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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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17 hours ago, Ivy said:

Yeah.  I'm a short ways out of town here.  Hay field across the road.  Pasture on 2 sides in back, and lots of trees in my yard - back yard is basically a small woods.  I'm a bit of a tree hugger.



I'm a 2-minute walk from the edge of my town. From there I can stare at paddocks infested with 'grasshoppers' (kangaroos to you!)


But yes, being close to nature is its own reward. 🙂 

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Getting back into a normal groove here in my new reality.  Got up at about 3:20am.  Had a cup of coldish coffee leftover from last night.  Posted the rest of my bike parts that I need to pass on.  Did some of my daily writing.  Checked in with my best friend.


I'm moving, so I've been working hard on getting everything out of my house and cleaning up.  Things are progressing quickly and I have this idea of having an extended meditation session in my empty house for a month or two.  I'm not sure if I can slow down that much mentally, but I'll give it a try!

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Good morning


my body and my mind kept waking me up saying hey aren’t you supposed to be getting up now since about 4am. I finally got up at 8:20 to get ready for my 10am shift.  I guess your wake up system gets into a habit and doesn’t like change.off tomorrow, then work Memorial day. 

We got rain and a bit of thunder last night. Nothing too bad, unlike the poor people in the Midwest. They are really getting hammered with tornadoes this spring.  I suppose we’ll get ours later on.  It’s supposed to be a bad hurricane season and we haven’t had a really bad one in quite a few years.  The worst I’ve seen was a Cat 3 when the eye went right over us.  

I stayed and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be but a 5? Now that’s another story.  I really don’t know how these condos will hold up to a bad hurricane.  Yes there is bracing throughout but how well was any of it installed?  Only the tradesmen plumbing electricians finish craftsmen spoke English the rest were all Hispanic and different emigrants worked together on different parts of the buildings.  One group did the framing and sheathing another different crew the roof, another the windows and so on.  Each building is 4 stories 18 units.  On the bottom we have four units with double walls but the top two are 5 each and no double walls. 

@Mirrabooka I didn’t see many Reds, Roos or grasshoppers when I was in Australia.  I was mostly in Tasmania where they are mostly Wallabies.  My wife got to hold a young Tazzy Devil and a Koala Bear and I’ve held a wombat.  An emu got the best of my wife stealing all the food she had.


time to get ready for my day






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On 5/24/2024 at 1:33 PM, Ivy said:

There was no such thing when I was growing up.  Some of my kids played them though, but only the younger ones.  We didn't have a computer for the oldest ones.

About the only game I've ever played was Tetris, and that was on one of those old gameboy things.  I still have little interest in them.  My ex did do something for awhile, animal crossing I think.


Animal Crossing is fun.

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Good morning everyone, 


It’s a dog life thing, with a puppy influence. We slept until 06:00 at which time Parker made his first soft bark from inside his crate. I got up and got ready to go outside so he could take care of business and potty. Then we played with his favorite toy 🧸 and tug of war and fetch. Coffee has finished brewing and my first cup is flavorful Folgers Black Silk. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and can be who you were meant to be.








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19 hours ago, Willow said:

I didn’t see many Reds, Roos or grasshoppers when I was in Australia.  I was mostly in Tasmania where they are mostly Wallabies.  My wife got to hold a young Tazzy Devil and a Koala Bear and I’ve held a wombat.  An emu got the best of my wife stealing all the food she had.

You are right, there are no actual 'roos in Tassie, just their smaller cousins like wallabies and pademelons. Devils are really cute. If you got to see the adults in full noise, you can easily understand why they got portrayed that way in the Looney Tunes cartoons! Emus, or 'bush chooks', have a habit of sneaking up on you and stealing food. I was at an open range zoo a few years ago and was holding a bag of pellets behind me to hide it from the emus in front of me, when one snuck up behind me and stole it. I've never jumped so high in my life! I almost needed to change my undies! 😆

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Good morning!!

Nice day preparing hamburgers and chips for lunch today for a visiting house guest. 


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Just now, Birdie said:

Good morning!!

Nice day preparing hamburgers and chips for lunch today for a visiting house guest. 


I hope you have a wonderful day and lunch!!

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I hope our members from the Mid-South are doing OK today.  A lot of places had a real disaster overnight.  Tornadoes dropped all over, through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  Lots of damage, and many people missing.  Pray for those involved, and that there won't be another wave of it tonight.


My county was spared almost all of it, but a neighboring county was hit hard.  Our Defense personnel were mobilized this morning to assist with access control, because all their local LEOs are needed for search and rescue.  No idea of how many are injured and missing, but there have been several deaths.  We may not know for weeks.  Rural areas here have a lot of shacks and trailer houses, and most people were asleep because it hit at the worst time - early morning on a Sunday during a holiday weekend.  Tornado hit a retirement home, and lots of elderly folks were hurt bad.  There was no forecast for this, and little if any warning.   


Electrical outage is widespread, and it has been followed by a really hot, humid day.  Heat index is around 115 - it's killer heat.  I went out with my husband this morning, since everybody with a CDL was needed for a convoy.  I'm back home now, since I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night.  He'll probably be there overnight, and GF is there also helping with mechanical issues.  They've converted a big Baptist church into a community shelter for people who have lost their homes, and set up a generator and AC.  I'll probably go back tomorrow to help some more, as they're working on setting up a kitchen...nobody wants to eat MRE's forever. 


They're getting no help from the state at all yet.  Governor didn't bother to declare an emergency until this afternoon!   The National Guard hasn't been activated either.  If it wasn't for Defense personnel, there'd be gawkers and looters. Its ridiculous, like only the cities matter.  Two rural towns literally no longer exist - its like a bulldozer a half-mile wide went through.  I've seen tornado damage before, but this is the worst.  Its just heartbreaking to look at it. 

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Wow.  Sounds terrible.  Stay safe yourself.

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Well just got back back from a visit to our oldest and family. It was nice having my granddaughter snuggle up to me on the couch. Gave me a big hug when we went over yesterday. Spent all day yesterday with them.  I envy my granddaughter, being able to grow up a girl. Something I wish I got to do. 




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Decided I am going to my boyfriend's family get together tommorrow.He has family members that have not met me yet and do know about me.

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Just now, awkward-yet-sweet said:

Lots of damage, and many people missing.


I am glad that you are safe!

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Good morning 


happy Memorial Day, although for many it is not so happy is it.  Lives and loved ones lost.  Both at war and peace. And do not forget those lost in the recent storms.


the storms must be heading our way, there is already a beech hazard warning posted, which will be ignored by most.  I’ve seen people in the water with double red flags flying.  I guess they figure it’s there beech vacation and they aren’t going to miss a minute.  Rather miss a person.


i spent most of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning.  But I’m running low on time to write my paper and I still have some research to do.  I’ve started but that’s all, I’m started.  

hot yesterday, 87.  I’m not sure what today will bring, besides being at work.  7-3. For $23 per hour.  That will make a nice boost to my bank account.


Well I have to finish getting ready and rake the dog out.


Be safe out there.  


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Good morning everyone,


Yes, @awkward-yet-sweet it was very strong weather day down South and in the Midwest. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they recover. It’s also good to hear that you and yours are doing well too. 

My day started early as Parker needed to go outside to do his business and potty. Since it was dawn and flag etiquette requires all USA 🇺🇸 flags to be flown at half staff from sunrise until noon in honor of our fallen veterans, I took care of my flag. I fly it 24/7 on a lighted pole following the www.starsandstripesdaily.org guidance. 

Later today we will be gathering at our son’s house for a cookout. Other family members will be bringing their dogs to be introduced and socializing with Parker. 

Best wishes, stay positive, and motivated.






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The tornados made our news here. Death toll 18 so far? Yikes. It seems like the USA is infamous for them, unfortunately. Stay safe, y'all.


Public holidays to revere our veterans and war dead are sacred. Our equivalent is ANZAC Day on April 25th each year. To those who served, THANK YOU.

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Happy Memorial day. As a veteran of the armed forces. I know the sacrifice that has been given by others like me. Each and every service member signs the check up to and including my life, payable to the Untied States of America. Some have had this check cashed, either in battle or because of it. Today we honor those men and woman.


It is sad that some people just think it is a extra day off to raise hell and get drunk.


Today I honor my father and brother in law, two uncles, and all of those I have met while in uniform, who have passed.



Hugs to all.



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Well my day at work is done.  It was a beautiful day here so far.  

Yes @Mirrabooka the United States is noted for the tornados and extreme destruction they cause.  We have long wide open areas between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains where weather extremes have a chance to buildup.  Even East of the Appalachians since those mountains are so old and eroded they aren’t very tall anymore.  Geologist say that early in the history of our planet they were as tall as the tallest mountains on earth but now few reach 4000 feet.


But they have no mercy for anything when they get going.   Our continent has just about everything, earthquakes fire floods hurricanes mud slides rock slides, hurricanes blizzards drought dust storms just about everything thing nature can possibly through at us.

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Just now, Willow said:

just about everything thing nature can possibly through at us.

Keeps things from getting boring.

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Went to my boyfriend's family get together and met more of his family members I did not meet yet.It went good and glad they are open minded.

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I’ll bet you didn’t know that South Carolina has at least one and sometimes more earthquakes every month!  And no fracking here.  

No wind mills either.  But for some reason we make a lot of ethanol.  We grow more trees than most but it’s all for paper and pole use. Cash crops are still cotton and tobacco.  Used to be a big producer of rice now it’s more of a unique crop, Carolina gold.  Pecans and peanuts are big too.  Lots of fruits and vegetable farms.



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I'm satisfied to stay here in the Old North State.

I have this idea that NC, and SC, are really, like different.  Kinda dumb, I guess since I only live about 10 mi from the border.

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Good morning


Another early summer ish day here.  Sunny, humid and upper 80s° (curious to see what our editor does with the degree symbol). 

Our son and his wife are coming to visit next week!  Yahoo!  She has never visited us in SC and he hasn’t been here for a long time.  But we live on opposite sides of the country.


i do realize that it is hard to find some one to take care of their Lab and now you can add a young energetic lab puppy so it’s two.


i got some work to do cleaning and making their bed for them.  But they have a real bed.  (Tell you about that another time)


@Ivy we were one state once but split over our differences.  But both are beautiful places to live and each made vital contributions to making this a country or group of United States against the King of England.  Sorry the history that I never thought I liked is spewing out.


coffee is good this morning.  We went out to dinner last night.  Our son sent us money I guess it was for Mother’s Day to have a nice dinner and we finally got around to it.  She had seafood Mac and cheese (full of lobster, crab and shrimp) and I had all you can eat crab legs.  My wife’s favorite nice restaurant is a place called the Claw House.


Well, time to walk the dog. She is reminding me of that.  She is a strange one.  In the evening she will curl up by the front door, or on our bed. In the morning she curls up at the back door. But and night she spends most of the night either in a chair or on the floor in our bedroom.  Basically, where ever she wants that’s where she is.  As long as mommy is close by.





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    • Vidanjali
      What a great feeling. Happy for you you found a new product you like so much and which brings you joy :D
    • Davie
      A lot of stuff. Exactly so: Accept. Learn. Move on. Create anew.
    • EasyE
      No better words to see written here... blessings to you!
    • MaeBe
      Mostly, I've been in the same boat. Work called me Mike, that's over now. I still have some friends out there that I haven't socialized my chosen name and they do the same. That said, last night I went to a small party at a friend's house fully in myself and when asked if I go by a new name I said yes and gave it to them. No one batted an eye and referred to me as such the whole time. It was such a lovely evening being me.
    • MaeBe
      I have two kiddos, both AFAB. My eldest has since come out as trans. When he had come out to us the first time, it was years ago via a letter he'd written and left out conspicuously. We probably didn't do the best, but I kept an open mind and told him to be who they are and do so without putting himself in a box. He'd not expressed any masculine tendencies, from dress to desires, then or after so we thought it may have been a "friend group thing" until much later.   It was harder to reconcile when I operated as a cis father, I didn't know anything and I didn't have the language or comprehension to understand what being trans or a parent of a trans kid even meant. Our gender journeys weren't exactly timed the same, but over the last year we've both come out officially in one way or another. I'd been coming to terms with me over the past few years quietly and over the past year it's been an explosion of learning, so I no longer struggle with the concept--even though my mouth will engage without the brain sometimes, misgendering/naming him. So, I still slip and I'm in the same boat as him! It's amazing how much we let the subprocesses in our brains get us through life and how often it causes grief.   As for @missyjo, keep going! Every day is a new one and another they come around. If not, it's day you get to be you and learn how to live the life you want and need to.
    • awkward-yet-sweet
      Hmmm.... maybe send her this one?      At least from what I've seen, it seems like the majority of women are somewhat "flexible" when it comes to relationships and sex, so "I'm not a lesbian" could be a convenient excuse rather than the whole truth. 
    • VickySGV
      The sharing of the offerings as actual food and sustenance for the immediate family and for all of the others impresses me and I feel admiration for the custom involved here.  To me the 2/3's for others concept shows a side of Islamic beliefs that we do not hear about often enough. 
    • Ashley0616
      Well so much to catch up on. I have met the woman I love a lot! We met at trans women that love transwomen n. We have been talking for almost 2 weeks and things have moved fast but I'm not scared. Last night we had a conversation on when she would be able to move in. We will be living together in September of this year. I just need to save up to start the official divorce process. The time has finally come to when I can apply. My girlfriend's name is Camilia. We have at times have talked three times a day. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. We have hit off amazing. We have already been planning our life together. She is going to help me with the surgeries that I will get. I think about her all the time. She has accepted me for me and I have told her everything. Maybe she'll join us on the forum Well I'm not telling all the details but I wanted to talk about her.
    • Ashley0616
      Congrats! I know you feel amazing. I have just gotten used to being deadnamed. 
    • Lydia_R
      world sit tea zen   coffee doesn't grow on trees, but bananas do
    • MaeBe
      I hope it was a great time!   :HUGS:     It ended with a small non-holiday get together and started with me reffing and getting wicked tan lines. In between we were working toward our move and met with a realtor. It was a busy as heck Sunday. 
    • EasyE
      I know how much this hurts, missyjo ... and I am walking a similar tight-rope right now with my family (still keeping much a secret - how I dress, the fact I have started HRT) ... I am sitting here typing this on my back deck in a black skort, knowing that once my dad gets up and gets moving for the day, I'll trade out the skort for a pair of shorts (sigh ... This skort feels so comfortable and affirming!)   I am trying to look at things through their eyes, and trying to find as much positive as I can. Sometimes it is hard to find the positive, of course.   But this is a big shock to the system, even for well-grounded folks. Especially marriages. Our wives married who they thought were men. And now we are disclosing that there are deep feminine aspects about us. That is a big deal. Add the religious piece, and they likely feel a lot of shame. And the scorn of others, that maybe they failed in their roles...   And there is a sense, that while we are discovering and uncovering wonderful things about ourselves (many times things we didn't even know were there until, like, today!), folks around us are feeling betrayed. They feel we are purposefully misleading them and double-crossing them, maybe even taking delight in hurting them (though that is the last thing we are trying to do)...   With my wife, I misled her for a long time about a porn addiction I had. So to now tell her about this part of me, which I had never disclosed, feels like another betrayal in her eyes. This one seems to be the last straw for her (we have been separated for a year plus and she barely acknowledged me yesterday on Father's Day, which hurt a lot)...    As for parents, I imagine there is a sense of loss when we announce our transitions. For decades, they have taken pride in having a son or daughter. Now, we are switching things up on them. It likely feels like death to them (I am trying to see through their eyes -- maybe they picked out a special name, poured themselves into making us the best son/daughter we could be, and now we are rejecting that -- and, in their eyes, rejecting them! No wonder some have a hard time even facing us).   I have two daughters. I treasure that they are girls/women. If they were to transition to men, it would be tough, even for me, to be frank. Though for some reason I think it is easier if the transition was FTM than MTF. Society seems to value men more. Of course, I am delighted to be my daughters' dads. I am not their mom or sister or auntie. And no matter how things turn out for me, I am still their dad (who wears a black skort and loves it). So this is really weird on my end, lol...    All to say: Patience is required for all involved. Us with ourselves. Us with others. And by God's grace, others with us...If we can continue to love throughout the process and be lovable people towards others, never wavering in our commitment despite the negative/hurtful responses around us, time will heal many wounds. Probably not all. But hopefully many... 
    • Ivy
      There is a lot of stuff we learn to live with.  It's just our environment.
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone,    I had a lot of catching up to do here today. I’ve been away from social media for nearly a week camping at a Bluegrass Festival at Bill Monroe Campgrounds in Beanblossom, IN. Father’s Day gift from my son was that he and my grandson broke camp and readied the camper for departure. My daughter shipped me a tablet or phone holder and a supply of French Lavender Sachets for my drawers and bathroom. She is my biggest supporter and understands my situation in transition.    Hugs for y’all  Monday after vacation sucks.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋    
    • missyjo
      delcina..thank you. i keep naively thinking the road to tolerance n acceptance goes by way of sharing experiences together n realizing the gender issues become smalle4 n smalle4 each time..but that doesn't work if they don't wish to see us. shrugs. oh well..it happens I guess. thank you   .indy..good for you. thank you. I'm trying to learn that.    hugs to all 5hat want them
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