My mom made me eat breakfast so I could take a pill... and now I feel sick, thanks to my weird stomach .-.


Stomach issues aside, I signed up for a story gift exchange a little while ago and just got in the story with four minutes to spare! Liiiiittle close for comfort, but, hey, it's in!


We're at that point in the school year where we aren't doing much. AP testing is done for my history class, so we're watching a WWII film rn (Dunkirk). My college course is already over as well (the semester ends earlier), so I've really only got two classes to worry about, and one of those is an art class. Lowest stress I've had all year.

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I feel much better after a nice nap, breakfast, and a cup of tea. 


I go to see a specialist today at the hospital, so I won't be at the day-centre till this afternoon. ☺️

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8 hours ago, Adrianna Danielle said:

Her daughter,she seen a picture of me going to adjust well her supposed dad is now a woman

Life has its twist, and who knows what the future holds. She may only want to know your family and medical history’s long term chronic health history. Then again she may become your biggest supporter in your current life situation.


I am an optimist. So much so that if you put me in a room full of puppy poo, I’m going to look for the puppies. 

Hugs and best wishes,



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Well, I am now jobless. It seems I cannot be trusted. So they say. I am upset but doing eh. My youngest is OK with what happened I just hope my wife is the same.


Back to the hunt.



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Just now, KymmieL said:

Well, I am now jobless. It seems I cannot be trusted.

I'm sorry, Kymmie!


I hope you can find somewhere that you appreciate and that appreciates you!

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Oh my @KymmieL, I’m sorry you’re on the job hunt again. They didn’t seem to be a good fit for you anyway. You deserve to be treated fairly and not undermined by competing owners who don’t communicate well. 




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Just now, KymmieL said:

Well, I am now jobless. It seems I cannot be trusted. So they say. I am upset but doing eh. My youngest is OK with what happened I just hope my wife is the same.


Back to the hunt.



May more doors open up with more advantageous employment. 🤞

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Paternity test was done today,hoping it is over.Good thing this woman and daughter are coming up,daughter meeting me for the first time.Also reuniting with this woman.It will be good and I am not going to be chewed out.Also liking the new hoist at work in my stall,came in and installed it.Learned how to operate it as well too.Boss has a new heavy duty transmission jack for semi trucks coming too

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Good morning 


I have a busy week. Six days straight of work, Sunday off and I work on Monday. We get time and a half for Monday and our summer bonus pay kicks in so I’ll be able to get more things paid off.  Each on gone speeds up the process.  And makes things easier for the next target.  

@KymmieL I’m sorry this happened.  Maybe it’s time for a career change.  I realize vehicles and parts is in your blood but maybe something else would take some stress away.


well, I’ve got a dog looking laying at my feet hoping to go out.



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Well my wife totally understood. I don't really know what would have happened if she didn't. Everyone believes it is bull.


The hunt started yesterday, it continues.


Hugs, to all



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My new therapist is really nice. She asked me about grandma raising me making wedding dresses and cakes as well as raising me to be a "tom boy".  My love of sewing, cooking, knitting, etc...

She loves my preferred name (Birdie), and that her best friend in school was called Birdie as well. 

I will be seeing her every month. 😉

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Just now, Birdie said:

My new therapist is really nice.

She sounds wonderful.  I'm glad for you.

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I'll be going up the mountain for my VA support group today.  It's a bit of a drive, but worth it for me.  Some of the people up there have been eating together with me after the meetings, and it's been really nice to be around other trans folks of both genders.  I don't have that around here.

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Good morning 


@Ivy I hope you have a wonderful time with your meeting and after dinner. 

My morning started early letting the puppy out to take care of business. While he was doing that I brewed my coffee. 



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@awkward-yet-sweet, bummer about the road trip that isn't. Next time!


@KymmieL, good luck with the job hunting, you deserve it.


@Birdie, I'm happy for you that you have a new connection who seems so supportive!


@Ivy, enjoy!


The issue I referred to in my little grizzle the other day looks like it will resolve itself without conflict. Everything is good. 🙂

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    • Vidanjali
      What a great feeling. Happy for you you found a new product you like so much and which brings you joy :D
    • Davie
      A lot of stuff. Exactly so: Accept. Learn. Move on. Create anew.
    • EasyE
      No better words to see written here... blessings to you!
    • MaeBe
      Mostly, I've been in the same boat. Work called me Mike, that's over now. I still have some friends out there that I haven't socialized my chosen name and they do the same. That said, last night I went to a small party at a friend's house fully in myself and when asked if I go by a new name I said yes and gave it to them. No one batted an eye and referred to me as such the whole time. It was such a lovely evening being me.
    • MaeBe
      I have two kiddos, both AFAB. My eldest has since come out as trans. When he had come out to us the first time, it was years ago via a letter he'd written and left out conspicuously. We probably didn't do the best, but I kept an open mind and told him to be who they are and do so without putting himself in a box. He'd not expressed any masculine tendencies, from dress to desires, then or after so we thought it may have been a "friend group thing" until much later.   It was harder to reconcile when I operated as a cis father, I didn't know anything and I didn't have the language or comprehension to understand what being trans or a parent of a trans kid even meant. Our gender journeys weren't exactly timed the same, but over the last year we've both come out officially in one way or another. I'd been coming to terms with me over the past few years quietly and over the past year it's been an explosion of learning, so I no longer struggle with the concept--even though my mouth will engage without the brain sometimes, misgendering/naming him. So, I still slip and I'm in the same boat as him! It's amazing how much we let the subprocesses in our brains get us through life and how often it causes grief.   As for @missyjo, keep going! Every day is a new one and another they come around. If not, it's day you get to be you and learn how to live the life you want and need to.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Hmmm.... maybe send her this one?      At least from what I've seen, it seems like the majority of women are somewhat "flexible" when it comes to relationships and sex, so "I'm not a lesbian" could be a convenient excuse rather than the whole truth. 
    • VickySGV
      The sharing of the offerings as actual food and sustenance for the immediate family and for all of the others impresses me and I feel admiration for the custom involved here.  To me the 2/3's for others concept shows a side of Islamic beliefs that we do not hear about often enough. 
    • Ashley0616
      Well so much to catch up on. I have met the woman I love a lot! We met at trans women that love transwomen n. We have been talking for almost 2 weeks and things have moved fast but I'm not scared. Last night we had a conversation on when she would be able to move in. We will be living together in September of this year. I just need to save up to start the official divorce process. The time has finally come to when I can apply. My girlfriend's name is Camilia. We have at times have talked three times a day. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. We have hit off amazing. We have already been planning our life together. She is going to help me with the surgeries that I will get. I think about her all the time. She has accepted me for me and I have told her everything. Maybe she'll join us on the forum Well I'm not telling all the details but I wanted to talk about her.
    • Ashley0616
      Congrats! I know you feel amazing. I have just gotten used to being deadnamed. 
    • Lydia_R
      world sit tea zen   coffee doesn't grow on trees, but bananas do
    • MaeBe
      I hope it was a great time!   :HUGS:     It ended with a small non-holiday get together and started with me reffing and getting wicked tan lines. In between we were working toward our move and met with a realtor. It was a busy as heck Sunday. 
    • EasyE
      I know how much this hurts, missyjo ... and I am walking a similar tight-rope right now with my family (still keeping much a secret - how I dress, the fact I have started HRT) ... I am sitting here typing this on my back deck in a black skort, knowing that once my dad gets up and gets moving for the day, I'll trade out the skort for a pair of shorts (sigh ... This skort feels so comfortable and affirming!)   I am trying to look at things through their eyes, and trying to find as much positive as I can. Sometimes it is hard to find the positive, of course.   But this is a big shock to the system, even for well-grounded folks. Especially marriages. Our wives married who they thought were men. And now we are disclosing that there are deep feminine aspects about us. That is a big deal. Add the religious piece, and they likely feel a lot of shame. And the scorn of others, that maybe they failed in their roles...   And there is a sense, that while we are discovering and uncovering wonderful things about ourselves (many times things we didn't even know were there until, like, today!), folks around us are feeling betrayed. They feel we are purposefully misleading them and double-crossing them, maybe even taking delight in hurting them (though that is the last thing we are trying to do)...   With my wife, I misled her for a long time about a porn addiction I had. So to now tell her about this part of me, which I had never disclosed, feels like another betrayal in her eyes. This one seems to be the last straw for her (we have been separated for a year plus and she barely acknowledged me yesterday on Father's Day, which hurt a lot)...    As for parents, I imagine there is a sense of loss when we announce our transitions. For decades, they have taken pride in having a son or daughter. Now, we are switching things up on them. It likely feels like death to them (I am trying to see through their eyes -- maybe they picked out a special name, poured themselves into making us the best son/daughter we could be, and now we are rejecting that -- and, in their eyes, rejecting them! No wonder some have a hard time even facing us).   I have two daughters. I treasure that they are girls/women. If they were to transition to men, it would be tough, even for me, to be frank. Though for some reason I think it is easier if the transition was FTM than MTF. Society seems to value men more. Of course, I am delighted to be my daughters' dads. I am not their mom or sister or auntie. And no matter how things turn out for me, I am still their dad (who wears a black skort and loves it). So this is really weird on my end, lol...    All to say: Patience is required for all involved. Us with ourselves. Us with others. And by God's grace, others with us...If we can continue to love throughout the process and be lovable people towards others, never wavering in our commitment despite the negative/hurtful responses around us, time will heal many wounds. Probably not all. But hopefully many... 
    • Ivy
      There is a lot of stuff we learn to live with.  It's just our environment.
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,    I had a lot of catching up to do here today. I’ve been away from social media for nearly a week camping at a Bluegrass Festival at Bill Monroe Campgrounds in Beanblossom, IN. Father’s Day gift from my son was that he and my grandson broke camp and readied the camper for departure. My daughter shipped me a tablet or phone holder and a supply of French Lavender Sachets for my drawers and bathroom. She is my biggest supporter and understands my situation in transition.    Hugs for y’all  Monday after vacation sucks.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • missyjo
      delcina..thank you. i keep naively thinking the road to tolerance n acceptance goes by way of sharing experiences together n realizing the gender issues become smalle4 n smalle4 each time..but that doesn't work if they don't wish to see us. shrugs. oh well..it happens I guess. thank you   .indy..good for you. thank you. I'm trying to learn that.    hugs to all 5hat want them
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