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Reaching my target weight


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Before transitioning I was a bean pole around 145 pounds and 5 feet 10 inches.


Afterwords mostly from stress from work and lack of exercise I bottomed out at 235.7 pounds. Being off of hormones because of money issues for a year didn’t help.


Recently I snapped out of it when I was able to afford getting back on HRT and found a care provider. Since then I have walking anywhere from 3 to 6 miles a day and since the 26th of October I have lost 10 pounds. I also stopped drinking pop and having snacks or candy around the house. I’m feeling better but I just hope that I can get down to around the 150 range.

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Congrats on your weight loss accomplishments, Rithia.  I'm sort of in the same boat. I have 35 more pounds til I reach my target weight.  I want to be slender like I was 20 years ago.  Im hoping I can still develop a more feminine figure but while trying to lose weight I'm not sure how that is going to affect my weight distribution.  The HRT might help a little bit but I know it's likely slowing down my weight loss achievements. 


Susan R?

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  • Forum Moderator

Congratulations on getting back on HRT and the realization you need to change.  I know losing weight can be a struggle but you know what your goal is and its certainly attainable.  Go Girl! 


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Thanks everyone. I weighed myself this morning and happily I have lost another .7 pounds and down to 224.3.


I just completed my morning walk of 1.5 miles and came back and drank a water bottle.

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 That is excellent news !  I am so proud of you !  I know how hard this can be and I started at your exact weight about a year ago oddly enough,  and managed to take off 60 pounds, even though I recently put nearly 10 pounds back on from all of that Halloween candy I’m back on track as well. Keep it up and keep us posted, I love hearing about this positive change in your life. 



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Thanks I’ve started logging my weight on my Fitbit app. I have also noticed that my resting heartbeat has gone from 74 to 62 which is great. The less a pump has to work to perform the function the longer it lasts and being my heart I want it to last a long time.

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More good news, my weight loss continues with another .5 pounds shed. I'm down to 223.8 pounds, but now stuck in my apartment waiting for the temperature to go up a little more before I take my walk over to the target to window shop.

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  • Forum Moderator

Thats good news.  I read an article the other day that said the Dept of Health and Human Services released new guidelines for physical activity and its not as bad as it sounds.  They recommend 150 minutes a week of activity that raises your heart rate.  It doesn't have to be all at once, ten minutes at a time works if that's what you got.  


Even though I'm not a big fan of treadmills, now that its gotten colder I've started using the one we have.  I typically would drive to a nearby town to walk since my street is too rural (dangerous) as it is narrow with blind corners.  


Continue to celebrate small successes, but don't fret if you have a small relapse.  You have a goal and you're on your way! 



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Congrats Rithia. Every little bit counts. I skipped my weekly weigh in this week because I went off diet last weekend.and I hate bad news.  I've kept to the diet all week and we'll find out if there's any damage this Tuesday.


Heres hoping for good news,

Susan R?

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Sadly things are slowing down but still making progress. I weighed myself today and was down to 223.6. It took pretty much half a week to lose .2 pounds but ultimately I know that I'm burning fat because I fit into a shirt that was previously too tight. It's still tight but that is fantastic progress. :D 

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  • Forum Moderator

Hey Rithia, I'm noticing a slight slow down too.  Took me 2 weeks to lose 3.5lbs.  But to be honest, I went out to eat last weekend with family and went a bit off-diet.  It the time spent with family at restaurants which make it so difficult for me.  34lbs more to get to target weight.


Susan R?




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I have 63.6 pounds left to go and if I do real good maybe 68.6 pounds. It will happen one day a t time. As long as the weight is coming off I'm happy.

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So very good news. I have managed to get down to 222.3 pounds.


Today I hit all my goals on Fitbit and the Apple Watch activity apps. So far 1374 calories in and 2809 out and 32oz of water drunk and working on my third bottle of water currently.


I think I am starting to see where the fat is burning off because I'm starting to fit into a number of articles of cloths I haven't been able to wear for about a year. My ultimate goal is getting back into shape. My resting heartbeat is down to 61 beats per minute according to fit bit and 58 according to Apple's health app using the Apple Watch for tracking. This is down from 74BPM over the last 30 days.


I've noticed I can do more cardio stuff now then I could for a while and having started walking to the stores around me rather then driving I don't feel tired anymore. Once the winter ends I'm going to start making use of the pool at the apartment for the few more months I'll be here and swim laps.


For those keeping track in the last month I have lost 12.4 pounds.

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  • Forum Moderator

Good to hear that you're meeting your goals.  Will you need a new wardrobe when you hit your target weight or have you saved some of your skinney clothing?

I'm just now starting to feel my clothing loosening up a little.  I have a 4 pairs in 34" waist Levi 501's that once fit me really well.  I'm looking forward to being able to fit into them again sometime soon...maybe 3-4 months.  They're men's jeans so I'll be able to wear them for until I go full time.  Do any of you full time ladies ever wear men's 501's on occasion?


Keep up the good work,  Rithia.

Susan R?

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I haven’t worn any men’s cloths since going full time in 2010. I threw out almost everything except for the black jeans, my Italy t-shirts and a sweater and my leather jacket. I don’t know why I haven’t thrown them out because I don’t ever plan to wear them again.


I still have all my cloths from before gaining weight so I’m looking forward to some of them. Although I’ll probably buy some more new stuff.


Once I get back down to size I’m expecting my waist size to be 30 again since that was my adult waist size before I put on weight. Although if I can manage 140 which would be awesome I could probably fit a size 29 waist, 41 hip, 30 length. Plus an extra 10 pounds off would probably get me into a 36 band for the bra. Sadly losing weight won’t get me out of a sizes 10 shoe.



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Thanks @RithiaAllen! I will gladly share here. ?


my goals to start are;

less than 30 carbs a day

10000 steps a day

15 flights of stairs a day

1500 calories a day 


I had my weigh-in today. It was sadly 198.4. I gained 5.4 pounds since like Tuesday, but my diet is off to a great start. Eggs and breakfast sausage with a coffee and 1/2 a serving of creamer. Total carbs=3. I have turkey and a string cheese for lunch and we are having cauliflower Mac n chz for dinner. Total carbs for the day should be around 10! That’s a great day 1 I think. ? that’ll let me have a glass of milk later (12 carbs) 

I want to get to about where you are trying to get myself. Although I think I may be taller than you so I’m hoping for 160-165 by the end. That should be a us size 8 tall. 36 bra, and hopefully I don’t loose much filling Lolol.  It’s not like I have a lot as it is. 

If anyone has any good healthy keto recipes I am always looking. It seems like most of ours are cheesey. And I’m trying to limit my fat intake as well. Thanks. 

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I would be very happy to start that low. Alas I’m 221.9 as of 6:00AM CST today. Don’t get me wrong I’m tickled pink to have lost weight through the first round of winter holidays and still had my share of turkey, cranberries stuffing and mashed potatoes. It’s just my share was less.


Last week I walked 41.76 miles. So far this week I’m at 6.79 miles. With a daily goal of 5 miles and a minimum of 10000 steps, 30 minutes of exercise and 750 active calories burned and a minimum of 2700 burned per day in total.


I have my meals down to around 25% carbs 48% fat and 27% protein. I’m working on lowering the carbs and increasing the protein and going to leave the fat as is to train my body to burn fat and not sugar.

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Weight loss is a difficult thing.  Your diet and exercise goals sound great and I believe you'll continue to go in the right direction.  Keep goin Rithia! 


And Kirsten, I wouldn't worry about 5 lbs.  Your weight can fluctuate daily based on your level of hydration alone.  And most home scales/gym scales are not that accurate or consistent.  Just keep going with the diet and exercise.  Exercise is a good thing.

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Just now, Briana said:

Weight loss is a difficult thing.  Your diet and exercise goals sound great and I believe you'll continue to go in the right direction.  Keep goin Rithia! 


And Kirsten, I wouldn't worry about 5 lbs.  Your weight can fluctuate daily based on your level of hydration alone.  And most home scales/gym scales are not that accurate or consistent.  Just keep going with the diet and exercise.  Exercise is a good thing.

Yes. I figured out that water weight isn’t something I’m worrying about. My goal is 64 Oz per day and each 16 Oz bottle is about a pound of water. This is why I don’t weigh my self after the morning. I tack on 4 pounds of water but you need fat and water to burn fat. It’s some kind of chemical reaction from what I understand.


The main thing is I’m currently down to a 39 band for my bra and shirts that where too tight to wear are now fitting. I’m sure as I continue to burn weight it will only get better.


I can’t say for sure how your body will burn weight but so far it’s been weight on my belly burning. There is so much I can’t tell the difference but the fact I fit better into cloths reveals the difference. My bust size hasn’t gone down yet and I doubt it will. I was already a 37C before I gained weight. I expect that if I get down to 140 to 145 I would probably be closer to a 36D but we’ll see when I get there.

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Wow! You go girl! That’s a LOT of walking! Silly me I forgot my Fitbit today so I’ll be hitting the treadmill when I get home just to make sure I hit my 10k. 

Thanks Brianna. I am borderline ocd when it comes to my weight. I weigh in 2x a day every day now. Which is down from the 4-5 times I used to. I know. It’s cooky. First thing in the morning seems to be my most accurate time to weigh in. By noon it’s usually 2-3 pounds lower and after dinner up about 2-3 from the morning point. I don’t worry too much about it. Today is just day 1. I tend to loose weight in a crazy way. Last time I did this keto I lost 15 pounds week 1. 65 in 3-1/2 months I think. My wife hates me. Lol. The hard part is finding that balance. I gained 28 pounds since February. And 13 has been just this month. ? BUT NO MORE!! 

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Are you sure that you’re not losing water weight? How long are you sustaining that rate of weight loss?


Keep in mind when you store sugar in your body your body is also storing water as part of the process. So when you burn it off you dump lots of water. This is why it’s inportant to drink lots of water so you don’t dehydrate.

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So I went ahead and weighed myself again after work and despite having my normal lunch and drinking 48 oz of water I was down to 221.6. That’s not as at all!

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  • Forum Moderator

 That is excellent news !  you are doing awesome keep it up !  I just finished eating my salad, now I get to start cleaning my apartment, that’s going to be my exercise for the evening ?

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I’ll loose weight like that for about 2 weeks before it slows down. But that’s mostly because I push real hard. But then I have to slow down. My wife usually diets with me and if I loose too much weight too fast she gets upset and quits. So I start cheating. So idk how long I’d actually hold that level of weight loss. My buddy has been doing it for 3-1/2 weeks and is averaging 9 a week. And is only taking in 20 or less carbs a day. And he works doing cement work which is tough work. Harder than my construction job. But he takes in a lot more calories than me. I average 1000-1200 calories and 15-20 carbs. And 100+ fl oz of water as well. 

Today I had 2 eggs, 2 breakfast sausage links, 6oz of turkey breast, 1/4c gravy, 6oz petite sirloin, and cauliflower with cheese and bacon. And 128 fl oz of water too. That’s it. 1000 calories and 15 carbs. And that’s a pretty average diet day for me. And I fast every day from dinner to breakfast. No snacks. Nothing but water. 

I have a lot of “gym rat” friends. They are basically nutrition specialists and over the years I’ve picked up a lot of tricks. Most of which probably aren’t the most healthy to be honest but some really are. And I try to use all of it to a t especially on a diet. I’ll keep updating as I go. 

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Hey Rithia, you seem to be losing weight very consistently.  I am doing all I can on the eating side of loosing weight.  Yesterday, I doubled my walking distance to about 5 miles.  I was on a roll and my wife said it was too cold so I got my iPod and ear buds hooked up and went for it.  Unfortunately, I was going to do the same this afternoon but my wife noticed her eBay account was hacked and over $134 changed to her linked CC.  So I spent the day on the phone with eBay, her bank, and computer changing passwords on all her accounts, etc... so no work out today.  Tomorrow is my weekly weigh-in so I'm hoping my weight loss efforts this week weren't all for nothing.  I'll check in tomorrow and let you know.


Susan R?

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    • Kasumi63
      All done. Surgery lasted from 8:30 am until 9 pm yesterday. I felt really good through the night and this morning, but now I’m beginning to realize that that was because of all the drugs. Ugh. Because of COVID-19, I can’t have any visitors. No eating at all for the first week. Ugh. I can’t even get up from my bed. Sorry for the depressing note. I just want time to pass. This is going to be a long week. Well, the nurses are very nice. Reading is probably best.
    • Tasha Marie
      It is a hard time now for sure.Some things are better and some not so much. You used to be able to buy things that would last a very long time and in the past relationships lasted for a very long time but today everything is disposable nothing lasts nothing is built to last and some relationships are the same way there are so many people out there That would rather dispose of you and move onto the next thing. But we still have to try to look for the positive there are still some good people out there that still have values.
    • gina-nicole-t
      I understand what @Tasha Marie is saying. I want to find someone, but at my age (48) it is incredibly difficult to find someone who is understanding what trans is all about, and will love you for you. That type of support, understanding, and unconditional love is so rare that I don't think people are capable of it in this day and age. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like most people don't understand what it is to love someone anymore. They just find the next best person and move on no matter who they hurt in the process.  Respectfully,  Gina 
    • Carolyn Marie
      LOL!  Already, eh?  The power of suggestion at work.  Congrats, Erica!  You've got that ticket and now you're about to board the Womanhood Express.  Get ready for a fun ride!   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Teri Anne
      Luscious I like your look and there is nothing wrong with rocking a bald head at all.
    • Tasha Marie
      I do understand where you are coming from I have been betrayed before but lm willing to take another chance and put myself out there again. We have to give others a chance or we will never experience friendships. Yes some can be more trouble then there worth but this is life. If we don’t let anyone in life can really suck. I have romance I have a wife that I love she loves me too but she really hates this part of me, but she understands some but not enough I need people that totally understand what this life is like. 
    • Erica Gabriel
      I’m just excited and have to share. I’m a step closer to being a baby trans. My boobs hurt already 😅
    • Robin.C
      It is good to have my partner and friends in my corner. Today will be a big milestone. We are going to a concert which is more like a local community gathering and they are going to meet Robin for the first time. I know most people will be like "yeah okay, when does the music and dancing start ?". The fear is in my head. My immediate family won't meet her until middle of next month so it will be a bit weird my friends knowing and not my family. It is what it is though.   Hugs Robin
    • HollyNoel
      @Jackie C. Will I need a lawyer for this? Can I handle this myself? And yeah I really don't want to make the judge have to work harder than he/she has too. I don't know whether the judge is going to be a man or a woman. This will be the very first time I've ever been in a courtroom. So far I've been a good girl.. lol.   Great! now I'm really nervous about this name change thing. lol.  I hope this goes smoothly, I don't need any hiccups with this thing.   XOXO Holly!
    • Emily michelle
      Have you thought about a short pixie or even a long pixie.
    • HollyNoel
      @Niamh I am in agreement with Elizabeth and Jackie, I absolutely love your hair. I wish I could pull of red like you can. So jealous!!!
    • Red_Lauren.
      I was a recluse before, and now that I'm taking the needed steps. I haven't changed a whole lot. I perfer to be alone. Less drama, and less I have to appease others. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Thank you, Timber Wolf!   Carolyn Marie
    • Tasha Marie
      Thank you. Should be interesting to remove the mask. Hugs!
    • Delcina B
      Welcome, Tasha Marie! So glad you're here and moving forward.   Hugs! Delcina
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